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Michelly Mo


Since the age of 10, Michelly Mo spent most of her school days sketching and drawing. She may not be a teacher’s favourite, but was definitely a rule breaker, a creative thinker and a risk taker. When most teenagers were still trying to figure out what to do with their lives, Mo already stepped into the real world and founded her namesake label at the age of 18. Without any professional designing training, Mo knew that it' would't be easy to achieve what she wanted. But to her, hope was bigger than fear. Spending days and nights in her studio learning and practicing, she finally debuted her first collection two years after founding her label. Her unique taste on mixing fabrics, good eyes on finding the flattering silhouettes, and authentic approach to everyday wear were the key elements to her success.

Michelly Mo

MICHELLY MO is a contemporary label focuses on creating wearable, effortless pieces with flattering and feminine silhouettes for the urban modern woman. As the creative brain behind the brand, Michelly spends a lot of time each year travelling around the world to source special, high-quality fabrics and seek for inspirations. Thoughtful and approachable designs allow MICHELLY MO to bring the essential pieces back to life yet still stay unique and authentic.

Q&A With Michelly Mo

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