Best 65 Inch TV Canada Reviews Canada 2023

Television has become a part of our daily life, it is almost found in each of our homes. The latest technology has developed so much that they have introduced multiple varieties of TV’s with unique features independently. A television fixed to the wall or placed on a classy table adds more beauty to the living room.

After a whole long tiring day resting on a sofa or a cot watching TV is the best way of relaxing your mind and body. The size of the TV should always depend on the area of the living room. Every brand manufacturers TV’s in different sizes, 55 & 65 inch TV’s are quite commonly manufactured from every brand. 

Given below are few of the best TV’s listed considering the price, quality and latest features:

Top 65 Inch TV Canada Reviews

1.TCL Roku  4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This is a smart LED HD TV with high picture quality, the interface makes you understand the operation in a simple way. This model was first introduced in the year 2019 with a variety of features. You can connect a USB, HDMI and Ethernet. The TV has 57.3 x 33.3 x 3.1 inches dimensions excluding the TV stand. Roku TV allows you to watch your favorite shows or programs via cable and makes your subscriptions easy. Roku App has the required information pertaining to the entertainment field, and also features voice search.

By installing the ROKU app you can access information, watch shows or listen to your favorite songs on your smartphone which makes you feel a lot more convenient. The TV remote is designed with only 20 buttons which helps in easy operation without struggling to find the right button. The Roku TV is also available in different sizes (32, 40, 43, 49, 55, 65, 75 inches) depending on the series.

The remote requires 2 AAA batteries and given at the time of purchase. This TV works excellent for gaming purposes, has HDR support. The product is worth the price and you will surely be satisfied purchasing the TV.

2. Samsung 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV:

Samsung manufactures the best smart devices, The Samsung 4K Smart TV is available in 6 different sizes (43, 50, 55, 58, 70 & 75 inches). During these difficult times, Samsung promises to arrange all the services at your doorstep taking all the safety precautions. The lustrous TV design makes you experience the picture in a realistic mode without sensing the frame of the TV.

Ensures a high picture quality which takes you into the frame, you can operate the TV with the remote and also connect various devices to experience various features. The display is crystal clear and makes your home feel like a mini theatre. The TV may not support all kinds of connections, the picture quality or the content may vary according to the inputs, may not be applicable to all kinds of gaming equipment and PC.

The HDR quality allows you to enjoy the picture’s contrast also in the dark modes. This TV is perfect for gaming and you can also connect your Amazon Alexa for easy control or access. You can surf or find your favorite TV shows with the help of the Google Assistant without requiring any manual action. The built-in Airplay 2 allows you to transmit or receive data via iPhone, iPad or other apple devices. The stand is designed in a smart way which disguises the cable wires which appeals to the viewers.

3. TCL 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

This model is available in three different sizes (55, 65 and75 inches). The TV has dimensions of 57.1 x 35.7 x10.7 inches with the stand. You can watch a number of movies or shows through the Roku TV app. The 4K series has a high picture quality, this model was first introduced in the year 2018 with intense brightness and contrast. You can connect your USB, Ethernet and HDMI. You can easily operate the TV with the help of the remote which runs with 2 AAA batteries featuring HDR Dolby Vision with a sleek metallic finish.

You can have the access to your favorite shows or movies with a voice assistant. The smart design allows you to control the TV with your own smart phone instead of the remote and you can also plug in your headphones for hearing the audio personally. Allows a clear picture with constant contrast even in darkest scenes, supports a total of 3 HDMI inputs. The TV has a one year Warranty on its parts and services provided. It also works without the 4K receiver; you can also connect your PC and laptop to the TV. You can feel a better picture on the TCL TV comparatively with the smart inbuilt Roku TV App which does your work effortlessly. It is worth the price you put in and is an ideal TV for your home.

4. Sony 4K HDR LED Android Smart TV:

The smart TV is available in six different sizes (43, 49, 55, 65, 75 & 85 inches). The box contains a stand, AC Power Cord, remote control (batteries included), manual and instruction guide. The motion video appears so realistic which takes you into a completely new world with its high picture quality. The TV design is tapered which gives a perfect look, you can fix the TV to the wall with the Ultra Slim Wall mount bracket (not included). The TRILUMINOS display shows the exact range of colors aspired, featuring Ultra High resolution, HDR Content and Dolby Vision.

