Best Bed Bug Spray Canada Reviews 2023

A tidy home is the safest environment for you and your family members. One may not notice every single thing that causes harm to their wellbeing. And one of such things we don’t notice is the bed bugs that stay in the corner of your beds, cushions, drawers, and even hide in the pillows sometimes. People tried various methods of changing the mattresses, sheets, and pillow covers to eliminate them but nothing was helpful. When the bugs hold on for a long time they lay eggs that stick to the surface and are hard to go, make sure you vacuum clean your entire house regularly to get rid of the spread. The heat produced helps in killing the bugs faster. 

So there’s a question that’s raised in people’s minds! Can we eliminate bed bugs completely?? Scientifically the answer is yes! You may not get rid of the bugs instantly but you can bid bye forever slowly. The use of some effective sprays and permanent treatments would let this surely happen. Well, permanent treatment would be charged high while the sprays that are available at a cheaper rate in the market work effectively as well. 

Top Bed Bug Spray Canada

Listed below are a few of the best bed bug killers available in the market. Have a look-

1. Raid Bed Bug Killer

Raid aims in protecting your homes and cares for your safety. The Raid 350g can is fairly large and is made of 0.25% Pyrethrins and 1.01% Piperonyl Butoxide chemicals that kill pests and their eggs when sprayed on them directly (spray until the area gets damp). It kills harmful pests and insects effectively. The spray doesn’t leave stains and is safe to use on clothes. Make sure you don’t shower the spray on your skin as it absorbs very quickly and might harm your skin. It kills the bugs and does the job perfectly without leaving any insects in the corners. The odor is pretty decent and works great in your homes.

The Raid bed bug spray is highly recommended by the users, you can notice the results within 4 weeks of continuous use. When sprayed the foam spreads and reaches up to every corner of the room and helps in the eradication of pests and eggs even before they hatch. You can use this on your mattress, furniture, carpet, and other places where you find the pests. We recommend you hold the can erect away from you and shake it well before use for effective results. It is one of the best ways to completely kick away the stubborn pests and insects from your home. 

2. PRO-PERM R.T.U Bed Bug Spray

The PRO-PERM R.T.U bed bug spray is a water-based solution that is easy to use and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use to control pests. It can prevent termites, bats, silverfish, cockroaches, firebrats, rice weevils, whiteflies, spiders, moths, fleas, earwigs, sowbugs, etc protect you from the harmful diseases they may cause. We would suggest you use it for 4 years from the manufactured date and leave the house for two hours after spraying and open the door and windows to ventilate the house. The odor is not as strong as the other sprays available in the market and is one of the best bug sprays that show instant results. 

You can spray it on your beds, furniture, baseboards, door, windows, carpets, and other areas to eliminate the pests and other insects completely. We suggest you follow the instructions to use it perfectly and the product is totally worth the price you put in. Here comes an important point to notice: the PRO-PERM R.T.U bed bug spray leaves remains of the detergent after spraying. This means when the pests or insects crawl over the residue they die instantly. The amount of permethrin chemical present in the spray works effectively. 

3. KONK Bed Bug Killer

The KONK bed bug killer contains 0.50% pyrethrin 5% PBO that acts as a good repellent to the pests and other insecticides that are harmful to human bodies. The KONK spray produces a decent odor though we suggest you leave the house for a few hours after spraying for a safer environment. It leaves a residue after spraying that remains for a while and kills the bacteria that passes over. You can spray it safely in the cracks, mattress, furniture, baseboards, and the other corners where the pests stick to. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes and is very easy to use. 

The pests die instantly by spraying the detergent on them directly. Please follow the instructions for effective use. Make sure you remove the mattresses and spray to every corner of the bed to stop the spread. Follow the spraying methods frequently to obtain instant results. KONK bed bug spray does all your work and please do not waste your money on other bed bug sprays that work less effectively than this. Do not place the spray in the reach of children or other flammables that may result in an explosion. 

4. Onguard Bed Bug Spray

The Onguard bed bug spray does the pest control treatment on the spot when sprayed directly. It is perfect for domestic use that safeguards your house and loved ones from harmful diseases. The spray contains 0.20% D-Phenothrin and 0.20% Tetramethrin active ingredients that work effectively in eradicating the pests and other insecticides. Make sure you spray the bed bug killer from a distance and keep it out of children’s reach. Do not spray while the food is kept open as it is not at all safe for consumption. Remove the mattress and other clothing on the beds before starting the process and give some time for the chemical to dry. 

You can use the spray safely on furniture, beds, mattresses, cupboards, tufts, etc. We recommend you take a sample test to know the possibilities of stains and discoloration. You get to see the result after the chemical completely dries. Make use of extension tubes to spray in places that are hard to reach. Vacuum your house and spray the bug killer frequently to eliminate the bed bugs completely. 

5. Raid Home Insect Killer

The Raid home insect killer comes in a 350g capacity that kills the bugs and various insecticides on direct contact. It can kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, moths, sowbugs, gnats, beetles, wasps, silverfish, ants, spiders, etc effectively. The odor of the spray is normal and not too strong like the other bed bug killers available in the market. It is easy to use and does the work perfectly. Shake the spray well before use and close the doors until the spray gets spread completely. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

We recommend you keep your children and pets away while spraying to protect them from danger. It can kill spiders effectively. Please read the instructions to follow the procedure carefully. Raid manufactures the best repellents for insecticides and you bid bye to them forever. What are you waiting for? Go grab a Raid spray can and check the results for yourself. I am sure you’ll be amazed! 

6. Safer’s 1604 Bed Bug and Flea Killer

The Safer’s 1604 bed bug and flea killer not only eliminates bed bugs and fleas but also other insecticides like ants, cockroaches, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, etc. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Safer’s bed bug spray is formulated with a special mechanism that terminates the insecticides by causing digestion or through ingestion instantly. Its effect shows within 48 hours of spraying. It is also very easy to use all you need to do is shake the spray can before use and hold the can firmly while spraying. Make sure you place it away from you while spraying to avoid breathing problems and wait until the spray dries completely for the best results. 

You can spray the bed bug killer safely on your doors, mattresses, windows, corners of the rooms, or cupboards, around the pipes, attics, and other places where insects are traced. We recommend you to continue the process for four weeks constantly to get optimum results. The chemicals used in the spray are highly effective and acts as a good repellent to harmful insecticides. The insects immediately die after passing on the sprayed areas. None of the chemicals used are dangerous, your pets and children can roam freely though it is not safe to consume.