Best Pillow For Side Sleepers Canada Reviews 2023

Most of the people tend to sleep sideways and this may prompt spinal alignment.Sleeping side ways may help to reduce all the pressure points over our body and also decrease shoulder and hip pains.But to make yourself more comfortable while sleeping in sidewards one need a cushion which will allow them to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

You will need a thick pillow so that the space between your head and neck is filled perfectly but the pillow should not be thicker which may cause more pain nor the pillow should be thick.So you need to make sure that the pillow is not too thick or not too thin.

Top Pillow For Side Sleepers Canada

Here we bought some of the best pillows for side sleepers to make them more comfortable and all the pillows mentioned below are verified and tested.So let’s have a look at them.

1. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow (2-Pack) Premium Quality Bed Pillows

Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows for Sleeping Queen Size (Blue), Set of 2, Cooling Hotel Quality, Gusseted...
  • GUSSET PILLOW PACK - Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with this pack of 2 white gusset...
  • PROVIDE EXCELLENT SUPPORT - Filled with super plush hollow fiber these pillows are incredibly...
  • BREATHABLE COVER - Our pillows are encased in a premium quality cotton cover to further enhance...
  • LUXURY AT HOME - The no-shift construction ensures that the pillows never go flat or slip from...
  • EASY CARE – It is recommended to spot clean the pillow or hand wash the fabric

This is a pack of 2 pillow sets from Utopia which is double stitched and has a blue piping on the pillow inorder to give a stylish look to the pillow and the double stitching enhances the durability.Now coming to the measurements of this pillow,they measure around 18 inches x 26 inches.

To give you all a good sleeping experience this the pillow is filled with plush fiber fill.In Order to give you a sleep which is relaxing as well as cozy this pillow is filled with high quality fibre which fluffs up the pillow.950 grams of fluffy fibre is filled in each queen size pillow.These pillows can be molded accordingly to provide immense support whenever you need it and this pillow is breathable.

This pillow set is tailored using 96 GSM microfiber shells so that it can offer double stitched corded edges.They are finished in a professional way and stitched with high quality threads so that they do not tear and also provide relaxing sleep to you and lasts long.

Putting the pillow in the dryer along with two tennis balls or putting the pillow in the sun may expand in case the pillows are not normally expanded.You can clean the pillow using a cloth or sponge if there are any stains on the pillow or you can also clean in a washing machine and should be kept for drying later and should make sure that there are no clumps formed inside the pillow.

If you need a pillow which will let you sleep peacefully without any disturbances and allows you to snuggle then this pillow is the best choice for you.

2. Pack Pillows Queen Size for Bed Sleeping.

Pillows Queen Size 2 Pack for Bed Sleeping - Hotel Pillow for Side Stomach and Back Sleepers...
  • ✔2 PACK ADJUSTABLE SLEEPING PILLOWS--These fluffy adjustable sleeping pillows are crafted in...
  • ✔PERFECT SUPPORT, SUPER COMFORT--Our pillows are super smooth and skin-friendly with...
  • ✔SECURE DESIGN, CONVENIENT STORAGE--There is an inner lining inside each pillow to prevent...
  • ✔EASY MAINTAIN, MACHINE WASHABLE--Would rebound to its original full size within 24 hours...
  • ✔SATISFACTION GUARANTEED--We are convinced these pillows will exceed your expectations! In...

 Hypoallergenic  Microfibers are crafted  in these Sleeping pillows to make them  Fluffy and adjustable. These microfibers are very much soft and let you sleep peacefully. Crystal velvet fabric is used to make the outer covers of the pillow which are soft and fluffy.  These pillows Can be adjusted accordingly by just adjusting the fillings and  To ensure maximum comfort , Pillows Are expertly Tailored.These pillows are  Best for people who sleep on stomach or on back or side.

 The 3 layered quilted sleeping technology will allow you to breathe through the pillow and  The pillows are extra Smooth and lets you sleep peacefully.There is no pilling which will provide good support to both head and neck.The micro fibre filling will look all new for years without deforming the shape.

