Best Outdoor Security Camera Canada Reviews 2023

Everyone wants to keep their house safely,you can keep your house and property safely by installing an outdoor security camera system.So that you can always have an eye on your house when you are away from it.These security camera will make sure that all the surroundings of your house are kept in check.

While choosing a best camera system you should make sure that the camera can withstand any situation be it rain,wind or snow and still perform efficiently.A good camera should have the ability to turn 360 degrees and should have a good storage space so that you have everything under control.There are many kinds of cameras available in the market with different features some have night mode,some have motion sensors and some have cloud storage.And here we talk about security cameras which are fully featured and quite affordable.

Top Outdoor Security Camera Canada

Here we tested some security cameras based on the weather conditions,efficiency and performance and listed below.So if you are looking to buy an outdoor security camera system then definitely have a look on some of the best camera systems available in the market listed below.

1. eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit

This eufy security camera is specially designed so that you are safe and also your privacy is not disturbed.You can travel without any tension as this security camera will always keep an eye on your surroundings to ensure safety.This security camera is completely wireless,it does not have any cord which is needed to be connected or something.It works continuously for 180 days on a single charge,all you need to do is charge this camera after every 180 days,which means you need charge your camera twice a year.

The picture quality of this security camera is 1080p HD.It has an option to live stream and also you can stream the recorded one.The 135 degree diagonal field view allows you to have a look at the surroundings of what exactly is happening.Not only in day time you can also have a clear look at what’s happening during night time also.The picture quality will be same as it is in the daylight.With this super HD quality you can also clearly view the car number of a car approaching you so that you can know who is coming.

This eufy security camera has an option of human detection which makes sure that the camera detects the face pattern and body shape and only then it alerts not when a stray cat or dog passes through.This camera can be set to a detection zone according to your house location so that it only detects the motion only in that particular zone.To withstand all kinds of weather conditions this eufy security system has a IP67 weatherproof rating.The built in AI system allows the security system to detect and merely focus on human beings.For the purpose of clear night view this eufy security system has infrared settings.

The 16 GB eMMC will allow you to store the whole recorded data upto 3 months however with an extra charge you can get a cloud storage system.The AES-128 Military Grade Encryption will make sure that all your data is kept private while storing or transmitting.The two way audio will let you speak to the person at your door so that you can know who approached you and why and you can open the door only when you are 100 percent sure that you know the person directly or indirectly.

You can easily connect this security system to your alexa so that you can operate it with voice instructions.The battery capacity of this eufy security camera is 6700 mAh.The package includes homebase 2, user manual,ethernet cable, AC power adapter, Charging cable, Micro USB, mount and eufyCam 2.

If you want a security camera which can work peacefully and ensure highest rate of safety then this security system is best for you.It makes sure your privacy is maintained, alert you when needed,gives you a highest picture quality range and also if you invest in this for one time then it will last you for long period of time.

2. CHORTAU【2023 New Version】Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

This security camera from Chortau has a HUAWEI – silicon built in chip,has 3 LED IR lights,which are responsible for the picture quality,which  is super high up to 1080 HD.with this picture quality you can watch the picture of the video streaming of the activities around you clearly.Not only in the daylight ,you can watch the same in dark also with the help of night mode as the three IR LED lights get activated.You need to plug this camera to the outlet so that it can take power and this works on wifi.

To give a much broader view and also to let you capture the surroundings in a detailed manner this security camera has a 180 degree wide angle view which will rotate 180 degrees to keep an eye on the surroundings,helping you to travel without having any tension about your house.This camera is waterproof IP66 and also to withstand toughest weather conditions like heavy rain,heavy snow or any other bad weather condition this security camera has wifi bullet camera which is vandal resistant.

This security camera which is waterproof is ideal for both indoor and outdoor.When purchasing this security camera sync the time to your phone time so that you can watch exactly what’s happening currently.You can watch all the real time videos around your home while you are away from it and the motion detecting technology detects the motion and whenever a motion is detected it will record it and send to your mobile with the help alert notification technology.Now coming to the storage it is compatible with Micro SD card up to a memory of 128 GB.

