Best Laptop Under 400 Canada

Finding a best budget laptop with all the features we want is a very hard task . With many brands offering different laptops under different price ranges and different specifications it is a bit tough to understand all the specifications they are offering at that price range and deciding whether  it is worthy and serving all our purposes .

Most of the people are not familiar with all the technological specifications, so we are here to help you out with getting to decide with the laptop choices in the market.people generally get their laptops through different channels like offline stores, e commerce websites like amazon, flipkart . 

In offline stores sales men explain us with all the  details and help us with our decision but in ecommerce websites we go with the reviews of the customers . so we are here after intense research regarding different laptops brands, specifications , prices .

Here are our top picks for laptops under 400 dollars


This  laptop has a 14 inches display with a resolution of 1366*786 pixels.It has a processor of 2.3 GHz and a RAM of 64gb .it has three USB ports . battery life is pretty good with a 37 hour stand by and batteries are made of lithium . this laptop runs on Windows 10 is portable with light weight. With the long battery life you can work for long hours and play games for a long time without overheating and any kind of hangover . this laptop has fast charging technology, this is very good for basic use for students or employees.

Most reviews tell us that it is very sleek and very portable and very easy to carry around and it will be a basic laptop to buy to start with at this price range.this brand offers a free microsoft license for one year which is a great advantage . mostly this laptop is reviewed as good with a very few cons over all

From the peoples reviews it is stated as bit slow and hangs over when used for longer periods .but the software is good on this system .it runs on mode which prevents download on unsecured content.sometimes running many multiple tabs causes the hangover to system.

2. ASUS L406MABS02CB 14 laptop

This laptop has Intel Pentium processor N5000 up to 2.7GHZ  and has a RAM of 4 gb .ASUS provides a one year free ms office 365 .This amazing piece comes with a 14 inch display and weighs 29 lbs very light weight and can be easily carried around .Battery is of  Li-ion and has a 56 hr stand by. This piece has 1920× 1080 pixel resolution,has two USB ports . Runs on windows has premium luxury feel with curvy design .Its fanless design keeps the noise low during functioning.By this feature power consumption is very low and heating is also low .It has fast charging capacity .It reaches a sixty percent in 49 mts. Battery life depends on our usage,but as usage goes battery life decrease

Many reviews also tell that this product is very good and light weight can be carried around without any difficulty. This product is loved a lot on the market and can be preferred because the processor is very good and battery life is perfect.


This laptop has intel quad core Pentium processor.comes with 14 inch screen display with a resolution if 1366*767 pixel UHD graphics. It also has wireless 802.11 ac and a bluetooth .battery life of this laptop is 5.4 hours.This is the updated version of this model with prolonged battery life .It has two USB portals .It weighs about 1.65 kgs ,it weighs more than the previous laptops . It has a memory of about 128 gb . Runs on windows 10 .RAM is 4 gb .

Mostly this product is good but it is reviewed as a product with many faulty pieces.people mostly complained that  what piece they received was having problems.If the piece was good it had good functioning. This product is better to buy when there is some offer going on .More discount will be offered during festive of the good options to go under this budget.But  a thorough check is needed during buying the product otherwise you will be troubled a bit.


This is Acer chrome ,one intelligent model from ACER .it has a 14 inch display with 4 gb RAM .Runs on intel celeron N3 160 quad core processor.screen has a resolution of 1920*1080 resolution.wifi in this device has a 802.11 ac MIMO technology.battery life is upto 12 hours, a good battery life .battery is made of lithium polymer .This product comes with a wireless mouse . Colour of the Chromebook is silver and operating system is chrome os.You can get a good high definition experience with the screen and the body is very sleek and easy to carry around.The round corners bring an elegant look to the body.

From most of the people used we came to know that this laptop lags out more and hangs very fast.It can’t handle multiple functions. Space bar of the keyboard has sensors at center which is another disadvantage.But other functioning is fine and probably this problem comes after long usage.the design is what this product is mainly admired for .This is will be good basic laptop under 400 dollars.battery life is also good in this laptop .We advise you to look for other designs before arriving at this one.


This is a model released after the ACER chromebook . This functions on intel dual core celeron N3060 .It has a 4gb RAM .This premium Chromebook comes with a 15’6 inch display larger than the chromebook version with display of 1366*768 display. Its operating system is chrome os.weighs around 2 kgs.wireless bluetooth is available with sro speakers and microphone. It has no optical drive. Battery life is not so good .it doesn’t have touch screen.It is ok for basic functioning.chromebook premium comes in black colour .it has 16 gb flash memory.but only problem is that weight is more.this laptop does not include any dvd drive.It has headphone port and USB port. It has an inbuilt web camera  with high definition. Bluetooth 4.2 on this device connects with all compatible devices Interface of this device is very good.

Based on many reviews we came to know that it’s a amazing product with many good functions.As a basic laptop it serves all our purposes .It is best for the money we put in .Coming to the display it a 15 inch display which is very good and large and gives us comfort for typing and all the basic function on the laptop .It doesn’t hang a lot.processor is very good and reduces the heat from functioning.Multiple functioning is also very comfortable in this device . Go for it guys.This is a good choice under this price section.


This laptop has 14 inches display with a resolution of  1280*800 pixels. This laptop comes with a 1 TB storage and has one year free ms office 365 access.very light weight and can be easily carried around to all places .It runs on a AMD Dual core a4 -9120 e processor. Memory is 4 gb and is not upgradable. Comes with a storage of 64gb . Runs on windows 10.weights around 1.3 kgs.has only one USB Port in this device .This model is released in jan 8 ,2023 and is not reviewed and bought due to the pandemic situation at present.It is better to weight till more pieces reach the market and reviews to roll out . Flash memory size is 64 gb .

But as per our observations the USB port no is only one which is different from other laptops on the market .Design is good and weight is low and can be easily carried around.coming to the speed out functioning it is good to expectations.doesnot hang as expected.can be used for long hours . battery life is also ok for this product. This product is released in royal blue colour only. Many other features should be reviewed for this product but overall it is a good pick for this price.



This laptop comes with a 7 th generation A6- 9225 dual core processor with a capacity up to 2.6 ghz.  RAM Is of 4 gb .screen size is 15’6 inches and has a resolution of 1366*768 high definition  LED  display.Runs on windows 10 operating system. Weighs around 1.86 kgs .And battery power is pretty good. Comes with one USB port and battery life is also good .Flash memory size is 1 tb.It doesn’t have any DVD drives, but has USB and HDMI ports for connecting with compatible has good screen resolution and display size is very large and good for typing and other activities on the laptop.

Based on the customer reviews this device worked well in the beginning and after days started to hang and some of the systems files get automatically deleted .This is not our good choice after reviewing many laptops.mostly people are reviewed for not buying this device. It may not be able to handle multiple tasks at same time .This model of lenovo is not so admired and purchased in the market .So better you guys stay away from it for the good no of negatives from the functions.