Best 55 Inch TV Reviews 2023

World runs with full and full entertainment. If you don’t have a means for enjoying life gets too bored. It may be movies  or video games or drama or music or dance everything is a way we choose to be entertained everyday. Entertainment has persisted in many ways with the change in our culture and traditions. Amidst our busy and hectic schedule we look forward to relax and rest for some time. And for this you need to have an appliance at your home that helps you provide lots of fun and unlimited Entertainment. What’s the best and common appliance seen in every house today? Television.

“Hey buddy! Get up it’s time for the new movie going to telecast in television.” Your friend wakes you up. “ I don’t know what’s going to happen for that girl. Her mother in law is a devil and I just want to kill her.” Your mom yells while watching serial. “ Oh my God! The rate of land has come down. So I need to look to buy a land immediately.” Suggests your father watching news. “ Shin Chan is a small boy! I need to see that cartoon.” Your sister shouts for remote. Yeah! These are the common scenes we see in our every day life. These are the fights and conversations observed while watching television. Besides saying that television is a appliance I think it has become a part of everyone’s life. From poor to the rich irrespective of background each and every home has a Television.

Television has become one of the most common things in our day to day life. It is the packed source of entertainment, news and information. In short the whole world is brought into a small box. Be it to know information about locality, states, country and whole world you can watch it sitting at your home switching on the television. To get rid of headaches and boredom switch to cartoon channels. To enjoy jolly mood or party switch to music channels. Wanna see latest movies! Switch to the respective language channels. Thinking to cook a new dish for your family! Switch to cooking channels. Girls, do you want to dress leading fashion. Switch to fashion channel and learn a lot about dressing styles.  

So invention of television is one of the best and helpful things for the common man. With affordable and reasonable price everyone can afford to buy it and stay updated. Likewise, educational knowledge can be increased remaining helpful for the students. It also motivates people to develop skills among them. Overall, this small box has various benefits as well as disadvantages. But it all lies in our hands of how we use it and live. Ok! You have known well everything about television. But most importantly the television you choose is of high priority.

Top 55 Inch TV

Various models with sleek and modern design are available in the market today. The more the inch of the TV , the more clear and bright is the display. Choosing a best company for your entertainment is wise. Based on the Quality, features, design and price choose the ideal and perfect television. For a in depth let’s look at some of the 55 inch TV available in Canada. In this hunt, find out the best choice for you.

1. TCL 55 inch Ultra HD Smart LED Television

Being one of the growing brands TCL delivers high quality products with stylish look and design. The Ultra HD Smart television is very easy to operate with promising clarity. 4K TCL Roku TV features amazing picture performance playing your favorite content. It is designed with simple, intuitive interface exhibiting modern sleek design. Get access to more than 50,000 movies and TV episodes on Roku TV. Watch content in You Tube or Netflix etc., and enjoy the picture quality instead of playing in a phone with small screen display.

Features include:

High Dynamic Range Technology

Exceptional picture quality is provided with the HDR Technology. Striking 4K UHD performance is ensured through this. Watch movies or play music or video games with amazing and high quality picture clarity.

Simple, intuitive interface

Don’t just flip through inputs and complicated menus, you can access to all your favorites at your finger prints present on the screen. Moreover, get access to thousands of channels, cable TV, gaming consoles and other devices with the simple and Intuitive interface.

Cable/Satellite, Antenna and Streaming Compatible

Enjoy streaming content by paying for cable or satellite subscription or with the built in tuner get access to free air channels. So watch anything on TV and the Roku TV makes it easier for you.

Fast and Easy Search

Install free Roku Mobile app. And search the top streaming channels by title, actor or director with Voice search available. So there is more fun is searching and enjoying watching the desired channels.

Powerful Mobile App

Want to view and listen privately? Plug in the ear phones to your phone, search with voice or keyboard and turn your smart phone or tablet into the best companion for watching. Entertainment guide in your hands.

Easy to use Remote

Only 20 buttons are provided with the remote. So you don’t need to confuse for operating. Use it easily without struggling to find the right button.

Be it for watching movies or music or video games or episodes this TCL ultra Smart television stands perfect. It’s worth the money to buy providing excellent picture clarity. With high sound quality and remote control feature entertainment is at your hands undoubtedly.