This camera has an option where it will allow around 5 persons to watch the video.Also you can connect around hundreds of computers to a single monitor with the help of the camhipro app which is ideal for both android and ios users.You can also use this kind of security systems even in malls,restaurants or etc where there will be a large crowd.when detecting an motion it alarms you and this alarm sound can be set in three option,low for low sound,high for full volume and middle for normal sound.

Now coming to the resolution of this chortau wireless security camera it is 1920 x 1080.This camera is compatible only with 2.4Ghz wifi not for 5Ghz speed.Now the package include one 1080 resolution camera,one power adapter,one wifi antenna, one screw kit, one ethernet cable and a user manual.

If your house needs lots of cameras or you are searching cameras for your shop,mall or any other crowded places then this chortau security camera is the best choice for you,As you can connect all the cameras to a single system.And also the picture quality is very high and gives you a clear picture of what’s happening around you.

3. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

This ring spotlight camera will give you a smart security  to your house.You can say that you have 24 by 7 full security.This security camera can  easily detect the motion around your house and also can alert you.You can easily get these alerts on your phone,tablet or PC.Once the motion is detected and alert is received you can talk to the person standing outside your house from anywhere in your house and allow them inside only when you want to.

The quality of the video and the picture is very high,it gives you a HD quality picture and video.The lights will allow the camera to capture in dark also and the siren will be an extra alert option to the security camera.This security camera has a spotlight cam which can get through in any bad weather conditions and protects your house all around the clock.The 1080 HD quality of the video will let you stream everything clearly and also has an option to live stream what’s happening around your house even when you are not around your house.

The alerts are sent  to you via built in alert sensors and the two way talk option will let you talk to the person who is at your doorstep and also allows you to hear whatever  the person at your doorstep says.If you have found anything suspicious around your house while you are at not at your house then you can activate the siren from your mobile,tablet or PC.Once the siren is activated it blows for seconds so that the intruder gets scared and run away.

This camera works on the battery which can be charged with the help of solar pannels.You can fix this camera and set up all the necessary settings easily with the tools and guide which comes with the package.To find the ideal setting for your home,you can adjust the motion sensors accordingly. Now coming to the wifi connections this camera runs on 2.4Ghz wifi speed.This Ring spotlight security camera is compatible with android,windows 10 and IOS , mac  devices.The weather resistant design will make sure that your camera works in all kinds of weather conditions and infrared night vision lights help the camera to capture at night time with the same clarity.

Now the ring protection plan will let you to review all those points which may be missed.You can also connect the security system to alexa and by enabling announcements in alexa you can control your security system through alexa.Now coming to the dimensions this camera measures around 9.65 cm x 6.6 cm x 12.07 cm and weighs around 453.59 grams.

If you are looking for a security camera which can work efficiently and gives best outcomes then this Ring spotlight camera is best for you.

4. Solar Security Camera

This solar security camera is one of the best launch and has many hardware and software features which are very much improved while compared to any other security camera.This solar security camera is 100 percent wire free.This works on 4 large 10400mah batteries made of 18650 lithium which are from panasonic.when the batteries are fully charged for once then they can run continuously for 4 months.The solar panel will ensure that the batteries never fall to recharge.You need to make sure that the solar panel which is attached to the camera should be in a place where it could get maximum sunlight at least for  4 days in a month to keep the batteries charged. 

These outdoor security cameras work on wifi of speed 2.4GHz not compatible with 5GHz.The dual antennas attached to the camera offers more stable wifi connections by enhancing the wifi connections.This camera had 50 percent increased distance than any other battery camera.This security camera is certified by waterproof IP66 for its durability and upgraded design.The waterproof facility will let the camera to overcome any weather condition be it raining or any other condition.

The motion detectors detect if there is any kind of motion and sends a notification to your mobile so that you can check what the motion is for and also the two way audio allows you to talk to the person at your doorstep even if you are in another country.The wifi camera will detect only human beings by considering the temperature 100 degree Fahrenheit and also there is an separate alarm for detection of animals.This security camera smartly differentiates human and animals with the help of cloud detecting technology so that animals and humans can be detected separately.

