Best Cordless Vacuum Reviews 2023

How are you doing your role of housekeeping? Well! Are you cleaning up all the dirt? Well! You might obviously say “Yes”. But let me question you in detail. The dirt visible to your eyes is cleaned up. What about the dirt particles which are not visible to the eyes? Are you sure that there is no such dirt accumulation invisible to your eyes? When something is out of your sight it’s easy that you don’t care about it. Fur from your pets, hair from a family member, dirt from shoes, dirt from air, pizza or lunch or parcel boxes whichever you get to eat all get accumulated for the dust. According to a survey the invisible dirt present around you gets piled up and leads to odors and unpleasant surroundings. Without your knowledge this dirt turns out to be a havoc and creates problems for you.

Should you worry about this invisible dirt that exists in your home? Absolutely Yes! Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that you can’t clean. It doesn’t mean that the dirt doesn’t exist. When it gets piled up you can feel it with smell. Due to this accumulation germs and bacteria may develop and cause havoc even affecting your health. And if you are someone with respiratory problems, it becomes highly difficult to even breath. So getting rid of this dirt is very important. Clean each and every nook and corner of your house often. Change the bedsheets or carpets and other curtains frequently. Dust the furniture’s and mob your house quite often. Simple measures of cleaning and your house will be all set from dirt. And for doing the job of cleaning up invisible dirt we have Cordless Vacuum’s available. 

What is cordless Vacuum?

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners also known as stick vacuums suck out all the dirt in your surroundings. They work on rechargeable batteries and are light in weight to use. Since it is cordless there are no wires reducing the problem of tangles or mess. So move it easily from one room to another while cleaning. 

Having one such device for cleaning helps you remove dirt and stay healthy in your home. Without any cord this vacuum cleaner can be taken to corners easily for cleaning. It works much silent and quite without causing any disturbance to you. Once recharged it can be used for longer time so that you don’t need to waste energy. It’s time and energy saving. With easy use even you don’t need to work hard. Simple and easy life! Nope. Simple and easy cleaning with the smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. 

Top Cordless Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are very useful for maintaining your home clean and tidy. Considering the increasing amount of indoor and outdoor pollution it is highly impossible to clean up the house by yourself. So the cleaners are best companion for you to clean and remove the dirt from surroundings. Equipped with advanced technologies and modern design varieties of models and products are available in the market. For a in depth let’s look at some of the cordless Vacuum’s available in Canada. By the end of this hunt let’s find the best vacuum for your house.

1. Eureka Rapid Clean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Reach to high and low areas and underneath easily with this Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Equipped with latest Technology strong suction power is enabled in order to remove the dirt effectively. It has power modes to choose accordingly for controlling the power opted for removal. You can hold the vacuum with your hand and clean up at hard to reach areas. So all the areas and corners will be cleaned up thoroughly.

Features include:

Efficient Cordless Cleaning

Advanced motor Technology empowered in the vacuum helps to suck up and remove dirt more effectively with strong power. So thorough and convenient cleaning can be ensured everywhere.

Long Lasting Time

Once charged this vacuum can be used continuously for almost 40 minutes. You can choose MAX power mode to increase the suction power while cleaning on carpets or rugs. All the invisible and minute dirt particles are captured and removed.

Easy Rest Feature

You don’t need to spend entire time in cleaning while using. This rest nook option helps you to take a break so that you can clean after some time. 

Under Furniture Reach

The vacuum can be laid down flat to reach beds and furniture easily for cleaning it up. Conveniently to collect the dust, the dust cup is provided at the front.

LED Head Lights

Wherever you hold the vacuum to hold and suck the dust bright beams help you to find the way along. So even in dark and hard to reach areas with bright light to navigate.

Impressive Design

It’s cordless design makes the vacuum stand very light in weight. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble and the wall mount helps you store it in a simple and organized way. Designed with slim nozzle profile the dust cup and handle are provided at the front so that there is no obstacle in your way of cleaning.

