Best Hand Mixer Canada Reviews 2023

The Hand mixer is an utensil or an equipment which is mostly used in kitchen for beating, whipping and also for other mixing procedures. It can be used either manually or with the help of an gear driven instrument.

Hand mixer has a set of beaters or blades which help in mixing process and these are given as attachments to mixer set while purchasing.

Top Hand Mixer Canada Reviews

1. Hamilton beach electric hand mixer

This mixer has five attachments which consists of various types of blenders including the traditional ones and dough beaters along with a whisk which can be cleaned easily and allow the user to quick mix of all ingredients in a recipe which is to be prepared.

This mixer has six speeds which allow the user to adjust this mixer accordingly the recipe prepared starting from the slow one so that the mixture is not splattered in the surroundings. It also contains a quick burst button that gives a power boost to the mixer at any speed except at the first speed which is slow and this helps in quick mixing of items in less time but accurately. This mixer is available in red color weighing about 1.59 kg.

This mixer shows its maximum power at the peak power of about 275 watts. This mixer comes with a handy snap on case for convenient storage as well as transport. The storage space is given for the mixing attachments to prevent their loss and all the instruments can be at one place in time of need. This mixer also has an eject button which helps in removing the attachments of the mixer as quickly as possible. There is a option of bowl rest feature which allows the mixer to rest on the bowl so that the dripping of mixture also can be stopped which maintains cleanliness in the kitchen over the counter top.

2. Black + decker helix hand mixer

This mixer has nylon made helix beaters design which are much more improved version for quick and comfortable mixing and also helps in improving the performance of the mixer as the beaters overlap over maximum power. This mixer allows the ingredients to mix in all directions and properly. This mixer also has 2x beater surface area that allows for increased contact with the items and also allows complete mixing of items present inside the bowl.

The mixer has two dough hooks along with two helix beaters and a wire whisk as attachments which can be used in making of cakes, batters for cookies or whipped creams homemade whipped egg whites which are used in many recipes and not only these, it is also used in making spreads and dips. This one has 5 speeds along with maximum turbo boost. This power boost gives an power to the mixer at any setting or any speed. This mixer provides with an initial speed that is slow to prevent splattering of the mixture over the counter top. The attachments given along with the mixer set are kept in the specially designed storage place which also has a snap on cover to cover it. The mixer also has an auto eject button which helps in quick cleanup that ejects all the attachments which are attached to the mixer. This attachments are all dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily.

The power or watts that is consumed by the mixer is 250 watts. It is available in various colors such as red, blue, black, yellow, green suiting to your taste. It also has heel and bowl rest feature which allows the mixer to rest upright over the bowl so that the mixer is placed properly.

3. Dash compact hand mixer

This product is weighed about 816 grams and is made of plastic material and is lightweight and allows the user to hold properly without much problem. The product is a small and easy to store mixer which can properly fit in a small sized apartment or college hostel. This one has 3 speeds i.e, low, medium and high based on which proper mixing without the presence of any kinds of lumps or improper mixing. These speeds help in proper mixing of the ingredients in the bowl and this mixer can be given as a perfect gift to any person

The storage of the attachments which is because of the small size of the attachments attached to the mixer. This mixer also has an eject button which helps in ejection of beaters and blenders attached to the mixer. Use of beaters and blenders are easy due to presence of storage clip which is present in the side of appliance so that to ensure proper storage.

It comes with an year guarantee along with a pair of beaters and a recipe book and recipe database access. The non electrical parts of this mixer can be safely washed in dish washer. It uses 150 watt power. As the mixer is small in size, it can be easily fitted in a drawer in the kitchen.

4. Totobay milk frother and drink and egg beater/mixer

This product is used in making latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate. It has two stainless steel whisks which is balloon whisk and normal whisk. The eggs beaten with the help of balloon whisker and frothing of milk is done by normal whisk.

This product is rechargeable with the help of USB pin. It has variable speeds – low (for fruit juices and milkshakes), medium speed (hot chocolate and matcha tea) and high speed (for latte and cappuccino). This speed is changed according to the requirement and a slow speed is available for proper and slow mixing of the ingredients inside the bowl.

The mixer has a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows the user not change the batteries of the product frequently. The battery capacity is 1200mAh which can be used for almost 180 times upon fully charged.