The 1920 x 1080 megapixels picture quality gives a clear view of the picture and has a wider viewing angle so that the camera can view up to longer distances.The 4x zoom in option lets you zoom in or zoom out to have a clear view of the person standing at your door or even you can see the license plate of a vehicle very clearly.The four built in infrared lights will automatically turn on during night to capture the images more accurately so that you can have a clear view of the picture and the visible range is up to 65ft.

You can set up this system on your mobile,tablet or pc by installing the required app which is compatible with both Android and can watch,share,replay,speak only through the app.The package of this security camera includes one 10400 mAh battery camera,one solar panel with 10 feet cable, one camera mounting bracket, one solar panel mounting bracket, two screw packs, one camera user manual, one solar panel user manual.

All the features are very advanced and never ever disappoint you.If you are ready to invest a little bit of more money then this is the best security camera to invest.

5. MECO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

This wireless outdoor security camera from MECO has a 10000mah battery which is of larger capacity.If the batteries are fully charged then they work as much as they can wake up 1400 times and this batteries are rechargeable.This security camera can also be charged through MECO solar panel.Which is easy to install and use.This rechargeable batteries are easy to install be it indoor or outdoor as there is no need to arrange large pile of wires.The 360 degree bracket and magnet bracket can be used to easily install the security camera.

This security camera allows you to have a two way conversation which allows you to speak to the person standing at your door without opening the door so that you can know who is at your doorstep and allow only them inside whom you know.The mobile app CloudEdge should be installed in your mobile phone so that you can connect to your family members whenever you want.Be it heavy rains,cold,anti fog or shine this security camera has the capability to withstand all the weather conditions and provides you uninterrupted protection.

The PIR motion detection of 26 ft to 40 ft will detects if there is any movement outside of your house then this security camera will notice this and alerts you through a notification which is sent to your phone through the app you installed,once you received the notification you can see who is this and open the door.This feature helps in detecting the human motions be it a postman or thief.However there is an option where you can change your alarm plan so that you can receive the notification whenever you need.

The camera gives you a 1080 HD quality which provides you a crystal clear view of the surroundings.To capture images during night this security system has infrared lights of 64 ft which will allow the camera to get a clear view when it is dark.This night vision function can be fixed to a fixed day or to a fixed night.The live interface will also have a clear and crystal view of the surroundings while you are away from the house.You can also change the quality from 1080 HD to 720 p also .

This security camera is very easy to install does not require any complicated tools.this camera requires 2.4GHz of wifi speed to work.Now coming to the package it involves one MECO outdoor camera,one pack of screws and needle,one double side adhesive, one micro usb cable, one quick user guide, one magnetic mount and one metal stand.

All the features are well defined, waterproof IP66 certified, runs on battery and what do we need more for a good security camera setting as this has all the features and also can be afforded.

6. HOMIEE Outdoor Security Camera Wireless

This Homiee outdoor security camera  has a 1080 HD picture quality to give a clear view of the surroundings through the camera and during night to make sure that you get a clear view of the surroundings this camera comes with 9 infrared lights which capture during night times and gives you a clear  view of your surroundings.The area up to which it should be monitored can be set by yourself and does not leave a single spot around your house as it has a 122 degree wide angle area which covers your whole surroundings.This security camera from homiee can be used for indoor purposes or outdoor purposes or for warehouses,garages, companies, countryside etc.

The AI analysis feature of this security camera will differentiate among pet and human and filters a pet,human and event accordingly with the help of APP and also if any human motion occurs around the set detection place then this camera will automatically record the scene and send it to your phone so that you can watch what happened outside and take the action accordingly.This AI analysis is available at an extra cost, you need subscribe for this.

The two way audio system will allow you to speak to the person at your doorstep or to the person who is in front of camera,as soon as the camera detects a person it sends an alert to you and you can speak to them be it a courier service person or your friends or any intruder whom you can scare away,the person who is in front of the camera can also respond to your queries.The App can manage multiple number of cameras and you can view all the captures of the cameras simultaneously.

