Best Pasta Maker Canada Reviews 2023

Penne, Macaroni, Lasagna, Fettuccine.Talking about healthy and variety food, Pasta is way up there in the list of food which is not only easy to prepare, but also everyone enjoys and craves it.

How about preparing Pasta at home? Don’t worry. It is very easy to prepare if you have a pasta maker in your hand.Making homemade pasta is pretty much simple and worthwhile. Once you try the texture and flavor of homemade pasta then you will never want to go back to dried, store-bought pasta.

If you have the ingredients like flour and eggs then it is quick to make a side dish or main dish with pasta maker. Within no time you will become a pro in pasta making by changing the shapes for different dishes.

There are several pasta makers available in the market depending upon the design of the maker, performance of the parts in the maker, number of attachments it can be attached ,width of the roller, no.of thickness settings we need to check all these features before choosing a perfect pasta maker and a well made pasta maker can last for many years.

Now, let us have a look at some of the best pasta makers in the market.

Best Pasta Makers Canada Reviews

1. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Includes Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions, 150...
  • Marcato's Original World-Famous Atlas 150 pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for...
  • Made in Italy from chrome-plated steel
  • Includes pasta machine, pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, Instructions
  • 10-year
  • Rolls sheets of dough to 150-millimeters wide at 10 thicknesses (0. 6 to 4. 8-Millimeter) for...

This machine is the most popular machine to make home-made pasta which rolls and cuts the pasta dough for making fettuccine, lasagna,tagliolini.

It is Italian made entirely of nickel plated and chrome plated steel for long term resistance to corrosion which Atlas 150 is the only anodized machine that can be used in contact with food.

It comes with the package of pasta machine, pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp. All these come with a warranty of 10 years.

We can adjust the rolls sheets of dough to 150-millimeters wide with 10 varieties of thicknesses.It will be in the range of 0.6 to 4.8 millimeters which suits our cook time, desired texture and taste.

Pasta drive motors can be attached easily to it and we can attach up to 12 different types of pasta cutting accessories which is an additional asset to it.

Most of the customers stated that this machine is extremely well-built and is maintenance free.They are also said that it is totally worth your money.

2. GOURMEX Stainless Steel Manual Pasta Maker Machine

GOURMEX Stainless Steel Manual Pasta Maker Machine | with Adjustable Thickness Settings | Perfect...
  • PROFESSIONAL AND ELEGANT DESIGN- This Pasta Maker machine is made of heavy-duty stainless steel...
  • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS SETTINGS- Whether you enjoy your lasagna thick and soft, your angel hair...
  • DOUBLE CUTTER HEAD- It matters not if you choose to prepare wide fettuccine for dinner or...
  • COMPACT STORAGE- If you think pasta roller machines means big and clumsy space killers, this...
  • LIFE GUARANTEE- As with all GOURMEX products, this piece is 100% guaranteed for full quality...

Gourmex stainless steel manual pasta maker machine is a wonderful machine with an easily affordable price. It is made up of heavy duty and high quality stainless steel in order to retain its sparkling look for years.

It can be quick to use and easily assembled. It comes with a variety of 7 thicknesses so you can choose how much thickness your dough should be.

It is also having adjustable steel rollers which is useful for kneading.It has a double cutter head feature which is helpful for choosing width preferences.

This entire machine occupies only little space. It has a detachable handle and clamp to ensure the machine stands tightly on its surface.

Customer reviews discloses that it is cheaper than alot of other brands and works well. They also loved to say that it surpassed their expectations. Some said it is more convenient to use and its versatility is great.

3. Philips Pasta Maker Plus Avance Fully Automatic

Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus, HR2375/06, Large, White
  • Fresh flavorful pasta and noodles has never been easier. It automatically mixes, kneads and...
  • Experiment with an unlimited number of ingredients like egg, vegetable juices, herbs and flours...
  • Four shaping discs to create various types of pasta and noodles: Spaghetti, fettuccini, penne...
  • Taste the difference of fresh homemade pasta. Make healthier pasta and noodles at home, choose...
  • With dishwasher-safe parts, the pasta maker can be easily setup, dismantled and cleaned....

Now making homemade pasta is much more simple because we have this fully automated pasta maker. Its functions are mixing, kneading, and extruding. So all you have to do is put the exact proportion of ingredients in the maker and it will do the entire thing.

This machine is dishwasher safe. The control panel in the machine has LED display,on/off switch,Ready signal and storage compartment which stores the shaping discs and cleaning tools.

It includes the four different types of shaping discs namely spaghetti, fettuccini, penne and lasagna. It has a pasta/noodle cutter for cutting the long strands of pasta.

It has a cleaning tool in order to clean the shaping discs after every use. It also includes the measuring cup for measuring flour.

Most users compliment the machine’s complete ease of use as well as the short amount of time it takes to make a pound of pasta.

4. Kitchenaid KSMPRA 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment Set

KitchenAid KSMPRA 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment Set, Pack of 1, Silver
  • Powered by your KitchenAid Stand Mixer* to make quick and easy work of fresh homemade pasta in...
  • Stainless steel rollers and cutters for consistent smooth rolling and clean cutting of pasta...
  • Easily roll 6-inch sheets of fresh pasta, with 8 thickness settings, to achieve your desired...
  • Use the Spaghetti Cutter attachment to cut pasta sheets into classic spaghetti noodles.
  • Use the Fettuccine Cutter attachment to cut pasta sheets into hearty fettuccine noodles.

