Best Photo Book Canada Reviews 2023

Scrapbooks (or photo books) are perhaps the best DIY gift you can give to someone close. Because it is a reminder of all your good times together and has a touch of personal closeness, it serves as a fantastic gift and you don’t even have to spend a lot. Get the right book and a couple of color pens, and you are good to go. Or even if you are not creative and simply want a photo album with picture pockets, then you’ve come to the right place.

Be it a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s, you can simply collect all your creative juices (and pictures, of course!) and within hours, you will have created a sweet present. Here, we will recommend good photo books you can purchase according to your taste and convenience.

Top Photo Book Canada Reviews

1. Scrapbook Photo Album 80 Pages

This photo album is elegant black in color, with thick acid-free papers. It is not easy to fold so that nothing would ruin the book even after years. Its material is exquisite and is very durable. You will get 40 sheets (80 pages) to assemble all the photos perfectly. With a 360 degree rotating spiral, you can expect convenience while opening, turning the pages, and closing the book. The book’s dimensions are 8.26”*11.6”. It is the perfect gift for your best friend’s birthday, to your Valentine, for your parents’ or grandparents’ anniversary, or a gift to yourself wherein you are saving all the pictures with your loved ones or maintaining your travel record. 

To make this book a magnificent gift, you need not do a lot. You can purchase this even if you are not creative, simply paste the pictures along with some cute notes. Customers loved how simple it was to use this book. It does not need any kind of assembling and they appreciated the manufacturer’s use of thick papers because after applying glue, it did not become soft. This product is quite popular among folks and highly recommended.

2. Photo Album 4×6 Hold 200 Horizontal Photos with Memo

This photo book has 50 sheets (100 pages) and its dimensions are 9.3”*9.2” with 2 binding rings keeping the book intact. One page can hold up to 2 horizontal photos of 4*6, thus capacitating up to 200 photos in the book. The outer wooden cover of the book is black, with a smooth texture that provides it a classy and upscale look. On the cover, a dried leaf symbolizes the everlasting memories you will be inserting. On the whole, it is durable and is perfect if you want a non-extinguishing gift for your friends, family, or spouse. Each page has a memo area so that you can write or insert a memo writing card. You can even write the date and place of the picture. 

The photo book is non-toxic and does not allow acid or dust near it. Its album pocket has good knitting, which is thick and durable. The plug-in pockets are so convenient that you need not sit with glue and dirty your hands. Simply arrange the pictures and then insert them efficiently. You can present this scrapbook with your memories of you and your family, soulmate, or friends. It is suitable for storing your pictures of those unforgettable occasions like graduation, birthday, Christmas, Family get-together and so on. The book is eco-friendly as it can be recycled. Besides, it is waterproof, thus reducing your worries. According to customers, this product is worth its price. It will serve as a really creatively personal gift and will please its receiver. With its large capacity of 200 photos, you can maintain your personal journey diary of your favorite pictures. 

3. Pioneer Photo Albums Magnetic Self-Stick 3-Ring Photo Album

This photo album is of the dimensions 6.4 x 29.2 x 25.4 centimeters with fast-stick magnetic pages that feature a transparent plastic above it that self-adheres to the pages, thus securing your photos intact. It has 50 sheets which make up to 100 pages and if necessary, you can add refills with the help of 3-ring binding. The page’s dimensions are 8.25”*10.5” and hold photos of different sizes. The leatherette covering of the book along with a gold stamping gives it an anciently elegant look. The product is safe from acid and PVX emissions. 

Customers were happy how they did not have to use any glue to stick the pictures. All you need to do is place the pictures and with the help of magnetic energy, the photos will be prevented from falling. They could also add new pages when needed. Despite this, some people did not like how small the pages were inside, which did not serve them well. They were expecting larger pages. Quality-wise, this is a great product. 

4. Self Adhesive Photo Album Magnetic Scrapbook

This grey-colored scrapbook is 11 inches in length, 10.6 inches in width, while the inner pages are self-adhesive, they measure 10.8 inches in length and 8.6 inches in width. The solid staple, the inner pages do not fall. Plus, you get a watercolor pen free that provides fluent writing. The pages are made such that they won’t fade after some time and the cover is wrapped in linen, which, while giving it an elegant look, makes it durable. With 40 sheets (20 pages), around 120 pictures can be pasted. It serves as an excellent memory book to present anyone close to you like a friend, family member, or your beloved on various occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Thanksgiving for instance. 

