Best Microwave Canada Reviews 2023

A microwave is an electrical appliance that allows you to cook or heat food with the electromagnetic radiations generated within the oven. The food, when kept in the oven spins around to distribute the heat uniformly for proper cooking. Nowadays, microwave ovens have become a must in every household, especially in the developed countries. Modern people almost rely on microwaves for consuming food. Microwave ovens cook food more efficiently than the other ovens and are also durable; they usually last for a minimum of seven years when used properly. The excess heat produced in the oven preserves all the nutrients and also kills germs and bacteria. 

Have some food left out in the refrigerator?? You can heat the food in the oven the next morning and still feel the fresh taste. The best part of having a microwave oven in your home is it doesn’t heat your entire house while the food is being prepared. They also consume less energy comparatively. Make cooking simple and quick with the microwave at your home. From defrosting to melting, make things done effortlessly. It also saves your time and energy, giving you healthy and tasty food. Many people prefer to have baked food rather than fried ones. With the microwave, you can make popcorn, egg poach, potato chips, bake cookies, and gluten-free bread. Surprisingly you can also make lip balm and peel garlic with the microwave oven. Sounds crazy right?? Go, try for yourself, and watch the wonders it does. 

Things not to perform while food is being cooked in the microwave oven:

  • Do not cook or heat the food in a plastic container to prevent unhygienic food.
  • Do not pull the doors while the food is being prepared for durability.
  • Do not leave the food uncovered to avoid spills. 
  • Do not run the oven when it is empty. 
  • Do not heat the food over and over. 

Top Microwave Canada

Here are a few of the best microwave ovens available in the market, considering all the facts. Have a look!

1. Toshiba Microwave Oven

The Toshiba microwave oven is built with a smart sensor that allows you to pre-program your menu to heat foods like potatoes, pizzas, etc. The exterior of the oven is stainless steel and it comes in a posh black color that suits your kitchen perfectly. It is featured with ten power settings, a clock, and a timer to customize things according to the food you cook. The wide digital display shows the settings clearly and also shows the countdown for the time left out for an easy operation. You can also turn on or off the sound as per your convenience with the given option and cook on power saving mode to consume less energy. 

The item weighs 15.69 kgs and is suitable for homes, offices, or restaurants. It is designed with a strong handle that allows you to hold the grip to open and close the door whenever required. Kindly use mild cleansers to clean the appliance and make sure you wipe it off with a fresh cloth or sponge after cleaning. Amazon gives you a one year warranty on the purchase of this appliance. Please go through the manual for more information. Serve hot food with just the push of a button. The Toshiba Microwave oven is featured with a sensor that automatically senses the humidity inside and alters the time and temperature instantly for a better output. It cooks food silently and is a highly recommended product. 

2. COMFEE’ Microwave Oven

The COMFEE’ microwave oven comes in a stylish black color that looks great on your kitchen countertop. The microwave oven is compact and occupies less space in your kitchen. It is very easy to operate by tapping the respective buttons for their purposes. Disturbed with the beeps produced by the microwave?? Activate the sound on/off option to mute the sounds. It is featured with a few convenient functions that include a child safety lock, kitchen timer and clock, memory function, and echo mode that are much needed. Other autocook functions include- popcorn, pizza, potato, frozen vegetable, dinner plate, and beverage. 

The glowing digital LED display presents the time and settings made clearly. It also shows the left out time for cooking. There’s also a light inside the oven to keep an eye on the food while cooking. Activate the ECO mode to function on energy-saving mode. The compact size is perfect for small spaces. The Price of the COMFEE’ microwave oven is cheap compared to other microwave ovens in the market. It justifies all your needs and works effectively despite being small. Amazon offers you a one-year limited warranty on the purchase of this product. The child safety lock feature keeps your children safe from danger and also other people away from spoiling your food. 

3. Faberware Microwave Oven

The Faberware microwave oven comes in a stunning white/platinum color and is stainless steel that ensures its durability. The ultramodern microwave oven looks great, adding more beauty to your kitchen. The interior of the microwave oven is spacious, making it easy to clean and even cooking. The child safety lock and keypad lock options keep your food and children safe. Its various functions are clearly portrayed on the keypad and work with the tap of a button. The six cooking programs include- popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverages, and dinner plates. You can also adjust the power setting from 10%-100%. It is designed with a multi-stage function that allows you to cook according to your preference. 

