Best Clumping Cat Litter Canada Review 2023

Pets are Love!! They add joy to your life. Almost every house has a pet with whom a person is closely connected to. Though the creatures cannot speak they express their kind of love by sniffing around us and waiving their tails.

It is fun having pets but the mess they create is really tough to handle, they urinate or poop wherever they wish, play in the mud or other untidy places around, they put whatever they find in their mouths which is very harmful, proper care should be taken to grow a healthy pet. 

Kittens are the tiny pets which you love to have at your place, these little things in life matters the most. When you are at work they feel lonely, play around and create a complete mess. It is also equally important to keep its place tidy to create a warm atmosphere, this is safe for people and also the pets too. 

In order to keep its place tidy, cat litters can be used. You can remove the debris easily without cleaning the place completely. Anciently sand was used to clean the litter, later cat litters were  introduced. Cat litters are of two types-

We can help you find the best clumping cat litters which is absolutely safe for your tiny kittens!

Top Best Clumping Cat Litter Canada Review

1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This cat litter bag weighs 8.16 Kg with 38.1 x 25.4 x 10.2 cm dimensions. The substances used to make this are eco friendly which does not harm the pet, gives you a good odor and is dust free. Litter box is a must to keep the cat and its living place tidy, says Dr. Elsey. The litter box is like a shelter to the cat which comforts the pet and creates a cozy atmosphere making sure the box is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. 

The substance is non-allergic and considered safe for the pet, it produces minimal dust and forms solid clumps which helps in easy cleaning. It absorbs the debris which can be scooped easily, eliminates the bad odor and keeps the tray fresh and clean. 

Cats would definitely love the Precious Clumping cat litter as it is unscented and does not irritate the cats, it is highly recommendable. Though the cat litter is heavy compared to the other cat litters, it is highly efficient and forms less volume of poops which is easy to pick. The product is worth the money you put in. It is suggested to put the waste in a trash can rather than flushing or disposing in the drains.

2. Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 17.2-kg
  • Clump & Seal Cat Litter first seals, then destroys odours
  • 7 Day Guarantee: Experience the confidence of a 7-day odour free-home—guaranteed
  • 100% Dust Free: No more dust clouds when pouring or scooping
  • No Crumbly Clumps: Plant-derived particles form rock solid clumps for easy scooping
  • Multi-Cat Strength: Formulated for households with multiple cats

The Arm & Hammer Clump and seal cat litter weighs 17.2 Kgs with 29.8 x 17.8 x 34.8 cm dimensions, this material keeps the tray fresh  for 7 days and controls the bad odour promptly. The powerful substances prevent the bad odor produced and keep the atmosphere fresh and tidy. The litter is very light in weight which is half weight lesser than the regular cat litter.

Arm & Hammer is a well-known brand for its best cat litter on which people rely for years and is also considered safe for the cats. The substance is non-sticky which can be easily removed from the tray without requiring a lot of effort, it produces minimal dust, designed for multi cats, the solid pulp formed after collision with the litter will not be separated and can be picked easily. 

Time to switch from the regular cat litter to Arm & Hammer cat litter, it is highly efficient than any other cat litter, locks the pulp which can be scooped quickly. It provides a soft base for your pet, say bye to crumbly clumps, this is also considered very safe and healthy for your kittens.

The substance can also be used to clean the oil spills in your kitchen.

3. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

This comes in a modern packing which holds the material in a box, weighs 40 lbs also available in different sizes. The substance responds instantly when reacted with the debris locking the bad odor, saves your time and produces good fragrance. 

The product is made of natural clay forming compact clumps which easily scoops out the waste and helps you in quick clean up requiring zero efforts. It produces less dust while pouring or scooping, gives you a decent odor not too strong, makes a happy place for your pet.

It is recommended to maintain a 3-4 inch depth filled with the litter for best use, take out the solid clumps frequently and make sure the litter box is filled with the required depth leaving no empty spaces around. Wash your hands thoroughly after use as it may affect pregnant ladies, always dispose of the clumps in a trash box, do not flush or throw it in the drains. 

The litter is easy to use and is highly efficient, recommended for multiple cats, its non sticky formula keeps the base dry. It can also clean oil spills in your kitchen or the grease spilled in your garage.

4. Fresh Step Scented Cat Litter

Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter - Hawaiian Aloha, 14 Pounds...
  • CLUMPING LITTER: Fight litter box odors with the strength of Fresh Step Litter partnered with...
  • ODOR CONTROL CAT LITTER: Specially formulated for multi-cat litter boxes this cat litter has a...
  • LOW DUST LITTER: For cleaner surfaces and clearer air we developed a low dust formula with paw...
  • SCOOPABLE KITTY LITTER: Make cleaning easy with the ClumpLock technology that quickly absorbs...
  • MADE FOR EXTREME LITTER BOX ODORS: This scented litter is created with your cats health and...

The litter is scented with Hawaiian Aloha which keeps the tray refreshing steadily, guarantees a 10 day odor control, easy to scoop and keeps the tray garden-fresh creating a pleasant atmosphere for your cat. 

The litter is made taking proper care and safety measures guaranteeing the life of the pet. It converts the feces or urine into solid pulps leaving the surface dry and makes the area clean. The bad odor produced will be banished with the scent formula and activated charcoal. The pack can be sealed again after every use, easy to pour, use and store. 

It produces good fragrance every time the pet steps on the litter and makes the pet feel comfortable with the odor and its soft base. It is created with a low dust formula which prevents the pet from irritation and keeps the place tidy. Say goodbye to crumbling clumps with the Fresh Step Scented Cat Litter, the clumping clay gives the pet a non-sticky feel. 

