Best Air Purifier Canada Reviews 2023

Home is the place where everyone’s heart resides. And within the four walls we wish to  have pleasant ambience in the air. Being at comfort is the most important thing we can ensure staying at home. And for that we need to take care of the air we breath in. Pollutants from the outside atmosphere enter into home and make the ambience dense and polluted. So utmost care must be taken to clean and purify the air. 

And so for that what do you need to do? How can you ensure that the air is clean? The best appliance and good fixture to take care of your home is a Air Purifier. It is a device that improves the indoor air quality by removing the contaminants that pollute air. And these are extremely beneficial for allergy sufferers and asthma patients and at reducing tobacco or smoke.

Top Air Purifier Canada Reviews

1. Levoit Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter

Be it living room or a small space or right next to you while doing your work the LEVOIT air purifier does its work efficiently. Choose the fan speed and ensure that the pollutants are sucked up accordingly. Three stages of filtration are done and with this 99% of impurities are extracted out. Odors and smoke are removed from the air providing fresh air to breath. And Ultimately this device helps you fall in love with pleasant ambience.

Pro’s in using LEVOIT Air Purifier:

  • Filtration unit with three steps include tackling of dirt particles ensuring fresh and pleasant air to breath.
  • Over four times per hour the air is circulated around and all the particles are captured making it suitable for different air conditions.
  • Works at low silent noise without disturbing your sleep and the brightness can also be adjusted and reduced.
  • One filter works for up to 8 months without costing you over charges for maintenance.
  • There are no ionizers or ozone particles to worry about. Only the filter acts as major source for Filtration.

Features include:

3 Stage Filtration System

The Filtration unit consists of The Pre Filter, True HEPA Filter and High efficiency Activated Carbon Filter to ensure that 99.9% of the  allergens,  dust particles  and air borne contaminants are all captured and filtered out. So , effective removal of pollutants can be achieved improving the quality of fresh air within indoors.

3-Speed Fan

Choose the settings between high, medium and low fan speed to filter the air according to the air conditions and let  the rapid purification ensure the fresh and clean air stay with you. So though the environment is cool or hot or steady without any fluctuations , indoor air can be cleansed powerfully with the speed settings.

Quiet Operation

This device operates at 50dB without disturbing you. It works too quiet standing as the best bed time companion for you to filter air , to breath fresh air and have a relaxed sleep all at the same time. Brightness of light can also be adjusted in evenings and night to ensure that it doesn’t disturb you in any way.

Smart Filter Change Remainder

The indicator is built in to make sure that you get a reminder at times when filter is required to be changed. One filter can be used for 6-8 months reducing your maintenance cost.

Upgraded Motor

LV-H132 motor is designed to feature greater stability, higher Efficiency and longer life span.

Be it odors or smoke or dense air. All the dust particles and allergens can be  captured and filtered out provide fresh and clean air.

2. Coway AP- 1512 HH Mighty Power Air Purifier

Designed to be compact and equipped with excellent features this mighty air purifier ensures that you have fresh and clean air to breath. The device effectively removes odors or dust particles and other allergens with four stage filtration unit. Indicator is provided in built in the device to enhance the fan speed. And if there is no pollution observed for 30 minutes the device Automatically stops saving energy and costs for you.

Pro’s in using Coway Air Purifier:

  • Timer can be set up, fan speed can be adjusted and quality of air can also be found and observed with the settings and indicators.
  • Speed of the fan to extract and suck up pollutants from the air can be adjusted according to the air quality.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The device shuts off automatically when there is no pollution observed.

Features include:


The filtration of air is done in four stages that are Pre filter, Odor Filter, HEPA filter and Bipolar Device. With this almost 99% of the dust and allergen particles can be captured and removed for obtaining fresh air.

Air Quality indicator

In built sensors communicate and sense the quality of air indoors. A LED display ensures and changes color accordingly if the air is too dirty or too clean.

Auto Mode

Based on this quality of air the sensor also adjusts the fan speed accordingly. With this you can ensure effective and Efficient cleaning for any type of air.


Schedule the time and set it up as long as you require it to filter air. Whether you are at work or sleeping the device does its work without any disruptions as per schedule.

