17 Best Strollers Canada Reviews 2023

Before choosing the best stroller for your baby, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself: What is your budget? For what purpose, other than the casual hike in the park, will you be needing the stroller? Do you need a lot of space, in case there are two babies, or is the stroller going to be for a single baby?

A convenient stroller is a must-have in any house with a baby, because it helps you walk the baby. The stroller is a safe space for the baby to sit and sleep when outside the house. Besides, it gives you a space to stash away all the baby’s essentials from bottles to diapers. Choosing the best stroller can be tedious to you, which is why, in this article, we will list all the best strollers and you can make the further decision as per your suitability. 

Top 17 Baby Strollers Canada Reviews 2023

1. Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller, Dusty Blue

This stroller is lightweight and made to fold compactly and store in any tiny space. Its collapsed dimensions are 44*10.5*10 inches. It weighs only 11 lbs and can contain a maximum weight of 45 lbs. The stroller has a hassle-free canopy inclusive of a pop-out sun visor to protect your child from UV rays. It includes two cup-holders, a storage pouch, and a storage basket. For the baby’s comfort, it has a full-sized seat with a multi-position recline along with a padded seat in the back. As for the baby’s comfort, it has an anti-lock. And anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels keep the baby well-seated and won’t wake him up or shock him, for that matter.

It is recommended for children between 6 months till when they reach a weight of 45 pounds. You can use it for your baby until it can sit up on its own. The material used is 100% polyester. This baby stroller is unisex. Mothers loved this product. It is admirable how you can store as much as you want in the stroller’s storage compartment. The stroller, besides, is sturdy, lightweight, and has two different handlebars instead of one bar. People have reviewed it to be a significant item, given the cost, it comes at. As a travel stroller, when you need to travel for long distances, this one is unbeatable! Even if you want to take it to the park for walks, it is an excellent product, given you don’t walk it through dusty and muddy paths.

2. Graco Comfy Cruiser Travel System

This product comprises an infant car seat for rear-facing infants. Its click-connect system helps for a secure attachment of infant car seats to a stroller. It supports body transitions so it can work dually as a stroller and an infant car seat as well. Its padded seat with varying reclining positions allows your child to rest comfortably and enjoy his/her surroundings better. The stroller has a locking front swivel with a suspension to provide easier maneuverability with more control when you are outside on a walk, or at a tourist place. The stroller-cum-infant seat can support a maximum weight of 14 kilograms. 

The stroller has storage space for diapers and bottles. Along with this, it has other features like a one-hand, parent’s tray, self-standing fold, and two cup-holders. The entire product weighs 16 kilograms. To clean the stroller, use a spot clean with warm water and mild soap. It is advised to not use bleach, as it can ruin your stroller’s cloth quality. Customers found this product reliable and convenient to use. They could assemble it effortlessly. It serves as a terrific purchase because it is a 2-in-1 product with maximum safety. Even though it is heavy, it is sturdy, and the click-connect feature that helps strap your baby to the car is extremely helpful and efficient. Buyers have recommended this highly despite what some users say. 

3. Britax B-LIVELY Stroller

This 20-pound stroller is suitable for babies and children. It features a one-hand, quick fold that is easy to store and lets you get on your way. It is pretty lightweight and excellent for everyday strolling. The product comes with convenient front access and a storage basket to toss in all your baby’s necessities. Its click-and-go system lets you connect your seat to your car with a simple click. Its all-wheel suspension is great for ultra-smooth rides. Additionally, it has adapters for better car-seat compatibility.

The canopy is breathable and will keep your baby fresh. Because it has a modern square-shaped design, it will look trendy. The peek-a-boo window lets you take a glimpse of your baby without disturbing him when he is asleep. The wheels are made of plastic so it isn’t great for joggers. One will have to spot clean it when washing. Customers were satisfied with their purchase, which resulted in many other people adoring this product for their little one. You shroud get this economic stroller today!