Lithium ion Battery

Long lasting power can be achieved with this 25.2V battery. Once charged it lasts continuously to use for 40 minutes.

Cyclonic Filtration System

To filter the dust particles and ensure that purified air is circulated debris, dirt and large particles are separated and captured.

Easy to Maneuver

The vacuum lays down flat with the swivel steering so that all areas can be reached for Comfortable cleaning.

Handheld+ Tools

Crevice tool and 2 in 1 brushing tool and versatile accessories are provided for floor cleaning at home and car.

The Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is very light in weight and enhances effective cleaning. It can be used on all kinds of floor whether it is hard or equivalent. Works quieter and efficient without causing any disturbance for you. Buy the vacuum and get rid of the invisible dirt.

2. Jashen V16 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most Versatile and high performance exhibiting vacuum is the Jashen Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Enhanced cleaning is ensured with the strong suction power, long lasting battery and efficient filter system. Being light in weight it makes your task lot easier. Set the mode of power for effective suction of dirt and remove all the dirt from your surroundings. Keep your home clean free from hair or  invisible dirt or large particles.

Features include:

Powerful Suction

Working at a quiet and silent mode the vacuum provides deep cleanse. Three modes MIN, MED and MAX are available to adjust accordingly while cleaning. For effective and good cleaning performance MID mode can be used.

2500 mAh Battery

It provides 7 cell top loss free cleaning. Once charged the cleaner can be used continuously for about 40 minutes. Guess what! The battery is detachable. So you can remove the battery alone and keep it for charge.

LED Panel and LED Light

To show you how much battery power is left and to provide you an alert for cleaning the filter this LED panel is available. And when you clean in darker areas LED light can be switched on for easy access.

High Efficiency Filtration System and Washable HEPA filter

Well purified air is circulated around with the HEPA filter. As it sucks up and accumulates the dirt it is very important to clean it often. You can remove and wash it regularly.

Multi Task Attachments

Various accessories are equipped along with the vacuum to help you clean all over the hard floors or carpets or sofa or bed or stairs or car. 

Upgraded Digital Motor

Ensuring strong suction power the brushless motor is empowered with 350W. It works in silent and quiet mode removing stain and dirt marks along with the large particles. 

 Replaceable Fluffy Cleaner Head

Large debris and dust particles can removed with the soft fluffy cleaner head. Designed with extra soft bristles high cleaning performance is ensured avoiding scratches while using. With the nylon stiff bristles the vacuum penetrates deeper into any kind of surface and removes the dirt from ground.

Versatile Tools

Mini Motorized Head can be used for deep cleansing in bed, sofa, upholstered furniture and car seat etc.,

2 in 1 dusting brush consists of crevice tool with a soft brush to use it while cleaning ceilings.

Dual Charging Wall Mount and Easy Storage

The battery and vacuum can be separated and charged. Or the vacuum along with battery can be charged. With this you can also save space for storing. 

Two Modes

Hard Floor Mode 

Bumper with soft roller can be installed for these kind of floors. Large debris and fine dust can be sucked up easily as it has a wide opening at the front. Instructions are given along with the Vacuum for clear operation.

Carpet Floor Mode

More suction power is empowered so that the roller head penetrates into the carpets and removes dirt effectively.

Attach and assemble the parts of vacuum for high cleaning performance on any kind of floor. It is light in weight and energy and time saving. Remove all the dirt and keep your surroundings clean staying healthy and safe. Use it in MID mode that balances energy saving and excellent cleaning performance.

3. Tineco A11 Hero+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco is one of the leading Technologies that makes your life easy and simple.  If you have pets and are suffering with fur and hair all around then this is the perfect choice for you. Works very well for the suction of hair and even small particles. The bin collecting dust may be small but with  the feature of compression it withholds more dirt than assumed. From small houses to large apartments the vacuum works well and effective.