Vital Ion System

Bipolar ionizer generates a electrochemical reaction as a part of the four stage filtration system.  As a result, it reduces the particles in air.

Air flow Control

Depending on the Quality of air and surroundings adjust the speed of fan for capturing the dirt particles effectively. No matter what this device can be used for rapid purification.

Overall, enjoy fresh and clean air with sustainable performance by the air purifier. Adjust the settings and relax doing your work. Because the Coway stays busy doing it’s work providing clean air for you to breath.

3. Fellowes 9320501 Aeramax Air Purifier

 The air is invisible and so even the impurities are not visible. Don’t worry! Here is the device to detect the impurities and filters the air automatically. So there is no work for you to do. The Aeramax Air Purifier is your best companion to do the work.  Almost 99% of the dirt and allergen particles are captured and removed. With high quality materials and impressive features the device exhibits effective performance to provide fresh air.

Pro’s in using Aeramax Air Purifier:

  • Best suitable for small rooms and enhances the production of fresh air. 
  • The purifier stands helpful for allergy sufferers and asthma patients.
  • It is completely safe and user friendly device to use.
  • Not only the dirt but also odors or smoke are also eliminated.

Features include:

Auto Detecting Technology

B it any environment conditions the device senses and detect the impurities and purifies air. Almost 99.97% of the impurities that are pollen, ragweed, allergens, viruses, germ mites, mold spores and cigarette smoke. Be it odor or dirt, you are going to get free and fresh air to breath.

Carbon Filter

On capturing large particles, household odors and pet odors the filter works very efficient. The material used exhibits powerful results.

True HEPA filter

The microbial contaminants are captured and filtered. So no odor or no chemicals are ensured for easy and better breathing.

Area safe Antimicrobial Treatment

The device takes care of fresh air. But the filtering process involves capturing of allergens and dust particles which involves growth of bacteria, fungi and mildew. To avoid and overcome this problem built in protection is ensured with the treatment.

Plasma True Technology

Airborne particles are safely removed and extracted out by creating ionized field. 

4. Tao Tronics HEPA  Air Purifier

Get pleasant ambience and fresh air indoors with the Two Tronics Air Purifier. This device never compromises to meet your needs and helps you with your with in day to day life with the excellent and good performance devices. Advanced Technology, impressive features and compact design within the device provides you ultimately with fresh and clean air. It perfectly fits in small rooms and even office spaces. So take it wherever you are and ensure the air around you is clean and fresh for breathing.

Pro’s in using Tao Tronics Air Purifier:

  • With three stages filtration system the device makes sure that 99% of the impurities and allergens with dust particles are all removed from the air.
  • Enhances healthy, soothing and relaxed environment to breath.
  • Air purified circulates all through the room at a fast rate of flow.
  • Speed settings can be adjusted and controlled according to the air quality and environmental conditions.
  • It is completely safe and user friendly device to use.

Features include:

3 Stage Filtration System

To ensure air purification the HEPA filter involves three stages that include Pre filter, Activated Carbon Filter and True HEPA filter. By the end of purification almost 99.97% of the pollutants, allergens, dust and air borne particles are all captured and filtered out.

Quiet Operation

The device runs at 25dB without disturbing your sleep and work. The ultimate result using the device is only restful, Comfortable, soothing and healthy Environment. Do your work and simultaneously the purifier also does its work without any disturbance.

Night Light or No Light

While using at night it is must to know where the device is. So switch on the light if you need and off it when you are asleep so there is no disturbance for you.

4 Fan speeds

Optimum performance can be achieved by adjusting the speed of fan at low, high, medium and turbo levels. According to the Quality of air ensure rapid purification.

Filter Replacement Reminder

Once in 6 months the filter must be replaced. And an indicator alerts you with it to bring it to your attention.

Overall, the Tao Tronics Air Purifier is quiet easy to operate with control panel, works in a silent mode, cleans air all around in the room placed. Get the purifier and fill your room with clean and fresh air with pleasant ambience.

5. Honey Well HPA 160C True HEPA Air Purifier

Air everywhere around the room and indoors is completely captured and filtered through the device. It is designed to have a strength of circulating air up to five times an hour in large rooms. This device is featured with three stages of filtration, Turbo clean setting, timer, easy control and electric filter Replacement Reminder. It captures microscopic allergens and bacteria cleaning the air to be fresh and clean without any odors or unpleasant ambience.