According to happy customers, this book permits you to let your imagination run wild and let all the emotions flow freely. Many loved how the free golden marker did not smudge after writing. Please note that this is an adhesive photo album. Some did not appreciate the little bubbles that formed because of removing the picture far too many times. It can be termed as a decent photo book, given you are creative. If you are looking for something ready-made, then this isn’t the right book for you.

5. Benjia Photo Album 4×6 500 Pockets Pictures

This photo album is available in 11 different colors, so you get a wide range of colors to choose from. It has a large capacity of 500 pictures of 4*6. It has a total of 50 sheets (100 pages) and each page can hold up to 3 horizontal and 2 vertical. The outer cover is leather-bound and is dust-proof. It is acid-free and will keep your photos the same. The photo album has a sleek and stylish look and is really comfortable to touch. Besides, it is sturdy and won’t fold easily, hence keeping your memories safe and sound. 

Customers have lauded the album for its high-quality at such an economical price. The plastic pockets did not tear when they were inserting the pictures. The pages are more than enough for you to keep all your memories in one place. They could even cover the cover with other pictures of 2*3 size, giving the entire album a personal touch. It is a splendid gift and recommended purchasing if you are not interested in pasting each picture with glue. People were satisfied with their purchase. 

6. TEOYALL Up Scrapbook Handmade

Beginning with the outer cover, know that it is made of high-quality cardboard and embossed with “Our Adventure Book”. All the materials used in the book are acid-free and PVC-free, making the book safe to use. All the pages are connected to each other with rope such that you can add or reduce the blank pages. The pages are thick cardboard Kraft pages, and you won’t even have to worry about the pages fading. The book has 40 sheets (80 pages) for storing your valuable memories. With this photo album, you won’t have to worry about getting the perfect gift for your dear friends, family, or beloved. 

You should know that the book’s size is 11.5” x 7.3″. According to customers, this photo book made a magnificent gift for their loved ones – no matter what the occasion. It comes in a good quality package. And it is simply amazing for those who want to be creative instead of buying a ready-made gift. The cost is affordable and worth the book. It is sturdy and quite durable.

7. Scrapbook Album DIY Leather Photo Album

This leather-bound scrapbook with black pages makes a very sophisticated gift. It has an aesthetic look, especially with the thread on the spine of the book. Three metal rings keep the inside pages bound, and they also permit you to remove or add the pages. The book has 30 sheets (60 pages) which can hold up to 200 pictures. Instead of using glue, this book comes with 5 pieces of self-adhesive photo corner stickers. You can also use a color pen to adorn the book wherever you want. The scrapbook has a wide range of applications: it can be presented to someone on their birthday, anniversary, baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, graduation day, Valentine’s, and more. You can make the book for yourself, too, as a travel journal, or a diary. 

The dimensions of the book are 22*17.5 cm, whereas the page’s dimensions are 21*15 cm. People loved how they could store their pictures as well as gift the book to someone. They loved the book’s quality, especially the outer cover, which looks dreamy. However, some have reviewed the book’s pages to be smaller than advertised, which is something you should verify before buying this product.

8. Kieragrace KG Jocelyn Photo Album

This photo album can hold up to 400 photos of 4*6 size. It has around 80 pages and is more than enough for all the pictures you want to insert. The easy slide-in pockets make it simple to insert the pictures without compromising their quality. Additionally, the book has sleeves with a horizontal and vertical orientation so that you don’t have to tense about your pictures as long as they are of the 4*6 size. The book is safe and acid-free, along with the additional protection of the dust jacket. A bonus point is how it has a CD storage pocket at the back of the album so that you can keep your hard copies of photos as well as the digital pictures in one place. Gone are the days when you have to ransack shelves for your pictures because, with this book, you will get to store everything in the book.

Customers have reviewed this book to be sturdy with lots of room for all their pictures. You can conveniently slide the pictures in and out of the good-quality plastic pocket. Each page has 3 horizontal and 2 vertical picture pockets. Besides, it comes at a substantial cost, letting you get more books if needed. Folks love this product and deem it strong and pleasing at the same time. Get this one for yourself as products like these run out of stock sooner than anticipated. 

9. Aibearty Vintage Leather Photo Album Scrapbook

This leather scrapbook has a sleek black cover with a metal lock on the front cover. It is far more elegant than other products and has a touch of ancientness. The dimensions of the page are 9.25”*6.68” with the pages bound using three binder rings, such that you can remove and add new pages if needed. The ring ensures easy turning of the paper. And self-adhere helps in securing the pages intact. It has a total of black 60 pages. 

