Best Dog Food Canada

The best companions for the human beings are dogs. Having them is like being connected to a relation and but true bond. They make our lives even better and interesting. Such dogs must be taken good care of and well treated. While humans wish to have good and yummy food, likewise dogs even wish to have yummy and nutritious food. Most of the dog food is completely processed and doesn’t look convincing for us. But that is the food which is healthy and nutritious to the dogs. Two types of dog food are available one for the dogs and other for the puppies.

Be it meat or fruits and vegetables, the food must contain high quality ingredients that are suitable for the dog’s digestive system. If you are unsure about the food to be fed for the dogs it is better to take suggestion from the veterinary doctors. However, most of the dog foods are certified by the Veterans. So you can use the dog food for your dogs. The most important thing to be noticed while purchasing the dog food is ingredients, nutritional adequacy and the feeding guidelines.

Various brands manufacture various dog foods. But some type of food suits best for your dog. Consult a veteran and make sure you feed the right food for your dogs. Let’s get to know about some of the dogs food available in Canada today. And by the end of this hunt let’s find out the best dog food.

1. Purina One Smart blend Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb and Rice

Mixed up with real lamb as the main ingredient this dog food is completely natural and protein rich. Ingredients used are 

  • Obtained from the natural sources of glucosamine. This helps maintain joints strong and healthy. 
  • Omega 6 fatty acids along with vitamins E and A, minerals zinc and selenium enrich the healthy skin and coat to be shiny.
  • Dual defense antioxidant blend develops strong immune system.
  • Tender and meaty morsels with crunchy kibble enhances the yummy taste true to it’s protein rich ingredients.

Processed to be healthy and natural food this is very much good for the health of dog. It is nutritious, protein rich and highly digestible. It is not only natural but also Completely balanced nutrition for the dogs. They stay active and healthy all the time by consuming the food. Giving a desired good for the dog makes it stay happy and joyous.

2. Pedigree Vitality+ Dry food for dogs Roasted chicken and Vegetable Flavor Dog Dry

Dogs also wish to have yummy and tasty food same as we wish. And being dogs they cannot communicate or ask which food they want. To fulfill the taste and nutrition as well this pedigree vitality is the best food for dogs. The food imparts nourishment and energy to the dogs so they stay active and healthy all the time.

Guess what! It is blended with peas and carrots. Which dog doesn’t live the peas and carrots? It’s 100% natural, complete and balanced nutrition. No artificial flavors are used in the process. Zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids help the skin glow shiny and thicker with the coat. Special Fiber Blend with beet pulp improves the digestion within the dogs. Moreover, the Vitamin E antioxidant keeps the dogs immune system strong.

Textured to be crunchy it tastes yummy and healthy at the same time. Mix it up and serve it to your day. Enjoy watching your dog gulp down the food tastily.

3. Natures Recipe Adult Grain Free Chicken Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Recipe Dog Food

True to it’s name this food for dogs is completely natural and safe. Processed with the best ingredients the food stays nutritious and healthy as well. Real chicken is the main ingredient used in the manufacturing process of food. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives or meat products are contained in the blend.

It is a grain free food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Using high quality ingredients along with fruits and vegetables this tastes completely delicious being entirely healthy for sure. Be it for any dog the food is good and remains suitable for healthy digestion. Good health and active energy is ensured on feeding the dogs with this food.

4. CESAR Classic Loaf in Sauce Wet dog Food Beef Selects Variety Pack

Processed without grains and real meat beef as the main important ingredient this Cesar dog food is completely balanced and nutritious. To make the food suitable for all the breeds of dogs and puppies the food is made up of vitamins and minerals. It acts a high protein rich for good digestion. The components included in the manufacturing are 8 beef recipe, 8 filet mignon flavor and 8 porterhouse steak flavor.

Implemented with sauce texture and tantalizing classic loaf it tastes yummy and  enhances nutrition with the addition of vitamins and minerals. So you don’t need worry about the food given to dogs. This Cesar dog food gives active energy for the dogs with high nutrient levels. Food in your hands and nutrition in the hands of the Cesar dog food.