2. Sansui 55 inch 4K smart TV Ultra HD Android LED TV

Featuring a super slim LED display it helps you to place it anywhere in home virtually. It provides 4K UHD resolution image quality so that you can enjoy reality like feeling. Content you watch is ensured with life and adds on to the creation. Brightness, colors and contrast can all be controlled and adjusted accordingly with features available. Moreover, it’s very light so that you can carry it around without any help or burden.

Features include:

Smart TV with Android

All the online resources you wish to watch on the smart phone can all be connected and viewed on the big screen. Be it Google play, Netflix, You Tube, VUDU, Face book, Twitter and more from live streams to games there are always your favorites for you.

4K Ultra High Resolution

Vivid color gradations with high resolution and brightness are delivered. Even the minute details on the screen are clearly visible. So enjoy viewing experience to the maximum.

Chrome Cast/Screen Cast In built

Play games, music, movies, videos, photos, sports and more from your phone to the big screen of TV. Just connect the devices and your work is done.

HDMI and USB Input

Through HDMI connection Fire stick, Video game consoles or computer can be connected for your uses. And play picture or other files by connecting to the port on USB memory stick.

Dolby Audio

Perfect range of audio is ensured with the picture perfect quality by the Dolby design. So vision and audio both are of high quality and exhibits amazing performance. 

DLED Imaging Technology

Direct lit illumination adopted with the Imaging Technology ensures that the backlight is thoroughly spread over the entire screen. Even at night and for dark scenes contrast and the perfectly required brightness is delivered.

Remote Control

Using voice commands you can control all the operations. Connect it to the Bluetooth and use your voice for easy operation.

Multiple Connections

Variety of interface types are provided so that at the same time multiple devices can be connected. Enjoy ultimate viewing experience with high image resolution and sound quality.

3. LG Electronics Nano 8 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Nano cell 55 inch TV

Products from LG are widely used by all customers which is renowned for good quality and high performance. This Nano Cell TV ensures display of high picture quality. Nano color enables a spectrum of color and Nano Accuracy gives you natural life like feel. Guess what! Enjoy the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision with elevated picture and sound quality. So you don’t need to go to theatre for watching movies. In relaxed time watch movies at home itself.

Features include:

  • a7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor enriches your content so that the TV responds faster while operating. It enhances the operating speed, images, color and action. That is very powerful with AI embedded at it’s core.
  • Local Dimming Control helps you to adjust and control the light levels. So brightness can be increased or decreased according to the movies or episodes you watch.
  • Nano Cell Display enhances colors accuracy unveiling  a spectrum of billion rich colors.
  • LG ThinQ AI Technology in built with the television makes it stand as ideal and perfect smart appliance.

4. Samsung 55 inch Ultra HD Smart TV 

Give a colorful feast for your eyes with enriched colors, vivid shades and stunning details exposed on the TV. With connection to compatible device Bixby  via internet simple voice commands and operation can be controlled with your hand. Multiple languages can be detected by the Bixby so that your voice command are recognized for sure. Powerful Processor, in built Technology and slim design attracts your eyes. So you can’t escape from buying this smart Samsung TV.

Features include:

4K UHD Processor

Picture quality to give life like feeling, enriching colors brightness, optimizing high contrast ratio are all ensured with a single chip. It runs at optimum range to deliver sharp and crisp images with high resolution. 

UHF Dimming

The display screen is divided into blocks and processed along the screen to have a clear look at minute details clearly and more precise.


High spectrum of colors and details are enhanced even in the darkest scenes. Luminescence levels of screen display are increased to exhibit brightness for all the required scenes while watching.

Screen Guide

On the screen you have menus to operate and watch whatever your content you wish to watch.


All we ever observe in the TV is color of dresses or furniture’s or things. And to make sure that the quality of color is improved and optimal picture performance is exhibited purcolor Technology is developed and featured.

Slim Design

Contours of your space can be correctly filled up with the sleek design of Samsung TV. It’s modern and polished design enhances elegance and style.

