Best Headphones under 100$ Canada 

Who wouldn’t love music?? People prefer plugging headphones to their mobile while jogging, cycling and while doing other activities for relaxation. Headphones are more comfortable compared to earphones, they fit perfectly and do not slip while you move around. Make sure you select the headphones with a good sound quality, good fit and cord that is ideal for your device. You’ll no longer suffer with the disturbing noises in your surroundings. Some people do not like the airplane roars, traffic sounds or horns, headphones are highly beneficial in such cases. 

Make sure the headband doesn’t  not apply a lot of pressure troubling your ears or head. These headphones under 100 $ minimizes your expenditure and comes with great features and performance. Wireless headphones are costly compared to the wired  headphones. Some people might not like wired headphones so wireless headphones are ideal for such people. Some headphones also allow you to connect to Bluetooth for additional usage. If the price is low that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other specifications, they also have good sound quality and multiple features which are perfect for music or game lovers.

We have listed down a few headphones with all the necessary features in a low budget:

Best Headphones under 100$ Canada

1. Sony WH-CH510 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Sony is a classy brand which manufactures durable products with good efficiency. These headphones come in a posh black color, it is smartly designed which functions wirelessly, can be operated easily- the buttons are located right below the ear cups which allows you to pause , play, control the volume levels or connect your cable to charge when the battery goes down. This model was introduced in the year 2019 which has a built in microphone and is compatible with any device which has the bluetooth connect option- be it PC, Laptop, Android or MAC. 

The range of the headphones is 30mm which ensures good and loud sound avoiding all the disturbances in your surroundings to experience the amplified sound, the battery lasts upto 35 hours. The earcups are designed compact and flat which can easily fit in the pouch or box making it easy for you to carry on the go. You can make or answer calls smartly without touching your phone, everything can be done using the smart voice assistant- making or answering calls, knowing the temperature, latest news, etc making it simple and smart. 

These headphones are highly comfortable with the soft cushioned ear cups satisfying you with the good sound quality and deep bass. The best headphones available at low price and smart multiple features. 

2. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Headphones

The headphones come in a classy black color which is compatible with any device that supports bluetooth connect option. It assures high sound quality and a deep bass. This model was launched in the year 2018 manufactured by Sennheiser. The battery on fully charged lasts upto 25 hours, it has an inbuilt microphone, the headband fits perfectly and can be adjustable for comfort fit, it is made of standard materials ensuring durability and is highly efficient. 

The ear pads are made of leather giving you that soft touch without any irritation and are skin friendly. It comes with a case that stores the headphones and makes it easy for you to carry while you travel or perfect for those long journeys, has a USB cable to charge when the battery is low, you can adjust the volume levels, switch between tracks, answer or make calls smartly with the Sennheiser Wireless headset. 

The headphones can also be used wired with the cable adapter. It blocks the outside noise and assures a crystal clear voice while on calls and a good sound quality when the music is played. It takes 3-4 hours to be fully charged and they are also very comfortable with or without glasses. It is recommended to use the headphones for limited hours as putting on for longer hours may affect your ears. 

3. Audio-Technica Professional Headphones

These headphones come in a M20x style also available in three different sizes. These headphones ensure great quality and good audio sound approved by professionals. It is suitable for both recording and regular use for music addicts. This model is loved by all kinds of users be it gamers, music addicts or professionals. The cups fit perfectly to experience the best sound quality. The materials are robust in nature and are highly durable. 

These headphones are specially made for audio mixing, recording and other studio actions. They are made of robust materials for efficiency and durability. The oval shaped cups ensure superior sound quality avoiding all the other noises or disturbances around. The headphones are light in weight and can be easily carried along wherever you go for your personal relaxation. 

The professional headphones come in a classy black color, the best headphones you can get at low price and multiple features with great performance, rich in quality and perfect for gaming. They are so comfortable that you don’t sense them after being put on with or without glasses. You can also connect these headphones to your PC or any other devices having Bluetooth connect option. Audio-Technica gives you a 2 year warranty on purchase of these headphones.

4. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless headphones come in Black color also available in Silver color. This model was introduced in the year 2019 compatible with any kind of device which has Bluetooth support option and has a built in microphone. It avoids all kinds of disturbances in your surroundings ensuring clear sound. Featured uniquely with 4 microphones for eliminating external noises. The ear cups perfectly fit your ears and are made of leather they are ultra smooth, can be rotated in various angles and skin friendly. The battery stays upto 40 hours, has a range of 40mm assures deep bass you can double tap the play button for more intensity, perfect for traveling or for people at work. The headband can be adjusted to fit perfectly, giving you a 4 hour battery when charged for 5 minutes. 

The headphones can be foldable, it comes in a box which contains a pouch which allows you to carry your headphones and a cable to charge when the battery is low. You can also speak on calls which assures clear voice blocking all the other noises. You can simply enable the hybrid active noise cancellation mode for the best experience. It is recommended to keep the volume in low levels, and should be set under 100dB. You can also connect them to the TV’s which have a bluetooth connection. Gives you utmost relaxation in the gym or on the go. It is given an 18 months warranty.

5. COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones

This model was introduced in the year 2015 manufactured by COWIN. These headphones come in a stylish black colour packed in a box, also ideal to gift your mates. Featured with qualitative soft ear pads fits perfectly comforting you with the good sound quality, it is light in weight and can be carried along while travelling, jogging, etc. The effective sound quality minimizes noises that can be heard while travelling or any other disturbances. You can also connect the headphones to your mobile wirelessly. The battery lasts up to 30 hours when kept in Bluetooth mode, has an inbuilt microphone and is perfect for long journeys.

