Best Formula for Babies Canada Reviews 2023

Trying to give your baby a good, balanced diet is among the essential things parents can do during their new-born child’s first year. Previous research suggests that the only way to achieve this is through breastfeeding.

Still, developments in the baby formula have made it so that no parent ever needs to feel bad for substituting or changing their infant’s diet with the recipe. A perfect baby formula gives all the nutrition a baby requires for 12 years.

The baby formula is formulated to match the dietary composition of breast milk, containing a combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. This central component is strictly controlled by the US Food and Drug Administration. Parents have a wide range of formulas for a wide variety of health and growth needs. Here are the best baby formulas in Canada to help you find the correct one for your new-born child.

Top Infant Formula Milk Canada Reviews

1. Similac Total Comfort Omega-3 Baby Formula

Similac Total Comfort Omega-3 & Omega-6 Baby Formula, Powder, 964g, 0+ Months, Pink

C $43.98
C $39.58
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Similac is one of the most trusted products in the industry for baby nutrition. This anti-GMO formula is composed of broken-down proteins to make the baby’s diet more readily digestible. It will help lower gas levels in the first year of existence.

This is the first formula brand of 2’-FL HMO, a probiotic that improves immunity only in breast milk. This substance, similar to mom’s milk, will eliminate the difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding. The formulation of Similac includes adequate amounts of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E for proper growth in the brain, eye, and bone.

There are no growth factors in the product, and all of the ingredients are checked for the highest nutrient levels while the powder is slightly milky. Total comfort Formula may also help encourage safe bowel movements and reduce or avoid constipation for your child. You shield them in the most critical stage of their growth by creating a robust immune system in your baby. The 2′ FL HMO probiotic is a step forward in the presence of other drugs to eliminate infections and viruses in infants.

This formula comes with a variety of powder or ready-to-use formats for the ease of the parent. Parents accept that this commodity is easy to incorporate into the baby’s schedule when transitioning from breast milk to formula. However, the smell is a downside to this formula. The degraded proteins in food will also have an awful odor. Hence almost all mothers prefer the only formula of hydrolyzed proteins if the baby requires it.


  • Non-GMO
  • No additives
  • Contains DHA


  • Bad smell 

2. Nutramigen A+ Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Nutramigen A+ with LGG Hypoallergenic Infant Formula, Powder, 561g

C $29.98
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

An infant can face incredible pain with constipation. More than just weeping, a colic-stricken baby can yell so loudly that it appears to be in distress. Babies with sickness can cry every day for three or more hours. The hypoallergenic colic infant formula from Enfamil Nutramigen is non-lactose and offers rapid relief for babies with lactose allergies.

Nutramigen A+ Hypoallergenic Infant formula is a unique formula for Enflora LGG that helps treat colic from allergies. This formula provides ingredients to encourage the growth of your baby in several ways. This includes iron, DHA, ARA, and others.

En flora LGG relieves colic due to cow’s milk allergy in under 48 hours. This can be a lifeguard for parents whose crying babies keep up during the night. Furthermore, LGG is developed to help lower the chance of future allergies by up to 50 percent because babies that are allergic to cow’s milk are more prone to other kinds of allergies as they get older.

Although this is not the most extensive and most expensive formula, parents have to pay a premium for hypoallergenic components in this formula. Be aware that Nutramigen cannot help your baby if an allergy doesn’t cause your child’s problem. This formula also covers the more significant premium per extra pound. You can find Nutramigen in the liquid format as well. This means you can blend the liquid with water for bottles instead of using powder. This is a more convenient solution for some parents.


  • Best for babies allergic to cow milk
  • Contains DHA
  • Provides fast relief


  • A bit expensive 

3. Enfamil A+ Infant Formula

Enfamil A+, Baby Formula, Powder Tub, DHA (a type of Omega-3 fat) to help support brain development, Age 0-12 months, 663g

C $43.99
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Enfamil is the leading brand approved for pediatricians and with a good cause. The formula is somewhat similar to breast milk and includes a healthy dose of omega-3 and DHA to help brain development.

This formula also uses a mixture of two food fibers such as GOS and polydextrose, demonstrating that your baby’s couches relax to avoid constipation and help digest the formula more quickly. The only drawback of the product is its price, so you might be better off shopping for a cheaper brand if you have a tight budget.