Features include:

Powerful Suction

The brushless motor is empowered with 120W to provide strong suction power for capturing the dirt. It works in a silent and quiet mode without causing any disturbance. High is the suction high is the capturing of dirt particles from the surroundings.

Lithium Battery

It consists of two 2500mAh batteries. This long lasting battery runs for up to 70 minutes so you can use it Continuously for cleaning.

Hard floors and Carpets

Any kind of floor and surface can be easily cleaned up removing dirt. With the multi Tasker power brush provided 2X more power and 80% stronger cleaning performance is achieved. So penetrating deeper into the ground all the dirt can be removed.

Fully Sealed HEPA Filtration

Accumulating large and small particles of about 0.3 micron size, almost 99.7% of the dust is captured. In return after filter clean, fresh and purified air is circulated. Four stages are involved in the process

  • Cyclone System for separating large particles.
  • Mesh Filter blocks hairs and dust.
  • Pre Filter blocks fine dust.
  • HEPA filter captures and filters the dust circulating fresh air.

Continuous Power Mode

While cleaning large spaces the vacuum will be used for longer time. This continuous mode runs the vacuum without a need to trigger it all the time while cleaning.

One Touch Empty Dustbin

The dustbin is available with a capacity of 0.6L. Just press on the button and the bin will be emptied. No more using hands or complications for emptying the dust.

Versatile Attachments

The stick provided with Vacuum can be converted to hand held cleaner. All the corners can be reached and cleaned up easily when it is in hands. In spite of the costly cord or cordless Vacuum Cleaners this handy vacuum cleaner ensures high cleaning performance.

Accessories include

  • Multi Tasker Power Brush
  • Mini Power Brush
  • Pre Filter Cleaning Tool
  • 2 in 1 dusting brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Hair Cleaning Tool
  • Dual Charging Wall Mounted Dock

Designed to be unique, so light, powerful, versatile, long lasting battery and enhanced filter system all together help you clean your home all around with this vacuum. Excellent cleaning Performance is achieved and get amazing results for clean house. No more bacteria or dirt accumulation when you have the Tineco Cordless Vacuum.

4. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18KPa Vacuum Cleaning Suction 

NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum can be used for multiple purposes to clean on carpets or beds or floors or dark and hard to reach areas. With strong suction power small dirt particles to large particles can all be captured and removed. It runs for about 35 minutes Continuously to clean up all around your home. And this vacuum operates at a quiet and silent mode without causing any disturbance. If you are struggling with your vacuum to clean on hard floors then this is the ideal and perfect solution for you to choose.

Features include:

Powerful Suction

The brushless motor empowered with 200W sucks and captures the dirt with 18KPa pressure. MAX mode is available which can be selected to choose the maximum suction range. Hairs, crumbs, dust and invisible dirt can be easily sucked up with such a strong power on hard wood floors, carpets, walls, curtains, furniture’s and even the ceilings.

Light in weight and Versatile

It is very light in weight so that you can easily move it from one room to another on your own. Multiple brush provided along with the vacuum helps you to clean on floors as well as the ceilings. So be it anywhere the vacuum fits accordingly to clean up.

Multiple Accessories

When you clean up the sofa or furniture’s or car the stick can be removed and used with hand. And if you clean up the floors you can keep the stick. For various situations various tools are provided.

  • Full Size Multi Tasker LED Power Brush 
  •  Mini Power Brush to clean upholstered furniture and mattresses
  • 2 in 1 Dusting Brush to clean up hard surface furniture and curtains.
  • Nozzle for Crevice 
  • Hard Bristle Roller to clean up the carpets.
  • Charging Base and Store House

Lithium ion Battery

The battery gets Completely charged in 3.5-4 hours. Once charged the vacuum can be Continuously for cleaning for about 35 minutes. When MAX power mode is switched on the vacuum provides strong suction for almost 18 minutes. 

Deep Clean

Be it any surface the vacuum enhances the cleaning by removing the dirt from ground. Soft and anti static Carbon Fiber filaments provided with the vacuum captures dirt from hard floors and crevices. The bin can be emptied hygienically without using hands.

