Best Laptop Under 1000 Canada Reviews 2023

Buying a laptop can get complicated as you need to check,verify many features,As there are many laptops available in the market and figuring out what to buy is a difficult task.

When thinking of buying a laptop in a certain budget range you need to be sure that it offers all the necessary features or not.

Top Laptop Under 1000 Canada

So,here is our guide in choosing a best laptop which can offer all the necessary features in a friendly budget and can also give high performance.Here we help you find the pros and cons of a specified laptop before buying so let us have a look at some of the best laptops available under 1000.

1. Lenovo 3 14″ , 14.0″ FHD (1920 x 1080)

This laptop is from Lenovo modeled ideal pad 3 and it is a  14 inches laptop.This laptop performs all the everyday tasks efficiently.

Whether it may be used for office work or for a student purpose or for just entertainment like watching movies,series,games etc this is basically designed for all these and gives you a performance which lasts longer.

The processor on which it works is from ryzen and all comes with a radeon graphic card.The multi core processing power helps the laptop to work more faster.

The sound is clearly heard with all new Dopoundsy Audio and also the laptop is narrow so that the display is very comfortable.

Switching between Max mode and battery saving mode is done faster than normal with the help of Q control.

Bluetooth connections can be done upto 2 x 2 and the version of bluetooth available with the laptop is 4.1 and version of wifi is 5.This Lenovo laptop has a HDMI pin and three USB ports.

The webcam comes with a shutter to keep your privacy.The RAM size is 8 GB and it is a DDR 4 RAM.

Customers who bought this laptop are very much satisfied with the battery life as it lasted them longer and the overall performance of this laptop is very satisfying.

2. Asus C434TA-DSM4T ASUS Chromebook Flip

This Asus Chromebook is introduced to take the chromebook design to an ultimate next level.

This chromebook is designed in a way such that it runs all day with zero fuss as it is portable,the specifications are powerful and the look of this laptop will definitely give style goals.

It has a nano edge 14 inches display on all four sides,the bezels are very slim and the screen to body ratio is incredibly 87 percent.

To make sure that working on this laptop is comfortable they introduced a unique feature called 360 degree Ergolift hinge.

This Asus chromebook Flip has a finish with aluminium and the edges are diamond cut edges and the high quality speakers which gives a clear version of sound are from stereo and has resonant chambers which are extra large to generate high pitch audio.

This Asus laptop will give you an experience of high quality music and sound.The processor used is Intel core me 8100Y and gives faster and better performance.

Customers who bought this laptop especially loved the smooth touchpad as the control on it is smooth,gives maximum comfort,and uses a new technology called palm rejection.

3. 2018 Acer 15.6in HD Premium Business Chromebook

This 2018 Asus model is a chromebook which means the operating system of this laptop is from google.

The display of this laptop is 15.6″ inches and gives you a great watching experience and also to reduce reflection on the screen it uses a technology called Acer comfy view technology.

Now coming to the resolution,1366 x 768 HD is the resolution of this laptop and has a LED backlight.

The processor is Intel celeron processor and for basic work,multitasking it has a 4GB memory and the flash memory is 16GB.and also has an in built feature which supports cloud.The graphics card is also from intel and it is intel HD graphics 400.

It connects to the devices with the help of bluetooth version 4.2.and has two USB ports,a HDMI port to connect any streaming devices and also has in-built photo reader for the sake of photo transferring process.

Like every laptop this laptop also comes with a webcam and a microphone and also an anti virus and all the google apps are properly installed.

All the features of the Asus chromebook have impressed customers with its unique features and efficient performance.

4. Acer Nitro, 15.6″

Acer Nitro comes with a built in Windows 10 operating system and has a display of 15.6 inches has an  intel core i5 processor which has a speed upto 4.1 GHz.This laptop has a graphic card from nvidia and the model is Geforce GTX 1650.

The RAM is GDDR5 VRAM and the maximum memory of this RAM is 4GB.And also has a IPS Display facility with LED BAcklight.The screen to body ratio is increased upto 80 percent and the bezels are just 0.28 inches narrow.

The Battery has a long life and lasts long and the battery can stand upto 8 hours.This Acer Nitro has a cooling technology named Acer coolBoost Technology which has two fans which cool the system when it is used for a longer time.

When clicked on coolboost the cooling speed increases by 9 percent as the fan speed increases by 10 percent when compared to normal or auto mode.Your systems monitor can be managed with these unique nitrosense,temperature covering and speed of the fan features.

Keyboard looks very attractive with the help of the red led backlights and makes gaming interesting and also allows you to type in dark.The WASD keys and arrow keys are placed in a way so that they are easily accessible.

Now coming to the connectivity,This acer Nitro comes with a high range of connection options.Mainly WIFI the WIFI connectivity is dual band and also increases the average network connectivity by 3 times.

Apart from all these features there is one most loved feature and it is the sound capacity of  this laptop it  delivers smooth and clear sound with easy navigation through volume.This feature surprised every customer as it really impressed them with its sound quality.

5. HP EliteBook 840 G2 14in Laptop

This HP EliteBook 840 G2 comes with in built windows 10 operating system and has a 5th generation intel i5 processor.This processor gives you highly efficient performance and system speed is maintained.

To make sure that the performance of this laptop is optimal it has 8GB RAM and also has 256GB SSD card and has a webcam and microphone which can be activated whenever you want.

The 14 inches long screen will give you a great watching experience along with a great gaming experience.This HP EliteBook has a 64 bit operating system.