4. Evenflo 14112353 Urbini Reversi Reversible Lightweight Stroller (Heather Grey)

This lightweight stroller is made for children up to 50 pounds. It is a 5-point harness with covers. This reversible product has 3 distinct modes. It is durable and functional from an infant to a toddler and can be used while parent-facing or forward-facing. It is a self-standing product that folds and fits into small spaces compactly. The reversible feature of this product accepts safemax as well as any other version of LiteMax infant car seats that are sold separately with inclusive adapters. 

It comes with efficiency by providing a one-hand comfort tilt recline, an extra-large canopy with a window so that you don’t accidentally wake your kid up, a storage basket, and a parent’s cup-holder. The item weighs almost 8 kilograms. Nonetheless, it is sturdy and well-designed for infants and toddlers. In this item, you can customize your baby’s view as it grows. Buyers were delighted with their purchase because the product was lightweight, could open and fold without taking much effort, and at such a cost, the quality of the product is commendable. Pleased customers happily recommend this to anyone wanting a good reversible stroller. 

5. Schwinn 01137CEHC Interval Jogger by Oriole

This jogging stroller can hold up to 35 kilograms. It performs smoothly even on the roughest of roads. Its tires need to be filled with air, which maintains its grip on the roads when jogging. The handles are adjustable for the perfect pushing angles. For further convenience of parents, it has a tray for easy accessibility with cup holders and an enormous basket for storing the baby’s essentials. To make the baby’s rides comfortable, the stroller has premium seat cushioning along with padded strap covers. Even the infant car seat has side-impact protection to keep your baby’s head safe. 

The entire item weighs 11.4 kilos with a minimum weight recommendation of 4 kilos. The stroller’s front ensures a lockable front wheel feature for joggers, and after your jog, it switches back to its swivel wheel. The infant car seat provides a superior fit for a better car ride by ensuring comfortable reclining positions. The buckle can be adjusted in two ways so that you can customize it according to the baby’s position by changing the buckle length as well as the buckle’s position on your child. Besides, the 4 harness heights are spaced accordingly to give your child a better breathing fit. Customers were content with their purchase for the product’s great tires, amazing maneuvering, and wonderful customer service. Even if the product is a little bulky, it will keep your baby secure with its shock-proof tires while letting you jog around the park. It excels in the comfort and assembling of parts. 

6. Joovy Qool Stroller

This stroller has a bassinet along with a car seat adapter. A baby from 6 months till he grows and becomes 55 lbs can sit in the stroller. It also has a qool bench seat in case you have another kid. You can switch the stroller from a single baby carrier to a double to triple baby carrier. It has 50+ qool creations to help you customize as per your kids’ changing preferences. You need not worry about their banter over where to sit and minimize meltdowns. 

With no busted wheels, no divide-and-conquering, this multi-purpose stroller/bassinet comes with a larger weight capacity of 110 lbs. The tires are tough enough for bumpy roads. The stroller’s wheels are sealed against the dirt on the road. And thanks to its front suspension, your little ones will get smoother rides when asleep. It is a unisex stroller with a car seat. You can now stop fretting over getting a new stroller after every kid because this little product is here to fulfill all your needs. Customers can get additional accessories along with the product. Its rain cover is ready to be opened during rains. The swing-open tray is the best travel company for children as they are bound to get hungry. According to verified and satisfied customers, this stroller is a must-have for a large family of little kids. This comes with an extra bench seat for the eldest kid, and your younger one won’t be disturbed when napping. Assembling the stroller is effortless and convenient. You won’t even understand the weight of the stroller when pushing. People were profoundly happy with the chic design and its many features and additions.

7. Summer Infant 3Dpac CS Compact Fold Stroller

This black stroller comes with a 5-point safety harness and weighs around 8 kilos. With an extensive capacity of 23 kilos, this compactly designed stroller has a one-hand self-standing fold. Its car seat is compatible with its Graco click connect without any extra adapters needed! The oversized canopy will shield your baby from UV rays with its pull-out sun. Its peek-a-boo window allows you to monitor your sleeping kid without waking him up. The large storage basket and parent’s cup and cell phone holder make the stroller efficient for parents. 

