Best Baby Crib Canada Reviews 2023

Are you someone in need of a good baby crib? Are you unsure of what kind you want, the size of the crib, and whether you’ll be able to afford it or not? Then you have come to the right place, as in this article we will be exhibiting the various kinds of baby cribs that you can get for your newborn. Before purchasing one, ensure that the paint is non-toxic, the build of the crib is strong, and that the mattress is firm and doesn’t sag under the baby’s pressure. Also, make sure that it fits right and doesn’t leave any gaps between the mattress and the crib wall. Go through the list as you might find the type of crib you require!

Top Baby Crib Canada

1. Dream On Me Synergy 5 In 1 Convertible Crib

This convertible crib comes in 6 distinct colors to allow you to choose the perfect one matching your decor. Because this company pays more attention to safety, customers will be happy to know that it is JPMA certified and meets all the safety standards set by the ASTM and the CPSC. All the products are tested for toxic metals and elements like leads by 3rd party labs. You can think of the crib as a lifetime investment because it can be converted from a crib, into a toddler bed to a daybed, and finally to a full-sized bed. It has a guardrail, a stabilizer, and a full-sized rail that is sold separately. Additionally, the crib mattress can be placed in 4 unique positions.

The crib is built to last quite a long time. It is made from solid, reclaimed pine wood from New Zealand. It comes with a classic design and blends with any nursery theme. The crib is made of standard size and is unisex. One will have to purchase the full-sized bed frame and the mattress separately as it is not included with the product. However, the tools required for assembling the crib are provided. The entire product will make a good sleeping space for your little one for years. It weighs only 16 kilos. Because the crib is not harmful, you can let your worries down when it comes to your baby’s health. It has a protective plastic to protect your child from chewing the crib. People have reviewed the crib to be very sturdy, yet very easy to assemble as all the tools are already provided with the product. All in all, it has excellent reviews and happy customers so you can go ahead and get this product for your kid right away!

2. South Shore Furniture 11846 Savannah Baby Crib

This crib is sure to grow with your baby as you can accommodate its height according to your kid’s growth. It has four different levels of adjustment and can effortlessly be converted into a transition bed. The wood used in the making of this bed is pine wood from New Zealand. It has a sturdy structure and is made to use with a mattress over 6 inches. Customers need to purchase the mattress separately. 

Additionally, this contemporary-modern crib is attractive to go with any style of decor. And because it is ASTM certified, you need not worry about harming your child with any toxic elements. It comes with a year’s limited guarantee. Customers have rated and reviewed it to be powerful, and it can turn out to be a brilliant investment. The bed is durable enough to stay with your kid till your teenage years, so you don’t have to get a new bed every time your little one grows. 

3. Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

If you are someone who enjoys calming and soothing colors, then this crib has that part. It is white and washed naturally to create a serene color for your kid. It has a contrasting two-toned finish, with gently tapered feet and elegant lines on the crib. The crib is a 3-in-1 convertible crib and blends in perfectly with your mid-century modern room. It doesn’t have any extravagant colors to let your baby sleep peacefully. It is functional and modern while including a bed conversion kit that will let you convert the crib into a toddler bed into a daybed as and when your baby grows. 

It is made from non-toxic and sustainable materials. The crib is Greenguard Gold certified thus ensuring you the product to be a smart, stylish, and safe choice. The product is examined for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs that are known to pollute your room’s air. Besides, the product meets the rigorous chemical emissions codes of UL, which is a globally independent safety science company. And the company’s hidden hardware construction hides any screws on the product’s exterior, providing a polished and clean look. Customers really loved the product for its impressive look and sturdy construct. It is bound to stick with you for a long time, and even the conversion is easier. People loved how it can be assembled effortlessly just by looking at the instruction manual. So conclusively, this is a great crib, affordable, and perfect for any household.

4. DaVinci Charlie 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Made of pine wood, this crib weighs only 58 pounds. It is a 4-in-1 convertible crib, designed to save you from the hassle of getting a new bed every time your kid grows. It can be used first as a crib, then a toddler bed, then a daybed, and finally a full-sized bed. The mattress can be positioned lower as and when your baby begins to sit and stand, and this crib is built so that your baby’s activeness won’t be reduced. 

The product is tested by the company for over 10,000 chemicals. It creates a healthier environment for your baby by improving the air quality in the room. The entire product is Greenguard Gold certified. The product’s painting is finished in a non-toxic multi-step process without the inclusion of lead and phthalate. It exceeds the ASTM international and US CPSC safety standards. The entire product is made sustainable and its engineered wood complies with TSCA. The entire product weighs 26.3 kilos. Customers have found this product great and very worthy of its cost. It has easy assembling, however, some found a few issues here and there with it. Other than that, it is powerful to hold your baby, very durable, and just the right thing for you if you are looking for a good crib. 

5. Cosco Funsport Deluxe Playard – Black Arrow

You can set this up in no more than a minute as this is a small bassinet. If you are looking for something lightweight and compact, then this is the product for you. Users can easily snap on the bars whenever your baby wants to sleep. It is quite a comfortable bassinet, with breathable mesh. The crib has a spacious area for playing and napping for your baby. It has an entertaining toy-arch with two dangling toys. 

The bassinet weighs 10.5 kilos and can only hold 30 kilos of weight. The product is affordable and quite durable. For easy mobility, the bassinet has 2 wheels and for visibility; the product is transparent. Customers were happy with the product as it is very good, sturdy, and can hold a newborn baby with no problems. On top of it, the bassinet has two toys that will keep your baby entertained. The only drawback is how the bassinet is quite heavy for a person to carry outside. The bassinet has great reviews and good recommendations. If you are searching for something foldable and compact, instead of a crib, then this is the go-to product. 

