Best Bed In A Box Mattresses In Canada 2022 Reviews

Beds delivered directly at your door are becoming common, and it can be hard to find out the right solution, especially with plenty on the Canadian market. It is not only daunting as you begin to screen through the never-ending offers, but it is also a very crucial choice at the end of the day because you spend about a portion of your day in bed.

Canada has well-known mattress makers who took the time to review the new sleep technologies, and the commitment is worthwhile to choose the right mattress brand for Canadians. Hence, here are the best Bed In Box Mattresses in Canada.

Best Bed In A Box Mattresses in Canada

1. Bedstory Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bedstory Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed to provide natural comfort because of the blend of high-quality bamboo and elastic gel. This highly wear-resistant, windy, and airy mattress gives you a flexibility of sleep that is very safe. This 12-inch mattress has three layers of gel memory foam, which sits and keeps you fresh. The other 3-inch coated foam layer provides optimum comfort and tension relief, as well as a 6-inch high-density foam layer that protects and aligns normal ribs in alignment.

The mattress provides you an unforgettable experience of sleep. Memory foam helps the body to have a supportive sleeping surface as the cooler controls the temperature to keep the body neutral. This aerobic mattress has a moderate look. This carbon activated bed is generally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Odors, asthma, and skin inflammation are avoided. Please give up to 72 hours to thoroughly stretch your mattress and drain away any possible smell.

Designers know about the problems that are generated as your companion moves. So, they have treated this issue very well to make sure you sleep in without noticing any movement. Hence, it has a redemption guarantee with a full 100-night Sleep Trial and a fair ten-year extended warranty.


  • Perfect for going to sleep hand, stomach, or behind, as the bed is cozy and protected.
  • Helps with sleep issues for consumers.
  • Suitable for buyers who do not like memory foam as the mattress is charcoal infused. 

2. Molblly 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress 

Molblly is a bedding and sleeping equipment company. The mattress has three layers, all made of foam. It strengthens help and adds to heat absorption. A two-inch memory foam pad provides you with optimum support from the top to the bottom. It takes the form of your body and adapts to each application. The second layer is the 4-inch layer of comfort foam.

The final layer is a foam-based on high density to ensure a comfortable mattress. The three layers of foam are then replaced with a soft, hypoallergic cover, easy to wash. The foams being used are accredited by CERTIPUR – the US and Oeko-Tex 100 based on these products’ quality. These are made without the use of hazardous contaminants like formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals. The foam mattress is naturally antimicrobial, dust-free, and bacteria-resistant.

The bed is equipped with innovative sleeping equipment and experience. It guarantees that the used foam provides enough ventilation and breathing room for the customer. The skin-friendly textiles make it an ideal place to sleep. The mattress is made of foam that adapts for perfect pain relief to the body. Hence, it is one of the best-selling low-cost bed-in-a-box beds.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Strong packaging


  • Often normal sizes are incorrect.
  • Smell as the mattress stretches

3. Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Vibe 12-inch memory foam mattress is indeed one of the cheapest online beds. The mattress consists of three layers: gel memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density base foam. The gel memory foam covers the top layer with a thickness of 2 inches. This layer guarantees that the sleeping surface still stays cool and paves the way for a good evening sleep. 

The hypoallergenic layer also meets the efficiency, durability, and emission requirements listed in CertiPUR US. Moreover, it is also resistant to dust, bacteria, and insects. The gel-infused foam is placed among the memory foam layer and base layer in the plastic concealer. This layer serves as a shock absorber, and any time you shift location in the sleep, it is responsible for adjusting to your form. 

The sheet of high density secure and comfortable base foam is it’s last in the mattress. This 7-inch layer is responsible for the transition of your load to the bed frame. It also provides the assistance surrounding and relieves the user by distributing pressure points equally. The mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years, which further seems to inform about the consistency promised by classic brands.


  • Good comfort
  • High durability

4. Zinus Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

Yaun Jae Lee developed Zinus in 1979. The company has an immense factory in China and an enormous US warehouse. They are still well-known in the hospitality industry. It is a memory foam mattress, so that you can anticipate the advantages of this sort of bed. It takes your body’s shape and curve and relieves pressure points to make you feel cool and comfortable every morning.

The memory foam used is infused with green tea, charcoal, and natural vegetable oil. The Zinus 12-inch luxury Ultra-Plush memory foam mattress, close to a cloud, stays calm and fragrance-free over the years. CertiPUR- we approve the foam. The bed is available in Twin, Full, Queen, and king sizes and eight and 10-inch versions.


  • Green Tea, Charcoal, and natural vegetable oil for softness
  • Restricted guarantee for ten years
  • The luxury memory foam material


  • It might be too much for those who are searching for medium to firm mattresses.

5. Inofia 8-inch Spring Mattress

The Inofia 8-inch super comfort mattress set is a perfect way to relax after a tough day at work. These mattresses align the backbone, provide sleep and relaxation, promote restoration and wellness. Inofia’s super-luxury hybrid mattress collection is of 6 layers. The base layer consists of steel spindles. It is covered with a dual-cool temperature control fiber technology. The following layer is the sense of warmth that gives you pleasure sleep.