The product can take out infants under the weight of 23 kilos. Its smooth-glide wheels make the ride secure whilst the adjustable recline, leg rest, and padded carry strap make the ride fun. Customers have reviewed the product to be easy to fold and assemble while being lightweight and having multi-uses. You can take this on walks, go get groceries, and even while shopping. It is easy to maneuver on sidewalks, okay-ish on gravel, dirt, and grass. The product is a must-buy for anyone wanting to purchase a lightweight but sturdy stroller. It is strongly recommended for parents who want a versatile stroller at a reasonable price. 

8. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

This jogging stroller with a great suspension system, air-filled tires, and adjustable handlebars, can contain an extensive weight of 75 kilos. It provides an ultra-smooth ride on any path, be it gravel or dirt. It is at the perfect height for any parent irrespective of their height,e cargo-basket and 6 storage pockets make sure you can go around without worrying about your bags. 

The item weighs about 29 pounds, making it easier for you to ride it around. For your kid’s extra comfort, the stroller has an ultra-padded compression seat with a recliner that will sit and sleep on your command. Stop distressing about discomfort, because this stroller does not come with it. Besides, it includes a quiet magnetic closure that keeps your baby cool and lets you chat halting nowhere. The stroller is made from water-repellent material. The padding is designed from open-coat foam padding. When washing the product, it is not recommended to use detergent. Simply sponge the area with lukewarm water and some soap. Then allow it to dry in the open. For effortless maneuverability, the front wheels come with a swivel-lock and let you jog with stability and security. Many customers found this stroller worth their money. It was easy to jog with while being safe for their kids. You can take this on trails and gravel for running. Long walks with this product ensure comfort to your kid. On the whole, it is a really well-designed item, quite efficient and reliable for busy parents.

9. Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller, Drive

This Graco stroller weighs 13 kilos approximately and can hold a baby up to 50 kilos. For ultimate convenience, parents can fold the product with one hand. You can remove the seat pad and install it conveniently in your car, as it can easily convert into an infant car seat with a simple click. You can place all the child’s cups, drinks, and toys. The product has a large storage basket that will hold your supplies for you, so you don’t have to bother about anything, but enjoy the walk/jog you’ve gone outside for. 

Its multi-positioning recliner seat will keep your baby in comfort and its 3-position handle can be adjusted easily according to your height for pushing the stroller. The tires are air-filled for a smoother ride. And for ultimate stability and maneuverability on daily wanderings, the front wheel locks and unlocks as per your needs. This serves as a great product for joggers and fitness enthusiasts. It is termed to be a superb product because on uneven surfaces it won’t rattle. Happy customers are ready to buy this again if needed. They highly recommend this stroller that will be a pleasant company for your early morning jogs and late evening walks. You can take it for shopping, too, seeing how extensive the stroller’s basket is. 

10. Evenflo Victory Plus Jogger Travel System Featuring The Litemax Infant Car Seat

The car seat has been designed and specially tested for structural integrity, with 2 times the energy levels of the federal crash test standard. It has been tested to simulate a side impact of a car crash or a rollover event. Additionally, it comes with securing the child’s head with the infant’s head support. The car seat is lightweight, with an ergonomic handle that is uniquely designed for max comfort for both the parent and the child. With one secure click, you can shift your baby from the stroller to the car seat and vice versa. 

The stroller has a mesh window on both sides of the canopy, thus ensuring abandonment airflow. The extended visor and large canopy will secure your baby from harmful sun rays. For baby’s maximum safety, this jogging stroller has a 5-point harness system and for superior comfort, it comes with multiple recline positions. The stroller can contain a child up to 35 kilos whilst it itself weighs almost 14 kilos. The pneumatic wheels are specially designed for uneven terrains and dusty trails. Some customers were happy with the lightweight stroller and efficient car seat, however, others found problems while folding and opening the stroller, strapping their child to the car seat, and similar issues they couldn’t quite tackle. Nevertheless, it is a decent stroller with pretty excellent reviews.