The memory function makes a record of all your previous settings and the large LED display shows all your settings also, providing a clock and a kitchen timer. The first six buttons can be tapped to express cooking and the food gets ready with the touch of a button. You can defrost the frozen food by time or weight as per your preference. The microwave oven works quietly and heats quickly. The setup is very easy and functions effectively. The Faberware Microwave oven is also available in black and metallic colors. Amazon offers you a one-year limited warranty on the purchase of this appliance. 

4. Panasonic Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

The Panasonic Microwave is made of aluminum and is stainless steel. It looks great in your kitchen and is designed to perform fourteen functions effectively. The high 1200 watts power allows you to cook faster and the advanced turbo defrost option prepares your food quickly, speeding up the defrost time. The Panasonic microwave oven is compact and saves your kitchen space. It delivers healthy and delicious food preserving the nutrients and vitamins within. The auto-adjust feature automatically modifies the time and power based on the food you cook. Panasonic manufactures high-quality appliances that usually last for years and are known for their performance. You can undoubtedly rely on Panasonic for home electronics. 

The Panasonic microwave ovens deliver compatible microwaves to cook food evenly right from the edge to the center. The operation is very simple with a touch screen. It allows you to pre-program your food just with a soft touch. The Panasonic microwave oven keeps the food warm until it is ready to serve. The modern techniques allow you to reheat food within a minute and delay the start. The child safety lock protects your children from accidental burn and cooks food without any interruptions. Panasonic allows you to fix the oven to your wall or cabin as per your preference. The door is easy to open and close. You need not apply a lot of effort. The price of the product is affordable and is totally worth it. Panasonic offers you a one year warranty on the purchase of microwave ovens.

5. BLACK+DECKER EM925AB9 Digital Microwave Oven

The BLACK+DECKER EM825AB9 Digital Microwave Oven comes in a trendy black exterior that appeals to the modern audience. The power capacity levels of the microwave oven can be adjusted up to 900 Watts to facilitate cooking for a wide range of dishes without monitoring at a voltage of 110-120 Volts. It has a bright LED screen with simple button controls that are easy to read and use with timers to indicate cooking time. It has a 10.6-inch glass turntable that can efficiently distribute heat to the food uniformly, which can otherwise be removed and cleaned or used for other purposes. It provides a large room to accommodate large dishes and operates using a simple push-button control. The refrigerated food can be heated using the ten power settings that are adjustable according to the food type with both time and weight heat setting.

It is compact, occupies very little space, and can hence be used in even small kitchen spaces. It weighs around 13.72 Kilograms with the following product dimensions- 19.1 x 14.8 x 11.5 inches externally and 12.36 x 13.66 x 8.70 inches internally. It has built-in button controls to cook or heat six frequent dishes making things easier and filling your tummies in the least time possible. The 30-second express cooking feature is just another feather to its cap. The interior also has a light set up to enable the user to effortlessly monitor the dishes with a child-safety lock for increased security while using this oven. BLACK+DECKER is a company known for its timely innovations for more than 17 decades and has been providing users with safe equipment approved by the UL Safety Standards. The oven is affordable by a commoner and also comes with a one-year warranty to keep in peace with the user.

6. Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

As the name suggests, the Nostalgia Retro Countertop Oven is completely vintage in its look and design. It sports a bright aqua color and five adjustable power levels of up to 700 Watts to ensure an efficient cooking experience with minimum effort from your side. It has pre-programmed settings for twelve food items for cooking and heating them with the turntable glass to facilitate uniform heating of food that in turn, enriches the taste and quality of the food. It has a bright LED screen to indicate the cooking time using the digital clock and simple dial controls to open and close the oven, along with four sequential cooking cycles for an even better kitchen ride.  

It is light in weight compared to other ovens, weighs approximately 10.52 Kilograms with the following dimensions- 44.45 x 34.29 x 26.04 centimeters. The oven’s interior is spacious enough to accommodate even a large dinner plate, can cook food real quick with its express cooking feature while it can also be delayed, on the other hand using the delay cooking timer to facilitate the user according to their requirement. It is easy to use and maintain and cooks professional dishes at a fraction of the cost. It occupies minimum space and is an out-and-out retro microwave oven with its chrome-plated handle and antique dial control with intonation. Purchase one at a store near you and go back to those golden days while cooking delicious meals quickly and effortlessly right from your home.