Pro’s in using Honey Well Air Purifier:

  • It is the top most and well recommended product to use and have it at home.
  • Captures pollutants and contaminants in air ensuring reduction in the particles causing pollution. With this you can ensure clean air.
  • Filter has three levels programmed to capture even small particles and filters them.
  • Design is compact and stands erect without taking up much of your space.

Features include:

Effective Purification

Almost 99.97% of the microbial contaminants, dust particles and all other impurities are captured and filtered thoroughly. Besides this odors or smoke or molds or viruses are also eliminated and growth of bacteria is prevented.

Carbon Filter

Pre Filter B has activated carbon in built to help reduce the house hold odors and pet odors.

Easy tap electronic controls can be used for setting and adjusting the desired features. After 8 hours the device shuts off automatically. This impressive features and design helps you to ensure clean and safe air with automatic timer off.

6. RIGOGLIOSO Air Purifier

Filter out anything that isn’t air with the RIGOGLIOSO Air Purifier. Be it bacteria or molds or odors or smoke and dust or allergens make sure you sweep them off and breath in fresh air. It can be used in baby room, bedrooms and living areas without any worries. It’s very light in weight and compact to store around taking up small space.

With advanced and updated Technology, the device runs at low noise and functions to purify the air in 360°. So place it anywhere at the middle or corner your work is done. Looks may seem deceived. With the modern design the device is easy to fit in small spaces but the work it does is very powerful and effective. Want a peaceful environment to sleep? Just select the light with one switch, change it to dim or bright light and fall asleep.

After working for 8 hours the device turns off automatically saving energy and efficiency. Negative ions attract the impurities and make sure the air in surroundings is clean. Don’t worry! It doesn’t have ozone or other chemicals and is completely safe and user friendly to use.

Functions include:

  • Portable Design
  • True HEPA filter with three stages
  • Air Quality Control
  • Two fan Speeds
  • Easy to operate with the buttons provided
  • Releases no harmful substances and ensures safety in using
  • Automatic shut off for 8 hours
  • Normal Mode generates anion to purify air
  • Sleep Mode reduces brightness and turns off device after 8 hours automatically.

If you wish to have a handy, small and compact designed Air Purifier this stands as the best for your work. Enjoy healthy Environment with fresh and clean air to breath. And if you are fed up seeing dust clearly visible on the furniture get the air purifier and ensure no dust particles.

7. RENPHO Air Purifier 

Fill fresh air all around you and improve the air quality. Enjoy healthier and better breathing environment for you and your family. Be it babies or elderly people or pets , the Purifier works best and is specially suitable. The filtration system consists of four stages that ensures that air all over 360° is filtered and purified. Ultimately, tiny and invisible Air borne particles can be removed and eliminated from the indoors.

Pro’s in using RENPHO Air Purifier:

  • The Filtration System will capture small and large particles , pollutants and allergens and ensures that the air around is pure.
  • With high flow rate, the air filtered out can be easily and totally circulated all over the room.
  • According to the air quality and environmental conditions adjust and control the fan speed in order to capture the pollutants.
  • Helps the allergic sufferers and asthma patients to have sound and healthy sleep.
  • This Purifier works to filter pollutants in air as well as the odors and mold’s.
  • Significantly reduces and eliminates the pollutants providing better and fresh air to breath in indoors.

Features include:

True HEPA H13 Filter

Air is never visible to you. And so even the impurities and particulates are also invisible. To ensure that each and every minute pollutants and contaminants are captured and removed efficiently the filter works highly effective. Almost 99% of the particulates be it small or large are captured and filtered out providing fresh air.

High Efficiency Purifier

With unique and contemporary design the Purifier ensures that the air is circulated all over the room be it small or medium or large sized house holds. So air in every nook and corner is filtered out and fresh air is circulated.

3 Adjustable Fan Speeds

With the button equipped on the device you can adjust the speed of fan to be low, medium and high. Based on the air quality you make sure that the device works better with higher capture of particulates. Normally medium speed is fixed and settled.

