Best Rice Cooker Canada Reviews 2023

Rice is the most common thing which is found in most of the houses across the world.Rice can eaten only if it is cooked properly and to make sure that rice is cooked properly a good rice cooker is must and should.

Everybody wants to invest only on that particular rice cooker which cooks the rice perfectly every single time.There are multiple options available in the market as these small appliances are being developed very rapidly according to demand.

Since there are many rice cookers available, choosing the best one is difficult,as we don’t know which rice cooker will do its job perfectly.There are many factors that should be kept in mind before buying a rice cooker like quality,price,quantity,warranty and many more.

A good rice cooker should be able to cook rice perfectly in every single attempt.The quality of rice should never fade.So here we are to guide in purchasing a good rice cooker so that cooking rice is no more difficult.To help you out we bought some best rice cookers available in the market.

1. Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
  • Cooks three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods, saving time, energy, and money....
  • Luxurious stainless steel with tri-clad base for fast, even heating
  • Pressure regulator maintains the proper cooking pressure automatically
  • Includes cooking rack and complete 64-page instruction/recipe book
  • 9-3/4 by 16-3/4 by 8-1/2 inches; 12 year limited warranty

If you want to cook rice in a healthy way then this presto 6-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker is just perfect for you.The cooking method which this pressure ensures that our rice cooked faster when compared to any other pressure cooker.

Desserts,fish,vegetables and many more can be cooked quickly with this presto 6 quart stainless steel pressure cooker.Even leaner of a meat can be tenderized easily and quickly.To ensure fast and even distribution of heat the base is made of tri-clad.

A layer of aluminium is placed between the two layers of stainless steel tri-clad base to ensure even heating.This pressure cooker will allow you to know if the pressure is built inside the pressure cooker or not by indicator which is present on the lock handle of the pressure cooker.

If you are hosting a party and you need to prepare lots of dishes then you can use the rack and cook different dishes without the dishes getting mixed.Now coming to the dimensions this pressure cooker measures around 23.16 cm x 43.97 cm x 22.23 cm and weighs around 1.32 kilograms and this pressure cooker can hold upto a capacity of 5.7 litres.

This pressure cooker is one of the most reviewed rice cookers when compared with the other pressure cookers available in the market.With this presto 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker cooking rice is not anymore difficult.The capacity is also large and can also cook for your whole family and friends and best while hosting a party.The quality of this pressure cooker is tested and certified.The design of this pressure cooker is perfectly designed and does not fail to impress you.So if you are looking for something which is affordable and easy to use then this is for you.

2. Prestige PPAPC3 Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige is one of those brands which had created quite a hype with their products.This 

Brand uses only virgin aluminium to make the pressure cooker to give the best quality to the pressure cooker.Strong lugs are included with the aluminium to design the cooker for better and unique behaviour of the rice cooker.The base is made sure that it is thick enough to ensure more safer and better cooking environment.These prestige PPAPC3 Aluminium rice cooker is one of the easier and faster way to cook food.

All over the world a good rice cooker should get themselves approved by UL,according to UL rules,The total capacity of a pressure cooker must be equal to the total capacity of the pressure cooker in the sense of volume with a closed lid on the top of the pressure  cooker.To give more easier access to the pressure it comes with handles which are very sleek and give great look to the cooker and also allows you have a good grip on the cooker so that you don’t burn your hand while shifting the cooker from the stove.

Prestige has different pressure cookers available in different colours and different sizes and you can choose a colour of your choice and also size according to the consistency you need or according to the size of your family.If you want to serve food for 1 to 2 people then you can choose 2 litres capacity pressure cooker or 3 litres to serve food for 2 to 3 people or 5 litres cooker to serve 5 to 7 people and 7.5 litres cooker to serve around 7 to 10 people this 7.5 litres cooker is ideal for cooking food in larger quantities when hosting a party.

To ensure extra safety this prestige cooker comes with two unique safety measures namely MSP which stands for metallic safety plug and GRS which stands for Gasket release system.The gasket release system is used to hold up the pressure evenly and release on when needed it ensure that rice is cooked under correct pressure,whereas metallic safety plug ensure to release the pressure at the perfect time.This prestige pressure cooker is certified by ISI and also satisfies all the international standards.

The package comes with a fully assembled rice cooker,warranty card,safety valve and instruction book.You can clean this pressure cooker very easily and also the base of this pressure cooker is heavy so that anything you cook in this pressure cooker it will not stick to the base.

Customers who bought this pressure cooker have been rating this with good ratings and appreciated this pressure cooker for its quality and also the quantity in which rice can be cooked is satisfactory.The safety measures are well defined and well established.Not only rice be it vegetables or anything else you can easily cook in this pressure cooker.

