Best 32 Inch TV Canada Reviews 2023

For television in the living room 32 inches will be a perfect fit , it will not be large or small. You can use a 32 inches television in both commercial and domestic spaces. They fit well in any space either medium or small. They are very compact and versatile. People during the past years mainly preferred televisions with large display sizes of 65 inches. As most people preferred, the price of those televisions also became affordable. But they might not be perfect for small rooms in our houses like guest rooms, small bed rooms and smaller apartments.

So these 32 inch televisions come handy during this time and fit perfectly into your small rooms and there are a number of options available in the market and many brands are out there providing 32 inch television with different features. After making good research and considering many options like picture quality, resolution, sound quality and much more we have found some best 32 inch television and here they are

Top 32 Inch TV Canada Reviews

1. TCL 32S327 -CA 1080 SMART TV

This television is from the brand TCL. This comes with a full high definition resolution of 1080 p with high color detail and color contrast. You will get inbuilt Roku TV through which you can access over 1,50,000 movies and television episodes. TCL TV has three inputs 3 HDMI, USB port ,headphone jack. Remote is super simple to use and has a limited number of buttons with high functionality and is better than all other traditional remotes. Screw size in this is M4 *8. It has a premium design and high definition picture and you can pair it with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and you can capture every great moment. User interface is simple and easy to operate, streaming thousands of movies and series through this. You can connect to other devices like your mobile and laptop and use it comfortably. Use the inbuilt tuner and enjoy over air channels by subscribing or paying for antennae.

You get a mobile app and use that as a remote and search on voice and keyboard and turn your mobile in entertainment guide. Super simple remote in this television has 20 buttons and is much better than the traditional remotes and you don’t need to struggle in finding the button you need. TCL is mainly known for the quality of the products and amazing technology of its new televisions and the design of the television is very sleek and latest technology is used in this television and this television model is approved as the best 32 inch television in the market.


Hisense smart television will be best fit for the living room and the high definition, picture quality in this television is remarkable. You get 720 pixel resolution. This smart TV is inbuilt with Netflix and YouTube. You get amazing game mode on this and is perfect for gaming without any struggle and lagging while playing. Ultra smooth motion on this television gives you the experience of amazing picture quality. With the inbuilt Netflix you can stream a number of movies and series. This television set  includes a remote control, user manual and stand, image aspect ratio is 16:9 and enjoys the amazing movie experience and sound quality on this television. This is the best pick at this price point and you can select if you are looking for something basic and affordable.


Enjoy the amazing  picture quality of your movies on this television. Picture is crisp and clear. The Micro dimming program is amazing and you can see the deep blacks and whites more clearly. Smart hub in this smart TV is powered by tizen technology. This smart tv provides you easy access to many content providers like Netflix  and you stream thousands of movies and series on this television. You get an app for this television which you can use as remote control and access different features. You also get a mirror screen in this television.

With the USB support in this television, you can simply plug in the USB drive or HDD and watch your favorite movies and shows without any interruption. Enjoy theatre quality content on your tv from your living room. High definition multimedia interface  will give you the amazing experience of multimedia center. HDMI gives you high speed signal transmission. You can connect multiple devices  into your television without any trouble of connectivity.


You get google assistant in this android television and it will guide you through the entire set up process and you can use voice control to activate google by saying ‘Ok google’ and all your questions will be answered. Scepter smart android tv has access to all the streaming apps and you can stream thousands of movies and watch your favorite shows. Few button clicks or using a few voice commands you can enjoy your shows and movies without any interruption. You get the built in Chromecast you can stream all your favorite shows from your mobile to tv and casting is very simple by using the Chromecast. Bluetooth remote in this can be used efficiently from a distance and it is not needed that you point directly at the TV like traditional ones. This android tv is mountable on the wall or you can use the stand provided along with and place it on a plain surface. You also get the USB port facility ,just connect your device and enjoy your music and you can put a slideshow of the pictures. Multiple HDMI ports in this TV transports visuals and  music from all other devices you can connect your favorite audio  devices to this TV through headphone jack or any optical output.

Installation is also very easy, use the user manual and easily fix your TV set. Maximum resolution in this TV is 1366*768 pixels. All the components included in this TV set are stand , Bluetooth control remote, user manual and warranty card. This is the best TV at this price point .


This TV from Samsung , you can enjoy high quality sound and high definition 2x clarity screen and enjoy by streaming all your favorite movies and series without any interruption .You can switch easily from one app to another without any trouble and stream content effectively. You get mount on mode and also normal stand which you can use to  stand on flat surface. You get high quality audio and video visuals on this television and get theatre experience in your home. You can easily fit this TV in your garage or bedroom without having to clear out much space. You can subscribe to different streaming apps like Netflix and amazon prime and enjoy amazing movies on your television. This TV comes with Bluetooth remote and you can control your TV effortlessly and without any confusion. You get Bluetooth connectivity and you can transmit data through different devices to your TV. If you get any damage you will be easily refurbished and you can get the components in any hardware shop near you. You get a warranty of one year on this television and the company will provide any damage during the warranty period. You get decent picture and sound quality at price point.

6. VIEWSONIC VX3276-MHD 32 INCH 1080 P

Ultra thin frameless design in this TV gives you a premium ISP  Panel and the design of this monitor is as good as the functioning . this will be best for your gaming requirements and you will get an amazing view at any angle , you can use this all day long without any trouble because the blue light filter in this monitor gives you comfort even after using it all day long. You can split the screen into multiple windows and improve your productivity all along.  Flicker free technology in this prevents any trouble while using multiple viewing points. Flexible connectivity in this helps you connect with any laptops, mac books , VGA inputs.

This TV comes with a three year warranty and you can get the parts replaced or get free service done without any extra payment made. You also get a power cable , HDMI cable included with the monitor. It runs on 120 volts. This is the best pic if you are looking for a TV that can be used as a monitor and also use the monitor for multiple windows and have amazing high definition screen quality without any interruption. This television is the best rated and purchased product in the market for a long time.