Full Size LED Headlights

Multi Tasker power brush with LED lights helps you to clean up in darker and hard to reach areas. So the debris and dirt all over the home can be easily cleaned up thoroughly.

Noise Free

The vacuum is equipped to operate at lower frequencies. There is no much sound generated working in a quiet and silent mode.

Solves Hair Entanglement Problem

Hairs in the dirt often get entangled and leads to messy accumulation. In such cases just cut the hair with scissors and later you can continue to use the vacuum.

Washable Sponge Filter

After cleaning up the filter can be removed and washed regularly. This helps you to make the vacuum last for longer time.

Being light in weight to use with strong suction power and ensured cleaning performance this NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum stands as a decent device for cleaning. It maneuvers easily and can be used on all kinds of floors for cleaning with the multiple Accessories provided. Further it can be used as a handy tool in case of cleaning the sofas or car.

5. Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Clean very corner of the house with strong suction power that captures small dirt to large particles. The stick helps you to clean over the ceilings. And by converting it to a handy material you can clean up the beds or sofas or floors. This vacuum works very effective to remove the hairs of pets on couch or bed. Without cords take it anywhere and clean everything around your home. With the click of one button empty the dust bin.

Features include:

Suction Power with two speeds

Two speeds of 6000 Pa and 17000 Pa can be adjusted. Through this deep cleaning can be ensured by sucking up the hair, dust and large debris.

Lithium ion Battery

2200 mAh battery is provided with the vacuum. Once charged the vacuum can be used continuously for cleaning for about 20-35 minutes. The battery gets Completely charged in 5 hours.

4 Brushes

To ensure to reach all areas and clean all the corners effectively the tools are provided along.

  • Flexible Electric Brush
  • Motorized Mini Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Slit Nozzle and Extension Hose

Be it on floors or carpets or sofas or curtains or walls every nook and corner can be reached with the vacuum and cleaned up.

Two Roller Brushes

To clean on the hard floors one brush with soft bristles is available. And for carpets a brush with red hard Bristle is available. Featured with 270° rotation angle and LED lights all the floors or hard to reach and dark areas can be cleaned up with access.

HEPA Filtration System

The dust captured can be filtered in the system and in return purified and fresh air can be circulated. It involves four stages that are

  • Cyclone Separator System
  •  Stainless Mess Filter
  • Double Effect Cup Filter
  • Washable Cotton H10 Filter

Transforms accordingly for multiple use

Convert it to Handheld Vacuum and dust on the sofas or car or furniture easily. For ceilings or roof tops use it with the stick.

Washable Sponge Filter

After cleaning up the filter can be removed and washed regularly. This helps you to make the vacuum last for longer time.

One button Pour Dust

The bin is available with a capacity of 0.55L. Press on the button and all the dirt inside the bin is released. Simple and easy.

Wall Bracket

Saving your space the vacuum can be stored in the wall mounted dock available. 

This vacuum is easy to use either with the stick or as handheld. It maneuvers easily and works effective standing as the worth for the money you pay. Long lasting battery life, strong suction power and light in weight Vacuum enhances and ensures high cleaning performance. Neat and clean surroundings with the Dibea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. 

6. Roomie Tec Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Light weight, silent and great value device is the Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum. It ensures high cleaning performance with strong suction power on any kind of floors. Consisting of stainless steel filter the dust captured up can be in return circulated as fresh and purified air. You can easily empty the bin without using hands. 

Features include:

Grab and Go

This vacuum is very easy to use making the process of cleaning simple. Without any plugs or cords ultimately you can enjoy the work.

Smooth Action

The swivel floor head can be moved at 180° so that the dirt in all corners can be removed. For reaching underneath the furniture the vacuum stands flat.

LED Headlights

To clean in darker areas it’s very difficult to see. So these lights can be turned on for easy navigation while Cleaning. Make sure you clean all the corners.