6. Graco Pack N’ Play Quick Connect Portable Lounger Deluxe, Mckinely

This crib is portable around the house and can be packed effortlessly instantly. The crib weighs about 15 kilos and the lounger can hold a maximum weight of 31 kilos. With one click, the portable lounger deluxe is removed so that your baby can move about wherever you go. The lounger changes from a bassinet to a play yard. It has a built-in 2-speed vibration that will assist you in soothing the baby. On top of all this, the crib has comfortable head support that has plush, soft fabrics, keeping your baby at ease. 

There is a diaper changing station with a lounger that will make stuff easier for you. The lounger has additional space, 3 integrated compartments for you to store emergency baby powder, diapers, and toys. It comes with Quick Connect technology. The portable lounger has a canopy that will shield your little one from harsh sunlight. People were impressed with the lounger and its portability. It comes with storage compartments that let them hold their stuff for the baby. It was easy for them to assemble the entire thing. And even the cost is economical. It is sturdy and is durable. The only thing they didn’t like was that the changing table needs to be attached to the product to be used. Otherwise, it is a must-have product for all newborns!

7. Disney Sweet Wonder Playard- Minnie

While weighing 12 kilos, this product can hold 30 kilos of weight. It is a Minnie-colored bassinet for newborns. It features comfort for your resting baby as it has an open view and a breathable mesh. Its Easy-Clean changer can be wiped as well as removed. Its deluxe organizer can keep your kid’s necessities within your reach, and the top shelf can hold a container of large wipes. 

The bassinet has an entertaining toy arch with three distinct toys and a wide play yard for your kid to play and rest in. The product has easy assembling, featuring indicators for the product being locked and unlocked. It has two wheels to help you move the bassinet from room to room. On top of this, it has an on-the-go bag. Customers loved the product for being so trendy and loved the bassinet’s portability. As simple as it is to assemble the product into a bassinet, it is equally simple to switch it into a portable bag. It is a sturdy item and can be gifted to anyone expecting a child. With its impressive design, people were thrilled by its storage space. It is one of the highly recommended bassinets. 

8. Carter’s by DaVinci Colby 4-in-1 Low-Profile Convertible Crib

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With a white finish, this crib is made from pine wood in one of the most reliable companies of the Carters. It is made from sustainable and TSCA-compliant wood. This 4-in-1 crib is designed for all parents, no matter what their height is. This low-profile crib won’t strain the parents when they are trying to lift the baby in and out of it. You won’t have to go around searching for a new bed as your child grows. This crib is constructed to grow with your child as it has 4 adjustable mattress positions that can be lowered according to your baby’s growth. The crib has been made to withstand the growing weight.

The product has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals. The manufacturers have ensured it will improve the quality of indoor air, to create healthier air for your little one. It weighs only 17.7 kilos so that you can easily shift it from one room to another if necessary. Happy customers were content with how easy it is to assemble the product. It isn’t overpriced and is worth every penny, according to them. They found no odor coming from the product when they first opened the delivery box, therefore ensuring everyone that this is a great product to buy. This one is constructed to last for years.

9. Carter’s by DaVinci Nolan 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

This crib is made from New Zealand pinewood and is Greenguard Gold Certified. It has been tested for over 10000 chemicals. The product will improve the air quality of the room and create a healthier environment for the little one. As it is a 4-in-1 convertible crib, your hassle of buying multiple beds as the kid grows will be saved. You can lower the mattress positions as your baby begins to grow, sit and stand on his own. The crib is built to withstand his pressure. 

The crib is made from TSCA-compliant engineered wood, which is really solid and sustainable. With no toxic materials like lead and phthalate, the crib is finished in a multi-step painting process. The product weighs 66 pounds. What people loved about the product was how it could be converted into a daybed, a toddler bed, and a full-sized bed and how the kid grows so that you won’t have to spend money a lot. It is easy to assemble and very sturdy for your child. It has excellent reviews and many customers recommend the product to be durable till the teenage years. 

10. Graco Hadley 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

This pebble-grey crib is a 4-in-1 convertible one. You can change this into a toddler bed, a daybed, or a full bed, with the way your kid grows up. It has three adjustable positions and can be changed according to your baby’s comfort. It is a standard-sized crib, however, the bed frame and the mattress are not included with the product. The crib has a drawer for convenient storage where you can keep all of your baby’s toys and accessories. This way you can keep your nursery uncluttered and less messy, saving you a lot of space. 

Besides this, the crib has safety features. It is available in 3 colors in total with non-toxic finishes. Its classic design will go seamlessly with any color and decor style. The crib is tested and certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), thus ensuring the safety of your baby and peace of mind to you. Customers have reviewed the crib to be strong enough to hold your baby causing no injuries. It is slightly expensive but can be a one-time investment if you don’t want to buy many beds throughout your kid’s growing years. On the whole, it is a wonderful product with happy customers, they only didn’t like how much assembly needs to be done for the product. It is easy to assemble, however lengthy. Also, this one is rather expensive than other products. 

11. Storkcraft Beckett 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Being constructed from solid pine wood, this crib converts easily from a toddler bed to a full bed. It is versatile enough to provide your infant a good night’s sleep through his adolescence. The product has 3 adjustable mattress heights. It is a safe crib, very comfortable, and because it is adjustable, it can be used throughout the multiple stages of your kid. 

It is made from solid pine wood and weighs 25 kilos. The crib has clean lines and tapered feet, creating a touch of a mid-century design. The product’s safety is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and is tested to meet all the safety standards and keep your environment the safest place for you to sleep. Customers found the product to be quick to set up. They loved the price at which they got the crib. It is a sturdy piece of material, good to be used for many years. However, people found a strong chemical smell when they received the package and others found the paint chipping after some time, which is why before getting this product, assure yourself that you want this.