Best Dog Harness Canada Reviews 2023

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and Who would not love to have one at home?! They comfort our souls, cheer us up during tough times with their antics and are also considered faithful than most human beings. Going on a walk with the fur ball will be a person’s daily activity who has a pet at home. Dogs usually enjoy these morning and evening walks with their caretakers and sometimes become hyperactive seeing the nature and wind blowing on their faces, they try to free themselves. During these times, one needs a harness to hold their pets to prevent them from hurting themselves or others out of excitement.

Harnesses are a piece of material usually worn around a dog’s neck out of fashion or protection and sometimes identification. These are worn to protect our pets but sometimes, they can be harmful for the dog choking their throat, so it becomes necessary for us to choose a proper harness for our fur companions. The pet product market has flourished enough to provide us with proper harnesses that suit our dogs based on their breed.

To save your time and effort, we’ve listed down some of the best dog harnesses available with its prices:

Top Dog Harness Canada Reviews

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

This harness provides the parent a better control over the pet by attaching the leash to the front clip. The measurements of this harness are Neck Girth: 16.1-23.2 inches, Chest Girth: 20.5-36 inches. It is best recommended for medium and large dogs like Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc.

This is a non-pulling harness specially designed with two metal leash rings for providing safety while walking. The chest clip is provided to prevent the dog from pulling and is perfectly suitable for training dogs. The back clip is used for casual walks, jogs, hiking, etc.

This harness is easy to put on and take off with its two fast-release buckles. It is light-weighted and also easy to clean. It can be worn by simply sliding it over the dog, adjusting the straps and then buckling it up. It comes with four adjusting straps- two neck straps and two chest straps to provide a perfect fit. This harness is made of Nylon Oxford and padded with a soft cushion to protect its skin, the breathable air mesh keeps cool during outdoor activities. Its reflective strap ensures safe walk both day and night.

2. Eagloo Dog Harness

This harness is suitable for large and medium dogs with a Fit Chest Girth of 27-32 inches, recommended for dogs like Labrador, Husky, Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Dog, etc.

It is a no-pulling harness designed with two metal leash rings and an extra handle. The V-Ring at the back is used for casual walks, the O-Ring on the chest helps the pup learn how to heel, the sturdy handle on the back is used for looping the seat belt through to secure the dog while driving, it also helps the dog to get into a car. The metal rings are durable and strong. This harness prevents the dog from choking by distributing the pressure evenly around the dog’s chest.

The harness is made of Nylon webbing with reflective material which ensures good visibility while running at night. The Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate provides extra comfort and protection. It is also easy to wear with two quick snap buckles and four adjustable buckles which allow a customizable fit for the dog. Eagloo has a professional team to ensure proper care for our fur friends. All its materials are carefully selected for production to ensure safety and comfort for the pets.

3. Voyager

This harness is made with soft but breathable mesh that is gentle on the pup’s skin. It has three straps- the back buckle and strap provide additional safety to the fastener strap. It is suitable to be worn in any season as it is soft and made of supportive air mesh. It is made of pink reflective bands which enhance the pet’s visibility.

A strong hook and loop fastener is provided to adjust the fit of the harness to perfectly suit your dog. An extra layer of security is provided by sliding the buckle together and the clip on a leash to both the D- Rings.

It is stylish and easy to wear and is perfectly suited for small pups.

4. Cuddly Pet Dog Harness

This harness is designed to prevent the dog from pulling. Every time the dog tries to pull, it gets turned around instead of moving forward by attaching the leash to the clip. It prevents the dog from choking by distributing the pressure evenly over the body so that does not hurt the dog.

It is made of Nylon webbing with reflective material for good visibility at night. It is made of light-weighted mesh lining with soft padding on the chest and belly to provide comfort to the dog.

It has adjustable straps to provide a customizable fit for the dog and its Ergonomic design makes the harness easy to put on and take off.

5. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

This harness is best suited while driving your dog in a car. It has a seat belt lead clip which prevents the dog from jumping out of the window whilst providing some room for movement and flexibility. Hence, it avoids the driver from getting distracted and protecting the dog in case of sudden jerks.