  • Similar to breast milk
  • Easy to digest
  • Contains DHA


  •  A bit expensive 

4. Similac Advance Non – GMO Baby Formula

Similac Advance Step 1 Non-gmo Baby Formula Powder, 0+ Months, Blue, 658g

C $32.98
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Similac Advance Non-GMO Baby Formula contains DHA and RHA. These nutrients are present in breast milk and are essential for the growth of the brain and eyes in babies. It will not produce artificial hormones and secure composition to reduce infants’ hardiness and fussiness. 

You must ensure that your infant gets a formula that does not contain any artificial hormones. The concept is that it helps your baby get cow’s milk proteins if you give your baby something with partially digested milk protein, effectively preventing allergic reactions.


  • Eye and brain development
  • Helps in cell development


  • Plastic packing may produce some smell. 

5. Nestle Good Start 2 Baby Formula

NESTLÉ GOOD START 2, Baby Formula, Powder, 6+ months, 900 g - PACKAGING MAY VARY

C $83.70
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Babies use their digestive systems just after birth. They rely only on the umbilicus before their delivery to supply them directly with their mother’s nutrients. It will take a little longer after babies are born to learn to eat differently. The intestinal system takes more time to adapt. It may take some time for the correct bacteria to grow up in the digestive tract, making some formulations susceptible.

This formula is the solution if you search for a recipe that will provide nutrients for your baby’s growth. Good Start 2 baby formula is always formulated to incorporate iron or calcium to increase the nutrition of older infants. Iron is essential to produce red blood cells, and calcium contributes to healthy bones and teeth.

Sound Start Stage 2 formulas also have Comfort Proteins that are 100% whey proteins, partially broken down using our unique small stomach technique. Breast milk gives the baby a perfect diet. Hence, this infant formula is non-GMO, which is for infants aged six and up.


  • Includes iron and calcium
  • It is Non-GMO
  • Good for baby growth


  • Can cause rare constipation 

6. Enfagrow A+ Toddler Nutritional Milk Powder

Enfagrow A+ Toddler Nutritional Drink, Milk Flavour Powder, 680g

C $59.00
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Enfagrow A+ is a leading toddler nutritional milk powder. Enfagrow A+ is a nutritious drink for the infant and has DHA, which is an essential component of the brain. It contains 26 minerals, magnesium, calcium, vitamins C, D, and a fiber mixture.

This formula includes the expertly prescribed amount of DHA for all other baby milk formula products in India. Your kid gets stable, and weight and height rise in no time. Your kid will also grow in his communication skills, emotionally as well as psychologically.

It is a simple addition to your child’s daily food because they can eat it with a meal or a balanced snack. Enfagrow A+ is built for children aged 12 months+. Get this formula to help your baby improve their immunity, brain growth, and overall physical development. The formula arrives with a scoop to aid in preparing the infant with a precise quantity of procedure. Store the dry inside in one can at all times.


  • Healthy and Hygienic for babies
  • Good taste
  • Has essential supplements for babies


  • Expensive 

7. Puramino A+ Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Puramino A+ Hypoallergenic Infant Formula, Powder, 400g

C $59.49
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Puramino A+ is a formulation based on amino acids and is clinically engineered for the productive diet of infants and children with serious cow’s milk protein and various food allergies.

It is a hypoallergenic formula similar to Nutramigen A+, which helps in the treatment of allergies. This formula contains ingredients working to increase the growth of your baby in a range of ways.

This Puramino A+ hypoallergenic infant formula includes DHA, MCT oil, Omega-3 fat type, and a central component of the brain. It is complete with food supplies for children up to six months of age and is a single source of nutrition for up to 24 months of age. Intakes of dietary references give a fiber guideline for a period greater than 12 months.


  • The best formula for allergies in babies
  • Contains DHA, MCT oil


  • A bit Expensive

8. Similac Advance Step 2 Baby Formula Powder

Similac Advance Step 2 Non-gmo Baby Formula Powder, 6-24 Months, Green, 964g

C $43.98
C $39.58
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Similac delivers a collection of products that are suitable for the unique needs of your baby. The first years of a baby’s life are essential for the growth of the brain and eyes. Your baby’s food plays a vital role during this growth.

Similac Advance Phase 2 baby formula will help you and your baby have the food needed during critical growth. It provides an exclusive DHA, lutein, and natural vitamin E+ combination to help your child’s development as the baby moves to an extensive range of solid foods and milk.

DHA is an omega-3 fat present in breast milk and is an essential building block in the brain and eyes of your infant. It has an easy-to-scoop powder tub as well as an easy-to-prepare liquid concentrated format. 

Similar Advance Phase 2 baby formula is an enriched calcium solution intended to sustain babies for 6-24 months while transitioning to a spectrum of solid foods. Often cover the foil pouch to keep the formula safe. Snap the lid and keep it calm, dry, and don’t keep it in the fridge.


