Best Maple Syrup Canada Reviews 2022

Maple syrup is extensively used in everyday households. Be it to jazz up your pancake, waffle, and oatmeal or to use it while baking as a sweetener, maple syrup is a must-have on your kitchen shelf. While choosing the best maple syrup, you will have to understand the grades, the shades, and the origin of your maple syrup. For example, a darker shade of maple syrup means that it has been made from the sap later in the weather when it is warmer. This darker syrup has a stronger flavor and taste than the lighter one. These things need to be considered before determining the syrup best for your house. In this article, we will list all the favorite maple syrup brands based on their liking by verified buyers. 

Top Maple Syrup Canada

1. Steeves Maples – Sugar-Free Natural Original Canadian Maple Taste Syrup

This maple syrup by Steeves is sugar-free, which will save you from guilt if you or anyone at your home is a diabetes patient. It is completely vegan, has low carb content, and low sugar. Besides, it does not have a lot of calories – only 1.4 calories per serving – which makes it great for daily use. The syrup can be used as a condiment for pancakes, French toast, fruits, waffles, oatmeal, porridge, and many more foods. Additionally, you can use it as a flavoring or a sweetening agent while baking or in a marinade or sauce. It will serve as a splendid gift to dear ones. One can conveniently pour from the bottle as it is easy to open and pour. The syrup is stored in BPA-free plastic jugs and/or glass. It retains the natural flavor and taste of the product. So instead of using traditional tin containers, manufacturers pack the syrup in glass bottles and plastic bottles. 

The manufacturer company has been in the market, producing syrups for over 150 years. It has been the pioneer Canadian company for 6 generations. The products manufactured in the company are CFIA inspected and SQF & Kosher certified. This provides reliability to consumers. Buyers can freely buy this product as it is free from HFCS, i.e. High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Only pure maple syrup is packed and delivered. One can check the contents present in the syrup for further assurance. The syrup is keto-friendly. It has an after-taste and is thinner in viscosity, which is something to think about before purchasing. Another downfall is that you can only buy this product off Amazon and nowhere else. Economically, buyers find this expensive. Conclusively, the product is a decent syrup. 

2. 100% Pure, Wood Fired, Canadian Maple Syrup, Amber

This maple syrup is made from a family farm on St. Joseph’s Island, Ontario. It is made from wood-fired maple syrup, amber, which is 100% pure. While manufacturing one gallon of syrup, the producers have used as little as 0.5 to 1.0 gallon of non-renewable oil. Their process is as close to carbon-neutral as possible, which makes it environment-friendly as opposed to industrial manufacture. Also, the electricity used for pumps, lights, and other electrical equipment in their sugar camp comes from the grid-tie solar panels. The necessary wood fuel for evaporators comes from injured, dead, or defective trees from their maple bushes. The manufacturers make very little use of non-renewable energy and try to conserve as much energy as possible. The manufactured maple syrup is stored in bottles instead of traditional cans.

Customers have loved the syrup. The traditional way of manufacturers has been greatly loved and praised. The manufacturers go out of their way to help conserve their environment and try to create the best of maple syrup, which is what makes their syrup so laudable. Customers were happy to gift this syrup to a close friend and family, as well as buy it for themselves. Almost everyone recommends this farm-made maple syrup.

3. Winding Road Canadian Maple Syrup

This Grade-A Amber maple syrup by Winding Road is the award-winning syrup in maple syrup festivals in Canada. It is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Besides, this syrup does not have any additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Even if you are on a special diet, this maple syrup will serve you well without compromising your health. You can use this syrup with pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, other desserts, and even with your drinks. Because the maple syrup is produced on a local farm, you can instantly enjoy its rich and fresh flavor at your home in a neatly sealed bottle.

Customers loved the syrup dearly. They were satisfied with their economic purchase and because it was locally made, they need not even worry about its origin. Even the customer service was pleasing. This is another one of the most-loved and highly recommended maple syrups for Canadians,

4. Organic Canadian Maple Syrup by Tristan Foods

This naturally delicious Grade-A Amber-rich maple syrup comes from a family-owned farm. You can add this maple syrup to your waffles, pancakes, desserts as well as drinks and enhance its taste and flavor naturally. Because the producers derive the syrup directly from their farms, the syrup is free from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It is completely vegan and organic, ready to serve kids, adults and accompany you even in your diets, thus letting you enjoy without losing out on superb maple syrup. Besides, this syrup does not lose its rich taste because it comes in a resealable bottle that can be tightly sealed after every use. In addition to all the above, the bottle in which the syrup is stored is made in Canada to ensure only the best of the syrup’s quality. 

Happy consumers reviewed the bottle as well as the syrup to be worth every penny. Because the bottle has a maple leaf designed on it, it leaves a bit of a Canadian touch to it. Besides, you can present the syrup to an acquaintance and stay assured that it will leave a smile on their face. When it comes to the syrup’s quality, customers have reviewed it to be excellent and economic at the same time. You can get this item with no reluctance and skepticism. 