To prevent zippers from jamming there is an inner lining inside the each pillow so that there no jamming of zip while zipping it or unzipping it.The fillings can be removed or added accordingly so that they can be adjusted for head,neck etc.A bag can be used to easily store the pillows and ensures hygiene.

These pillows come in vacuum sealed packages which rebound to their original shape within 24 hours after taking them from the sealed package.fluffing the pillow frequently will help in retaining the shape for a longer time period.These pillows can be washed in machine and they are stain resistant and fade resistant.You can simply wash these pillows in machine and let them dry in sun or in dryer.You should not use bleach or iron the pillows.

They give you a 30 day exchange option,if you are not satisfied with the fluffy Ness of the pillow then you can contact the manufacturer and exchange it for a new pair.

With this pillow you can say goodbye to sleepless nights as it will give you a peaceful sleep and ensure you high quality comfort.

3. Side Sleeper Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Mkicesky Side Sleeper Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow, Ergonomic Cervical...
  • Get Extra Same Size Pillowcases: Do not Worry about one pillowcase could not wash it, just feel...
  • Neck Pain Relief: Ergonomically designed to allow neck and shoulder muscles to relax...
  • Ultra Comfortable Memory Foam: Mkicesky Cervical Pillows responsive memory foam reshapes to the...
  • Suitable Size: Mkicesky bed pillow 25*16*4.2/5.3 Inch.Perfect for different sleeping postures...
  • Helps with Snoring: Cervical contour supports the natural curve of the neck and provides plush...

This sleeper contour memory foam pillow is specially designed to allow both the shoulder and neck rest properly.The pillow is shaped in contour shape so that the neck is aligned properly and back discomfort is eliminated completely.

This side sleeper pillow is certified by CertiPUR and can be reshaped into your desired position so that you can cradle your head perfectly and pressure in your pressure point is relieved and also improves the blood circulation.

Coming to the dimensions of this side pillows,they measure around 25 inches x 16 inches x 4.2 inches.This pillow is perfect and can be used for sleeping in different positions be it on your stomach ,side or back.The distance between the base of the neck and outside tip of the humerus bone is measured to see whether the size is adjusted perfectly or not.

To support the natural curve of the neck and also to provide comfort throughout the whole night this pillow has cervical contour.This pillow will allow you to breathe freely and also makes sure that you snore less.This pillow set can be washed in a washing machine and can be kept in sun for drying purpose and also can be as a health care gift to your family members or your friends.

This pillow will support your back and reduce the chance of back pain and gives you a peaceful sleep.If you are looking for a pillow that is ultra soft,easy to mould,effective then this side sleeper contour memory foam pillow set is for you.

4. Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow

Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Coisum Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow...
  • Perfect as back/side sleeper pillow : Our Perfect Butterfly Shape pillow is designed for BACK...

The highest quality of memory foam is used to make this cervical pillow contour pillow so that the pillow can easily cradle your head ,neck and shoulder.This pillow helps in getting rid of pain, stiffness ,tingling sensations and numbness.To stop your head from rolling out from a stable position this pillow has a slope.To ensure that your shoulder is kept in position and not hunching over and then to rest your arm at a place these pillows has cutouts on the side.This orthopedic pillow will sooth away all the back pain,neck pain,shoulder ache or sore shoulder.

For the purpose of peaceful back and side sleep the pillow is specially in the shape of butterfly.If you have any cervical issues they can easily sleep on the higher portion of the pillow which has 2 horns and this side provides greater support for both cervical and head.and keeps your neck properly aligned with respect to your whole body.And to position arms side sleepers or any other back sleepers can sleep on the lower portion of the pillow.

This pillow is made in such a way that it is resistant to mildew and dust particles,the pillow cover is easily removable and can safely be washed.This pillow is breathable and allows the air to easily circulate throughout the pillow while you sleep.This orthopedic pillow is certified by certiPUR US.This pillow is ideal for students,snorers, elders, office workers and to those who snore regularly.Or also can be a perfect gift to gift any of your family member or friends.