  • The best alternative for mother’s milk
  • Easy digestion
  • It helps kids with constipation


  • Short shelf life 

9. Nestle Good Grow Stage 3 Nutritional Toddler Drink

NESTLÉ GOOD GROW Stage 3 Nutritional Toddler Drink, 12+ months, Milk Flavour, 850 g

C $25.99
C $21.98
as of June 4, 2023 12:29 am

Nestlé Good Grow Stage 3 Nutritious Drink for Toddlers is a daily drink to satisfy the nutritional needs of children 1 to 3 years old. It is the only child drink with the probiotic B. lactis, which supports the immune function of your growing child.

It is a drink flavored with dairy products that can be quickly added to your baby’s diet and served as food or as a food snack. Nestle Good Grow contains 27 nutrients, including iron, calcium, and vitamin D, contributing to your infant’s average growth and development. 

It also includes DHA, an omega-three fat for average growth of the brain and eye. Even if a mother’s breast milk is never equal to a formula, this toddler drink powder provides your baby with all the essential vitamins the baby can obtain from breast milk. This milk formula is carefully crafted in a box-sized bag to improve protection, hygiene, and comfort. The recipe comes with a scoop to promote your work.


  • It helps your baby to gain weight
  • Provides the best nutrition for kids
  • Provides good sleep


  • Expensive

Formula Milk Buying Guide

What is a Baby Formula?

Baby formula is milk which is changed to include nutrients similar to breast milk. The baby formula contains vitamins, nutrients, and fats that cannot be present in cow’s milk to provide babies or children with the food they need to improve their health.

Types of Baby Formula

There can be a variety of brand name formulas and different choices of recipes for specific products. Generally, there are three types of baby formula – powder, liquid concentrate, and ready-to-use. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and often mothers have a choice on hand to choose the best procedure according to the scenario.

1. Powder

These formulas take longer to prepare, and you have to pay extra attention, mainly to mix them with water. You must ensure the clean and safe use of water. The powdered milk is offered to the baby in a Sippy cup to make it better for infants to down milk. This formula is long-lasting and cost-effective.

2. Ready to use

This formula is ready to use, as no mixing or calculation is required. Anyone can help you feed the baby and will have no problem preparing it. They just have to open the cap and serve the baby.

This is also the safest solution to feed your infant, especially if you are concerned about water protection. There is no danger of infection, which can occur when other types of milk formula are prepared. The only downside is that they have a short shelf life. These formulations are often very expensive.

3. Liquid Concentrate

You should mix the same pieces of formula and water with specific procedures. Therefore, you must be extra careful when planning for the proper calculation. Make sure you follow all the instructions closely as you make the formula. They are cheaper than those that are ready to use and are pricey than those in powder form.

Different Ingredients in Baby Formula

Selecting the primary ingredient is the first choice parents have to take regarding the formula of their baby. Here are some of the popular ingredients used in the baby formula for an infant.

  • Cow Milk-Based Formula

These formulas are rich in protein, and the main ingredient is cow milk. Suppliers adjust milk protein to promote the digestion of infants. Many children enjoy and are doing well with this formula. 

It provides the correct nutritional mix, and many children can easily digest it. Some infants, however, are allergic to milk and therefore need other types of formulas. Cow’s milk baby formulas can be the most popular and less expensive and is a primary choice for many parents unless their doctors suggest another recipe for their child.

  • Soy-based

These formulas are made from soy protein. This formula is useful in certain unusual metabolic diseases that need certain dietary conditions, such as galactosemia. These are the best choices for you if you wish to remove animal proteins from your infant’s diet. It can also be an alternative for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk. But it is not suitable for babies allergic to both soy and dairy.

  • Hydrolyzed 

Protein hydro isolate formulas are an alternative for babies allergic to soy and milk. Protein is hydrolyzed or broken down into smaller components of these formulations to make digestion simpler.

It also has unique formulations for babies who have particular nutritional needs or special medical conditions. Please speak to your doctor before you purchase the right food for your child.

  • Lactose-free 

You will need to give lactose-free milk if your baby is lactose intolerant. Cow milk allergies can cause colic, extreme crying for three or more hours a day. The doctor can suggest using another type of soy formula or other sugar that substitutes lactose like maize syrup for your baby.

  • Extra Nutrients

Some infant formula products are added with extra food and proteins. Many are loaded with iron, which improves bone and muscle formation, while others include DHA, ARA, fatty omega-3 acids essential for developing a healthy brain and eye. Some use prebiotics and probiotics, but these are already present in breast milk and are not needed for daily breastfeeding if you use this formula as a supplement.