It has fast release buckles on both sides which help in easy put on and take off. Its detachable seat belt can be used while driving for safety when attached to the D-Ring and also used as a vest harness. It is made of Oxford Fabric, 100% polyester, broad sponge padded chest plate which is light-weighted and comfortable. Industry Standard premium stainless steel snap hook is electroplated for durability and resistance.

It is best suited for medium and small dog breeds.

6. JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness

 It is a purple colored harness with a Fit Chest 22-27 inches. It is stylish, durable, scratch-resistant and its outer layer is made of Oxford material which is light in weight and its Duraflex buckle with large loading capacity improves strength. It is easy to put on and take off as it has a comfortable and ergonomic design.

It is made of Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material to ensure good visibility at night and its sturdy handle is easy to attach to the seat belt while riding in a car. This harness vest with a soft sponge padding on the chest and belly is best to prevent injuries that a collar does and is also comfortable and light-weighted.

It has two leash attachment points- a V-Ring on the back and a Circle Ring on the chest.

7. Pawtitas Dog Harness

It is available in four different sizes to suit all pups. It has an adjustable chest diameter of 30-40 cm to even suit an extra small breed dog. Its ergonomic design makes the harness easy to put on and take off and also provides a comfortable fit for the pet.

It’s strip is reflective with 65% polyester and 35% cotton which is designed to reflect ambient light in even extreme low light conditions providing maximum visibility during the nights and other emergency situations. 

This harness is not safe for the dog to chew, so the owner should make sure the pup is always being observed when this harness is put on and also that a properly measured harness is used.

8. ThinkPet Dog Harness

This vest harness is designed for relatively smaller pups or cats. Its light-weight, soft breathable texture with no buckles to irritate the dog’s skin is comfortable, reduces pulling and avoids choking the pet’s neck.

It is different from other reflective harnesses as it has all its edges sealed with reflective piping in addition to integrated reflective straps providing enough visibility at nights ensuring safety while walking.

It has adjustable slide straps at the neck and chest to provide a customizable fit for the dog and is also easy to put on and take off. Its sandwich breathable air mesh helps keep the dog cool on hot days and its polyester mesh acts as a heat exchanger in cooling the dog when it is immersed in water.

9. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

This harness has two metal buckles which are tested to uphold the maximum load at the shoulder position(1000 lb) when the dog is pulling, two POM buckles at the belly position(250 lb), sewing by bartack and X in box pattern on each joint and heavy load point.

Its fit is customizable to suit the pet perfectly and is escape-proof. It is designed by putting two individual components together hence, it offers four adjustable positions to make sure the harness fits well.  It is designed so that the dog is turned backward when it tries to run forward to prevent the dog from running and thereby, avoiding unwanted trouble.

It also helps the owner to apply little effort in controlling the dog and training the dog to walk beside you. Its handle is tough and durable and large enough to grab the harness quickly and easily while walking and also helps in lifting the dog easily. It is sewn on both sides to help the dog in training, hiking and other adventure trips.

It can be hooked with dog bowls, water bottles and toys through the D-shaped carabiner. It is best suited for training dogs in adventure activities.

The different types of harnesses available in the market are:

Back-Clip Harnesses

These harnesses are stylish and suitable for well-behaved and small dogs as they reduce the pressure applied on their neck. But they may increase the pressure that the owner has to apply in controlling his pet without being dragged.

Front-Clip Harnesses

These harnesses are used mostly by dog trainers because it allows them to control the dog’s center of gravity which helps them to quickly change its position without being dragged. The only thing that the owner should do is to hold the harness upright so that it does not get wrangled around the dog’s legs.

Tightening harness

These harnesses tighten around the dog’s torso when they try to pull. These are perfect training tools but choosing the wrong fit can be harmful causing injury to the dog and can even provoke aggressiveness. Proper consultancy should be taken from a professional veterinarian before choosing these kinds of harnesses.

Small Dog Harnesses

These harnesses are perfect for Chihuahuas or Yorkies who slip when normal harnesses are used but the owner should make sure he chooses a lightweight harness made of soft materials so that it does not irritate the pup.

Dog Harnesses with Handles

These harnesses are usually chosen for guide dogs because it gives the owner extra support and more control while walking. These harnesses are best suited for hyperactive or aggressive dogs and pups learning walking etiquette.

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