11. Safety 1st Stryde Travel System

This is a great stroller for newborn infants and toddlers. It weighs 10 kilos at most and can hold a baby up to 16 kilos in weight. It has a large rotating canopy that can be adjusted to the direction of the shining sun. The item comes with a large basket to hold all your grocery bags and your child’s essentials. It has a different parent and child tray for food and drinks. 

The stroller has side-impact protection that saves your child from any accidents. And it has an adjustable base so that it will fit perfectly in your car. The stroller can be hand-washed by using a mild soap. The stroller has a Quick Click to ensure the safety of your child. And for your baby’s comfort, the stroller offers a multi-position recline. The tires of this stroller are made from plastic, so it isn’t good for uneven terrain. Rather, it is not good for jogging, but casual walks to the grocery store and parks. Customers found the product sturdy and properly built to handle an infant’s safety. It is easy to assemble, easy to fold, and very lightweight for obvious reasons. They have loved its quality and are ready to recommend it to others for its multi-purpose functionality and affordable cost. 

12. Joovy 8147 Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

The product can hold children above 6 months of age, up to 45 pounds in the front seat. In the rear seat, children of 30 months plus and weighing up to 45 pounds can sit. The front seat is 40-inches tall whereas the rear seat is 44-inch in height. Kids can now enjoy their naps on the go with its 3-position recline. It has a comfortable seat along with a built-in stand-on platform. It will give your kids a sense of independence. 

Being lightweight as it weighs only 26 pounds, it is a strong construct. It will fold compactly, reducing your trouble of finding a wide space to stash it away when not in use. The child tray can be removed. Besides all these features, the car seat adapter comes along with the package. This stroller is great for those parents who have a growing toddler and an infant. If you love going out with both your kids out for a walk without straining yourself, then this is the product for you. The stand-on platform lets your toddler stand and after he is tired, he can sit down on the padded seat provided in the stroller. You won’t have to carry your older child in your arms. This stroller takes care of it all. Even customers have praised the manufacturer for making this stroller with 4-wheel suspension. The stroller has brakes for safe stops. It is easy to maneuver, has great stability, and you won’t have to add an extra board for your toddler anymore. If you need a well-built double stroller at a good price, then get this one soon!

13. Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function

This stroller is designed with Somatology Safety standard and created out of 100% PU leather material. It is a perfect match for the egg seat and bassinet seating, as it looks trendy, is easy to clean, and feels luxurious to touch. The pram is made with a 360-degree rotation function and you can enjoy its mobility, flexibility, plus let your child discover the world around him. For better protection from radiation and UV rays of the sun, the canopy is thicker. It also prevents wintry winds from entering the canopy. 

Its 4-wheel suspension will give your child safety, and relief. It can be driven on uneven roads and you won’t even have to fret about waking up your baby. The stroller is easy to fold and takes up very little space because of its compact design. The stroller weighs 20 kilos and can hold up to 56 pounds. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to your convenience. With its parking brake, you can maneuver it amidst crowded roads and parks with ease. Customers were happy that the stroller and bassinet came with a rain cover, mosquito net, and an adapter for the seat. You can go shopping and keep your bags in the large basket beneath. Additionally, the stroller is dust-proof as well as water-resistant. It has amazing ratings based on warmth, sturdiness, and value for money. This stroller will make a great purchase!

14. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

This stroller can hold up to 50 pounds. It is made from aluminum and leather for better durability. This stroller is the latest evolution of Vista, with better performance features that are built to make your walk in the evening walks better. This stroller is designed for families offering multiple configurations while walking their baby. It is much more stable than the previous Vista, and it has been upgraded functionally. It has an improved shock-resistant along with the rear suspension. Its adjustable canopy has a zip that protects your sun from 50+ sunshades for more protection from sun rays. It does not have a rethread harness that can be tightened or loosened in a singular motion. It has a multi-position for better comfort during reclining. With a telescoping handlebar.

This parent-facing toddler seat has fabrics that are removable and washable. It has an extra-large basket with a 30-pound weight limit. For an optimal lightweight, manufacturers have combined aluminum with magnesium, which helps better durability. Even when it is folded, it stands independently. The handlebar is a pivoting bumper bar for convenient loading. Customers have loved the product for its extensive features and great price. 