  1. Iron: Iron is a crucial mineral that helps to create muscle and bone. Iron is believed to induce constipation, but it is a bit of a mistake since the volume of baby formula does not usually help cure it.
  2. Prebiotics/Probiotics: These foods are designed to help metabolism and relieve babies with muscle weakness disorders. Most infant formulas are strictly formulated for responsive bellies.
  • DHA/ARA: Synthesized fatty acids are initially present in breast milk, and one or more of these ingredients are in most available formulations. It is essential for the healthy development of the brain and eyes.

Age Limit for the use of Baby Formula

The primary source of nutrients should be breast milk or formula feeding before the baby is 12 months old. Babies do not want the formula, but parents still tend to keep up with the procedure after 12 months. Here is a short description of the stage format that is an ideal fit for your kid.

  • Stage-1: Step-1 or beginner formulations are ideal for infants up to 12 months of age.
  • Stage-2: Follow-on formula may take six months, but it’s up to you whether or not to do it – apart from the significantly higher protein and minerals in the latter, there is no distinction between the starter and the corresponding formula.
  • Stage-3: Formulas for small children aged one year or above.
  • Stage-4: Formulas for kids two years of age and older. These formulas are not popular among various manufacturers, meaning that kids of this generation can use the phase 3 formula.

 Benefits of using Baby Formula

  • Convenient

 Mother is made the only one able to feed the baby by breastfeeding. As a result, the mother will rest a little to no time because they must still be with the infant. It also becomes a concern to run any other orders in the house while they are alone. Everybody can feed the baby if using baby formula. 

You should share your wife’s feeding tasks, mightily when you struggle to sleep at night. You will even have the opportunity to return to work during maternity leave.

  • No limits on childbirth

The mother must eat special meals and be limited to taking a few liquids during her breastfeeding. You can eat all you want with formula feeding. You don’t even have any trouble taking medications, and there won’t be any complications for your kids.

  • Family bonding

A baby always connects to the person who supplies food. That’s why children interact efficiently with their mothers. Formula feeding permits almost all to feed the infant and helps them to bond. Your kid will have a close bond with the father, family, caregivers, and everyone else who takes time to feed them.

  • You will know how much the kid needs. 

You must give your baby the amount they need for formula feeding in compliance with the directives provided. You can also calculate the volume the baby can take at a given time. This exercise gives you the ability to see how long your baby brings to satisfy themselves. You will never tell your kid how much milk you have collected while you are breastfeeding.

  • No production issues

At times the mother contains no milk while breastfeeding and does not entirely please the little one. The mother needs to take specific foods to change or raise the quantity of milk.

You will never have to fear that your baby will not get enough milk to please the kid in formulation feeding. Everything you need to do is weigh the required amount, plan, and feed your infant.

  • Helpful when the mother is sick

There is a problem when a breastfeeding mother gets ill. She may be too low to breastfeed or take medicines that keep her from breastfeeding. And if the mother falls sick, it will have no consequence while the baby drinks on the milk.

  • No safety issues for public feeding

Some moms feel about breastfeeding openly and being ashamed, and searching for discrete spaces to feed them. You will never go through all this with formula feeding. You can provide your infant safely in public using a baby feeding bottle. 

  • Freedom to dress

 Breastfeeding decreases the use of mom’s clothing as it is impossible to breastfeed in these clothes. They will never wear any dress. However, they want until the baby gets old. Feeding a baby with a formula lets you dress in whatever outfit you choose.

  • Contains essential nutrients 

 You won’t have to think about having essential nutrients and minerals by feeding your infant a dairy formula. Many formulations contain the necessary vitamin D and iron for young children.

 How to prepare Baby Formula?

Formula preparation is comparatively simple as it sounds. Whichever substance you use to feed your infant, you must be sure that the utensils are clean to prevent health issues with your baby.

  • Check the date of expiry.

The first move is to keep a check on the expiry date, regardless of what a brand is or who takes it to you. Undoubtedly you do not want to take a chance with the well-being of your infant. So, checking for the expiry date before opening will help to replace it.

  • Never accept defective packaging.

 Formula goods are made after many checking procedures. Also, they are maintained in airtight containers to guarantee protection and hygiene. Try to replace it if you see a minor flaw. Never forget that the bacteria will develop in it, which is terrible for your children.

  • Prepare the bottle for use.

