Best Baby Wipes Canada Reviews 2023

Most of the parents of newborn babies prefer using diapers for their kids. But sometimes the mess of diapers can cause diaper rash. This can be quite irritating and harmful to your child. It is of utmost importance that the parents try to maintain the normal pH of their baby’s skin. Baby wipes help get rid of the irritants which cause rashes, and besides, they help in maintaining a healthy pH balance of their baby’s skin. For this, the baby must be cleaned with baby wipes. Because it is the question of your baby’s health, baby wipes that are safe for your kid’s skin must be chosen. We are here to help you understand which baby wipe is the best for your skin. 

Best Baby Wipes Canada

1. Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes (1008 baby wipes and 6 refills)

These baby wipes, however unscented, are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. They include 99% water which is filtered three times for a gentle clean. Also, they are enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera to have healthy skin. It has been said that these baby wipes do not contain alcohol, any kind of fragrance, paraben, or even any harsh chemicals. These wipes are specially made soft and gentle as if a mother’s hug so that the child won’t suffer from anything. In addition, these wipes do not have any trace of MIT phenoxyethanol. 

Customers have reviewed these wipes to be comforting even for sensitive skin. They have found that no kind of rash was formed on their baby’s skin after using this since it is free from alcohol and any other chemical. The only thing they did not like about the wipes was its packaging. The entire packaging has 6 pouches with zips. One can remove one pouch, use the wipes, and keep the others stored. However, one will have to have a separate tub to keep all the wipes. Some customers expressed disapproval for the wipes just for the way it was packed. But it is still a great product for sensitive skin and has good ratings and reviews. 

2. Pampers Unscented Baby Wipes 14* Pop-Top (1008 count)

This is USA’s number one selling baby wipes as per the hospital’s sales data. There is a pop-top from which you can take as many wipes as you want without any extra wipes being removed or touched. These wipes do not contain alcohol, parabens or phenoxyethanol or dyes. Also, they do not have any artificial perfumes included. It has a pH balancing formula that will help in maintaining the pH levels of your baby’s skin. These baby wipes from Pampers are 20% thicker for a soft touch. The baby wipes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic to care for all types of skins, especially the sensitive kind. 

Customers have appreciated Pampers for producing these wipes because they’ve been proven to be trustworthy on sensitive skin types. These are gentle on the skin. Those having doubts about using these wipes on their children, have reviewed it to be good. These baby wipes have good reviews and good ratings as well. These are recommended to those who require a good baby wipe product and also to those who want a pop-top. 

3. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Flip-Top Pack (720 Count)

These wipes are made for sensitive skin types. There are 80 wipes in each pack and there are 9 such packs in this entire product. These wipes are unscented and since they do not have any parabens, chemicals or phenoxyethanol included while making them, these prove to be soft on a baby’s skin. They are durable and can be stored in the house for months. The packaging is nice. It has a flip-top from which you can take one wipe at one time. The other wipes won’t come out and won’t be ruined. After you are done, you can simply close the top and keep the pack in your cupboard. 

Customers have reviewed this product to be like the baby of Pampers and Huggies’ wipes. It has the texture of Huggies’ wipes and stretchability of Pampers’ wipes. They have loved the packing system of the wipes. Of course, these are unscented and some customers love their baby wipes scented although, it should be kept in mind that no perfumes are added, which means no extra chemicals on your baby’s skin. It comes at an affordable price which makes it preferable to buy for almost anyone. 

4. The Honest Company Baby Wipes (576 Count)

These are extra thick wipes and are durable. They come in a long-lasting packing. These wet wipes have more than 99% water and do not include any, chlorine processing or fragrances, parabens, alcohol. These are made from plant-based ingredients infused with a blend of pomegranate, cucumber, chamomile, and masterwork leaf to give the users and the babies a natural experience. No chemicals are used while making these baby wipes because they know the needs of a baby’s skin. The wipes are made soft, absorbent, and durable for the same reason. Besides, they are disposable. These are dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic. 

Customers have given a thumbs up to this product. They have reviewed it to be extremely helpful and gives their baby a clean feeling. There are no worries about harsh chemicals. Also, people have been using these wipes for themselves, for cleaning or even for their dogs. People who are scent sensitive will love this product. Those who need a scent-based baby wipe will be left disappointed. 

5. Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes, Flip-top (560 Count)

These baby wipes from Huggies are made from Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep the baby’s skin enriched. It consists of 99% water which is triple-filtered for a clean experience. They are tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic. No harsh chemicals are used while making these wipes. It should be noted that these wipes are free from alcohol, parabens, artificially-added fragrances, MIT, and phenoxyethanol. These are ideally made after keeping in mind the sensitive skin of newborn kids. Besides, these are wet wipes which will prevent rashes from appearing on the skin. 

The flip-top has made it easy for customers to use the wipes even on the go. There is no mess created while taking out these wipes. 56 wipes are present in one case. In the entire product, you’ll find 10 such cases. These wipes have been proven to be gentle like a mother’s touch. They are soft to touch and very easy to dispose of. Customers have reviewed the product to be extremely gentle on the skin. It has good ratings and is recommended to those in need of a good product for their new ones.

6. Baby Green Baby Wipes (12 packs of 72)

These, however unscented, are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested baby wipes which are biodegradable. These wipes are a step towards a greener world. It does not have any plastic included in it and can be broken down after use. It is made in compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These are environmentally, socially as well as economically beneficial to everybody. It has 99% water and contains enough moisture to help your baby’s skin keep hydrated. It does not consist of any parabens, synthetics, harsh chemicals, or alcohol. Because these wipes are made eco-friendly, it is very easy to dispose of them. They are neither cruel to the environment nor the skin of your baby. It is made out of trees and all-natural viscose materials sourcing right from the Earth. 