The wireless headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, the high sound quality allows you to hear only the music preventing other sounds around. The noise cancelling headphones takes you into your music world completely. To protect the headphones, COWIN has designed a case which is really hard from the outside keeping it safe from external damages and helps you to carry it easily. Provides all kinds of services or repairs for 18 months from the date of purchase. It recommended to avoid continuous usage of headphones to relax your ears and also to ensure good sound quality. It takes 4 hours to be fully charged.

These headphones are highly comfortable and you can wear them for hours, you can also use them as wired headphones without connecting to the Bluetooth. Has a good bass quality and standard materials are used for long lasting performance.

6. Beexcellent Gaming Headphones

These headphones are specially designed for gaming. Those game addicts would definitely love these headphones, it has a range of 40mm which ensures clear and loud sound isolating you from the surrounding noises and involves you in your world. These headphones are highly comfortable to wear, skin friendly suitable for all age groups be it children, adults or old age people. The ear cups are a perfect fit for your ears providing good sound quality without any compression, it is designed with LED lights they turn on when in use. 

It is featured with a microphone that enables or catches the voice with utmost clarity either in gaming or video calls, Voice chats, etc. It is designed with a scroll that allows you control the volume levels, it has an included USB extension cable of 1.5m long with a good bass, the microphone can be on, off or muted and rotates 120 degrees. The professionally designed headphones are compatible with XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE S, PS4, desktop, Android, PC and IPAD, Microsoft requires an adapter to function. 

This headset cannot be connected to Bluetooth. The sound is crystal clear and feels realistic as if you are a part of the game, blocks all the outside noises and disturbances. It is given a 5 year warranty. It is so far the best headphones for gaming and is highly recommended. 

7. AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones
  • Professional studio headphones
  • Semi-open
  • 3 m replaceable cable
  • Audio Interface type: Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter

These headphones are specially designed for professional use. It is featured with a 3m replaceable cable, comes in Gold color. These headphones are the latest version of classic AKG K 240 Monitor. The oval shaped ear pads ensure sound quality, deep bass and minimizes the other noises in your surroundings for the best experience. 

These AKG K headphones were introduced in the 20’s and were mostly used for recording, mixing, creating productive stuff at the studios. It is designed to be broad at the centre and narrow towards the end for perfect fit and effective listening. The headphones are made of standard materials ensuring durability and perfect for tough and rough use, this can also be bent and  put on one ear. Perfect for DJ or other live shows.

It has a detachable cable which is 3m long, has an adaptable jack plug and the earpads can be replaceable. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for audiophiles, you feel like experiencing the real sound which is lifelike enhancing the music and is highly recommended by professionals. You wouldn’t regret buying this and it is truly worthy.  

8. Samson Professional Studio Reference Headphones

These headphones are placed over the ear specially designed for professionals. The headphones are semi open with soft cushioned ear pads and fits perfectly on your ears, adjust the headband for the perfect fit. It has an effective range of 50mm drive to experience noise free music and deep bass. It comes in classy black color and is light in weight and can be easily carried along with you on the go. It is almost half the price of other professional headsets with multiple features. 

It comes with a 2.5m long cable, the head band has no padding yet it becomes extremely comfortable once put on and you rarely feel that. It works with all kinds of devices that have a headphone jack, the cable is attached and cannot be removable. The headphones are perfect for gaming and studio recording. It is made of robust materials for long lasting performance, the cord is long enough to be fixed as per your preference, has a qualitative adapter, ensures deep bass and high sound quality. These headphones are inexpensive and perfect for regular use.

9. Tribit Xfree Bluetooth Headphones

The headset is designed classy and comes in black color, looks great on the go. The headphones can be foldable, it comes with a case which makes it easy for you to carry while travelling, jogging or can be worn in the gym. The headband is padded and is ultra smooth, comforts you with the soft touch without causing irritation and is skin friendly, the headband can be adjustable for giving you the perfect fit and comfort. 

It takes 4 hours to be fully charged and the battery lasts upto 40 hours. It has an inbuilt battery of 580MAH and can be recharged. Has a range of 40mm drivers which assures deep bass and high sound quality. The wireless headset is extremely comfortable to wear and you can freely move on putting them. You can also use it wired by plugging into the headphone jack, it has an inbuilt microphone and is compatible with any kind of device that has the bluetooth connect option, it connects immediately when detected without any delay. 

The audio jack is 3.5mm long, featured with noise cancellation function which prevents all the external sounds or disturbances for clear voice or music. You can make or receive calls using the wireless headset, the microphone functions only in the wireless mode. The comfortable design is perfect for travelling. 

10. COWIN E7 Upgraded Noise Cancelling Headphones

The E7 pro wireless headphones come in a posh black color, the padded earpads are extremely comfortable without keeping it tight. Specially designed to avoid external disturbances and to experience the real sounds with good sound quality and deep bass. These headphones are ideal for travelling, work or on the go, the battery lasts upto 30 hours. 

This is compatible with any kind of device that supports bluetooth connection be it PC, Laptop, Android or MAC. This can be used in both wired and wireless modes, it has a 45mm range driver for better sound quality. Made of robust materials which increases the life of the headset, the headphones are light in weight and can be portable easily. It has an inbuilt microphone and allows you to make or pick calls using the wireless headphones. COWIN gives you an 18 months warranty. COWIN E7 pro is the updated version of COWIN E7 with better features, bass and sound quality. You can use this all day long but make sure you remove them after every 2-3 hours for effective functioning. The buttons are situated on the headphones for easy control- you can regulate the volume levels or pick calls by a single press. This is also a perfect gift for audiophiles, it comes in a compact box with the headset and cable.