This retro scrapbook is sturdy and durable as it is made from high-quality hard cardboard paper. It befits as the best creative gift, especially after you embellish the plain black pages with pictures, text, and stickers. According to customers, they’ve never seen such a traditional-looking book at such an economic rate. On the whole, they loved the scrapbook for its quality, however, some wished the lock to be better. You can give this book to anyone who loves creativity paired with elegance on the occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s.

10. Adventure Book Scrapbook 

This adventure scrapbook has a coated paper cover upon a thick gray board. The cover is adorned with a brown twist rope that will aid you in adding or minimizing the pages. Inside you will find 40 sheets of kraft paper. The book has a slight retro touch with the 128g coated paper printing matte film along with a 2.0 mm thick gray board. The leather is dust-proof and ensures high-quality materials used for longer durability. With its firm thread, you are less likely to lose any pages, nor will you be compromising on the best birthday gift. 

It is an “adventure book” for you to fill in all the adventures you’ve been through with your close ones. It can become a really wonderful gift if you have creative juices in you. With a couple of color pens, you will create a handmade photo album to gift on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many more special days. Consumers who bought this product loved how they received stickers and postcards with the book. It helped them decorate the book further. They reviewed the book to have delivered as it has been advertised. Besides the quality of the book, they loved how easy it was with the removable rope and pages to not ruin the book if they arranged the pages wrong. This book is an amazing gift for anyone who loves crafted items. You’ve made memories together, with this book you’ll forever be able to reminisce about those. 

11. ZZKOKO Photo Album 4×6

With a length of 14.4 inches, a width of 1.7 inches, and a thickness of 1.9 inches, this photo album has a free space for 600 pictures of size 4*6. The album has 120 pages and every page can hold 5 pictures. It has transparent plastic pockets to hold the pictures. The inside of the book has polypropylene (PP) instead of fragile paper-made pages that are acid-free as well as dust-free while being waterproof for a long time, thus ensuring high-quality and high-preservation of your memories. It is a sewn leather collage frame cover with an elegant texture that looks very sophisticated and upscale. Besides, the cover is soft to touch and you can gift it to anyone on special days. 

If you have many pictures, then this is the photo album for you. People loved how they could fit all the pictures in one album without having to buy many. The pockets are efficiently made and will keep your pictures safe. You can keep horizontal and vertical pictures as it has both of them on every page. The book is sturdy with a heavy spine and cover so that the inner content remains safe. Get this blue and elegant photo album and start filling them with your memories!

12. Self Adhesive Photo Album Magnetic Scrapbook with A Metallic Marker Pen (Black)

This self-adhesive photo album, with a linen hardcover, measures 11”*10.6”. It comes in black color along with a gold metallic marker for you to write cute notes about the pictures you are going to insert. The picture on the cover can be replaced with any picture you want. Each page measures 10.8”*8.6” and they are stapled together to prevent falling out of the book. It comes with the perfect self-adhesive design and can protect photo texts well, which won’t fade easily. You can effortlessly hold 120 pictures. 

It serves as a good photo album if you hate sticking with glue yet want to preserve all your wonderful memories in one place. Because the page is sticky, you can rearrange the pictures as many times as you want. You can write on the page with a permanent marker but allow it to dry. Customers have lauded the manufacturer for their idea of creating sticky pages that will save their time waiting for the pictures to stick. Plus, it won’t even make the pages soft because of the glue and you can write easily. All in all, it is a good photo album for fewer pictures. 

13. Kieragrace KG Jocelyn Photo Album

If you are looking for a photo album that can hold up to 400 photos, then consider this one. It has 80 pages and you can fit 4*6 sized photos horizontally or vertically. It is a photo album, meaning you won’t have to stick the photos at all. You only have to insert the pictures in the picture pockets. The photo ensures maximum protection for your pictures as the book is acid-free. The dust jacket assures more protection. For digital copies of your photos, there is a CD storage at the back of the album. 

The album is 12 inches wide, 13 inches in length, and can hold 5 photos per page. According to customers who purchased this album, this photo album is a must-have if you have many pictures stocked up somewhere in your cupboard. It is sturdy and the black cover adds to its sleekness. The material is excellent however some have reported the black to be too plain for them. This book comes in silver, too, if you want to try a fresh look. Conclusively, it is a decent book and has decent recommendations from satisfied customers. If you need an affordable photo album, then go get this today!

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