5. Purina ONE Smart blend  True Instinct Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This dog food is made with real chicken as the main ingredient. Formulated with grain free and dense nutrients it is very good for healthy skin and coat. The glucosamine enhances the strength of joints between the organs. So the dogs stay active, flexible and energetic without any health problems. No artificial flavors, colors, corn, wheat or soy is used in the manufacturing process.

Omega 6 fatty acids ensure that the skin of dog remains shiny and thicker. Thus, with the smart blend of ingredients the food stays balanced with good nutrient levels. Feed the dog with Purina one smart blend and watch your dog have active lifestyle, tender morsels to make him excited and happy looking. Nothing is much better than feeding the dogs with tasty and healthy food. 

The food is certified and safe. So trust the brand and fill his bowl and let the dogs enjoy their feast.

6. Alpo Dry Dog Food

Processed with outstanding flavors and real meat the Alpo dog food gives yummy  and meaty taste for the dogs. Besides the meat nutrition is well balanced and healthy. It consists of high quality protein that enhances strong muscles for the dogs. Made up of 23 essential vitamins and minerals the Alpo dog food is completely balanced with nutrient levels. The food imparts Calcium to the dogs so that the bones grow strong.

The grill time flavors are mouth watering so your dog waits for the food to be deeded. And don’t worry! With such a good taste your dog is going to be a good baby without leaving any bit of the food. Overall Alpo dog food is the complete meal with balanced nutrition where you don’t need to add something else for the nutritious levels.

7. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food , Natural Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Manufactured with natural ingredients and vitamins and minerals the food is well formulated for increasing health and well being. Real meat is the important Ingredient used in the process. This is high quality protein containing wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and fruits. Featuring Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids ensure that the skin is healthy and shiny.

The veterans certified this food as it is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Blended along with antioxidants it is completely balanced with Nutrition. No artificial flavors or wheat or soy or preservatives are used in the manufacturing process. Overall it is the finest food Completely packed up with essential vitamins and minerals.

This food is very good for the immune system of dogs, healthy skin and coat building strong muscles. Yummy and healthy food for the dogs is ready with the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food.

8. IAMS Adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food  Chicken and Whole Grains Recipe

The main ingredient used in the processing of this food is Chicken. Enriching high quality protein it helps the muscles grow strong and healthy. The food imparts easy digestion with the fiber and probiotics blend. Formulated with animal protein the food is high in essential nutrients and completely natural. No artificial flavors or colors or preservatives are used in the processing of food. 

So it remains healthy and safe with balanced nutrition. It can be served to any breed of dog with any age. Be it a small puppy or large breed they enjoy this yummy, tasty and healthy food without wasting. Healthy growing is on its way. Having Vegetables and fruits along with the chicken as ingredients this choice stays and remains healthy. This makes your dog healthy, good looking and energetic as well.

Every dog needs food with right amount of nutrition levels. And it varies from one dog to another. But this IAMS adult Minichunks dog food processed with a good formulation and healthy ingredients makes the dog stay healthy and active no matter what breed it is of any age.

9. Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb and Rice Recipe

Real lamb is the main ingredient used in the processing of Nutro Natural choice dry dog food.  The NUTRO FEED CLEAN philosophy included for the formulation of the food imparts nutrients and doesn’t include any NON GMO ingredients or artificial flavors or preservatives. Trace amounts of protein with potential cross and vitamins, minerals are all present in the food. It is yummy and healthy as well with balanced Nutrition and taste

On serving this food your dogs stay trim and fit. Joints are developed and grown to be healthy due to the glucosamine and chondroitin natural sources. Blend of mixtures and vitamins enhance that the dog is active and safe. Healthy immunity is increased with the essential antioxidants. The food offers nutrition for large and small dogs as well. Trust me! With perfect nutrition levels and balanced taste this is the food your dogs go crazy for.

10. CRAVE Salmon & Ocean Fish Dry Dog Food


To enhance that the food is rich in protein with high nutrition levels, the real white fish is used as the main ingredient. It consists of 34% high protein when compared to the other dog foods. No corn or wheat or soy is used in the processing so that it is completely natural and grain free. Balanced well with the necessary and essential ingredients the CRAVE Salmon and Ocean Fish Dry Dog Food enhances energy and activeness in the dogs. 