The product is made using high quality materials for a hygienic happy pet. The scent is just like a perfume to the pet which the cats will crave for and you need not worry about the poop smell when guests visit your place. 

5. Precious Premium Clumping Cat Litter

The bag weighs 40 pounds also available in a smaller size (18 pounds) perfect for your small or big size cats. Dr. Elsey’s Cat litters are best which are made to keep the pet hygienic and strong. The pack is kept in a designed box with Dr. Elsey’s logo on it which stores the litter even if any accidental overturns.

It is very easy to use, fill the litter box with the clumping cat litter up to 3-4 inches leaving no spaces, it forms compact clumps which can be easily scooped without sticking to the tray keeping the surface dry, refill the litter with the clumping cat litter whenever necessary, make sure you replace the whole clumping cat litter at least once in a month.

It is made of natural clay which produces less dust while pouring and comforts your pet with the soft touch. Please do not flush the waste or throw it in the drains instead dispose it in the trash cans. Make a note, if you keep the tray clean the cat would love coming back to its place without creating a mess around.

Also wash your hands thoroughly after feeding the pet or filling the litter box as it might not be safe for your health. This is also great in handling multiple cats at your place.

6. Hartz Clumping Paper Cat Litter

This is made with a light weight formula which instantly gives you the fresh feel after your cat messes up the place. This is suitable for multi-cats, works effectively, non-sticky, easy to use, clumps can be tracked easily and is dust free.

The feces or urine when reacted with the clumping litter turns blue and forms solid blue clumps that can be noticed easily, it keeps the tray box dry and clean. You can remove the waste carefully without wasting the clumping cat litter, make sure you keep the litter box clean (scoop it twice a day) and encourage the pet to stay in the box.

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the litter box as the feces has a parasite that might trouble your health. Dispose the clumps in a trash box, please do not flush or dump them in the gutters. Follow the instructions and cautions mentioned on the back of the pack for the best results.

This clumping cat litter is made out of recycled papers which is very light in weight, produces less dust, the light weight formula is convenient to use which can be easily picked to pour and is not harmful. It banishes the bad odor of the feces or urine and gives you a good fragrance which keeps the atmosphere pleasant and neat. Perfect for cats with sensitive paws. 

7. Boxiecat Premium Clumping Cat Litter

The Boxiecat Premium Clumping Cat Litters are available in different sizes and styles. It is made of natural clay, giving you a long lasting pleasant fragrance. This is suitable for both individual and multiple cats, forms solid clumps and helps in easy scooping, keeps the area fresh and clean.

It banishes all the bad odors produced and freshens instantly, perfect for all kinds of litter boxes, less dust is produced. Fill the litter box in a ventilated area to avoid problems of inhalation.

The pure clay material is eco-friendly, keeps the pet hygienic with no artificial scents or dyes. Boxiecat manufactures the best cat litter till date be of any kind, it scoops out only the top surface without causing any wastage, best suitable for any kinds of cats and is highly recommended by the Veterinarians.

It is non-sticky, keeps the tray dry and clean, the clumps are solid and do not break which makes your work easy, gives you a long lasting freshening odor. Creates a soft base which makes the pet feel comfortable and attracts it towards the litter box. Forms smaller and lighter clumps, non allergic to the pets, convenient to pick and pour, can be sealed after every use, easy to store. The smell is pleasant which does not irritate the cats and fights all the bacteria. 

8. Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter

The Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping litter responds quickly, locks the wetness and bad odors instantly giving a dry clean area with good fragrance. This comes in a jug where you can store the clumping litter after use and seal it with the cap, easy and convenient to use.

Fill the tray with 2-3 inches of clumping cat litter, you can remove the solid clumps formed easily, it does not get wet till the bottom, you can easily scoop out the top surface without wasting the clumping cat litter producing less dust while pouring or scooping. 

Follow the instructions given on the back of the jug for best results, it is recommended to replace the litter once in a week. Proper care should be taken after handling the litter box, wash your hands thoroughly. The product is made of natural materials keeping in mind the hygiene of the pet, the cat would love to get back to the litter box. 

The clumps don’t fall apart which helps you in easy cleaning. The product is durable and is high in quality. The jug is designed with the handle which helps you to pick up easily. Nature’s Miracle guarantees to return back money if any customer is dissatisfied with the performance. 

9. Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

This is specially designed with a non-sticky formula where the clumps do not stick to the tray or the paws of the pets. The pack is undoubtedly sufficient for a month per cat. It eliminates the bad odors of the debris and gives you a pleasant fragrance that will last up to 7 days. 

The wood litter easily traps the wetness and creates a pleasant atmosphere to the pet. It banishes the feces or urine within 10 seconds, the litter is made of wood which does not stick to the pan like the other cat litters. The solid clumps formed do not break, and can be scooped easily saving your time. The tiny wood pellets do wonders, say goodbye to bad odors and switch to the Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter which is highly efficient.

Produces less dust while pouring or when your cat digs or scratches the surface, light weight formula. This is also suitable for multi cats at your place, gives the pets a comfy feel. It is unscented and does not irritate your cat, the anti-dust property keeps your pet healthy. 

It is so far said to be the best clumping cat litter. 

Clumping Cat Litters and Non- Clumping Cat Litters

Most of the clumping cat litters are made of Bentonite, a type of clay which was initially found near the rock river which absorbs the liquid quickly and forms a solid pulp which makes the cleaning easy giving you a good fragrance. Non-clumping cat litters are comparatively cheaper than the clumping cat litters, these types of cat litters are conventional. They absorb the liquid and form into large solid pulps where you pick the debris and also smells good.

The substances used as the cat litters might not be safe for the pet, make sure you have an eye when you place the litter in the cat tray. Swallowing the cat litters might affect the pet’s condition and also leads to death.