Best Humidifier

Dry skin, dry environment and dry surroundings are all the common things which usually irritate us. Keeping your skin moist with humid surroundings helps you stay pleasant and healthy avoiding dryness. Low humidity may cause problems such as respiratory diseases, mucous membranes, shrinkage of pieces and static electricity. With increasing effects in the atmosphere the use of humidifiers has grown in the recent times.

What is a humidifier?

Humidifier is an electrical appliance that adds moisture to the air preventing the dryness which may cause irritation to some of the parts of your body. In particular, it works effectively in making the skin, nose, throat and lips moist, smooth and soft. 

For what can you use a humidifier?

For relieving the dryness and to increase the humidity or moisture levels in the atmosphere this humidifier works the best. Parts of the body where you can observe it’s benefits are:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry throat
  • Nose irritation
  • Bloody noses
  • Irritated vocal cords
  • Dry cough
  • Cracked lips

All these problems faced can be avoided and helps you to have great relief and better comfort irrespective of the respiratory diseases.

Wide number of humidifiers from a wide range of companies are available in the market. But choosing the wise and best device for your needs is your task. Let’s have a look at some of the humidifiers available in Canada and find out the best product.

1. Levoit Air Humidifiers 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier for Bed Rooms

LEVOIT Humidifier for Bedroom, Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers for Plants, Large Room, 6L Air...
  • FASTER HUMIDIFICATION, INSTANT RELIEF FROM DRY AIR: The warm mist allows the mist to diffuse...
  • LASTING & POWERFUL: No need to refill frequently: The large 6L capacity lasts up tp 60 hours at...
  • REMOTE CONTROL--REALLY COMES IN HANDY: Without having to go and access the unit, just use this...
  • CUSTOMIZED HUMIDITY AT YOU WANT: Say goodbye to Canadian dry air: It is possible for you to...
  • WORTH YOUR MONEY! 3-IN-1 HUMIDIFIER AND DIFFUSER: Want a humidifier that has warm mist, cool...

Even if you are facing the dry throat and dry skin problems, sleep well with this Humidifier turned on. Increasing the humidity levels it creates moist atmosphere for soft soothing skin. Moreover the cool mist also helps the plants grow well in the humid surroundings. Get relief from coughing, congesting and other allergies at one go with the help of this Humidifier.

It consists of 6L capacity water tank running continuously for up to 36 hours. This works perfect to create moist atmosphere in the dry winter. The water inside can be heated up within the device. So this instantly heated water humidifies faster and provides cool mist into the surroundings. 360° rotatable nozzle distributes the cool mist and air all throughout the room enhancing humidity levels and temperature.

The humidity sensor diffuses the mist into atmosphere and adjusts the humidity levels into controlled amounts. LED screen is provided on the device so that you can get to see the humidity levels and current supply. On adding essential oils the air is circulated with fresh fragrance and pleasant smell.

Waterless auto shut off function ensures safety, security and protection of the humidifier from any unannounced hazards. The added features are Timer function, sensitive touch control panel and remote controls. In one word humid levels are in the control of your hands. Stay healthy, safe and cozy in the humid atmosphere.

2. Honey well HUL520BC Mist mate  Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HUL520BC MistMate™ Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Black, with Adjustable Mist Control,...
  • [Cool Visible Mist] This filter-free, ultra-quiet, ultrasonic humidifier provides cool visible...
  • [Capacity] 0.5-gallon (1.89-litre) tank capacity features a wide opening that's easy to fill &...
  • [Accessories] Keeps your humidifier cleaner longer with Protec Continuous Cleaning Cartridge,...
  • [Most Trusted Brand] Voted most trusted Humidifier brand by Canadian shoppers based on the...

Wanna have a device that does its work perfectly without causing any disturbance to you? Here is the ultra quiet, convenient and efficient working Humidifier. Being suitable and ideal for small sized rooms this Humidifier produces humid atmosphere with moist surroundings entirely. Moreover it also has a unique design that helps in easy filling and emptying

Running continuously for up to 20 hours this provides fresh and clean breathing environment. Auto shut off function ensures that the device is turned off when the water tank remains empty. Talking about the features it is adopted with adjustable moisture output settings and transparent water tank. It’s compact size doesn’t take up much of your room.

The Humidifier maintains humidity levels, reduces static electricity and keeps nasal and throat passages hydrated. You will feel comfortable both on the inside and outside of your body. Overall the work of providing moist atmosphere is done at it’s best.