This pillow is specially made in a way that it takes 60 density to slow rebound the memory foam.and takes three to five seconds to rebound so that you can sleep without any stress.When the temperature is around 70 degree Fahrenheit, then the pillow which is filled with memory foam may get affected.This pillow has no foam pad since many thought that it is very thick and not comfortable.

If you are looking for a pillow that is skin friendly,comfortable,has memory foam in it,gives relief from pains then this cervical pillow contour pillow is just for you.

5. Mkicesky Contour Pillow

This Mkicesky contour pillow measures around 5.12 inches high and 3.93 inches high,these unique different heights of the pillow make them ideal for all kinds of postures be it sleeping on the back or sleeping on stomach or sleeping sideways.

To support your neck while sleeping this Mkicesky contour pillow makes sure that the natural curve of the neck is maintained and to support the head while cradling the head for optimal support there is a centre cavity in the memory foam.It maintains the best balance between support and comfort.This pillow will reduce snoring and allows you sleep peacefully and this pillow is breathable.

This orthopedic pillow has undergone a strict testing process,tested by many third party labs and certified by ceriPUR US and safety and quality is ensured.In order to reduce back pain,neck pain,alleviates stiffness of shoulders,spine alignment is promoted properly,and helps in relaxing muscles.And to support head and neck and enhance superior comfort a therapeutic design is naturally fitted so that it can fit to your body curve.

This pillow will never become hard like a rock in cool weather conditions and does not become flat after using it for a long time like a normal pillow.They give you a 30 days refund option where you can return the pillow if you don’t like it and can get a full refund.

All the features of this pillow are very well defined and also well tested to ensure safety.The quality of the pillow is very much impressive and is a perfect pillow for getting relief from neck pain,back pain and gives you a peaceful sleep.

6. IKSTAR Memory-Foam Pillow

The centre of this ikstar memory foam pillow have a innovative hollow which will perfectly fit the back of your head,The rebound material slowly and softly adjusts to the contour of your head and optimizes accordingly to your spine alignment.To relieve pain on your lower neck,there are subtle cutaways at the bottom edges of the pillow so that the pillows can fit into the shoulders.

This pillow has an ability to get rid of tired head,improves circulation by relieving pressure points and gets rid of night pain which you get when you have improper sleep.This pillow is made of memory foam which is completely non toxic and does not have any odour.The ideal temperature is maintained throughout  the sleep as the pillow case is breathable and circulates air throughout the pillow.

Now coming to the dimensions this pillow measures around 25 inches x 16 inches x 5.3 inches/4.2 inches or 63.5 cm x 40 cm x 13.4 cm/10.66 cm .This pillow comes with a warranty up to 2 years and also has an option to get complete refund of money if you didn’t like the pillow with in 30 days of usage.

This pillow is best if you are looking for a pillow which can add a stylish look to your bedroom,which is breathable and comfortable then this is the pillow you are looking for.

7. Big Ant Knee Pillow Orthopedic Leg Pillow

This pillow from big ant is made of memory foam which is 100 percent original and has a removable as well as washable pillow cover.This pillow perfectly fits between your knees so that it can provide maximum comfort as well as maximum support throughout the entire time you are sleeping.It helps in getting rid of nerve pain,knee pain,leg pain and lower back pressure.

Now coming to the measurements this pillow measures around 25 cm x 19 cm x 14 cm or 9.8 inches x 7.5 inches x 5.5 inches.and perfectly fits into your knees and gives great comfort.The ergonomic design of this pillow will keep your spine,legs and knees in alignment.This pillow will improve the circulation of air while you sleep peacefully.

This pillow is ideal for a pregnant woman to rest her knees and also the cover of this pillow is easily removable and washable in a machine and leave it to dry in the sun.This gives all new brand look to your pillow after every wash.

