Best Murphy Bed Canada Reviews 2023

Do you have an idea about a Murphy bed?? You might not have heard of its name but you must have surely noticed those in western homes or movies. A Murphy bed is also called a foldable bed or wall bed. You might be wondering why it is named Murphy. A man named William Lawrence Murphy invented this bed to suit his small apartment in the early 20th century which was a huge success. From then they became popular and went in demand and were called Murphy beds. A Murphy bed is designed to save space in your little homes and is a modern way to design your homes. It is a kind of furniture and can be folded after use creating more space in the room. 

There are two types of Murphy beds namely wall-mounted and free-standing Murphy beds. Wall-mounted Murphy beds should be attached to the wall while the freestanding Murphy beds need not be attached. Murphy beds are said to be expensive because of their setup and costly wood, springs, and materials installed to withstand the bed. These kinds of beds are mostly preferred by western countries for a modern setup and innovative look. Well, Murphy beds are also said to be dangerous but it doesn’t cause any harm to the users when it is installed in the right way. Are you ready to renovate your house with the modern Murphy beds??

Top Murphy Bed Canada

We have listed a few of the best Murphy beds available in the market that fits your home perfectly. Let’s have a look- 

1. Bestar Pur Collection Full Murphy Bed

The Bestar Pur Collection designed a full-size Murphy bed that comes in chocolate color and is made of metal. The full-size bed comes in 46.2 x 148.8 x 213-centimeter dimensions and weighs 145.15 Kilograms. It is also available in white and bark grey colors to suit any home perfectly. The bed is made of high-quality materials, the chrome handles are sturdy enough to handle the wooden bed with ease. The Murphy bed is extremely comfortable and is ideal for small rooms or apartments and guest rooms. Match it with a comfy mattress to design the bed completely. The dual piston lift mechanism allows you to fold the bed quickly when not in use. 

The case measures 58.6” W x 18.2” D x 83.7” H when folded and stretches 85.3” from the wall when opened. The bed doesn’t come with a mattress, you need to purchase it separately. Make sure you install the bed erect to avoid danger. The bed can support weight up to 1000 lb. You can install your bed anywhere like even in your workplace and convert the furniture into a bed within seconds and relax whenever you’re low on energy. It takes time for the setup but stands out perfectly. The quality is really great, worthy, and lasts long. The price is also very reasonable and matches your expectations. 

2. IQ Furniture Alpine Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed

The IQ Furniture Alpine Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed comes in a rustic grey color made of wood and foam. The queen murphy bed has 61 x 161.3 x 104.1-centimeter dimensions and weighs 113.4 kilograms. You can convert the bed easily within seconds effortlessly. It is designed with inbuilt electric outlets and USB ports to match your requirements. Along with the cabinet, you also get a gel-infused memory foam cotton mattress that keeps you comfortable and cozy all day. It has a drawer underneath the bed for storage and keeps things handy. 

The setup is easy and can be installed within an hour. The customer service is great and quick, they respond instantly to any of your doubts or problems. It is sturdy and looks great in your room. The construction is up to the mark and the sleek finish adds beauty to your living space. The bed doesn’t occupy a lot of space but instead provides you extra space when folded. The comfy bed is durable and acts as a great decorative, that changes the look of your room completely. 

3. Bestar Nebula Collection Queen Murphy Bed

The Bestar Nebula Collection Queen Murphy Bed comes in decent white color also available in Antigua color. It has 50.8 x 164.1 x 226-centimeter dimensions and weighs 364 pounds. The modern finish looks great and fashionable in the room. Its sturdy chrome handle helps in easy pulling or folding effortlessly. The product is made in North America using high-quality materials extending the life of the bed. The bed is ideal for saving spaces in small size rooms and is extremely comfortable like the usual beds. The installation takes time but once setup is just like heaven. It looks great in any room. The directions are pretty easy to understand and the service is exceptional.