You can have quick access to your favorite contents with the Android TV, make the operation easy using the Google Assistant making it in a simple way. Sony allows you to stream through your iPhone, Siri devices. The Motion flow XR technology ensures a clear picture without any blur also during the furious scenes experiencing you a realistic view. 

Sony is one of the best manufactures with a wide variety of models with various features. This is the latest model which is introduced this year with the latest technology induced with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 Pixel, allowing a total of 3 USB Ports.

5. Samsung 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV:

During these difficult times, Samsung ensures a safe installation at your doorstep taking all the necessary precautions. The Samsung Crystal 4K processor allures you with the high picture clarity, contrast and HDR via a sole chip. The design and style of the TV allows you to have a detailed look in every instance. You can stream your favorite shows or programs smartly using the voice assistant and can also control the TV with your own voice.

The 4K processor might not be applicable to certain gaming modes or other PC connections, it is perfect for gaming. The ultra slim finish takes you into the picture, the lustrous design appeals to the spectators making you feel a new experience.

The HDR allows you to watch the wide range of colors with the perfect contrast shot exactly also in the dark modes. The 4K resolution appeals to your eyes with the UHD print making you feel like experiencing the things in real life. The TV works with Amazon Alexa making the operation simple without using the remote, you can on or off the TV, control the volume, switch to different channels, etc. This can also be done with the Google Assistant in a smart way. You can transmit or receive data with the inbuilt Airplay 2 from your iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices. The setup can be made classy disguising the cables in the stand, this is a latest model introduced in the year 2023 with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

6. Samsung Curved UHD 7 Series Smart TV:

The unique model was introduced in 2019. The box contains the TV stand, manual, power cord, remote (batteries included). The TV has dimensions of 57.2 x 33 x 4.8 inches (without the stand). Samsung allows you to watch all your favorite shows and movies also suggesting you to watch other shows or movies that might interest you. The 4K series has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels ensuring you high picture clarity.

The unique curved design pulls you into the picture, makes you feel realistic. More efficient than the HDTV, the black lustrous finish adds more beauty to the TV which highly attracts people to purchase the TV. You can control the TV with the remote, for a smart and effortless job you can use the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the TV ( you can on or off the TV, Switch to different channels, search for your favorites, etc.)

This TV also supports Apple Airplay and has a total of 3 USB ports. It is truly worth the price you put in with its high picture quality, brightness and its smart features. The quality is so good that you wouldn’t regret purchasing this. The UHD satisfies the customers and it would be the best choice that you could ever make. 

7. LG UHD Smart LED TV:

The model was first introduced in 2019 available in five different sizes (43, 49, 50, 55 & 75 inches). LG is a well-known brand and manufactures durable products. I still have an LG  TV which was bought 10 years ago and still works perfectly even now with the same efficiency. The 4K UHD TV provides crystal clear clarity which is 4 times the clarity of a HD TV. The TV is designed to depict the picture in a realistic way making you a part of the frame, maintaining the same picture resolution watching from any angle.

Ensures a clear voice without any disturbance and UHD quality pictures without being blurry. LG is the first brand to manufacture TV’s smartly with the inbuilt Alexa and Google Assistant for smart operation. Y Use a remote to control or operate the TV manually. The sound system is really effective with UHD picture quality. You can connect various devices to the TV wirelessly via Bluetooth. The frame is light in weight with a lustrous finish giving you an eye feast. You can fix the TV to the wall and turn your living room into a mini theatre.

This TV doesn’t have a headphone jack and doesn’t support Airplay 2. It can play any type of media, you need not worry about the shipping; the TV comes safely with a good packaging and doesn’t damage the TV. It has race audio output and can also run on Webs. Have a total of 3 HDMI ports. 

You can make your living room a small home theatre having popcorn and chill watching your favorite shows or movies. With the latest technology induced TV’s can be smartly operated via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or through your own smartphone. TV’s with larger screens allows you to have a view even from far places, so make sure you select a large size TV (That is, 65 inch or 75 inch) for a better view. A 65 inch TV would be a perfect one considering the price, features and will be ideal for your living room. A 65 inch TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 Pixel with a high picture quality and latest features induced. It allows you to have a clear view of the picture in detail with the perfect contrast. The 65 inch has a good depth, sharpness, color, view, affordable, ensures better 3D pictures and is perfect. So i would rather suggest you to purchase a 65 Inch considering all the pros mentioned above, you wouldn’t regret having one. The Larger the TV, the better the view. Create a mini home theatre with the best 65 Inch TV installed in your living room for the best experience.