HP is one of  the most loved brand and also the famous one and never disappoints you and also the features in this laptop are just best for you if you are a student or an employee working from home.It has every feature a basic laptop should have and also its RAM size is impressive and massive files can be saved.

6. Asus ZenBook  Flip 14 UltraSlim Convertible Laptop

This Asus ZenBook Flip 14 UltraSlim Convertible Laptop brings you a whole new watching experience with its new NanoEdge Design.Working on this laptop or playing or watching,all these experiences give you a great time with zero distraction with slim bezels.

To secure the laptops screen certainly at an angle it has a 360 degree engroLift hinge which is silk smooth.when the display goes beyond 135 degrees using keyboard may become uncomfortable to avoid this it also has an option to lift the keyboard.

This Asus Zenbook has a convenient way to connect to the internet.You can both connect to wifi and any wireless internet without high difficulty.And also the input and output ports are certainly corporate with  you in establishing a convenient connection.

No need to type password every time while logging in as all new infrared (IR) camera will recognize you and allow you to access the system.This Facial recognizing technique is 100 percent safe and is highly tested.

To give you a cinematic sound experience asus has collaborated with  famous harman Kardon audio to produce the audio for this asus zenbook and one can bet they have done supremely great work as the sound system of this laptop will certainly give you a great listening experience with its great adjustable volume.

This Asus Zenbook is highly tested in every aspect be it altitudes,humidity or temperatures and this has graced every test with its excellence.And this laptop also gives you a great typing experience with the backlit led lights on the keyboard to give you a great gaming experience and also to make sure that typing is easy in any lighting conditions.

All the new highly established features of this Asus Zenbook has created quite a hype among the people and has reached their expectations by showcasing great performance.

7. Dell Latitude E7440 14.1in HD Business Laptop Computer

This Dell Latitude E7440 comes with built in windows 10 and has 14.1 inches display and also has led backlights.To give you great experience of gaming this laptop comes with intel integrated graphics card.

Now coming to the processor it has intel core i5 processor which is fast and has high performance rate.and also has a solid drive of 128 GB.

Now coming to the RAM it has 8GB RAM so that you can store large data and install many applications.The bluetooth version number 4 will allow you to connect your laptop to other devices efficiently.

All the features a basic computer needs are engraved in this Laptop,So that it can be used for both student purpose and also for work purpose and has been rated with good reviews by the customers for its features and the performance and also for the price as in a affordable budget they can get all the features a basic laptop should have.

8. HP Stream 11-Inch Laptop

Here comes another laptop from HP which can be used for daily work for a student or for a regular employee and comes with an  in built windows 10 operating system.The screen size is 11 inches and gives you a great working experience.

It has a feature where it automatically monitors the working condition of the PC and informs you if there is an issue with the system.Now coming to the Processor it has intel x5 processor.

This laptop is very much comfortable with google classrooms and many other apps so that your online classes can be great without any interruptions.The sound system of this laptop is also very much satisfying and gives you a great experience.

Customers who bought this laptop rated this with good ratings as it is very comfortable to use and also it can be carried easily as it is small in size when compared to other laptops.And overall gives you a great studying,working,watching and listening experience.

9. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13″ Laptop

This Lenovo Chromebook will give an all in one experience be it work from home or online class or gaming or watching it does everything with high efficiency.It has intel core processor form 10 th generation.

This gives you a personalized experience and can be adaptive to any kind of environment and also it is a 2 in 1 laptop as it has both keyboard and touch screen facility.The touch screen facility will allow you to easily interact with the system by just touching them and scrolling also is easier in touch screen.

Now coming to the display screen it has 13 inches wide screen which will give you great watching experience with narrow bezels so that the distractions can be reduced.The screen is 360 degrees convertible and works on chrome operating system called chromebook.

It has two speakers from stereo which will give you a highly clear sound and great watching experience with zero disturbance in volume and volume can be adjusted easily.The google account can be used to easily access your files,documents,spreadsheets etc.

The battery life of this laptop is very long as it can last upto 10 long hours and coming to the other features it has a built in web camera,a microphone,2 type c USB ports,a one Type A USB port,and a single audio jack for connecting any audio device.For connectivity purpose this laptop has WIFI 6 from intel and bluetooth 5.0 Version.

Lenovo is also one of the most used brands in the market and is highly appreciated by the customers for its highly rated performance so when it comes to brand then it will definitely reach your expectations.This Lenovo chromebook will give you a great watching,working and listening experience and will give you a high performance.


This Laptop from ASUS is a slim laptop with no frames and still has a web camera on the top.The four sides of the frame are nano edges and gives a feeling that there are no edges for the laptop.

Your work or your college work may need you to carry your laptop daily along with you but carrying heavy laptops may be difficult for you but this laptop just weights around 1.5 kgs and can be carried away easily.

This gives an on the go experience while working.This Vivobook 14 has many ports and they include a Type C USB port along with it there is  a HDMI port a micro SD card Reader and two USB pins of size 3.1 and 2.0.and you can connect any device to your system.

Your Typing experience can be optimized with the two degree keyboard facility and gives you access to your keyboard at any position and also the ergolift hinge.And also has a built in fingerprint sensor so that there is no need to login every single time all it takes is a single touch.

This laptop gives you a high performance and long storage capacity and also the battery life is very high and runs for a long time.The sound system of this laptop has created quite a hype as it is very clear and gives you a great watching and listening experience.With its high quality sounding system you can have a great cinematic experience at your home itself.

Customers loved this laptop for its unique features and high performance rate and also have appreciated this laptop for its stylish looks and the touch screen facility has made our work more easier.and this laptop definitely needs a try as it is affordable and easy to use.