For the lean bodies this food helps to support and stay energetic all the time. No matter the size or breed of dog this food completely offers  balanced Nutrition. It is suitable for all the breeds and sizes of dogs. Serve  the meal and enjoy watching them play actively with good healthy and energy.

11. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Perfect Weight for Healthy Weight & Weight Management

The food is very good for the dogs to maintain healthy weight while growing. Formulated with ingredients such that the food imparts nutrients and vitamins it is clinically proven the best for weight management. Supporting the muscle growth and strength your dogs stay strong and active all the time with this dog food. Taking care of a dog is highly difficult job.

With the food they consume there are chances that the dog puts on weight easily. It is dangerous, unhealthy and harmful for the dogs with overweight. To avoid this Hill’s Science Dry Dog Food works the best. Within 10 weeks of serving this food, your dog reduces weight and comes to a perfect and correct weight of the body. This works best for the dogs about to give birth since they need to be under controlled weight.

Safe and healthy weight loss can be ensured with this Adult dog food. What else do you need other than safety and healthy for the dog? Serve this food and watch your dogs adore it’s taste and balanced nutrition.

12. Zoe Zoe Medium Breed Dog Food

This food is processed with Canadian Sourced protein that includes all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It serves as a foundation of rich protein source for the dogs. Be it for the proteins or health the Zoe Zoe dog food is the best. Guess what’s so special about this dog food! Each ingredient of the food serves a purpose in helping the dog stay healthy and active. The ingredients and it’s health benefits are as follows.

  • Fresh turkey, turkey meal and eggs included in the processing are high in protein providing essential nutrients and helps in easy digestion.
  • Salmon Oil, Chia and flax with a combination of Omega 3 fatty acids maintain healthy skin and coat for the dogs.
  • Pre & Probiotics along with sweet potatoes, chick peas, oats and barley  are high in protein and ensure that the digestive system remains healthy and active.
  • Berries and Carrots along with the antioxidants, phytonutrients enhances healthy and strong immune system.
  • No animal by products or artificial sweeteners or flavors or colors or preservatives are added in the processing of food.

Overall this is a good combination and package of vitamins and minerals for the dogs. So your dogs stay healthy, active and energetic as well.

13. Beyond Grain Free Ground Entrée Natural Wet Dog Food

Your dog is going to get a pack of nutrients with this beyond grain free dog food. Using real Poultry or fish as the main ingredient it is being processed with natural formulas. It is grain free and tastes delicious with addition of vitamins, minerals and the essential nutrients. Each package consists of three recipes. So you can mix up the recipes and serve it to your dogs. Moreover, this mixture tastes more better and enhances balanced nutrition.

No corn or wheat or soy or artificial colors or flavors or preservatives are used in the food. It is completely safe and healthy with enriched and recognizable ingredients like nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This Beyond grain free wet dog food is certified by the veterans and is declared to be nutrient dense being suitable for your dogs.

14. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Super Beef Meal Mixers Grain Free Dog Food 

Meat is what every dog wishes to have as it’s food. This food is made with 95% beef, organs and bones. Besides this it also consists of fruits and vegetables for addition of further nutrients. It is high level of protein rich food and grain free meal. To ensure that the food is completely natural no hormones, artificial flavors or colors or preservatives are added. 

Buying meat daily is expensive. Instead you have serve this food to the dogs for ensured nutrition levels along with meat and fruits. On consuming this food the dog stays healthy with improved appetite and digestion, relief from allergies, develops vibrant skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, greater stamina, vitality and healthy immune system.

Healthy Digestion

The natural ingredients involved in the processing of food are completely simple and limited. So let the dog be of any type eater the food digests and churns easily without causing any trouble in the tummy.

Vibrant Skin and Coat

Omega fatty acids, natural oils and minimal processing helps in making the skin shiny and thick. The fur looks vibrant and smooth with soft touch.

