Best Lump Charcoal Canada Reviews 2023

Whether it is a breezy brunch or a nippy night if you want to cook your favourite recipes in restaurant style on a charcoal grill with your family or friends it will just become another wonderful day.

While cooking your barbeque recipes you will take a lot of care in a charcoal grill like preheating it, cleaning while it is getting hot  and oiling the grates. But what about Lump Charcoal?

Choosing a quality lump charcoal plays a significant role in your barbeque recipes. As it lends its aroma to the dishes. The best lump charcoal has some ideal characteristics such as 100% pure hardwood, having large pieces, more burning time, obtaining less amount of ash and it will not contain any artificial chemicals or additives.

Often you will get that smoky odour and even its taste while eating those charcoal grilled recipes. It is because of using poor quality charcoal which gives more smoke, more ash and they will burn fast.

Lump charcoal is produced by slow  burning of wood by removing all other natural chemicals and moisture in the absence of oxygen. As a result it gives light weighted black carbon pieces, which is very high in carbon. We call this process slow pyrolysis.

Some brands of lump charcoal claim that they will produce lump charcoal only by the logs of fallen trees, saw dust and other effective ways in order to prevent deforestation. Some take measures for reforestation. 

So, before buying a lump charcoal we need to remember all these factors. Now, we are providing some of the best lump charcoals here. Let’s have a look.

Top Lump Charcoal Canada Reviews

1. Jealous Devil 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal 

Jealous Devil lump charcoal is the most popular brand in lump charcoal as it is made from the Quebracho Blanco trees . These trees are placed among the densest woods of the world. It is the reason why it is called axe breaker hardwood. This brand corporates with government organizations and ensures to take measures on reforestation.

It is chosen by most of the restaurants because it does not produce any smoke or sparks. It produces very little amount of ash. After cooking it is easy to clean the charcoal grill.

The major features of this lump charcoal are it lights faster. It burns twice as hot as traditional charcoal. It lasts for a long time.

This charcoal is suited for both slow cooking and fast cooking. If you are cooking in a low oxygen atmosphere then this lump charcoal lasts upto 20 hours. Amazing right? Even if you want to cook in complete open air then this charcoal continuously burns up to 4 hours.

The maximum temperature that this charcoal can attain is 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is apt for meat and steaks which need high temperature. We can easily adjust the heat coming from the charcoal grill.

Customers who bought this product are highly satisfied. They said that the heat produced steady for a long time and also it is easy to put the fire on. They also said there are no spikes and not much ash.They exclaimed that this is the best charcoal they have ever used.

2. Fogo FP8 Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal 

Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal is produced from Central American hardwood which is a dense wood. Fogo hardwood comes with a single type of wood that is Oak hardwood    This lump charcoal is made from tree trimmings which are marked for removal which prevents deforestation. This brand also effectively works on reforestation with government organisations.

Fogo lump charcoal is easy to put the fire on. We can start grilling in 15 minutes. It will last longer when compared to other charcoal. Its flavour is mild and mellow and it makes us not to worry about ruining original flavours of dishes.

This is one of the lump charcoal which is available as 100% natural hardwood. There are no  extra additives or chemicals present in this charcoal.

There is no need for using lighter fluid as they don’t recommend it. Our vegetable oil is fine and simply soak it with a kitchen paper towel below the charcoal. The maximum temperature it will attain is 859°F.

It is perfect for low and slow cooking. There are no sparks while cooking. Lump charcoal comes with large pieces as 80% of pieces are quite bigger than the 4 inches.

Most customers who bought this lump charcoal are very happy and quite surprised with large pieces of charcoal. They felt that it is bit expensive but impressed with the quality of this charcoal as it is easy to light ,long burn, ability to attain high heat and sustain low and slow burns.

3. Big CP 20-Pound Bag of Natural lump Charcoal

If you want to cook something for longer hours and need larger pieces with high quality where it produces little amounts of waste then this popular Big CP 20 pound natural lump charcoal  is for you.

It is easy to put the fire on. The starting time for cooking is 10 minutes. It means it is faster than several other lump charcoal. It burns so hot and there is no point of undercooking. It produces less amount of ash. It does not have any chemicals and it is 100% made from natural hardwood. So the taste of the food remains the same even though you cook for longer hours.

Multiple customers said that it is the same as they expected. They said it has some pleasant  flavour which makes the food even better.They said it is great for slow and low cooking.

4. Pit Boss 55270 Lump Charcoal-20 KG Bag

Are you ready for your next outdoor grilling experience ? If you want to add more taste to your grilled food then you need to buy this  Pit Boss 55270 Lump Charcoal. It has the best features with reasonable price.