This camera need a 128 GB micro SD card to store the data which it records and the camera has a financial encryption which makes sure that your data is safe and ensures privacy to.For playing the video back you need cloud storage encryption which is free for 7 days  and then needed a subscription to continue however if you don’t want the cloud storage you can use SD card and also the 3x zoom function lets you zoom in and zoom out easily so that you can clearly see the person passing through and also you can clearly see the number on the license plate of a vehicle approaching your house.

This security camera is easy to install and has a waterproof IP66 which will ensure that the camera never stops working even in the toughest weather conditions and ensures 24 hr a day full security.the packaging of this security camera includes one homiee security camera, one pack of screws and needle,one double side adhesive, one micro usb cable, one quick user guide, one magnetic mount and one metal stand.

If you want a security camera which runs on a SD card,works with a battery and gives you a clear view along with full time protection then this is the best choice for you.

7. VANBAR Solar Security Camera

This 100 percent wireless security camera from VANBAR works on rechargeable batteries of 10500 mAh of each which can be charged with the help of solar panels.charging the batteries with the help of solar panel will make sure that the batteries are fully charged in any bad weather conditions or may be when there is a power outage or when there is a wire failure.when a battery reaches below 20 percent the camera sends a notification to your mobile so that you can charge your camera before they completely drain off.

To provide you a clear view of your surroundings this security camera has 1080 HD viewing quality which gives a clear view of your surroundings whether you are in the house or anywhere else the quality of the picture remains the same.When the sky turns into dark the camera automatically switches into night mode and gives view up to 65 ft.The camera can be rotated up to 170 degree wide angle so that it can cover whole surroundings without missing any spot.

The motion detection feature will allow the camera to detect the motion be it a human or a pet,When there is motion detected then the camera sends a notification to your mobile so that you can get alerted and see who is at your doorstep you can easily able to speak to them via your mobile and they can hear you via camera and they can also speak through camera so that you can ask them who are they and open the door only when you know they are of no harm be it a courier service person or any family member or friend.

The IP66  waterproof facility will protect the camera from any bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall,heavy snow or anything else so that the security camera can do its work efficiently.You can also share your surveillance to your family or friends through the QR code scanning technique.Up to 10 people can have access to the content of this security camera.Now coming to the installation process it is very easy to install this camera and does not require any professional can fix this camera to the wall by mount ,3M tape and stand.It does not require any screws to fix.

Now coming to the storage of the content it recorded,it is compatible with micro SD of 128 GB however the camera comes with a pre installed 32 GB SD card in the package.If in case the memory is full then the previously stored memory is overwritten by newly recorded one.Now the package includes one wifi outdoor camera,one solar panel, one 32 GB Micro SD card,one outdoor stand ,one solar panel tripod, one pack of screws, one pack of dowels, one 3M tape.

This security camera is definitely the best one and definitely needs to be tried and also it is quite affordable.

8. ICAMI HD Security Dome Camera

This ICAMI hd security camera gives your home a professional security so that you can go anywhere without worrying about your house.This camera is best suit for both indoor and outdoor purposes,you can use them in warehouses,business rooms,factories or any other place.Or you can use this camera to watch your toddler room,baby room or any elder person room.You can simple download CamHi app to have a link between you and the camera.

You can view the video in any device be it android or IOS this app is compatible with both.Now coming to the storage,this camera needs a 64 GB SD card to store the data which is not included with the camera package.The SD slot is placed outside the camera so that inserting the SD into the camera is not can easily playback the video whenever you want and does not miss anything.The H.264 compression format of the SD card will never erase the data from it.The Data in the SD is encrypted so that your privacy is not disturbed as well as safety is kept.

The motion detecting system of this security camera detects the motion around your house.If any motion caught in the camera it alerts you.However you can set accordingly where the motion to be detected so that unnecessary detections can be avoided.Mostly it is appropriate to set the motion detection at the door so that whenever a person approaches your house the camera detects it and sends you an alert through a notification.Also it has an option where it can send the picture which it captures to your email.