Whisper Quiet Operation

The device runs at 25dB that is about a level of whispering. Working at such low noise you can have good sleep without any disruptions. Enjoy your sleep with fresh air because the Purifier does the work.

Timer and Locker Function

An auto off timer can be set up for 2, 4 and 8 hours that helps save energy and money even though you sleep. Lock button can be pressed to avoid accidents caused by children or pets.

Filter Replacement Reminder

When it’s time for the filter to be changed a indicator flashes to bring it to your attention. Normally a filter must be changed once in 6-8 months.

Pollutants, bacteria, allergens, molds, mildew and odors or smoke all can be filtered out and purified with the RENPHO Air Purifier. Get the device and enjoy fresh air to breath.

8. Germ Guardian AC5900WCA Air Purifier

Guardian always strive to provide products that help the people with their work and makes it easier. This air purifier traps minute and large particulates and germs in order to provide fresh and clean air to breath. With the advanced technology the fan speed, light and Purification can be controlled based on the type of air quality. It is best suitable for large rooms and is highly effective to use for healthy Environment.

Pro’s in using Germ Guardian Air Purifier:

  • From minute micron size particles to odors all the contaminants can be captured and filtered out from the air.
  • Fan speed, timer and quite mode can be adjusted and controlled using the control panel.
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • It is extremely powerful and has high quality.

Features include:

HEPA filter

The Technology designed ensures that 99.97% of germs, bacteria, pollutants and allergen particles are all extracted and filtered out pushing back fresh air in return. The dust, pollen, mold spores and germs can also be captured.

UV-C Light

Airborne viruses such as influenza, staph and rhinovirus can be killed by using the light with Titanium dioxide reducing the formation of  organic compounds.

Quiet Operation

When you do not want the device to create disturbance for your sleep or work just set it up at the lowest setting. No noise and calm atmosphere can be ensured as the device runs very silent.


Fan Speed can be adjusted in three modes according to the air quality, Timer can be set up for the cleaning of air for a duration that you desire and UV-C Light can be switched on when necessary. These all can be operated with the easy control panel.


The filter in the device must be changed every 6-8 months. So with this you can ensure that the captured dirt particles won’t rise or circulate again into the atmosphere.

Exhibiting a great performance by capturing minute and large contaminants the air purifier helps to enhance the production of clean and fresh air to breath. Not only the dirt but also odors from house hold and other chores can also be eliminated ultimately leading to pleasant ambience.

9. Air Purifier with Deodorizing Function

Use it kitchen or bedroom or bathroom or cloak room, wherever you are and get fresh and clean air to breath. This device doesn’t have a filter to capture instead it has ionizers that produce the negative ions to capture and  eliminate the contaminants. . It is small and portable to use all day for better purification. And with this ensure that you are in a healthy Environment.

Pro’s in using Air Purifier:

  • Improves the quality of air in indoors by removing all the contaminants and pollutants.
  • Removes almost 99% of the dirt and allergens making sure you have sound and good health with better air.
  • It has two functions that include cleaning of air and removing odor.
  • Produces ozone for cleansing action and high efficiency of purifying.
  • Control all the functions with one touch button.

Features include:


This air purifier does purifying, deodorizing and cleansing functions. So all your requirements and needs are met with this small purifier. Be it large or small rooms with babies or elderly people you only get fresh air to breath and stay healthy.

Two Modes

To provide fresh air and reduce the  airborne harmful substances the device is designed with two Modes.

Negative Ion Mode can be selected to purify the air.

Ozone Mode will be turned on after negative ions are produced to remove the impurities.

Anion Adsorption Function

This ionizer generates negative ions and these act on the negative ions of contaminants present in air. With the reaction the particles settle down on ground avoiding the circulation of these pollutants. As a result haze, smoke, oil and other particles can all be removed from the air and ensure clean air to breath.

Ozone Purification

Ozone reacts and kills the most harmful substances present in air. This ensures efficient deodorization and cleaning. Not only the dirt particles the ozone also acts on odors and formaldehyde without leaving any residues or pollution behind. Later on this ozone at normal temperature decomposes to oxygen which is completely safe to breath.

Purifies all day long

It consumes low power saving energy and time. And so with this purifier you can afford to operate it and clean the air all day without any extra costs or maintenance.

