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1. What does “Made to Order” mean?

Made to Order means each piece will be made just for you once you place an order. We don’t have any extra in stock.

Here is a snap of the process: You make an order –> We send them to the designer –> Your orders will be in production –> We will ship out to you once it’s done.


2. Why “Made to Order”?

Usually, designers only debut four collections each year- Pre Spring, Spring/Summer,  Pre-Fall, and Fall/Winter. So in order to offer more styles in-between seasons, we’ll be working with designers to produce limited styles in small batches or allowing  designers to offer their limited editions.

In addition, retailers usually buy a season ahead and designers will manufacture their upcoming collection based on the orders they receive. However, this also means that retailers would have to set up a fairly high margin due to the cost and pressure of stocking. So we want to try something different here.

Some of the designers we work with have their own small workshops, which gives us the flexibility to produce small batches upon receiving the orders from our customers. This means, we will be able to offer you a much more competitive prices since we don’t have any stock pressure. It’s a win-win situation for us!


3. How does it work?

At the beginning of each month, we will release few “Made to Order” products. You will have limited time to make your order. Once the window closes, you will no longer be able to make the purchase. Your orders will soon be in production and will be shipped out to you at the end of the month.


4. Can I make an return or exchange?

We do not offer any return or exchange for “Made to Order” products (Sorry!). However, if you change your mind or the pieces you order don’t fit, we will take them back and offer you a store credit. You will be responsible for return shipping. But we do offer full refund and both-way shipping if you receive false or damaged goods. Please inform us within 48 hours upon receiving the products at

We highly recommend you to check out the sizing throughly before making an order. Let this be a great opportunity to measure yourself up and see what size would fit you the best. 🙂


5. Will I be able to make an order after the order window closes?

Sorry, the answer is no.


6. Will you make the pieces available again if it’s really popular?

No. All the “Made to Order” collections are time sensitive and in limited quantity. We will have to move on to the new collections, so as soon as the pieces are off, it won’t be available again.