15. Foundations 4141079 Infant Toddler Sport Splash 4 Passenger Quad Stroller

This stroller for infants is 11.5 inches in seat width, 14 inches in seat height, and 16.5 inches at the back. Its most upright angle of seat reclination is 103.4 degrees, and the most reclined position angle is 133.2 degrees. With good legroom of 6.5 inches, the stroller has enough space to let your kids sit freely. The wheel size is 7 inches on the front and 10 on the back. The wheels are rubberized to absorb shock and prevent discomfort on uneven terrain. Its ergonomic handle allows easy maneuverability. The canopy will avoid UV rays and harsh weather to touch your kid. A basket is ready to hold all your essentials.

The stroller has an enormous space to seat 4 toddlers. With this quad stroller, you need not get a different one for the future. The weight limit for one seat is 40 pounds. So on the whole, the stroller can contain 160 pounds of weight. On the other hand, the product weighs 25 kilos. The stroller needs the first-time assembly. It has 5-point harness security. Customers have reviewed this stroller to be a great purchase for people with over 2 toddlers. It is strong and does not rattle at all. You can take your kids out for walks and grocery shopping. The harnesses are proven to be adjustable and of outstanding quality. The tires seem to be durable. You can get this stroller without reluctance at a great price. 

16. Maxi-Cosi Adorra Modular Stroller

The frame of this stroller is made from aluminum and is lightweight, weighing only 14 kilos. It can hold a baby up to 50 kilos and is great for newborns. The carriage mode makes sure that an enclosed space is created for the infant which fully reclines, creating a healthy and secure feeling for him. The wheels are made from rubber specially designed for Canadian climatic conditions. In the rear-facing mode, your child can see you, whereas in the forward-facing mode your child can gaze at the moving world around him. The fabric is ultrasoft, including a seat liner and comfortable padding to ensure his comfort during those long walks to the park or grocery stores. The stroller is compatible with Mico 30 and Mico Max 30 infant car seats with the adapters included with the package. 

The product has a 5-point harness type for secured rides. The stroller has a Cozi-Dozi infant supporter for smaller babies. Your comfort isn’t compromised at all. With the adjustable handlebar, you can suit it according to your height. The extra-large basket beneath can flip down for better access. It can expand, too, to fit larger stuff. The cup-holder and storage pouch are two additions to the stroller. Folding the product is no biggy, as it can be conveniently folded and compactly stashed away in a tiny space. Besides, the stroller is extremely easy to clean by machine-washing it and drying it in the dryer as the seat pad is designed that way. According to customers, the stroller is great, with super quick brakes, an enormous basket, good tires, and a sturdy construct. The canopy is large and will keep your baby shaded all along during hot weather. You can purchase this product and be content with its performance. 

17. Bob Rambler Jogging Stroller

The best part about this jogging stroller is that it can hold up to 75 kilos whereas it only weighs 25 pounds. For a smooth ride, the tires are air-filling ones, thus saving on your trunk space while providing less bumpy rides. The amazing suspension serves an ultra-smooth ride. The product has a no-rethread harness design that makes it efficient for you because you can adjust the height as your child grows. The stroller’s mainframe comprises aluminum material. It has an extra lowboy cargo basket for additional storage underneath the seat of the stroller. The front-wheel will swivel when you want to maneuver easily and lock when you want to go jogging. 

Because the seats are padded and fully upright, it will allow your child to see the surroundings during walks. With one-hand recline adjustment, you can lay the seat back with the squeeze of a button. The large canopy will shield your child from the sun with its UPF 50+ cover. The stroller is water repellant and comes with open-cell foam padding. To wash the stroller, make use of lukewarm water along with a mild soap. Customers loved the product for providing them extremely smooth rides. They loved how light in weight it was. However, some found the stroller to be smaller in size. Nonetheless, it makes a great product for its economic cost. Make sure you go through the dimensions of the product before getting it for your baby.