Best Flannel Sheets Canada Reviews 2022

Leonardo da Vinci said that-

“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”  But what if your flannel sheets and sleeping accessories don’t let you sleep even after a long working day? Health depends on the time you give yourself for sleeping and sometimes sleep directly or indirectly depends on the sleeping accessories.

Rough, uncomfortable and heavy accessories may not let you sleep peacefully. Having soft, comfortable and lightweight flannel sheets are some of the necessary things to have a tide sleep. 

Here are some of the comfortable flannel sheets which are loved by most of the people. Just have a look. 

Top Flannel Sheets Canada Reviews 2022

1. Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set

These flannel sheets are made of pure cotton And are also available in different colors. The feature of multi time brushing makes these flannel sheets soft, long lasting, and thicker compared to other flannel sheets. 

This set of flannel sheets comes with 1 Twin XL Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet of dimensions 39″ x 80″ x 15″ Pocket, 1 Twin XL Flat Sheet with dimensions 66″ x 100″, 1 Standard Pillowcase of dimensions 20″ x 30″.

These sheets suit sensitive skinned people also because they contain no toxins or chemicals. These flannel sheets don’t require ironing or any expensive cleaning. These flannel sheets are best known for its wrinkle resistant feature.

The fabric type used for these flannel sheets is purely cotton and are brushed double time to make them soft and smooth in touch.

In some reviews it is mentioned that these flannel sheets have good quality and are very comfortable, soft , best suits for fall and winter seasons, and keeps you warm. It has deep pockets which comfortably suits every bed. And are also available in different sizes, patterns and different colors. It has elastic all around that fits the bed perfectly. 

Some of the customers complained that these sheets become pilled in the first wash, while others said that it becomes soft when washed for 2 to 3 times. 

2. EnvioHome Durable Cotton Winter Flannel Sheet Set 160 GSM

The double brushed cotton used for this flannel sheets makes you warm and also allows you to breathe comfortably. The brushed surface helps the flannel sheets to strap the air and body heat and makes you warm but they don’t overheat or make you sweaty.

The set of flannel sheets includes 1 sheet of dimension 54 x 75 inch, suitable for mattresses which are 13 inches deeper, 1 flat sheet of dimension 80 x 100 inch and also includes 2 pillowcases of size 20 x 30 inch. 

These sheets are measured in weight rather than thread count. Are also available in different prints, patterns and colors. Double brushed pure cotton is used. 

These flannel sheets are suitable for machine washing at low temperatures. And the quality of fabric used for these flannel sheets allows them to dry quickly, even a dryer can be used to dry these flannel sheets. 

These flannel sheets are soft and comfortable. It has deep pockets that fits mattresses up to 13 inches deep. It Contains a 3 inch flat sheet. And the set also provides pillowcases with 3 inch hem at the opening. Has an all around elastic that fits the bed easily. 

The quality of the flannel sheets are quite good. Pure cotton fabric is used. Contains deep pockets for easy usage with beds. Perfect and decent thickness. Soft, comfortable but not too warm. Light in weight. And are available in admiring patterns and designs. 

Some of the reviews state that these flannel sheets don’t fit to the tips of the beds. 

3. For Pro Premium Flannel Sheet 3 Piece Set

These flannel sheets are made with pure cotton and are double brushed, this makes the flannel sheets soft and also makes it easy for the removal of oil stains, creams etc. Light in weight. 

These sheets are thick and fit. The set comes with a flat sheet of dimension 63 x 100 inches, a fitted sheet of dimension 36 x 77 x 7 inches and a cover. Very durable and lasts longer. Available in larger size with 63 inches x 100 inches. 

Soft, comfortable and good quality. Pure cotton is used. Flannel sheets are thick. Best known for its durability. Perfectly fits the table. Available in different sizes, patterns and colors. It is giftable as well.   

The cons of this product is that these sheets are not fit for a double bed. The sheets shrink in the first wash. 

4. Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

These are Velvet Flannel Sheets. And are specially manufactured with combed yarn that removes short, and uneven fiber that can weaken the yarn and makes it rough. The cotton fabric is measured by an ounce which makes it 190 gram heavy in weight rather than measuring it in thread count. 

The flannel sheets are napped with velvet on both sides to make it as soft as possible, and also gives warmth. It is designed with flat sheet and pillowcases of 4-inches hem, can be conveniently washed in machine, these flannel sheets are easily dryable. 

The set comes with a fitted sheet of measurements 60 x 80 inches. And can easily fit mattresses which are thicker up to 17 inches, the flat sheet comes with the measurement of 90 x108 inches, and pillowcases of measurement 20 x 30 inches. 

Has great softness, woven in such a way that it is breathable, and available in various prints. Known for its durability and also for its breathable weave. Keeps you warm during cool nights. Good quality. Fits good for a double bed. Don’t wrinkle due to the fully elasticized fit. Suits best in fall and winter seasons. 

The reviews state that these flannel sheets pills after first wash but become normal when washed for 2 to 3 times. 

5. Pinzon Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set

These flannel sheets are woven, and have brushed cotton fabric that makes it soft. It is measured by the number of ounces which makes it light in weight of 170 grams per square meter. 

Manufactured with open end yarn which makes it soft, thick, resistant to pills and makes it breathable. Feels smooth even after several washes. 