This Italian product comes with the best pasta press available in the market. Kitchenaid KSMPRA is constructed with stainless steel with a 3-piece set of pasta roller ,spaghetti cutter and fettuccine cutter for smooth rolling and clean cutting of pasta dough.

Spaghetti Cutter is used to cut the pasta sheets into Spaghetti noodles and Fettuccine Cutter is used to cut the pasta sheets into hearty Fettuccine noodles.

It is easy to use and a cleaning brush is provided to easily remove bits of flour and pasta. This machine is designed to work with all models of kitchen aid stand mixers.

Pasta roller kneads dough into 6-inch sheets of pasta and has a wide variety of 8 thickness settings. It has a convenient front pocket.

Customers who bought this 3 piece attachment set are very happy that this product is extremely well built, easy to use and assemble. Some reviews said that it is compatible with a mixer.

5. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

Imperia pasta maker machine is one of the best overall pasta makers around the world. It is made in Italy by Imperia. This product is made with strong design to withstand great strain and sparkling chrome plated steel.

This machine is well built and helpful for long term usage.Imperia pasta is often called Rolls Royce of Pasta machines by Imperia users.

It has a double cutter head that makes wide fettuccini and thin spaghetti noodles. The roller comes with 6-inch width.

It is easy to take out the dough from the maker as it is provided with simple lock adjustment and a handle which is made up of wood.

We can add attachments to this machine for obtaining a variety of noodle shapes which are available separately.

Customers exclaimed that they highly recommended this product for everyone and they are very much satisfied by this pasta maker for its easy access and long durability.

6. Marcato Atlas 180 Pasta Maker with A Polished Finish

If preparing large sheets of pasta is important for you then this Italian made Marcato Atlas 180 pasta maker is highly recommended for you. It is another best pasta maker from Marcato manufacturers.

It holds up to 2kg of pasta. It has 16 removable arms for easy transport of pasta. The large pasta sheet is approximately 1 inch wider than that of the Atlas 150.

It has a pasta bike ,which is equipped with 9 interchangeable wheels .Those wheels are easy to push in and pull out. It comes with 10 types of thicknesses which varies from 0.2 mm to 2mm.

As it is made from Atlas, it is made with aluminum which provides stability during cutting . It has a rolling pin.It has 13 add-on accessories for creating pasta of different thickness, cuts, and shapes.

The one more important feature in this maker is that it has a dispenser, which is suitable for all the different types of shapes like cinnamon, flour powdered or granulated sugar and powdered cocoa. We can clean this dispenser easily.

Customers are happier with Marcato quality and said that this pasta maker meets their requirements and seems resistant so far. Some say that this is an amazing product, very high quality and exactly as described.

7. CUISINART PRS-50C Precision Master Stand Mixer Pasta Roller

This Cuisinart will convert your traditional stand mixer into Gourmet pasta maker with pasta roller and cutter attachment.

It comes with Fettuccine and Spaghetti cutters and pasta rollers.We can easily connect the front power port to the stand mixer.

Customers who bought this product said that it is easy to use and this maker is value for your money.

8. ANTREE Pasta Maker Attachment 3 in 1 Set for KitchenAid Stand Mixers 

Antree pasta maker comes with an attachment set for KitchenAid stand mixer. Whether you want to make rough noodles, fine noodles or manufacturing facets this product is useful for you.

Attach the pasta sheet roller to the port of any KitchenAid stand mixer. Make your dough and while cutting the pasta there is no requirement for changing the entire pasta arrangement. We can cut more than two shapes simultaneously.

It comes with 8 gear adjustments which makes you choose perfect size for your pasta.The pasta roller can be adjusted to a thickness of 5.5 inches from 0.5 mm to 2mm.

There is a prerequisite for making Spaghetti is rolled dough. The first rolling starts from the 1 gear of the pasta roller. The spacing in the roller can loosen the elasticity of the dough in order to improve the taste. It will give the elastic spaghetti.

This comes with a clear instruction set in which it is easy to attach and control. It helps you to make the pasta and noodles much faster. It is easy to clean by using a cleaning brush. The best feature is that while we are cleaning we can open the protective cover for effective cleaning.

Customers who bought this product absolutely love it. They said that this is extremely well-built and strong. They said they are happy with cleaning this product as it is easy and convenient.

9. InnoMoon 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutters Attachment Set 

InnoMoon 3-piece Pasta roller and cutters attachment set comes along with an affordable price.

It is provided with rollers and cutters for smooth rolling and clean cutting of dough.

We can adjust the pasta roller with 8 thickness settings within a range of 0.4mm to 2mm with 5.5 inch in width. These settings give the suitable shapes like Tortellini, dumplings, lasagna, noodles etc.

It is provided with a Fettuccine cutter which cuts the dough into hearty Fettuccine noodles or Linguini. It is also provided with a Spaghetti cutter which cuts the dough into classic Spaghetti noodles or Tagliolini.

For better performance turn mixer speed setting to 2 or 3 for roller attachment and turn mixer to 3 or 5 for cutter attachment.

Cleaning brush is provided in order to remove the bits of flour and pasta. We can also clean this product with dry soft cloth. It is compatible with all types of KitchenAid stand mixers.

Customer reviews stated that this is working well with all mixers. This product is cheap when compared with other brands. Some said that this is an amazing gift if you want to give it to others.

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