3. Hawkins CB30 New Contura Hard Anodized Cooker

Hawkins CB30 New Contura Hard Anodized Cooker 3.0l, Contura Black
  • Enjoy healthy, homemade food everyday with the ease and time-saving convenience offered by this...
  • The improved pressure regulator controls and regulates the pressure level inside the cooker
  • This pressure cooker comes with a curved body for easy stirring of food
  • Made from the finest aluminum material, this pressure cooker is resistant to corrosion
  • With a hard anodized body, this pressure cooker absorbs heat at a faster rate making it more...

Hawkins is one of the most used brands when it comes to kitchen appliances.And this hawkins CB30 new contura hard Anodized cooker is one of the most used one.This pressure cooker has rounded corners which is very unique.The corners are rounded so that stirring the food is easier ,also you can easily view the food and also you can easily serve the foods.These are the advantages of having a rounded corners.With this pressure cooker you can enjoy healthy and homemade food on each and every day and also you can save a lot of time.

Now coming to the outer body it is beautifully designed in black colour,and black finish is possible because of the 60 thick hard micrones which are anodised.These Anodizing the cooker has its own benefits the first benefit is that the  pressure cooker can absorb more heater and become more efficient in the sense of energy  and the second benefit is that the pressure cooker will be as new as it is when bought the look will last for long period time.At last we can say that in both look wise and performance wise this pressure cooker will never disappoint you.

To ensure higher levels of durability and hygiene the lid is made up of stainless steel.The lid is locked safely to ensure that when the pressure is inside the cooker it just looks like a jetliner door and it only opens when the entire pressure has fallen.And also to ensure the lid is secured safely fixed sturdy pivot is used.The all new pressure regulation systems ensures that a better pressure is produced to cook the food fastly and also saves a lot of fuel.The lid is also easy to insert and easy to remove.

To make sure the food and steam are deflected only downwards safely, the position of the automatic safety valve is designed accordingly.The lid will perfectly fit inside the pressure cooker which the gasket will no longer touch the edges of the cooker and can last longer.The handles are steady and cool you can easily carry the cooker with the help of these handles.

Now coming to the sizes this cooker is available in seven different sizes,a 1.5 litres cooker can serve for 1 to 2 people,a 2 litre cooker can serve for 2 to 3 people,a 3 litre cooker can serve for 4 to 5 people,a 4 litre cooker can serve for 4 to 6 people,a 5 litre cooker can serve for 5 to 7 people,a 6.5 litre cooker can serve for 7 to 8 people.

This  Hawkins pressure cooker is best if you are looking for something which can cook your rice faster and also give a modern look to your kitchen then this pressure cooker is for you.The rice cooked will be perfect just as you needed and definitely this pressure cooker deserves a chance.

4. Futura F10 Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Here comes another pressure cooker from Hawkins namely Futura F10 Hard Anodized pressure cooker.This pressure cooker is a beautiful combination of both function and form.

Be it a gas stove,induction stove,electric stove,ceramic stove or anything else this pressure cooker is best for all kinds of stoves.The body of this pressure cooker is Anodized which makes the absorption of heat easier and also efficient.

The body is rounded at corners so that stirring the food,visibility of the food and serving the food is easier.

All the features are well defined and it is very much similar to the above mentioned hawkins pressure cooker,if you are looking for something which is affordable as well as does all the work a basic rice cooker should do then this is for you.

5. Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is from a brand named fissler which is owned by a 170 year old german based cookware company.Ever since it started,their main aim was to provide good cookware products to the customers which are designed according to the developing technology.This brand stands for craftsmanship,convenience and best quality of cookware products.

This vitaquick pressure cooker does not produce any sound and also no steam is formed while cooking.With a single audible click the handle is locked automatically and allows your rice to cook perfectly.

The conical shape of this cooker will allow you to stack different cookers available on each other of the same diameter to save space in storing them.Cleaning this pressure cooker is also easy all you need to do is wash it with running water.

All the features are well defined and this pressure cooker is rated as one of the best available in the market.The unique shape of this pressure cooker gives a modern look.The rice is cooked perfectly and fastly when compared to any other pressure cooker.

6. T-fal P45009 Clipso Stainless Steel  Pressure Cooker

This unique Clipso stainless steel pressure cooker has a very easy and secure one hand system opening and closing.And also to add more safety to the cooker it has a variable steam releasing valve.

The cooker is made up of stainless steel which is durable as well as efficient.Any type of stove be it gas stove,induction stove,ceramic stove or anything else,this cooker is compatible with them.

The base is heavier so that the food doesn’t stick to it and also it is encapsulated with stainless steel so that the heat is distributed evenly.

All the features are well defined and well established,if you are looking for a simple yet modern pressure cooker then this is for you without any doubt.You can easily open and close this pressure cooker and also it ensures utmost safety with its unique safety features so that you can cook your rice without any disturbances.

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