The two way conversation facility is one of the big plus point of this camera,after detecting a motion at your doorstep it sends you an alert and based on the alert you can speak to the person standing at your doorstep be it a courier service boy or your friend or a family member,you can know them and also they can respond to your queries standing at the doorstep through the camera.If its a intruder then you can scare them off without letting them come inside.So here the highest safety is ensured.

It always captures pictures or videos of the highest picture quality.and during night time they activate 15 infrared LEDs to provide a 50 ft of night clear view.when you are out of your house you can watch what’s happening through your phone or any other device.This security camera is compatible with blue iris,i spy,vlc player and NVR.Now coming to the package it includes one 1080 p dome camera,one CD with software, one power adapter, one user manual, one network cable and a screw bag.

If you are looking for a security camera which is fully loaded with features and also under the budget then this is for you.

9. Reolink PoE Camera

This camera from Reolink has a 5 megapixels camera which captures super HD quality images and videos.The 18 infrared lights allow the camera to capture during night times and provides vision from 65 feet to 100 feet.To capture more and more clear images or videos this camera has 80 degrees wide angle.

This camera works with ethernet cable and all you need to do is connect that cable.It does not require any power adapter.The camera is waterproof so that it can withstand in any weather condition and provides full time security to your house in your absence.

The smart motion alert option will detect the motion of an object or a human being around you and alerts you via email or a notification on your phone,so that you can know who it is.You can set the motion alarm accordingly so that it does not trigger any false alarms.Once the motion is detected the camera sends the snapshots and videos of the detection to your mail id or to your mobile phone.

You need to install the Reolink app in order to have control over the security camera,the app is compatible with android, IOS,windows and mac.This does not require any monthly subscription money.This camera supports 8 sources of camera like recorded video playback, live stream control, motion detection, remote view, live view.And supports 64 GB SD card for recording and storing the data.The data stored in the SD card are kept safe and ensure your privacy.This camera gives your house 24/7 full on security.

This Reolink security camera is quite affordable and best suitable for warehouses,dorms,factories, companies and houses.This will definitely give you a great extent of safety.

10. HeimVision HM311 Outdoor Security Camera

HeimVision HM311 will give you a high end security to your property with a detailed display quality of 2048 x 1536p HD.This picture quality is way more better than 1080 HD and gives you a picture or video of crystal clear be it in daylight or during night.You can monitor your house when you are far away from your house through the app in your mobile and this camera detects the motion around your house and alerts you so that you can check who is there at your doorstep.

With the help of the built in speaker and microphone you can make a conversation in two ways.Once you receive an alert that there is someone at your doorstep then you can ask them who they are and they can also reply to you through this security camera.So with the help of this feature you can say hello to your friends passing by,address postman or a courier service boy or scare someone who is wandering outside.This security camera allows nearly 3 to 5 people to have the access of this content on their mobile all the members of your family can watch your house.

The sound,motion and human detecting sensors of this heim vision security camera detects the motion around the house and sends you an alerts through notification.If any suspicious activity is taking place during nights the motion activated flood light will take super quality colour pictures of the suspicious activity.The detection zones can be set according to you and the light sensitivity can also be set.The 110 degree wide angle allows the camera to capture upto 30 metres when any suspicious activity is taking place during night.The LEDs and two flashlights give a clear vision during nights.

Now coming to the storage thing this security camera comes with one month free cloud storage system where the entire data is stored in the cloud,also this can be also stored in Micro SD and supports memory up to 128 GB.To ensure you highest privacy and security all these recorded data are protected with encryption.HeimLink app should be installed in your android mobile phone,tablet or PC in order to watch or share the pictures and videos recorded by this security camera.

The security camera is covered in metal housing which is durable and meets the standards of waterproof IP66 and works in all the weather conditions.The package include one 3MP wifi outdoor camera,one power adapter,one quick smart guide, one water proof lid, one user manual, one ethernet cable, one 5DB wifi antenna,one ethernet cable and one pack of screws.

The sound detection,motion detection,night vision, two way communication, full time security ,alert system these are the main features we look in a security camera and here they are which are completely effective in the Heim Vision HM311 Outdoor Security Camera.