7. Cuisinart CMW-100 Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

The Cuisinart CMW-100 Microwave Oven is available in two colors- brushed chrome and stainless steel, both of which are classy in their design. The smart technology and the world-class material used to manufacture this microwave oven makes this one stand apart from the rest. It has a power capacity of up to 1000 Watts that is adjustable for 10-levels to suit the food requirement. It is the most efficient oven that initially cools down the refrigerated food before heating so that the nutrient content of the food is preserved, saving up on power simultaneously. The heating of food can be done based on weight and time settings with its 24 built-in programs for some dishes that can be personalized, as per the user’s choice and taste. It has a large interior with a glass turntable of 12-inches to cook large amounts of food at once.

Premium quality stainless steel is used in the manufacture of this oven that prevents trapping of food odors, healthily cooks food without any oil and also makes the maintenance of the microwave an easy process. It has a capacity of 28 Liters, weighs 15.2 KIlograms with the following product dimensions- 52.07 x 38.74 x 32.51 centimeters. The bright LCD screen with smooth touchpad controls helps in monitoring the oven easily with the child-safety lock to ensure the cooking is not interrupted. It is designed in compliance with the North American Electrical Standards to give the user the best cooking experience that is safe and healthy at the same time. All these incredible features coupled with the inexpensive price of the oven makes this one the most desirable one by users around the world.

8. Commercial Chef CHM660B Countertop Microwave Oven

The Westinghouse WCM660B Countertop Microwave Oven comes in a stylish all-black exterior with a 600 Watt power capacity that is adjustable to six different levels for a powerful yet effortless cooking experience. It is the most versatile oven ever manufactured as it can cook both simple and hard recipes real quick and over a wide variety. It is dishwasher-friendly and is very simple to use and handle with the manual dial to adjust the settings, set up the timer, and cook your desired food variant. It is compact yet very robust in operation.

It weighs around 10.48 Kilograms with the following dimensions- 45.09 x 31.75 x 26.04 centimeters. The timer of the oven can be set within a range of 30 minutes to facilitate the user’s choice according to their taste. It has a small interior made of stainless steel that makes the oven sturdy, reliable, and works better in the long run. It is easy to use and maintain and is perfect for single people and senior citizens with elementary controls and better control over the food. It is inexpensive and has all the qualities that make it nothing less than the latest and expensive microwaves available in the market.

9. Westinghouse Countertop 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

The Westinghouse Countertop oven sports a black exterior with a margin of stainless steel. This oven has an excellent power capacity of 1000 Watts that is adjustable for up to 10 levels to provide the best results in no time. The bright LED screen supported by a digital timer makes it easier for the customer to handle the device, and the safety-lock prevents children from ruining your food unintentionally. Westinghouse offers excellent options viz, The speed and time defrost settings that are personalizable to give you pure chef feels while cooking with minimum effort. 

It also simple touch buttons for six pre-programmed dishes to make things even easier for you. It weighs approximately 13.61 Kilograms with the following product dimensions- 48.26 x 36.53 x 27.94 centimeters. The premium quality stainless steel used to manufacture the microwave oven increases its life in the long run and can withstand daily wear and tear. It has a spacious interior to cook large amounts of food at once and is also small in size thereby, saving on a lot of kitchen space. It provides incredible results with its extended durability, is affordable, and is every penny. Get yours at your nearest store and enjoy professional cooking results in no time.

10. Breville BREBMO734XL Microwave Oven

The Breville BREBMO734XL MIcrowave is a smart oven that adjusts the heat and power levels by itself. It comes in a classy silver color with preset settings for some dishes to deliver the best results in less time and occupies very little space. The smart features help in cooking or defrosting food without monitoring which can otherwise be customized to suit the user’s requirement. It is easy to use and handle with simple button controls to operate the oven and a few pre-programmed dishes to make things easier. It sports a digital timer to indicate the time left for cooking and a weight converter to know more about the food you’re eating. 

It is designed especially for today’s millennials, with every feature incorporated in its design to please the modern audience. It works at a voltage of 120 Volts with ten adjustable power levels of up to 1050 Watts. It weighs 15.88 Kilograms with the following dimensions- 51.9 x 45.3 x 31.4 centimeters(externally) and 35.1 x 38.6 x 24.8 centimeters(internally). It has a spacious interior of 1.2 Cubic Feet to enable the cooking of large quantities of food with a glass turntable to facilitate uniform heat distribution for more efficient results. It also has additional button controls to speed up or delay the cooking time and adds a professional touch to every dish giving a feast to the audience. 

Purchase one of these best microwave ovens and make your cooking experience a fun ride with a professional taste to every dish. Happy Cooking!