Customers have found the wipes to maintain the pH balance of their kid’s skin. They have reviewed it to prevent any rash on the skin. They are extremely soft yet thick and have good cleaning power. The only thing they did not like about the product is its packaging. It does not have any flip-top. One will have to place one pack in a separate tub after opening. It has good ratings and can be bought without hesitance. 

7. Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes, Unscented (336 Count)

In each pack, there are 56 unscented baby wipes and there are 6 such packs. These are unscented baby wipes with a washcloth-like experience on your baby’s skin. It is thick but still provides a gentle-touch like feeling on the skin. It does not have any lotions, parabens, alcohol content, fragrances, dyes, or elemental chlorine. It does not have phenoxyethanol or MIT, too. Their formula is 99% water which is triple filtered for moisture and plant-based ingredients. It is proven to be great on sensitive skin by dermatologists and is hypoallergenic tested. 

Customers have reviewed the wipes having a variety of uses. It can be used all over the body and not just the bottom places. They are soft and thick and worth every penny. People have also loved that it does not have any scent or added perfumes or soapy smells. The packaging is perfect. If you try to pull out one, the others do not come out. It has good ratings and is highly recommended to be purchased. 

8. ATTITUDE Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Wipes (3*72 Count)

These wipes from ATTITUDE are parent-tested and parent-approved. These are made from natural plant-based ingredients and use no harsh chemicals. They, however, are unscented. Since they are made from natural materials, it is very easy to dispose of them. They are compostable as well as biodegradable. Besides, they are septic tank safe, too. 

Customers have found these moist. They do not have any harsh chemicals because of which any kind of rash forming on their baby’s skin is not found. They have a better texture than others. And besides, they are EWG certified. It is a local brand which makes it available for Canadians very easily. People have loved that it is environment-friendly. It is hypoallergenic and dermatology tested. One can purchase this if he needs a good baby wipe product for his little one. 

9. Whoopsie Wipes (600 Count)

These wipes are made from eco-friendly products and are vegan-friendly. These are 100% pure cotton wipes without any inclusion of harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances, or preservatives. Because these are made from viscose, one does not have to worry about their kid getting rashes or similar irritants. One can use them dry (like they are present) or add a little water to them for more moisture. Besides, these can be used at any time, for any purpose, be it during diaper changes, mealtime, for runny noses, and nursing. These are travel-friendly. One can dispose of them directly after use, preventing your need to keep dirty washcloths in your diaper bag. 

Customers have found the wipes comfortable with their kid’s skin. It does its work easily and the parents need not worry about their kid’s sensitive skin because the wipes do not consist of any chemicals. They have loved how they can use the wipes for everything. They are fragrance-free due to which the baby does not run away or grimace in disgust if the parent is wiping his face. Parents have loved how they can use it in its dry condition as well as wet them and use them. They do not fall apart after wetting is another plus point. Almost every customer is satisfied with these wipes and recommends it despite its heavy cost. 

10. Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes (30 Count)

These wipes from Aleva unbleached bamboo and which is enriched with natural and organic oils. These have been certified to be Vegan-friendly. Since these wipes are made from natural ingredients, they decompose in 21 days. They are free from any chemicals like chlorine, parabens, and sulfates. They are soft on a baby’s skin and avoid giving rashes. Natural ingredients like chamomile, natural tea tree oil, organic oils, aloe vera, and lavender oils help in soothing the baby’s skin and gently moisturize it. Also, it comes in a resealable tub which makes it easier for users to store it for a longer time. 

Customers have reviewed the wipes to be perfectly thick. It has the perfect amount of moisture. It has a pleasant smell but nothing too strong. It is great on sensitive skin and does not irritate it because of the lack of any chemical substance. Many of the parents have switched to this natural baby wipes because these are simply amazing. It has super great ratings and can be purchased without reluctance. 

11. Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Hand ‘n’ Face Wipes (180 Count)

These wipes have multi-uses. They can be used to wipe your face and hands, too. These wipes from Aleva are made from Bamboo extract and with the help of other natural materials like aloe vera and chamomile oil. These help in moisturizing one’s skin. Besides, these come in packs of 30 wipes which make it easy for one to carry it in a small bag, too. They aren’t exactly unscented. They do have a mild scent. It does not mess with one’s skin and keeps it breathing. No chemicals of any kind are used while making these wipes. It does not include parabens, alcohol, or preservatives. 

Customers have loved the gentle touch they experience after holding the wipe in their hands. It comes in good packaging. Also, people have loved how they can carry it with them outside. It is useful for cleaning hands, face, and even the drool of their kids. This product of 6 packs is pocket-friendly rather than purchasing individual packets. It is highly recommended to those who are in dire need of a good baby wipe with multiple uses. 

12. Kirkland Signature Tencel Baby Wipes (900 Count)

These baby wipes are made from 100% renewable resources. The inclusion of any chemical products is avoided. They are hypoallergenic and contain no alcohol. To maintain the softness of the wipes, it is enriched with Vitamin E. They are ultra-soft, extremely strong, and absorbent when putting in use. Since these are biodegradable, you can flush them down the toilet after use. One should note that they are unscented. To nourish the baby’s sensitive skin, they are made with natural ingredients. 

Customers have found these wipes to be great for their baby’s skin. They have loved how they can flush the wipes after use. It is really easy to dispose of wipes. It is thinner and comparatively less wet than other brands. Customers have reviewed that these wipes do not cause any kind of irritation or redness on the baby’s skin. They are easy to carry outside as well. They come at a great price and is convenient to purchase this big pack at once. Parents have recommended this product to those looking for a good baby wipe company.