It is of 2.6lb standing very light in weight. Move it anywhere with ease on your own. Extension can be removed and used with hands for cleaning sofas or car. Crevice tool provided can be attached while using with hand.


For various situations and purposes the vacuum can be used in short or extended version. These extension bars are provided with brushed aluminum so that the vacuum stands highly Durable.

Operate Easily

All types of floorings can be cleaned up easily with ECO mode on. For hard floors , carpets or rugs MAX mode can be turned on. Indicator lights show the charging and battery status. So you can operate it easily with all the necessary features.

HEPA filter

The stainless steel cyclone filter helps you to reduce hair entangled and ensures to remove the dust thoroughly. You can even wash it with water regularly for effective cleaning. Tiny dirt, debris and large particles are sucked up so that you don’t need to worry about the particles may pass out through the outlet.

Easy Maintenance

Dust bin withstands a capacity of 1L. It can be emptied easily with just a click. And this 1L capacity bin doesn’t take up much space of the vacuum.

No more falling Over

Mostly vacuums must be placed leaning to the wall mount or with the support of furniture. But this vacuum stands on its self without falling down. 

Overall the vacuum is a perfect solution for cleaning with 120W suction power, stainless steel cyclone filter, HEPA filter, One click dust disposal, self standing design, two extension bars and motorized floor brush. What else do you need for enhanced cleaning performance?

7. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handy and Extendable

The vacuum is light in weight but powerful helping you to clean on all kinds of floors thoroughly. It works way quieter and efficient. You would definitely love to buy this versatile, simple and good suction vacuum. And not much maintenance is required to keep it in a good working condition. Get into small corners or high roof tops or ceilings or underneath the bed and clean up the dust everywhere.

Features include:

Rotatable and Maneuverable Motorized Brush Head

Two Roller Brushes that are stiff one for carpets and soft one with anti static Carbon Fiber bristles for hard floors and tiles are available. To clean in darker areas it’s very difficult to see. So LED lights can be turned on for easy navigation while Cleaning. Make sure you clean all the corners.

Lithium Battery

2200 mAh empowered battery is provided which gets charged within 3-4 hours. Once charged the vacuum can be used continuously for almost 45 minutes. Two Modes STANDARD and MAX are provided to choose accordingly. Even though there is high suction there is no problem to worry about. Because the AFDPT technology cools the design.

Light in weight

Weighing 3.3lbs it is very light in weight to carry around. Converting easily from stick to handheld it can be used for cleaning with minimum effort.

Filtration System

This Cyclonic Filtration System developed includes five stages

  • Sponge filter
  • HEPA filter for filtering tiny, pollen and dust particles.
  • Pre filter
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Strong Cyclone

The filters can be removed and washed regularly for long lasting life. And after the filtration fresh and purified air is circulated out.

All Round Cleaning

The swivel floor head can be turned around in 180+90° . Through this the vacuum can stay flat down or can reach the high areas enhancing the cleaning from any angle.

One touch Empty Dustbin

The dust from the bin can be released and emptied with the touch of a button. 

Wall mounted storage and Charging Base

Without taking up much your space it can be easily stored and charged.

Easily converts to handheld

For high areas or roof tops the extension stick can be used for cleaning. At the same time it can also be used with hand for cleaning bed or sofas or furniture. So the nozzle sucks up small hair or dust on fabric or food residues more effectively.

Be it for hard floors or carpets the stiff roller can be used to clean up the dust everywhere. Tiles and all kinds of floors will be free from dirt with this cordless Vacuum. Smart choice for a simple life. Buy the vacuum and clean up your home for staying healthy in neat and clean surroundings.

8. Debia Premium Portable 28KPa Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

In built with latest and advanced technology this vacuum is light in weight and very strong. It features low maintenance costs and is easily convertible to handheld. This is one of the more affordable vacuum cleaners. It has a good capacity bin for filling the dust. Lasting for longer time it can be used continuously used for cleaning. High power brush motor with faster motor speed and longer service life are all ensured with this powerful vacuum.

