Best Electric Toothbrush Canada Review 2023

If you don’t brush your teeth correctly , there is a chance that you end up developing gum disease or decays. One of the ways you can help yourself is by getting an electric toothbrush. They are way effective in terms of the technique when compared manually. They reduce lot of pressure in you and work efficient on your teeth. Almost all the movements are designed from the brush head. Electric Toothbrush are very efficient because of the pressure sensors, timers and paces that help you in cleansing and whitening your teeth correctly in a proper way. There are many brushes produced by lots of companies. Let’s have a look at all of those.

Top Electric Toothbrush Canada Review

1.Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush with Brush Head , Black

The electric toothbrush is rechargeable providing excellent cleansing for your teeth. It is designed in such a way that the brush head can rotate and oscillate around each tooth cleaning up the hard to reach areas. They remove almost 300% more plaque when compared manually. The timer alerts you when you finish 2 minutes of brushing. And the pressure sensors stop movement in case of brushing too hard. Smart timer and pressure sensors make it perfect to clean your teeth. With sensitive clean, pro action , floss action and deep sweep the brush enables effective cleansing of teeth.

2.Fairywill Electric Toothbrush

The brush is enabled with powerful Sonic movements. These churn the toothpaste and create bubbles making it stick deep between the teeth for effective cleaning. The features include Sonic Technology , smart timer , 5 different modes for all the dental needs and color reminder bristles. The vibration covers all the areas all around the teeth and removes stains resulting perfect cleaning. The brush automatically stops when you reach 2 minutes and makes you feel like you just jumped out of dentists chair. The 4 hour charge lasts for 30 days leaving you no worry if you are on your travel.

3.Philips Sonicare Protective clean 6100 Rechargeable Toothbrush , Black

The uniqueness lies in the Sonic Technology enabled in the brush. Effective pressure sensors and timer alert you during cleaning. All the sensors are built in further avoiding any problem for the teeth and gums. Sync Technology , timer and 3 different modes are the included features in brush. The Technology detects the problems in teeth and synchronizes the brush head to handle it. Press the button and move it in a gentle way covering all around the teeth. It works effective for cleansing the teeth and ensures safe brushing experience. The sensors alert you if you take the brush over the gums and ensure that the pressure is not too hard.

4.ATMOKO Sonic Power Ultra Whitening Toothbrush:

The brush is embedded with ultra Sonic Technology providing healthier teeth in 14 days. The features include 5 customized modes, advanced Dupont heads and wireless charging. The brush head ensures covering all the portion of teeth and removes stains and marks edge to edge. It removes 10 times more debris along the gum line and teeth providing whiter teeth. The brush also keeps a healthy breath after cleaning in the mouth. It is suitable for teeth with braces, fillings and crowns preventing decays and cavities. The timer alerts you after 2 minutes and ensures your safety. The charge lasts for almost 4 weeks working very effective.

5.Fairywill Entry level Electric Toothbrush

It is a simplified toothbrush which helps you achieve cleanest mouth. The features include smart timer , 4 different modes, last longing charger and protective head cap. The w shaped brush head enables to cover hard to reach areas and helps in washing out the mouth. The timer stops for 2 minutes and maintains your pressure during brushing. It is designed slim , water proof and light weighted. All the adults and kids also can use it. It is way safer and recommended by the dentist’s all over. There is also a head cap for the head to ensure effective cleaning during travel times. The brush works with soft bristles and avoids the abrasion and ensures enamel of teeth.

6.Philips Sonicare Protective clean 4100 Rechargeable

The brush is designed with unique Sonic Technology which enables gentle clean all over the mouth. Brush sync alerts you with the time and the in built sensors help you to brush in a soft way without too much pressure. The features are built in pressure sensors, brush sync tracks , easy start program, quad Pacer and smart timer. The curved tip of the brush head moves all over the sides of mouth and removes plaque and stains further resulting in whiter teeth. A reminder is also set when it’s time to change the brush head. With the unique and smart Technology the brush helps you obtain white and stain free teeth.

7.Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The brush enables oral care and fresh breath for your mouth. With smart Sonic Technology , 5 different modes , timer and 8 brush heads the brush helps you get whiter teeth. You can experience thorough gentle cleaning with reduced noise and all the features. You can set the mode of teeth for brushing and further have a good experience. A portable case also makes it easier to take it with you during travel times. The 4 hour charge lasts for almost 30 days leaving you without any worries for usage.

Use it with the consultation of your doctor in case of a doubt and get healthier and whiter teeth with over all gum care.

When we take a glance at all the brushes , everything is different and unique in it’s own way. The final effectiveness of the brush is observed in the Whitening and cleansing of our teeth. But when compared the Philips Sonicare is way better and efficient. With effective sensors, Technology and timer the brush works very effectively in removing the stains and Whitening teeth. It is even way cheaper when compared and works efficient when compared manually. Consult your doctor, choose the best brush and enjoy with whiter and healthier teeth.