 Sterilization is an essential step before and after use. Take a new bowl and then sterilize. After boiling the water for five minutes, place the container inside the tub in warm water. Close the cap and heat the water for more than five minutes. Don’t hesitate to bring the nipples inside with the lid of the bottle.

  • Use Sterilized water

 Heat the water and pour it into the container in another clean utensil. You should keep a clean water bottle at room temperature to ensure that the water is not too hot. Take warm water often and still ensure to have warm water first and then pour the powder.

  • Add the defined quantity of milk formula.

If your bottle and water are ready and spilled the right quantity of water, take the scoop to get the powder in. Add the specified amount of powder so that it will quickly digest in the little stomach. Don’t think that your baby will develop faster if you feed more. It is entirely false, and it can be harmful to the health of your baby.

  • Cover and Shake

Take the lid of the bottle until you have added the proper water and powder and tighten it. When closed tightly, shake well to make it easier to absorb and mix the powder well.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Baby Formula 

  1. Age 

There are different formulas for children of various ages. Make sure you buy the baby formula according to the age of your baby. This is because other procedures have different compositions of nutrients for varying periods. You should never feed a baby formula suitable for a toddler to an infant.

  1. Iron

Make sure you have iron in the baby formula you choose for your infant. You have to note that even breastfeeding mothers should get a supplemental intake of iron for their kids from time to time. You should only skip iron-rich milk if the doctor tells you not to use it for your baby.

  1. DHA/ARA 

Obtain a formula consisting of these fatty acid synthesizers. The DHA and ARA are fats present in breast milk and are the ones that improve the healthy development of the brain and the eye.

  1. Probiotic and Prebiotic

Probiotic bacteria are found in the intestines that help break down food and avoid bugs that cause your infant’s illness. Try getting these ingredients in a formula, especially if your child is suffering from diarrhea after using other procedures.

On the other hand, prebiotics stimulates and encourage probiotic development. You typically need not use a probiotic formula when you alternate between breastfeeding and formula feeding, as breast milk does.

  1. Accessibility

Be sure it is available in your local store before using a new brand or style of formula. You do not want to buy a recipe you can’t find if you’re going to replace it. Such a condition can make it difficult for your baby to adapt to a slightly different procedure.

  1. Efficiency

You should know how your baby tolerates the formula before you buy it. If possible, ask the vendor about the flavor of the procedure. But you must do a lot of tests at the beginning before you get the one that suits your baby. After you feed your infant for some time, you need to know if the baby is developing correctly. Otherwise, it is time for you to get a new formula for baby milk.

  1. Price 

Baby milk formulas come at a very high price, which means that you must know your budget before buying one. Check for a procedure that is inexpensive but also fits your baby. The expense should not compromise the consistency of a recipe you intend to feed your baby.

Tips to follow when using Baby Formula

  1. Make sure you feed your baby to the most significant degree possible; pushing more will lead to several issues
  2. Hold the baby upright after feeding and restrict its playtime after feeding. You may not want your baby to begin to vomit after meals.
  3. Don’t heat your body with a microwave to feed your baby. Ovens heat inefficiently and leave the bottle with hot zones that can burn the mouth of your infant. 
  4. Clean your hands before washing your baby’s feeding bottle with scentless soap.
  5. Ensure you keep the bag-packed baby formula in the fridge and get it when you want to use it. Never use it after a longer storage time. Most recipes prepared will last 24 hours only. 
  6. Always clean and sterilize your baby bottles before using them to feed your baby.
  7. Do not offer cow’s milk for babies less than one year. 
  8. Always remove the leftover milk from the bottle. 
  9. Make sure you carry the infant at all times while you feed it. Never leave the baby unattended because this might trigger a shock. 

10.Always feed the baby with the necessary amount of formula. Avoid using fewer scoops than the number mentioned in the instructions when preparing the recipe. This would reduce the concentration of the milk and restrict the right amount of water your baby needs.


The formula is the only realistic or required alternative for feeding their infants. There are various formula choices available. This makes it very difficult to select the best procedure for your infant. However, Breast milk can always be the primary choice for any mother, but all recipes meet your baby’s basic nutritional needs and healthy living.

The truth is that each formula has the necessary ingredients your infant requires to succeed when choosing a baby formulation. Every procedure mentioned in this guide will support you in feeding your kid. While none of these formulas will substitute the mother’s milk, the baby can get all the nutrients to grow and develop. 

Choose the one you know will suit the best for your child and also your budget. You can always try another one if it doesn’t work on your kid. Seeking your doctor’s advice on what is best for your baby and making your baby balance on the selection will help you choose the baby and your budget.