This mixer’s design makes it easier to use and less weight and comfortable to hold. This product has a specialty that it does not slip even the user’s hand is covered with sweat. This frothed gives proper frothing to the milk which is equivalent to the hotel or a cafe style which provides coffee or latte or cappuccino and also all other kinds of coffee can be made with the help of this product.

This blender has motor that makes low noise. The design of this blender is such a way that it can be washed and cleaned easily.

This product is much more improved in new version that is easy to remove and attach the instruments which are safe and durable to use. So that the milk is frothed properly, the temperature of the milk is maintained at 60°c or 140°F.

5. Cuisinart HM – 50 mixer

This hand mixer uses about 220 watts power and is equipped with 5 speeds adjustment. Changing between the speeds of the motor is easy and a single and simple touch step to required for shifting in between the speeds of the motor. This mixer is available in four colors namely white, black, sugared plum and in pink.

This product has beaters as attachments which are easily washable and maintained easily and these can also be cleaned with the help of dishwasher safely. A lever is attached to the mixer which is used for ejecting the beaters attached to the mixer.

This mixer can be stored easily and has adjustable speeds. This product is given with a spatula along with the attachments and a recipe book. This product is built or designed according to the standards of American electrical products.

6. Decan electric hand mixer

This product is available in silver color only. This hand mixer consists of various sets of attachments that include beaters and dough hooks that help in quick and proper mixing.

It comes with six different speeds along with the turbo speed function which suits all the mixing tastes of the user. The turbo speed of the mixer helps in quick blending. The speed can be changed from slow to high so that the splattering of the mixture is prevented. It can be used in whipping cream, mixing and kneading dough and also making cake.

The maximum power of this mixer is 300 watts which improves mixing and helps in removal of other mixing problems in the kitchen.

It is made of complete stainless-steel which makes it more durable than others of its kind having other materials.

It comes with 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks as attachments for this item.

7. Jemotek hand held mixer

This hand held mixer comes with a motor which consumes about 300 watts power. It has five speeds which help in ranging the power of the blending from low to high. For smooth blending, the zero speed of the mixer is used.

The turbo function of this mixer gears up for the speed up of every gear. To dismantle as well as to switch from hand mixer is easy in this product by a single touch.

It comes with a storage stand which is creative and is light in weight and saves space. The attachments which are given along with this mixing set are 2 stainless steel wider beaters and 2 dough hooks which help in quick mixing of the items.

Since it is so comfortable in use and is about 1.5 lbs in weight so it can be operated by single hand conveniently.

8. Lovimela hand blender

This hand mixer has 300 watts powerful motor which reduces the time taken for mixing. It can mix butter and sugar uniformly within a minute.

The attachments which are given along with this mixer are made of stainless steel and are safe to use and are durable for a long time. The powerful motor of the mixer is also durable for a long time as the shell of the motor is made by ABS.

This mixer has five speeds which can be adjusted from low to high speed accordingly to prevent messy mixing or splattering of the ingredients.

There is one button eject system in this product and the blades are removed from the mixer only when the motor is at zero speed so that no wrong operation can take place with the mixer.

It has one year warranty and also 24×7 customer service.

9. KitchenAid cordless hand mixer

The product has no cord i.e, it is cordless and it is available in various colors. The power consumption is 110 volts. The lithium ion battery which is rechargeable is present which provides with proper time and also has indicators which are present to indicate when it is time of charging the battery.

It has quick chargeable battery which upon charging for just 10 mins can help in mixing of an entire cake batter properly and it can make almost 200 cookies when the product is fully charged and can charge in just two hours from empty to complete full.

It is designed in such a way that it can stand on its own without much problem and the blades or beaters are lifted up.

This product has seven speeds which can be easily shifted from low to high speed based on the requirement of the user.

10. Shardor Electric hand mixer

This hand mixer has motor that has 359 watt power along with five speeds and also turbo boost and weighs about 1.39 kg. This five speeds range from slow to fast whipping. In order to reduce the splattering, the initial speed is slow and gradually increases the speed. The turbo boost provides boost to any change in speed.

It is given along with two beaters, two dough hooks and a whisk as attachments to the mixing set. These attachments can be stored in the storage space which reduces the space taken also it becomes easier to store. These attachments are made by stainless steel which makes them more safe and durable for use.

These attachments are easy to clean and can be removed from the mixer by the help of an eject button. These attachments can be cleaned safely with the help of dishwasher. The whiskers are used for egg whites and milk and the hooks are used for making heavy doughs and cake batters easily and the beaters are used for egg yolks and making of biscuits.

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