Features include:

High Power Brushless Motor

Suction Power of 28,000 Pa is provided with the 400W empowered power. Almost three modes are available to change accordingly for cleaning all kinds of floors. Hair ,pet fur, food crumbs and nuts can all be sucked up effectively.

Large Motorized Brush + LED lights

The hair captured is avoided from getting entangled. Clean around and under the furniture with the self drive roller brush that allows the head to swivel and reach to any corner. To help you clean in hard to reach and darker areas four sets of LED lights are available for easy navigation.

High Efficiency Cyclone + Filtration System

Almost 99.97% of dirt particles and small particles of size 0.3 microns are all captured by the filter. High speed  rotating airflow is ensured for removing the particulates from air. As a result fresh and purified air is circulated out. This H10 filter can be removed and washed regularly.

2 in 1 Vacuum

For cleaning car, sofa, stair and curtains it can be converted to handheld. So you can enhance the cleaning performance. Multifunctional accessories are provided along with the vacuum in order to convert it according to the area you clean.

Detachable Battery

The battery can be removed and charged separately. Within 3-4 hours it gets Completely charged and later you can use it for cleaning. 

3 Suction Modes

To ensure strong suction for deep clean three modes are available among which you can choose.

  • Powerful Mode 28KPa
  • Standard Mode 15KPa
  • Friendly Mode 8KPa

Flexible head with LED light

The head can be rotated in all angles so that all areas and corners can be reached for cleaning easily. And when it is dark the LED  lights can be switched on.

Easy to empty Dust cup

A lock is provided to ensure that the dirt stays in. Remove the lock and release the dirt out without messing up your hands.

9. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 

Ensuring high cleaning performance this vacuum cleaner helps you to clean up debris and even invisible dirt with hair and other dust particles. Moosoo Cordless Vacuum is equipped with elegant and  compact design that takes up very little of your space. Be it large or invisible dirt particles the vacuum works very strong and Efficient. It gets charged within 30 minutes which is highly enough to last for four hours. Strong suction power and durable quality enhances protective body for vacuum.

Features include:

Impressive Suction Power

Over 200 watt power is provided with the vacuum in order to suck up all the dirt particles efficiently. Two power modes are available for constant suction so that you clean either in home or car or surroundings. 

Large Battery

2200 mAh battery is in built with the cleaner to enhance lasting time for cleaning. Charge it for 30 minutes and use it Continuously for four hours to clean your home. Pick up debris, crumbs, dust or hairs from the floor effectively ensuring thorough cleaning. Be it on furniture’s or carpets or hard floors or desk or curtains everything can be cleaned up.

High Efficiency Filtration System

HEPA filter including four stages is built in for capturing almost 99.9% of the germs and dirt particles. So even though the dirt particles and polluted air is sucked up you can observe purified and cleansed air produced ultimately. And what about the filter? As the dirt gets accumulated up this filter must be washed. It can be removed, washed and used again without any problem.

Lightweight and Versatile

The body and design featured is of 2.84lbs that is very light in weight to carry and use. High places, corners, floors and corners all can be cleaned up with three serviceable attachments. Ergonomic handle provides you space to hold and use or operate the device. With impressive Design it comprises of enhanced versatility.

Electric Turbo Floor Brush

In built electric motor runs efficiently enhancing cleaning performance. Even in the corners in dark you can clean up and remove the dirt with LED light illuminated. Soft and stiff nylon bristles work well on hard floors capturing dirt particles.

Wide Cleaning

Clean up the closets, furniture, carpet floor, hard floor and everywhere evenly. With 4 in 1 brush head in the box you can hold the vacuum in hand and use for cleaning. 

Soft Edge

Dust from sofas and remove pet hair with soft Edge cleaning bristles. Going to every nook and corner of the walls you can clean the house removing dirt.

Power Indicator Light

Battery is detachable and once charged lasts for long time for cleaning. In case if the charge gets down the light indicates so that you can keep it for charge and use again.