Napped double times with velvet on both sides to make it smooth and soft. It is also designed with a 4-inch hem on a flat sheet and pillowcases. 

The set includes fitted sheet of measurements 60 x 80 inches and also fits mattresses deeper up to 16 inches, flat sheet measures 87 x 105 inches, and the pillowcases measures about 20 x 31 inches

Manufactured with pure cotton. Soft and breathable. Easily washable in machines. And dries quickly. Contains deep pockets that fit deep beds and pillows easily. Doesn’t shed after washing. Very durable. 

6. Hometex Canada Flannel Blanket 

These flannel blankets are made with the mixture of cotton and polyester. And can be used comfortably in hospitals, institutions and also for personal use. Makes you warm and are easily washable. 

Made with cotton and polyester which gives perfect quality and strength to the blankets. The size of the sheet is 72 x 90 inches. Designed with white, blue and green stripes. Suits best for all seasons and all sizes of bed. 

Has a good quality as it is constructed with both cotton and polyester fibers and also provides durability. Light in weight, comfortable to use.  Use of natural cotton makes it soft and use of polyester makes it breathable. 

Provides perfect warmth. It’s versatility suits for usage in institutions, home, hospital and also suitable for travel. 

Can be washed in a machine and dries easily. Remains soft and comfortable even after several washes. No pilling. Warm but not thick, can be used on cold summer nights also. 

7. Eddie Bauer Elk Grove Flannel Sheet Set

The flannel sheet set contains one flat sheet of dimension 90″ x 102″, one fitted sheet of dimension 60″ x 80″ and two pillowcases of dimensions 30″ x 20″. 

These flannel sheets are brushed with flannel cotton. Contains a fitted sheet pocket which is 14″ deep . Easily  washable in machine. 

Pure cotton is used and is brushed for more softness. This fitted sheet has elastic on all sides which gives it a better fit, that helps to improve the fit on the mattress. Fits up to 18-Inch very well. 

Perfect quality and softness even after washing. Fits very well around the bed. Keeps you warm. Has thick fabric. Known for its durability and softness. 

Some of the customers claim that these flannel sheets may not fit a really deep mattress. And some others reviewed it a 5 star for fitting perfectly on their beds. The reason behind this may be the differences in sizes of the beds which they might have not noticed. 

8. True North by Sleep Philosophy Cozy Flannel

These sheets are made of pure cotton and are brushed double times for better softness. These flannel sheets fit the mattresses which are up to 14″ in height.

The package includes – 1 Flat Sheet of measurement 81(W) inches x 96(L) inches, paired standard Pillowcases of dimensions 20(W) inches x 30(L) inches Each, 1 Fitted Sheet of dimension 54(W) inches x75(L) inches and 12 inches deep. 

Provides warmth and stylish look to your bedroom with the charming Blue Polar Bears print made on flannel sheets. 

Best known for its features like softness and affordability. These sheets are measured in gram per square meter instead of thread count and this feature helps you to keep warm and comfortable all over the night. Perfect for cold nights. The Weight is 160 GSM which gives perfect warmth. 

Can be washed in a machine. Dries quickly as it is made of pure cotton. Fits double bed easily. Can be used both in summer and winter seasons. Soft and comfortable to use. Comes with attractive designs and patterns. Perfect quality. Fits the mattresses very well. Remains same even after washing. These flannel sheets are durable also. 

These flannel sheets should not be bleached. Because they pill if bleached. Should be washed as instructed. 

9. Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel

These flannel sheets are made of pure cotton and are heavy in weight. The deep-Pocket Fitted Sheet fits mattresses up to 16″ deep. Are also brushed on double sides for better softness. 

The dimensions for queen size are – a flat sheet of measurement 90-inch x 104-inch , a fitted sheet of measurement 60-inch x 80-inch which fits the mattresses up to 16-inch deep and also comes with pillowcases of dimension 21-inch x 31-inch.

These flannel sheets are super Soft, are available in different sizes and also comes with the pillowcases to cover the shrinkage. Comes with elastic all around to make it stable. And also contains an European pillow enclosure with a flap. 

These flannel sheets are available in different prints and solid colors. Should be washed with warm water in machines and dried under low temperatures. Perfect for cold winter nights. 

Perfectly fit for a double bed. Heavy in weight to keep you warm during cool winter nights. The elastic all around makes it stable and fits the mattress very tightly. Very soft, thick and comfortable. Remains great even after washing. No shrinking and no pilling if washed as instructed by the manufacturers. 

Some reviews state that these flannel sheets are a little bit short on the sides. Some reviewed that the flannel sheets lost its softness and colour after washing and pills, maybe they might have not followed the instructions, or may have washed by using bleach. 

These are some of the best flannel sheets online. Every product has some negative reviews, that might be because of improper maintenance or because of some issues while manufacturing. Manufacturing such a large number of products is not so easy right….? And when we have the best option of easy returns and easy exchanges, worrying about the negative reviews is a bit worthless…. Whereas  coming to the above mentioned products, all the products are good rated and best certified. So, just go buy the flannel sheets of your choice from the list and enjoy the tide, warm and comfortable sleep to make yourself healthy. Because-

   “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

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