3. Vicks VUL520WC Filter free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Vicks VUL520WC Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Mini/Small Humidifier for Baby, Bedroom,...
  • [Cool Visible Mist] This filter-free, ultrasonic humidifier provides cool visible mist. It...
  • [Capacity] 0.5-gallon (1.9-litre) tank capacity features a wide opening that's easy to fill &...
  • [Accessories] Adds soothing menthol vapours with Vicks VapoPads, models VSP-19-CAN/...
  • [National #1 Pharmacist Recommended OTC Brand] Drugstore Canada & L'actualité pharmaceutique...

This device not only provides moist into the atmosphere but also helps you get relief from cough and congestion symptoms. It consists of 1.9 liter capacity water tank running continuously for up to 20 hours. It’s translucent feature helps in easy access to water for  cleaning and monitoring. Integrated Scent Pad Heater provides fresh and pleasant fragrance with the in-built Vapo pads.

You can adjust and set the customized humidity level which you feel comfortable to stay in. No matter what level you set the entire room will be filled up with moist. Once the water is finished in the device it automatically shuts off ensuring there is no worry about the damage. What’s so unique about this Vicks Humidifier? It consists of Protec Humidifier Cleaning Fish that kills 99% of the bacteria lying outside in the air.

In addition setting up a humidity level of 40-60% the flu virus or algae present in the surroundings can be destroyed. So, besides the moist and humidity you wish to have this device works more as a sort of protection for your health.

4. Humidifier for Bed Room – Dream egg Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bed Rooms

Humidifier for Bedroom - Dreamegg Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom, Ultrasonic Humidifier for Baby,...
  • 【LONG LAST MOISTURE & ULTRA RELIEF】This 4.5L ultrasonic cool mist humidifier uses...
  • 【VARIOUS SETTINGS FOR CUSTOMIZED HUMIDITY】Maintaining the right level of humidity can help...
  • 【ENJOY BETTER HUMIDITY WITH HIGHER MIST】One of the greatest feature of this air humidifier...
  • 【EASY TO USE WITH AN EXTRA HANDLE】Feeling a mess to carry a heavy water tank? Unlike other...
  • 【HEALTH GUARDIAN BPA FREE HUMIDIFIER】Safety always matters. The auto-shut off feature of...

True to it’s name this device helps you sleep and breath better with fresh, moisturized air and humid atmosphere. Running at 28dB it works at a quiet and silent mode without causing any disturbance for you. Turn on the sleep mode and all the lights are switched off giving you dark environment for your sleep and work.

It consists of 4.5L capacity water tank running continuously for up to 40 hours. Customized moist fresh air in your hands!. Adjust and set the desired humidity levels among three mist levels provided.  A carrying handle is adopted with the humidifier for easy carrying. Also, it’s unique design helps you access the inner part of device for cleaning and refilling.

The air is sprayed to great heights wherever the Humidifier may be placed. 360° rotation nozzle ensures that the fresh air is circulated all throughout the room. Once the water in the tank gets over the device automatically shuts off ensuring safety of the product and customers as well. Relax, sleep, work or learn with this Humidifier around you with fresh, comfortable and moist air to breath.

5. Cool Mist Humidifier – HiAir Humidifier for Baby Bed Room

Dryness in the atmosphere not only makes your skin and surroundings dry. But also causes difficulty in breathing and other congestion symptoms. To avoid and reduce the suffocation problems by improving the humidity and enabling better and healthier breath this HiAir Humidifier works the best. Runs at 30dB without causing any disturbance for you and your sleep.

It’s Ergonomic arc shaped tank reservoir exhibits compact design by fitting in your hands. So, with secured grip you can easily control the humidity levels with just a touch on the button. The brightness levels can also be adjusted according to the day and night times. With 0.5 gallon capacity water tank the Humidifier runs continuously for up to 30 hours. 

When there is a decrease in the water level the device automatically shuts off with red light on indicating you the time to fill water. It’s large bowl like design allows you to clean it easily all around. For you this device relieves stress and provides relaxed, comfortable environment. For baby the soothing operation of device helps them to enjoy sound sleep. Indoor plants get exposed to more and required moisture for their growth.

Place it anywhere ultimately you only enjoy fresh air filled up in all the rooms. As it is of small size, it doesn’t take up much of your space. 

6. Humidifiers for Bed Room, TOPPIN Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers with essential oils

This powerful Humidifier does it’s work perfectly and the best. It provides moist and humid air into the surroundings reducing the dryness. Designed with top fill reservoir and detachable lid cover enables easy access for cleaning and refilling. You can adjust and set the humidity levels accordingly as desired among the three mist levels provided.