5. Maple Syrup Pure by Kirkland Signature

This pure maple syrup by Kirkland Signature is 100% rich in taste. It is a Grade-A Amber syrup and is dark in color, with a robust taste. It is gluten-free. The syrup is extracted early in the spring to ensure a rich taste from the maple sap. The farmers have been using the methods handed down from their ancestors 200 years ago. They have preserved the same and assure only the best of quality and taste. 

Consumers loved the taste of the maple syrup. This syrup does not clog up any dessert tastes, but one can simply pour this over pancakes, waffles, porridge, and other desserts. People have recommended this product as it is economic and very efficient to use. It comes in a plastic bottle that will keep the syrup fresh for a longer duration. 

6. ONEROOT Organic Maple Syrup

Coming from a family farm, this Grade A, Amber maple syrup is 100% pure with a rich taste. Its origin is Ontario. The maple syrup is extracted from a single source and never mixed with other brand’s maple syrup. Ensuring only the best of local taste and quality is the manufacturer’s main aim. The syrup is organic, vegan, and GMO-free. The syrup is certified through EcoCert Canada, which makes it more reliable. 

Consumers have loved how organic it tastes. It seems more natural than they had anticipated. Besides, the bottle it comes in, makes it convenient to use by anyone. You can use this maple syrup on any dessert, like pancakes, waffles, porridge, oatmeal, and other drinks, too! You can even use it to sweeten your baking products. People have also loved how they can eat it directly – without pouring on anything – and yet, not taste any artificiality. This product has amazing feedback, and it is one of the highly recommended maple syrups such that it will fit your budget. 

7. Maragos 2X Pure Maple Syrup Can With Closable Lid

This traditionally canned tin of maple syrup by Maragos is packed by the farmers themselves. It is Medium-Grade maple syrup. The tin can can be closed with a lid after it is opened so that you can preserve the fresh taste of your maple syrup. It is made from pure maple sap and is a natural energy booster. It does not contain any artificial ingredients ensuring your safety. 

One can use the syrup in their drinks before and after workouts as it is healthy. Besides, if you do not want to add sugar, then this syrup serves as an alternative to it. In addition, you will use less of the syrup than you would if you were to use sugar, which will assure less consumption of sugar. It serves as a magnificent gift to a friend, family, close associate, or spouse. Customers have reviewed this to be a decent product with wonderful taste. However, some weren’t satisfied with the syrup based on its purity. 

8. Labonté Organic Maple Syrup

This Grade A Canadian maple syrup has a dark, robust taste. It is ideal with pastries, pancakes, waffles, and other desserts. It acts as the best alternative for sugar, with a slight flavor of maple enhancing your senses. The syrup originates from Quebec while using only organic items for production. Besides, it is quite simple to use the bottle making no mess. You can hand it to your kid without worrying about the syrup dripping down. Please note that you can keep the product on your shelf for a year, after which it must be refrigerated. 

Customers, after using the syrup, found the squeezable bottle to be far better than the tin and glass containers as you can squeeze as much syrup as you like. Another reason to use this product is that it is organic. People have loved how the bottle saves them from making more mess. It is easy to flip open and better than conventional glass bottles or tin cans for that matter. Plus, it is economical to buy. The product has great recommendations. Get on for yourself today!

9. Kirkland Signature 100 Percent Maple Syrup

This maple syrup by Kirkland Signature is Grade-A but dark amber in color. It has a robust taste and differs in color and taste from the previously listed Kirkland’s syrup above. Along with having an amazing taste, the syrup has vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer is reliable, as Kirkland Signature produces many good-quality products for over 200 years. 

Farmers produce the syrup in Canada while resorting to time-honored methods of extraction of maple sap from maple trees. You can use this product with French toast, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, and fruits. By not adding chemicals, additives, and preservatives, the syrup ensures you a healthy food item for daily consumption. It does not even have added sugar in it. After opening the seal, it is advised to refrigerate the bottle. Happy customers are ready to recommend the item to anyone who wants dark amber syrup. They loved how the taste wasn’t artificial with the perfect viscosity. Besides, it comes at a reasonable price.

10. Decacer Pure Maple Syrup, Canada Grade-A

With the highest shelf-life of 3 years, this maple syrup is a must-have if you are a regular user of maple syrup in daily life. The syrup is natural and 100% pure with no added additives, preservatives, or chemicals, or even sugar for that matter. Additionally, the syrup has minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins leading you to a healthy life. It is an excellent alternative to sugar. 

According to customers who bought this product, the traditional tin look has made them feel more locale. They loved how the can did not compromise the syrup’s taste or freshness. It is perfectly thick and amazing in flavor. The customers have lauded the manufacturer for providing them with a healthy treat for their waffles, pancakes, and desserts. Happy customers recommend this product for your household as well as a household of a friend, relative, family member, spouse, or office colleague.