Hidden Plug Design

The purifier is adopted with minimalist white design that gives classy and stylish look to the device. So this compact design makes the Purifier easy to store and use. As long as there is a socket the Purifier can be refreshed and used effectively.

Get this impressive and amazing air purifier to ensure healthy Environment with fresh and better air to breath.

10. Bissell 2768A Air 320 Air Purifier

This powerful device has a unique Design that consists of washable pre fabric filter with three stages of filtration system. So be it hair dust or pollens or large pollutants all the contaminants can be captured and removed consequently by the carbon filter. A soft touch dial is equipped to control the fan speed. From small rooms to large or dining rooms all the surfaces can be cleared and filtered for fresh and clean air.

Features include:

3 stage filtration system

A Pre filter, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter are provided in the device to capture over 99% of the impurities present in air. Pollens or large pollutants are all extracted ensuring high efficiency. Carbon Filter helps remove the odors and gases from air.

Automated Circulated System

This monitors the color coded and air quality to control the fan speed accordingly. So with the feedback and sensing the settings can be fixed approximately.

Quiet Operation

The device runs very quiet and calm with no light supporting you for your good sleep without any disturbance.

Integrated Design

It consists of clean lines smooth edges, modern legs a discreet cord wrap and a fabric filter to fit in any room and any living space. With the front panel you can get access to all the features to be adjusted and controlled.

How does a Air Purifier work?

Air purifiers consist of filter or a fan that extracts and sucks up all the pollutants in air. These particles are captured and clean air in return is pushed back into the living space. The filters used are made up of fiber or paper to maintain efficiency.

Some purifiers consist of ionizers that extracts the dust and allergen particles from air and let’s them to settle down. But in these devices ozone particles may also be present. Ozone causes irritation in lungs and further makes breathing difficult. So if you think of buying purifiers that consist of ionizers make sure it doesn’t has ozone in it.

So should I buy a Air Purifier?

Get rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke and dust with the appliance designed to cleanse the air. Concerned about the fact that indoor air comprises of certain pollutants five times higher than the outer air, it is something we need to concentrate on. It’s something we need to deal with and worry about the exposure to these pollutants. Air Purifiers can Infact neutralize the threat caused due to air pollution and indoor activities. 

Promising to the function of air purifier it is a best solution to invest money on. To wrap it up air purifiers are definitely worth it. All the pollution may not be controlled by us but the indoor can definitely be cleaned and filtered up to take care of ourselves. And nothing comes before a good and sound health.

For a in depth, let’s look at some of the air purifiers available in the market today in Canada. Far beyond the looks the features, filter, quality of materials and cost should be known and studied in detail before you buy a purifier. Let’s start the hunt and find out the best of all.

Air Purifiers are the best way to clean the polluted and contaminated air indoors. As we spend most of our time in home, it is very important to ensure that you breath clean and fresh air. A healthy Environment is also maintained and developed by this device removing all kinds of odors and pollen or dust particles. Many products and devices are used in our day to day life. And among many it is very difficult to point the best one. But reviews, quality, features and design help us find a way to get the best one.

And based on the performance Tao Tronics Air Purifier is the best one received by the customers. Almost 87% of the buyers have given five star ratings and we’re very satisfied with the product. 8% of the buyers have given one star ratings. And the buyers of almost 2% found it with defaults and damages and so have given one star rating.

It works really quiet and calm. The device effectively works to remove dust particles, pollutants and even the odors caused from household chores. It’s very easy to install and assemble for use. Adjust the brightness and have no light while sleeping. With advanced technology for filtration and adjustable fan speed efficient Purification can be achieved with the Tao Tronics Air Purifier. Assessing about the pollution of indoor airs it leads to many health risks.

So to avoid the danger and to remains safe and healthy the best solution is to invest your money on buying a Air Purifier. It helps to remove harmful contaminants and stinky odors from the air ensuring the production of clean and fresh air for you to breath. Get to know about the purifiers in detail and find the best one for you which meets your needs and demands. Well if you are still in a doubt to buy a Air Purifier or not, just answer to yourself about one question. HOW IS THE QUALITY OF AIR IN YOUR ROOM? This gives answers to your problem.


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