It is obtained from the natural hardwood of Oak and Mesquite.

It will last for a long time. It burns hotter. There will be not much ash after cooking so it is easy for cleaning.It comes with medium to small sized chunks.

It is made 100% natural and there are no additives , no fillers and no extra chemicals are added.

Customer reviews state that they are very much satisfied. It lasts for a longer time.

5. Harder Charcoal 100 Percent Natural XL Restaurant Style 

Nowadays everyone makes grilling and smoking foods but not everybody will get the taste like restaurant style. If you have this Harder Charcoal then you will easily ace the restaurant style grilling and smoking foods. 

This lump charcoal is made from 100% natural Quebracho hardwood which is known as “axebreaker” wood. This is a unique wood available in South America. It is ideal for all the top brand charcoal grills like Kamado Joe, Big green egg, Primo  etc.

This lump charcoal is obtained without cutting the trees to prevent deforestation. And it is environmentally friendly. It is best for all the grilling and smoking foods. 

This lump charcoal burns for a longer time and is also very hot when compared with remaining natural charcoal. There will be no excessive smoke coming from this charcoal and also no violent sparks.

The reviews given by most of the customers said that this is a great stuff,a lot of large pieces, responsive to airflow change to change temperature and have a great flavour.

6. Acacia BBQ Hardwood Lump Charcoal All Natural Eco Friendly from Namibia

Acacia BBQ Hardwood Lump Charcoal is made from Acacia wood available in South Africa. It is particularly very hard and useful to provide consistent heat.

This bag of lump charcoal comes with smaller pieces but burns very hot. It is an eco friendly product as it is obtained from invader bush.

It is made from 100% natural hardwood in which there are no fillers and no chemicals added.

It is easy to put the fire on. It requires less fuel when compared to other charcoal.

It is high in carbon content and low in moisture content that’s why it is best quality hardwood.

Customer reviews state that they highly recommend it because it has great flavour and the ability to reach high temperatures. It provides less ash so it is easy to clean the grill after finishing cooking.They also said that the charcoal itself has good aroma and burning time is very long as it is having consistent solidity which is professionally manufactured.

7. Primo 608 Natural Lump Charcoal, 20-Pound Bag

Primo 608 natural lump charcoal is ideal use for Primo’s charcoal grill. If it is used for Primo then once used charcoal will be reused multiple times. 

While cooking for low and slow foods then this lump charcoal lasts upto 36 hours.If we consider average usage then this full bag of lump charcoal can be used for 35 cooks.

This 20 pound bag of lump charcoal is less weight considering remaining other charcoal. It will ignite faster and also burns very hot. This lump charcoal does not contain any tars and other dangerous chemicals.

Even if you cook with seasoned wood in combination with this Primo’s lump charcoal it will give amazing smoky flavour.

Several users who bought this lump charcoal said that they liked this product even though these are small chunks. Some said it burns hotter and it is less weight.

8. Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Rockwood all natural hardwood lump charcoal is produced from Hickory, Maple, Oak and Pecan. It is obtained from natural and renewable resources. They claimed that not even a single tree is cut down for producing this lump charcoal. It is particularly made from timber milling leftover hardwood.

It is used for slow burning and it produces little amounts of ash.It is easy to ignite the fire. It heats up quickly. It is suitable for all types of grills and smokers.It contains uniform medium sized lumps.

The paper bag it is made and the soy based inks it is used for are recyclable and landfill-safe. Even if it is burned it does not produce dangerous fumes. The maximum temperature it will attain is 990°F

The reviews said that this lump charcoal burns well with very little parking. It has nice heat and flavour.

9. Blues Hog 8003504 20 lbs Premium Blend Lump Charcoal

This Blue Hog Lump Charcoal is the best choice for both professional and personal use. It  comes with a reasonable price and which is value for your money.  It is made from  single sourced hardwood.

The quality of this product is very nice. It lasts for a longer time. It is useful  for slow and low cooking and also for fast cooking. The flavour it gives to our food is worthwhile.

Customer reviews state that the quality of the product is amazing. It lasts for a longer time when compared with other lump charcoal.

10. Big K Real Hardwood Lumpwood Charcoal

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If you want to surprise your friends and family with restaurant style barbeque recipes then you need to choose this real hardwood lump charcoal.

This is made 100% natural residual hardwood and does not contain any harmful chemicals and additives. It lasts for a longer time and provides consistent heat throughout the cooking.

It comes four 5 kg sacks of lump charcoal with large to medium sized lumps.

Most of the customers who bought this lump charcoal are very much satisfied.They said that this product is exactly what they are expected. It comes with super quality and very easy to use. It gives the food an authentic BBQ taste.

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