Easy content Access and Simplified Control

Operate and control whatever you want to watch on TV with the Smart Hub and Smart One Remote function. Games, apps, consoles and set up box can all be controlled with your finger tips.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

TV works with the connection to these networks. Change channels, control volume and play back with just a voice command. With this life is easier and smarter.

Air Play 2

The in built Air Play 2 helps you share content from Apple devices to the big screen. Play music, videos or photos from iPhone, iPad and Mac on your Ultra HD Smart TV.

It is easy to install and assemble. The TV has smart features exhibiting amazing picture quality. Audio is loud enough and games can be played with interest on the big screen. Stay wise and enjoy with unlimited entertainment through the smart appliance.

5. Hisense Smart Ultra HD 4K Dolby Vision Android 55 inch TV

Watch over 50,000 movies and TV shows with 4K ultra HD resolution. Control operating the TV with Alexa and Google Assistant or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. High picture quality, image resolution and brightness can all be controlled with the in built Technology. Adjust sound settings and enjoy your movie or gaming experience. A large selection of apps is provided so that you connect to the TV and watch everything on big screen.

Features include:

Chrome Cast Built In

With wireless connection connect the smart device and watch all content in the TV. Select and press on the cast icon your content from the smart device will appear on the big screen.

Slim Design

The TV is built and designed in a elegant mode. So wherever you sit and watch the TV you will no longer be distracted. I don’t know if you can concentrate studying seeing at books. But you can definitely concentrate watching TV with the impressive design featured for better viewing experience.

Voice Remote

Control all the operations required to change channels or volume of brightness in TV with just your voice command. Google assistant option helps you search channels according to the channels, actor and director.

Better Contrast

Be it suspense or horror or romantic or funny scenes clarity picture is displayed and higher contrast is ensured providing stunning images.

Shadows and Highlights

With enhanced quality and image resolution minute details of shadows and Highlights are all increased and adjusted accordingly.

Color Depth

Wide range of rich colors are used to enhance the picture quality.

Smart features and design with decent UHD picture quality are available with the Hisense Smart Ultra HD TV. Apps such as Netflix, You Tube, Disney+, Twitch, Amazon Prime and many more can be accessed so that you can enjoy watching even on big screen. Connect any Bluetooth devices and play music or videos or games or watch movies.

6. Sony XBR 55A9G Master Series Bravia OLED 4K  Ultra HD Smart 55 inch TV

Feel the theatre experience sitting at home with the most inspiring OLED master piece. Comprising of processor in built with pixel contrast booster Technology, it enables high quality picture images. Bright colors and the contrast adds on to the content whatever you watch. Audio is brought about right from the screen. Trust me! When you sit and watch the TV you are going to get immersed deeply forgetting the world around you.

Features include:

Master of Quality

Whatever may be the content the best of it bursts out with high image quality. It’s worth to watch everything on this screen that adds on to the creators content. Unique Design is ensured with Innovative Acoustic surface Technology that brings out the best viewing experience. With perfect harmony set TV speakers you can listen to the audio from the entire screen.

Incredible Clarity

Almost 4K quality is ensured with the X-reality PRO. This feature up scales and enhances the clarity of image with high resolution.

High Dynamic Range

Make yourself comfortable and relaxed to watch any content on the big screen. Enjoy cinematic experience with the Dolby Vision and IMAX enhanced. Color and contrast are adjusted within the range of brightness so that you can watch everything with real feeling. Movies are felt longer than life with the IMAX. Likewise, Dolby vision brings life to the content enhancing the picture perfect reality resulting in a cinematic experience.

Intelligent Processing and Ultimate Realism

Rendering is a process that molds and enhances a image or picture to good looking piece. And to carry out this process 4K HDR picture processor X1 Ultimate is the best and ideal in built feature. So everything on the screen is identified, analyzed and optimized. This Ultimately helps you to have brightness, sharpness, contrast and color that gives exactly a real thing feeling. Overall this object based rending process that occurs enhances picture quality and color of every content you watch.

4K X Reality PRO

With super resolution the image can be watched and viewed in detail. If you are the one who examines each and every minute detail on the screen then this feature helps you with clear cut clarity. Each pixel of the image is exhibited ensuring clean picture with less screen noise. And the leveraging intelligent dual database processing is the main source for these clean and clear cut pictures.