360° rotating nozzle ensures that the air is circulated all throughout the room. It consists of 2.8L capacity water tank running continuously for up to 24 hours. So enjoy the moist, humid and fresh or all day long. Night mode turns off the LED indicators without causing any disturbance for you. Once the water level decreases the device automatically shuts off ensuring safety. 

Nano coating on the outside prevents damages and resists corrosion or degradation. So the device lasts long as the new one. Add few drops of essential oils and enjoy fresh fragrance. This is the safe, secured and smart device you can ever buy for ever lasting humid air.

7. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier for Bed Room with essential oils

Be it small or large rooms this Humidifier helps you have moist atmosphere all around. It consists of 6 liter water capacity tank enabling the device run Completely for up to 50 hours. Add essential oils to the device and enjoy fresh fragrance spreading. A blue LED night light helps the babies sleep well without causing any disturbance. Once the water gets over the device automatically shuts down keeping you and the Humidifier protected.

Working with less than 30dB noise it doesn’t cause much disturbance and operates at a silent mode. Guess what! The device is filter less so no worries about the replacement costs or maintenance. 40-60% humidity level is the correct proportion to set up while using. 

Enjoy night sleep with pure and fresh air with pleasant fragrance. Get relief from congestion symptoms and dryness. This is the best companion to have in your room for better breathing and good health. A high quality and quantity of mist is released into the air so you don’t need to worry much about any effects.

8. YISSVIC Cool Mist Humidifier Essential oil Diffuser with 10 color lights Adjustable Mist Output Top Fill Humidifier

Staying in humid and moist atmosphere is the best way  to protect yourselves from the heat and dry conditions. It helps in producing moist and fresh air making the surroundings fill with humid. Add the essential oils and enjoy the fragrance along with fresh air. According to the temperature and weather conditions choose the suitable humidity level from the 10 mist levels provided within the device.

It consists of 2000ml capacity water tank running continuously for up to 30 hours. About 10 color lights are available. Choose and set the lights as you wish according to your mood. Top Fill Design helps you access the lid of tank easily for refilling and cleaning. It’s simple design doesn’t include any complex parts in the device making the process of cleaning easier. 

The knob can be rotated till the indicator light turns green. Then the mist will sprayed out from the device. The suction design ensures that if the lid is left open, drips will be sucked up leaving the surface free and neat. Ultimately only enjoy the fresh and humid air filled up all around you.

9. Pure Guardian H965 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Avoid the dry skin, dry throat and other congestion symptoms with this Humidifier. It consists of 1 gallon tank running continuously for up to 70 hours. The tank is coated with silver lining so even if there accumulation of water there will be no growth of mold or microorganisms. Wanna have a pleasant smell along with the air? Without the addition of essential oils aromatherapy tray helps in providing fresh fragrance all day long.

Low water indicator light turns on when it’s time to refill the water tank. Night light feature helps you sleep without any disturbance. Automatically shuts off when the water gets over. So it’s Completely protected and ensured to be safe while using. Ultrasonic Technology circulates and disperses the air all throughout the room evenly.

Try Decalcification Cartridge FLTDC30 is the best part of the device that avoids the release of minerals into air. With soothing cool mist the you can stay with utmost comfort. It’s simple design makes it quiet easy to use. Runs at silent mode, easy to use, beneficial and works better to keep your health sound and great.

10. Tao Tronics Cool Mist Humidifier

Enjoy full day with fresh air at day or night with this Tao Tronics Cool Mist Humidifier. It consists of 4L tank water capacity that enables the air to be spread with moisture for 12-30 hours working time. Be it single room or large rooms  the humidifier is designed to fill the atmosphere with humidity. LED Display imparted with the device helps you choose and set the Relative Humidity between three mist levels. 

Well! 50-60% of the humidity levels is recommended normally. Night light or Sleep Mode can be turned on at night times. So the LED screen is turned off without causing any disturbance to you. Producing less than 38dB of noise it works at a quiet and silent mode ensuring sound operation even in the bed rooms. 

Microporous cartridge filters remove the microorganisms and bad odor from the water. These can be changed quiet often. Once the water runs out the device automatically shuts off ensuring that the humidifier is completely safe to use. Besides being safe for use it also helps you to get relief from cough and rhinitis, reduces virus and provides fresh air.

11. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier

This device consists of oil diffuser and Humidifier integrated into one for providing fresh air and keeping the atmosphere moist. Moisturizing your room, your skin and the surroundings it helps your skin stay hydrated and improves your sleeping quality at the same time. On adding the essential oil the fresh air turns out to be produced with fresh fragrance and pleasant smell.