It contains a fire-resistant layer to prevent the spread of fire. The 3D-knit cloth cover keeps all those layers together. This ambient covered cover offers an impression of sleeping on clouds. The mattress collection is a blend of two innovations- innerspring and memory foam technology. The foundation has a long-lasting coil that provides support and avoids the growth of body heat. It keeps you calm and helps you to sleep. 

Dual-cool fiber technology is a silver improved heat distribution system. It transmits moisture heat that removes odor and blemishes from mildew and bacteria. The air cool wave layer is sponsored, where foam has wave canals on the airflow surface. The room’s comfort feels like foam with open cells that cause the mattress to be more aerated. It constitutes a barrier to the explosion of fire that safeguards your life and property. The 3D knitted cover includes layers, which form the column. Hence, this luxurious mattress collection features a 100-night trial and s 10-year guarantee.


  • Comfortable Mattress
  • Fire preventing layer


  • Forms creases

6. Ashley 10-inch Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress

The Ashley Chime Express Memory Foam Mattress has infinite sleeping options. Ashley’s mattresses are of no flip nature and are a major relief. Chime provides a celestial blend of warmth and support for the body. It regenerates the body for the next day. The interior and the memory mattresses are made of memory foam in the house of the chime. 

The memory foam in the mattress is 1.5-inch thick, and the transition foam is fitted with an added 1.5-inch thickness. Transitional moisture is considered to provide extra warmth and durable support. The luxury mattress is pretty good. It is made of memory foam and forms deep into the body. The foam releases the physical stress of all sorts. The bed has a special knit cover, which gives it a special stretch. 

The 7-inch base of the rich Mattress guarantees that your neck and back are well matched. The mattress is around 83.5 x 71 x 10 inches in size. The weight of the bed is about 75 pounds. The mattress consists of a hypoallergenic material. It is suitable for patients, children, and adults with allergies. 

The product is packaged in a box that guarantees balanced form and sanitation. The pack is very easy to open and requires no assembly. Bring the plastic cover to your room and open it. It takes just minutes to grow and expand in 72 hours. 


  • Cheap in price.
  • The foam creases and support your body form.
  • The mattresses are hypoallergenic and shield you from seasonal insects, dust mites, and micro-organisms.


  • Hard Mattress
  • Uncomfortable to sleep

7. Bedstory 10-inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The Bedstory 10-inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is special and has recognized advantages for sleep and relaxation. Users say that the light fragrance is long-lasting and friendly. 

The mattress has a pure memory foam layer with 2.5-inches of memory and a 7-inch air-circulation layer of foam, and a 2-inch high-density foam comfort layer inside the mattress. This ergonomic arrangement lets the mattress form in the sleeper’s natural shape and keeps you comfortable during sleep.

The balance between firmness and softness is good. The Bedstory Mattress has distinctive edges that are hard to find in conventional foam memory. The washable knit covers are designed to wrap heat and foam thermally and are converted for cooler sleep during the night. Hence, it is one of the low-budget bed-in-a-box mattresses available.


  • Quite a good fragrance for sleep promotion.
  • Simple to wash cover sheets


  • The mattress is brittle and hard for a single entity to manage after it is spread.
  • The mattress is completely expanded in 48 to 72 hours.

8. Inofia 10-inch Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

The Inofia 10-inch Hybrid Innerspring Mattress comes with a sheet of self-wrapped winding coils to keep your body secure during night sleep. The high-density layer of foam under the pocket coil layer provides extra robustness to the mattress. There is a dual-core fiber sheet on the top of the spring coils to help support the springs and preserve the bed’s correct temperature. 

An intelligent airflow layer allows air to travel easily through the mattress to avoid heat being absorbed within. This mattress features a memory foam layer of the Visco memory, which prevents stress and keeps spinal cords correctly aligned. The upper surface has a hypoallergenic layer of air circulation, which maintains a cool surface temperature for a long night’s sleep.

CertiPUR-US was approved to use foams in the mattress to be free of hazardous compounds that can cause asthma, sensitivities, or other health problems. A 10-year warranty is issued for this Inofia mattress. It also provides a sleep trial of 100 nights and would be entirely reimbursed if the product is returned during the trial duration.


  • Bacteria-free
  • Big in size


  • Zero integrated pillows

9. Polysleep Memory Foam Bed In A Box Mattress

The Polysleep is the best mattress manufactured in Canada, which shows unique design elements representing a knowledgeable way of achieving a new level of mattress efficiency. One characteristic of the Polysleep Mattress is its polyester lining. It has a special treatment to keep fluid from sinking into the bed immediately in addition to being smooth and elastic. As spills and spots will affect your bed’s durability, this cover is especially necessary for those who prefer to eat and drink in bed.