Stamina, Vitality and Healthy Weight

Meat, organs and ground bones are the main sources of proteins and vitamins. These essential nutrients support lean strong muscles thereby boosting the stamina of your pets. It is entirely a balance of proteins and minerals with no carbohydrates. So the dogs stay in a controlled weight.

Healthy Teeth and gums

The natural enzymes and ground bone ingredients act as protectors to the teeth of dogs. So strong and healthy teeth are ensured on consuming this meal.

Animal source proteins, raw nutrition along with well balanced vitamins and minerals is a perfect package of meal for the dogs of any age. This is 100% certified so you don’t need to worry for it’s usage. 

15. Pedigree Choice Cuts Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

The food is prepared using the real beef as main ingredient. It is completely natural and balanced with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Ensuring that the food is easily nutrient absorbable it helps the dogs with easy digestion. So the digestive system doesn’t have any problem no matter what or how much the dogs eat.

Real meat is mixed with tail wagging flavors to increase it’s taste and deliciousness. The adult dogs wish and desire to complete their meal when this Pedigree food is served. It is completely balanced  and so maintains healthy diet. As a result, even the immune system develops gradually add increases the resistance power within the dogs. With good food the dogs are going to live healthy, safe and active.

16. Beneful Grain free Dry Dog Food Farm Raised Chicken

Real farm raised chicken is used as the main ingredient in the Processing of food. It includes accents of blueberries, pumpkin and spinach to emphasize the nutrient levels and taste as well. No corn, wheat, gluten or artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors are used while making the food. Natural ingredients along with 23 vitamins and minerals are enhanced in the meal. True to it’s taste and nutritious levels, it also consists of crunchy texture making your dog gulp down the entire food. 

When the dogs roam all around we don’t know what it eats. But serving them the meal filled with minerals and nutrients is in your hands so that it supports the whole body of dogs. The feeding amounts for certain age of dog will be clearly mentioned in the instructions. Make sure you go through the content and feed your dog in right amounts. 

Enjoy watching your dog eat food happily staying healthy with strong muscles and bones. This in turn increases the resistance to immune system and helps in easy digestion.

17. Orijen Fit and Trim Dry Dog Food

Made up of diet rich, fresh and animal ingredients including chicken, turkey, wild caught fish and cage free eggs the food is completely balanced with Nutrition. Biological needs of the dogs are nourished entirely with 85% animal products included in the processing. Fresh and raw animal ingredients such as meat, organs, cartilage and bones together serve as the appropriate dog meal with grain free diet. 

With good nourishment and optimal nutrition provided to the dogs, they stay active and energetic and healthy as well. If you are willing to change the food for your dogs start by mixing 25% of this food with 75% of the old food. In this way the dog doesn’t find much difference in it’s meal. Increase the proportion of food day by day slowly and after 14 days fill the food Completely with Orijen. In this way there is no problem in transitioning to new Orijen food.

Various brands and companies come up with various dog foods with variety of formulations to provide best food for the dogs. Finding the best and perfect food for your dog is highly difficult job. Based on the reviews the IAMS Adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food is the best. Almost 82% of the customers have given five star ratings. And 10% of them have given four star ratings. Due to some disappointments and issues with the product 3% of the users have given one star ratings. Overall it is well received and appreciated by the customers. 

It is one of the best recommended dog food. One of the most remarkable thing about this food is that it can be served to dogs of any breed of all sizes. Be it puppy or grown up, they gulp down the entire food and enjoy it’s taste. Natural protein with chicken as main ingredient is used in the processing of food. It consists of poultry products, wholesome grains and veggies. 

Benefits of using IAMS adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food:

  • Develops strong immune system
  • Helps in the growth of healthy skin and coat
  • Improves metabolism and strong bones and muscles
  • Reduces plaque on teeth avoiding the bad breath

While choosing food for dog make sure you check the ingredients and make a wise selection. If you are unsure about the selection consult your veteran and find a solution. The dogs cannot ask for what food they need. And as a responsible owner of the pet you need to provide good food for the dogs. Buy and serve the best meal for your real, life time and best companion.