If you are looking for a pillow which can reduce all your knee pain and lets you sleep peacefully then this pillow is a best choice for you.

8. Lunvon Queen Adjustable Pillow

The foam filling of this lunvon queen adjustable pillows provide you a comfortable sleep,you can easily add some more foam or remove foam from the pillow according to your comfort level so here is your customized sleeping experience.

If you have a problem of waking in midnight and suddenly feel hot and has sweat all over your body then this pillow is for you as it has a all new cooling gel foam in the pillow which will take away heat from your body and gives you a good  sleep and comfortable temperature.The flow technology provides ventilation for temperature regulating and the covers are breathable so that you can easily breathe through them.

The foam of this pillow will never go flat or form lumps like any traditional pillow and you can easily sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow,also the pillow will perfectly fit to your head and neck.and gives you a luxurious sleep all over the night.

This pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers,back sleepers and side sleepers.This pillow is certified by certiPUR US for its safety and quality.This pillow comes with a 5 year warranty.Now coming to the dimensions this pillow measures around 28 inches x 20 inches x 5 inches and weighs around 1200 grams.

The comfort this pillow provides is impressive and the quality of the pillow is specially tested and approved.If you want a pillow which vanishes all your neck pain and stress and gives a good sleep then this pillow is a best choice for you.

9. BedStory Queen Size Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack

These packs of two queen size pillows from bedstory are specially designed with cluster plush fibre fillings which are three dimensional and also the cover is made of skin friendly fibre to ensure safety and softness.They are both firm and soft and can be adjusted easily into a comfortable position for back,side and stomach sleeper.

These pillows are very much flexible and give you super comfort that makes your head and neck feel comfortable in sleep.They mould themselves according to your head so that you can sleep soundlessly and when you sleep on this pillow you will wake up with no neck or back pain every single time.

The dual layered sideband design is a big plus point to this pillow as it allows the pillow to be fluffy for a longer period of time and allows you to sleep peacefully.These set of two pillows are a best addition to your bedroom.

The pillow has a hypoallergenic cover which resists the pillow form dust particles and also these pillows come in vacuum sealed packages and hardly takes 24 hours to remould into their original shape.They measure around 20 inches X 30 inches,can be washed using a washing machine and dry them by keeping them in sun,has easy 45 day trial if you have any issues you can contact the manufacturers.

If you want a pillow which is skin friendly, has fluffiness,under budget,gives you peaceful sleep,and no more pain then this pillow is for you.

10. MARNUR Cervical Pillow Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

To support your neck while sleeping this Marnur cervical pillow makes sure that the natural curve of the neck is maintained and to support head while cradling head for optimal support there is a centre cavity in the memory foam.The memory foam pillow also has a wedge extension so that the thoracic spine can be supported.For the relaxation of our arms this cervical pillows has armsets.

Now coming to the size of this pillow it measures around 25.3 inches x 14.5 inches x 5.5 inches.The different shape of this pillow will allow the sleepers to sleep in different positions be it on their stomach or on their back or side wards.People who toss a lot and turn around  this pillow is best choice for them.

This pillow is made of memory foam and does not cause any skin allergies,the pillow will allow you to breathe through it as it circulates the air and also does not develop any kind of mould.The memory foam rebounds slowly and is ideal for neck,shoulder and spine.The neck pillow ensures that you sleep peacefully.

The pillow has high curved surfaces and low curved surfaces at the both ends of the pillow so that in whatever position you sleep,you feel comfortable and have a peaceful sleep.This pillow will make sure that you have a smoother and breathable sleep.

The pillow case is made of rayon and polyester,these cases can be removed and easily washed in a washing machine and can be dried in the sun.This pillow case protects the pillow from stains and the other inner cover will make sure that the pillow is foam cleaned and supportive.

If you want a pillow which is ideal for all kinds of sleeping positions,a pillow which is skin friendly,budget friendly,good quality then this pillow is very much suitable for you.