Easy Dump Dirt

A button is available so that with just a press all the dirt can be emptied without using hands. 

Washable Components

The HEPA and Honey Comb filter can be removed and washed often. Else the dirt accumulated blocks the vents so no more dirt can be sucked up. It is better to wash and clean these often.

Strong suction, long running time charge, Filtration System, brush head and core free operation helps you clean up the dirt everywhere easily. 

10. Handheld Vacuum Oasser Cordless Vacuum 

Be it coffee split or pet hairs or dust everything can be captured and removed using the Handheld Vacuum Cordless Vacuum. Hard to reach areas also can be cleaned up without leaving blind spots behind. Not only the dirt particles but also the juice or coffee splits or small snack pieces can be sucked up easily. So it works as both wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Deep suction of pet hair or unseen debris is ensured enhancing the cleaning performance.

Features include:

Lithium Battery

Empowered with 2200 mAh battery the vacuum gets fully charged in 4 hours. Once charged this cleaner can be used continuously for almost 25-30 minutes. It works very silent at a quite mode without causing any disturbance. When the vacuum is fully charged a light indicator turns from red to green color.

Stainless Steel Strainer

HEPA filter is provided with stainless steel. This filter effectively separates the dirt and filters the particles circulating purified and fresh air. It can be removed and washed regularly for enhancing long life.

Multiple Accessories, Wet Dry Amphibious

To help you clean in any situations on all kinds of floors multiple tools are provided

  • Extension Pipe cleans in every nook and corner or even the hard to reach areas.
  • Brush Nozzle cleans the hairs.
  • Crevice Nozzle cleans up the dust and garbage in tight and narrow spots in home or car.

Not only the dirt particles but also the coffee splits or water stain can be removed and cleaned up easily.

Powerful Suction

Max 100W motor is empowered that exhibits capturing various dust particles, hairs and food residue. 600ml of dust can be withheld within the vacuum. 4500PA pressure is available in the suction for strong collection of dirt particles.

Extension Pipe

Every nook and corner of the house can be reached and cleaned up thoroughly with the extension Pipe. 

Use it in home or car all the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned up without any dirt. Awesome handy tool that works well for all cleaning purposes. You can use it or even small children can operate it. It’s very good to make your children learn from a very young age that cleanliness is important. So even if they learn to clean up food they split down , very slowly they grow to develop themselves And clean all around your home.

Each and every vacuum works towards cleaning up the dirt all around your home. So According to the floors and surfaces you have in your home, you need to choose the perfect cleaner. If you are looking for a vacuum that doesn’t take up much of your space choose the stick vacuum cleaner. Space, features, surfaces and the cleaning process can be ensured with the cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Coming to the best vacuum in all of these it’s highly difficult to select as each cleaner works perfect for each type of floor and work. Based on the reviews the Jashen V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is considered to be the best. Almost 71% of the customers have given five star ratings. And 21% of the customers have given four star ratings. Due to some problems and issues in the product quality 4% of the customers have given one star ratings. Overall this Jashen Vacuum is well recommended and received by the users.

Strong suction power for hard and all kinds of floors is ensured with three modes control provided. Lithium ion battery once is empowered that can be used for almost 40 minutes when charged once. Battery and charging status is indicated with light and LED lights help you to clean in darker areas. The HEPA filter works very efficient to filter out the dust particles and circulate fresh and purified air. It can be removed and washed regularly. Versatile and easy to use features are ensured with this vacuum. Being light in weight without any cords you can move it easily to any room for cleaning. 

The vacuum may seem to be small but does the work of cleaning efficiently. Be it for cleaning up the car or home from small spaces to large rooms the dirt can be captured and removed thoroughly. According to the floor you have in home, storage space, needs and demands choose the best cleaner for your home. Out of the various products it’s highly impossible to select one. But stay wise and smart in selecting the perfect model. We actually dream of having a clean house. Who