It’s unique one piece and top opening design enables you to fill in and empty the water quite easily making it simple. Guess what! Optional 7 color mood light helps you select any color to make your room bright when required. In addition you can also get romantic atmosphere at night times. 

Three modes – High mist, Low mist and Sleep mode  are provided within the device so you can control and set the intensity of humidifier. Lasting for up to 30 hours operation time all the rooms can be filled with moisture with the 360° uniform humidification. You can observe the surplus water at any time within the semitransparent water tank. 

Touch Control design is adopted to enhance the quicker and noiseless operation. Waterless auto shut off function ensures safety, security and protection of the humidifier from any unannounced hazards. It is completely safe and Secured to use..

12. Tao Tronics 3L Humidifier, Top most Cool fill Humidifier

Have a moist and humid surroundings all day long with the Tao Tronics Humidifier. It runs continuously for up to 60 hours and works great from a single fill. Relax, sleep, work or learn the humidifier doesn’t cause any disturbance for you. It works at 28dB in a silent and quiet mode.

360° rotatable nozzle distributes the fresh air in all directions all throughout the rooms. The process of cleaning or refilling is quite simple and easy with it’s top filling design. Holding up to 3L water tank capacity the humidifier makes sure cool mist is filled up in the room. Patented Noise Reduction Technology enhances the silent operation and working of the device.

Add essential oils to the water and enjoy fresh fragrance spreading out for a pleasant environment. A control knob provided on the outside can be used to adjust the humidity levels in the room. Water tank can be removed and cleaned and placed back in the device for it’s longer lasting life span. Detachable cord helps you carry the humidifier anywhere around to prevent and avoid shocks. 

To put it in short, safety, health, protection, pleasant atmosphere and moist surroundings are all ensured with this single device. 

13. Humidifier Tao Tronics Humidifiers for Bed Rooms

By giving you great relief from the nasal congestion, skin and eye dryness the Humidifier adds moisture to the atmosphere thereby improving the air quality. With the increase in humidity levels it reduces static electricity, cracks and other nuisances. Built with space Saving design the Humidifier consists of vertical oval shape making it suitable for bedroom night stand, office desk and other small spaces.

Air inlet design, FCC certified and BPA free helps the device run at silent and quite mode. Adjust the mist output suitable for your easy and comfortable breath with the control dial knob provided. It consists of 1.8L capacity water tank that is very simple and easy to refill on getting emptied. The light weight and slim design helps you to pick it up with one hand.

Other features include 360° rotatable nozzle, smart LED indicator and auto shut off function once the water tank gets emptied. Not only does this device make your atmosphere comfortable but also enhances easier breathing and comfortable living with pleasant and fresh air.

14. Tao Tronics Humidifiers 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bed Rooms

No more dry air or dry skin or throat. Fill the air in your surroundings with moist and humid with the Tao Tronics Humidifiers. It consists of 6L capacity water tank and can last for almost 60 hours continuously. Relax, learn, work or sleep by turning this device on. Working at 28dB it runs at a quiet and silent mode without causing any disturbance for you.

Humidistat in built in the device helps you to adjust and set up the humidity levels in correct proportion. Even if you do not set it the device auto adjusts to the preset level ensuring optimum and efficient humid. From time to time you can get to see the humidity levels on the LED screen display. Once the tank goes empty you can easily remove it and fill it up. Using a wet cloth the device can be cleaned up thoroughly as well. Guess what! Set a 1-12 hour timer and ensure that the surroundings are filled up with moist even if you sleep or go out.

Whether you are there around the device or not, it does its work effectively keeping your surroundings moist for healthy and easier breathing.

 15. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier BPA free 22dB quiet Humidifier

This works smarter and quieter than any other device fixed in your home. Running at 28dB sound it works at a quiet and silent mode making noise less than your laptop. Relax, sleep, work or learn with this Humidifier on. You will never know that there is a humidifier turned on. Moreover, if there is no water or the level decreases the device automatically shuts off so you can stay worry free.

Set and adjust the humidity level as you wish with the settings provided on the desktop. A normal of 43% is the accurate humidity level to have. Designed with water drop the humidifier produces more and finer mist. This fresh and cool air is circulated all throughout the room with the tilted nozzle. Covering the entire surroundings you can find your skin and atmosphere staying moist and soft.

It consists of 1.6L capacity water tank running continuously for up to 24 hours. Be it small or large rooms, adults or small babies, plants or animals Ultimately fresh and moist air with comfortable humid is available on using the Homasy Humidifier.  