The Murphy bed measures 64.6” W X 89.1” H X 20” D when opened and stretches 92.1” from the wall when opened. The dual piston system allows the user to open and fold the bed within seconds. It can support weight up to 1000 lb. You can turn your workplace, guestroom, or living place into a comfort zone with the wall mount murphy bed. The bed when folded just appears like a cabinet and looks very decent and just appears like the furniture in your place. We recommend you remove the pillows when the bed is folded as they don’t remain in their place when folded as the mattress does.

4. DIY Plans Twin Murphy Bed

The DIY Plans Twin Murphy bed is made of wood and comes in a single size. It is a wall-mounted bed and can be folded when not in use. The wall mount Murphy bed saves space in the room and is easy to set up. It has 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm dimensions and weighs only 23 grams. The lightweight bed is easy to put down or fold. The wooden Murphy bed is cheaper compared to the other metallic Murphy beds. Its design is absolutely stunning and crafted carefully to carry out its purpose. The vertical bed looks like a decent cabinet when folded and represents a portion of furniture in your home. 

The wooden finish can match any room as the surface looks suitable on all walls. With the DIY plan beds, you can save your money, and build the bed the way you want. You can build the bed by yourself. All you need is some tools to build the bed erect. We recommend you follow the steps and instructions carefully to construct the bed. 

5. DIY Plan Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed

The bed comes in a horizontal pattern, saving a lot of space in your room. It is made of wood and has 30.48 x 22.86 x 0.25 cm dimensions. The bed is designed with a lightweight formula and has a mass of only 23 grams, making it easy to pull or fold effortlessly. You can build the bed by yourself with the given instructions for creating your comfy zone. The price of the wooden Murphy bed is cheap compared to other costly metal beds. You can install this bed in your office, home, guest house, or wherever you prefer. It just looks like a piece of furniture that can match any kind of room. 

The DIY projects are easy to construct and work great matching your comforts. Please follow the instructions carefully to build the bed. All you need is some tools to complete the construction. The DIY Plan beds help in saving your money yet offering you a comfort zone. Its design is absolutely convenient and perfect for frequent use. 

6. Queen Size Deluxe Murphy Bed

The DIY Plans Queen Size Murphy Bed comes in a classy brown color with a vertical bed stand that can be set up by the user as per his choice or requirement. It is not a battery-powered bed set and is also extremely light in weight, weighing approximately 32 grams. This large-sized bed set can be folded up in the day and be used during the night time to provide you a large bed without occupying a lot of space. It is designed by Ben Stokes, an engineer well known for his exquisite types of furniture that are inexpensive and modern at the same time.

These bed sets give your rooms an additional appeal with world-class designs that can be designed exclusively according to your requirement by just letting the manufacturer know your preferences. It has the following dimensions- 30.5 x 22.7 x 0.7 centimeters and is easy to set up and maintain with its unique DIY features. It also comes with a material kit and user manual with detailed instructions on how to use and build the bed without an expert’s advice.

7. Bestar Pur Collection Murphy Bed Kit

The Bestar Queen Size Murphy bed kit is available in three color variants- chocolate, bark grey, and white, all of which are trendy and appealing at the same time. This vertical bed kit is compact and is perfectly suitable for homes where space is a criterion. It is multifunctional- can be used in homes, offices, rooms, etc saving up on a lot of space when folded while otherwise functioning as a shelf that can withstand items with a total weight of up to 1000 Pounds. It is robust, easy to use, and handles with simple methods to transform it into a bed and tightly installed mechanisms for additional safety.

Bestar is a standard manufacturer of furniture with the customer’s comfort being a primary concern hence, they use only premium quality material for the manufacture of equipment that lasts long and provides utmost comfort to the users. The Euro Slat mattress foundation suits mattresses that are standardly available in the market so the user can select one easily and enjoy a peaceful sleeping experience. It provides a shelf with a height of approximately 91 inches and requires a minimum of 120 inches when used as a bed. It is easy to install and is also light in weight, weighs around 888 Pounds with the following product dimensions- 51.6 x 291 x 226 centimeters as a bed and 64.6 x 20.3 x 89.1 inches as an almirah. It has the best features with great and quality functioning standards.

Looking for a bed that occupies little space without compromising on comfort, take a look at some of the best and unique Murphy beds available in the market that can be otherwise folded to become a cabinet and function as interior decor.