When you are a movie lover this Song smart TV is the apt choice to buy. Engaging cinematic experience with high resolution, picture perfect reality, good audio quality and clear cut clarity are all the features which makes it one of the best choices.

7. Toshiba 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR

Play music, switch inputs, search titles, launch apps easily with the voice command connected to Alexa. In built fire TV experience and Voice Remote helps you operate and watch any content in TV. High image quality is exhibited with bright colors and resolution. Get access to lots of movies and episodes connecting to apps easily. You can even enjoy gaming experience without any disturbance.

Features include:

Great Picture

Over 8 million pixels of image are exhibited ensuring 4K Ultra HD picture quality. Vivid colors, contrast and high clarity picture are empowered. Speed performance is ensured with the quad-core-processor/ multi core GPU so you can easily change settings over the menu whenever required. Get instant results for you search. Connect to Wi-Fi through three HDMI inputs and multiple input/output options. Customize name of each input and adjust picture settings. Enjoy watching movies and HDR movies as this TV is HDR compatible.

Live TV, thousands of movies and TV episodes

Live channels streaming on the over air TV can be viewed in this Fire TV edition. Use Alexa to search streaming movies or TV shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Crave TV, CTV and more. All you need to do is connect to HD antenna and watch everything on the big screen. With the three HDMI ports provided connect to cable/satellite box or gaming consoles.

Control your TV

Power, volume, navigations, play back and input switching can be controlled with your voice command using Alexa Remote. So whatever functions are featured in the TV can all be controlled with your finger prints. Check score or play games with Alexa skills.

Control your Smart Home

Connect your smart home devices to Alexa and get unlimited Entertainment. Use your voice, adjust the lights, set temperature and lock the door. Be it any work or function to be operated you can easily get it done with your voice.

This Toshiba Ultra Smart HD TV is available at reasonable price. Get access to lots of movies and TV shows with high picture quality. Connect to smart devices and enjoy watching on big screen. Simple and smarter.

Coming to the best of all these available TV’s it’s very difficult to conclude. Every product is unique and special in it’s own way. One may meet your needs and one may not suit for your needs. So check out all the products and find the best suit according to your choice. But let’s look at the reviews and check which product is best among these. Why 55 inch TV? Your TV width should not be too wide or too small. It should be perfect and that is 55 inch. So it suits perfect for clear image and viewing.

When compared to all the TV’s Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV is the best and well appreciated by the users. Based on the reviews almost 77% of the customers have given five star ratings. And 13% of the customers have given four star ratings. This TV is well recommended for buying. But some disappointments and issues have led 5% of the customers to give one star rating. Overall it’s well appreciated and recommended by all the customers. 

It is quite easy to set up and operate. Optimum picture quality with enhanced TV Performance is ensured with the in built processor. It increases the responses for functions very fast and easy. Vivid colors and shades are delivered for every scene. On screen Guide helps you find a simple and easy way to search and navigate. 4K HDR image quality is ensured for any content you watch. Moreover, vibrant and life like picture is created for viewing through the Purcolor Technology. It’s sleek and slim design gives stylish look so that place it anywhere in your home, it fits accordingly. Connect it to Alexa or Google assistant and do all the operations and control your TV with just a voice command. What else do you need when everything is available at your finger tips? Share content from Apple devices to the big screen effortlessly by connecting. Overall this Samsung TV is worth for the money you pay with good sound and picture quality and many more amazing features equipped. Control all these with a remote and enjoy viewing filled with unlimited Entertainment.

Television is one of the greatest inventions established by the man kind. Irrespective of rich or poor or rural or urban people everyone spend many hours daily watching programs in TV. And it’s very important and useful to have a TV at your home. These gadgets once bought cannot be changed later for a long time. So it’s equally important to stay wise and smart while choosing. No TV buying guide no matter how detailed, can replace your own consideration and selection. Visit to a store if possible and get to know about the features and all details in clear about the product. If not possible choose a brand and search for it in Google about it. Find the best brand and best TV that helps you enjoy viewing experience with unlimited Entertainment. Television is simply automated day dreaming!!