The Polysleep’s interior uses a poly foam foundation, which extends along the mattress’s outer side. The envelope enhances the edge protection, which is absent in almost all foam-mattresses, although other layers inside the structure offer softer cushioning. The architecture of Polysleep offers edge stability for people who often sit or sleep close to the edge of the room.

The roof is a ventilated polyfoam with an overall adjustment, pressure relief, and motion insulation within the built-in frame. It is also an antimicrobial foam of medical quality to help fight against bacteria and allergens. The second layer is a polyfoam transition, and the third layer is the base made of high-density polyfoam. The 10-inch Polysleep mattress has a medium solidity level with moderate texture and reactivity. Hence, it is suitable for most people under 60 kilograms and most side sleepers under 104 kilograms.


  • Accessible
  • The antimicrobial hybrid foam gives protection against dust and bacteria.


  • 45-night drop period before you return it.

10. Bedstory 12-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

The Bedstory 12-inch gel-infused hybrid memory foam mattress is suitable to create a medium hardness ideal for all sleepers. It blends soft gel inserted memory foam and a supporting pocket spiral base. You can feel the softness of the micro peak without losing support for the heavier part of your body.

The innovative gel-infused hybrid support system aligns your body to alleviate main pressure points, ensuring relaxed sleep at night. The corporate and bouncy coil base gives the strongest back support for numerous sleepers. The pocket rollers move independently and decrease movement sensation, and provides relaxation without disruption. Two rows of reinforced springs on the rim aid to prevent mattress deformation for long life.

The mattress’s top is sliced into a 3D-structure knitted cloth cover with a sheet of foam and two layers of shell layer, which makes the surface soft and respirable. The Euro-top is a comfort layer intended to reduce pressure and have a smoother feel, more consistent with the body’s curves. The mattress’s texture is a gel foam layer, soft foam layer, foam layer, and coil pocket layer. The innovative nature combines firmness with softness and offers the strongest back support for various styles of sleepers.


  • Standard quality
  • Individual coil system

What is a Bed In A Box?

A bed in a box is an exciting, innovative way to buy a mattress and deliver it. The bed in a box design, developed from recently established production and shipping methods, enables you to purchase a mattress online and to get it shipped in a comfortable case to your house. It reduces the inconvenience of conventional mattress shopping and is considerably less costly.

Advantages of having a Bed In A Box Mattress

The bed with a mattress box simplifies purchasing a mattress so that the right mattress is selected without having to think about buying in-store.

  •   Price

One benefit you should remember is that you can save a lot of money by buying your mattress in this method because corporations sell to you directly and therefore do not require operating charges from showrooms and dealers that earn profits.

  •   Sleep test and Guarantee

One more advantage is that the new mattress will be checked over a generous trial period. At least a 100-night trial period is necessary to cover so that you can determine if the new mattress would fit for you.

  •   Simple movement and setup

The Bed In A Box Mattress is vacuum-screened in a box and shipped straight to your house. This box can be navigated comfortably by one person through the house. It saves the time to set up a delivery or locate a truck so that the mattress can be transported from the supermarket. However, it is much easier to place a vacuum-sealed bed in a box up the stairs and make these tight turns than typical mattresses.

Disadvantages of having a Bed In A Box Mattress

  •   No Trials

Although not investing in showrooms decreases the expense of bed-in-a-box mattresses, the opportunity to test out the mattress before purchasing it does not exist. You must also pay for the bed, even for a sleep trial, and only seek a refund if it does not work out for you. 

Many studies suggest to lay on a mattress for at least 10 to 15 minutes before taking an order, but if you have a bed in a box, you must count upon product specifications and ratings unless you look at a sample in a showroom.

  •   Core Requirements

Be cautious that your new bed frame might not be suitable for a memory foam mattress when you buy a mattress in a box. Memory foam mattresses need a platform for promoting foundations. Otherwise, the excessive thickness can sink or grow, and damages are not protected by warranty. 

Box springs are not needed, but a box spring can help ensure your bed frames provide the mattress with adequate support if you don’t have a base floor. If not, you can plan to invest in a bed frame for a foundation and in a new mattress to make the most of it. 

  •   Gas-free

One problem that many customers complain about with a bed-in-a-box mattress is the memory movement’s tendency to smell, particularly when fresh. It is a fact that the fabrics used to produce the bedding mattresses can be smelling and that when the bed is withdrawn from the package first, it is best.

The mattress will take a couple of days to reinflate completely after delivery, and in most situations, the scent-emitted by way of an off-gas mechanism disappears in a few days. However, the odor of the memory foam mattress can be irritating for anyone allergic to smells.

Final Thoughts

A bed in a box mattress in Canada is directly shipped to your door and becomes a common form of purchasing a mattress and for a good cause. The trial period and the simplicity of installation make this a simple way to buy a large piece. 

There is a bed in a box available regardless of your place of sleep or your degree of durability or softness, and we hope that our list lets you limit the choices. There are so many of them around Canada, and what fits best for you can be hard to figure out. Through this list, we hope to have a look into the future while buying your new mattress so that you can sleep well at night.


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