16. Homech 2.5L Cool Mist Humidifier 2 in 1 essential oil diffuser 

Adopted with advanced technology the humidifier works smarter making the work of providing moisture to the dry air perfectly. Within few minutes entire room will be filled with humid. It’s unique design enhances long lasting humidity and moist environment. You can add essential oils so that the Humidifier turns into a diffuser setting relaxed atmosphere for you.

Moisturize the dry air and get relief from cough or other congestion symptoms with this Humidifier turned on. Covered with PCBA Nano film coating enhances the prolongation life of the device. It prevents and resists degradation by ensuring safety of the product. A fan provided within sprays the air high into air. In addition, 360° rotation nozzle ensures that the air is circulated all throughout the room.  Smart Timer option is enabled with four options to select and choose for it’s running time. Once the time set up is over, the device automatically shuts off.

Dust proof sponge prevents the dust in air from entering in. No harm to the device! True Silent Technology used at the water valve position reduces the sound and helps the device run at silent mode. It consists of 2.5L capacity water tank running continuously for up to 30 hours

Provided with a large opening it’s easy to clean it with your hand frequently. Adjust the brightness at night times for sleep mode. Well! Take care of yourself since the device takes care of you and the atmosphere. What else do you actually wish for?

17. Homasy 320ML Humidifier Mini Cool Mist Humidifiers, Portable USB Desktop Humidifier

Slim, sleek and powerful Homasy Humidifier provides fresh and moist air into the surroundings wherever you place it. Guess what! You can even take it an car while travelling and enjoy the humid air. Interesting right! It’s advanced features with highly appreciated Technology never compromises on producing humid atmosphere for you. Consisting of 320ml capacity water tank it runs continuously for up to 20 hours.

It’s light in weight feature with compact size helps you carry it anywhere around at anytime. Whisper Quiet Technology enables the device run at quiet and silent mode without causing any disturbance for your sleep. Set a humidity level of 43% and enjoy fresh and moist air around you. 35° titled nozzle in the device helps to circulate the air all around the entire room.

Control button can be used to adjust the lighting, power and mist mode. Once the water gets completed in the tank the device automatically shuts off. Ensured safety and protection is also available with this Humidifier.

Using the USB port of a laptop, desktop, power bank, socket and power output the Humidifier can be charged up. Refreshing the surrounding air it moisturizes your skin as well. This handy humidifier can be packed up and taken anywhere. So wherever you go in car or bus or airplane take this device and enjoy fresh, comfortable air to breath and reduce the congestion symptoms.

18. Kyvol Vigo air HD3 Humidifier 4.5L Cool Mist Humidifiers

Consisting of 4.5 liter water capacity the device runs continuously for up to 75 hours. Enjoy your good night’s sleep with moist air and smooth skin. With 26dB noise level it works at a quiet and silent mode without causing any disturbance. Being a BPA free device it eliminates the chemicals in and around the atmosphere making it suitable even for the babies. 

Continuous mist will be produced so stay moist and humid all day long. The 360° rotation nozzle ensures that the humid air is circulated till each and every corner of the room. The device is filter less so no worries about the replacement costs or maintenance. The safe design of the humidifier consists of 

  • Invisible Handle
  • Low Water level Protection
  • Auto Shut off
  • Dust proof Sponge

With the usage of this Humidifier health problems like congested nose, snoring issues, dry throat and dry skin can all be prevented or avoided. Besides it also prevents dust particles and other contaminants from mixing up with the air. Be it your protection or the device protection everything is ensured by the Kyvol Vigo Air Humidifier.

Based on the reviews Tao Tronics Cool Mist Humidifier is the best. Almost 78% of the users have given five star ratings. 15% of the customers have given four star ratings. Due to some disappointments and issues 3% of the users have given one star ratings. Overall it is well received and appreciated by the customers. It is one of the best Humidifier to be recommended.

It works continuously for up to 30 hours with one liter tank capacity. The features include LED display to know the humidity levels, Night and Sleep Mode, Quiet Operation and Automatically shuts off. The filter cartridge removes the dust and microorganisms from passing through the air. A handle designed can be removed conveniently for easy cleaning and refilling. It not only provides humid and moist air but also helps you get relief from dry skin, throat, congestion symptoms and many more.

Good health is most important for you to stay happy and safe. With the use of this device add water into the air and enjoy the comfortable and soothing environment for better breathing. RELAX, REFRESH and RECHARGE.