Best Self Tanner Reviews 2023

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body to take care of. Extreme temperatures either it is cold or hot both affect the skin become dry or moist or dark. We always wish to see our skin glow and shine better. And for that we often use many beauty products. One for glowing, one for keeping the skin moist, one for keeping the skin dry , one for keeping the skin hydrated and many more! Well! Taking care of your skin to look good is not at all a mistake. Be it women or men looking good is equal to living good. What can you do to make your skin glow? There are many ways besides using beauty products for keeping the skin glow all the time.

Good sleep, staying hydrated, reducing sugar in food, applying moisturizer to the skin and many more. You can even stay under the sun for some time to make your skin tanned. What?? Staying under the sun light! Don’t you have another option?? I know, this will exactly be your response for staying under sun. Well, staying under sun for longer time is not healthy and makes your skin dry and darker. But you can feel sun kissed without staying under the sun with Self Tanner. What is it? 

Self Tanner is a product that gives your skin a tanned look without the need of exposing yourself to harmful UV or sun light Ray’s. These are available in the form of lotions, creams or sprays. The tanners contain dihydroxyacetone  which is a active ingredient that reacts with amino acids in the top layer of your skin. Due to this Pigments called melanoidins are generated that cause brown color on your skin. As they absorb some of the wavelengths of light the brown tan color is produced.  This gives you sun kissed look with glowing skin lasting for almost a minimum of 10 days.

This helps you look healthier, younger and way energized. Have you ever noticed celebrities who apply tan for their looks and photo shoots? Absolutely! This is what makes their skin glowing and thinner. Using these sunless tanning products are considered alternative products but ultimately you just roast your skin. The DHA products release sugar on your skin. With doctors consultation you can stay safe and unharmed by using it on an average. When you follow a particular time gap between applying these this doesn’t affect or harm your skin. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved DHA for external application to the skin.

Top Self Tanner

Among various tons and loads of self tanners available it’s highly difficult to select the right choice for you. Know what your skin needs. A particular product stands and works perfect for your skin. So do try to find the correct formula for yourself first. See how long the Tanner lasts when you apply. Check through the ingredients used for preparing the lotions or creams. Know in detail how often you can use without affecting your skin. When you assure that the Tanner is suitable and perfect for you and your skin buy it. For a in depth let’s look at some of the self tanners available in Canada. By the end of this hunt let’s also try to find out the best product of all these.

1. Earth Store Self Tanner with aloe vera and Shea Butter 

Whether you are pale or fair skinned this organic and natural Earth store self Tanner works the best. Made up of high quality, nourishing and natural ingredients such as Organic Shea Butter, Organic Green Tea extract and organic coconut oil it helps you get glowing skin with perfect tan and natural brown color. It works as the great alternative instead of spending hours baking in the sun. Without exposing your skin to the sun get the glowing skin and go darker everywhere.

Pro’s in using Earth Store Self Tanner:

  • It consists of organic and natural ingredients so there are no chemicals used that affect your skin.
  • Can be applied on any kind of skin so that you don’t have to do sun bathing spending hours.
  • Along with the golden tan it moistens your skin to be silky smooth.
  • The Tanner smells out to be quiet pleasant.
  • Apply it on your skin while sleeping or for special occasions it doesn’t rub off on clothes or bedsheets.

Features include:

Sun kissed Skin

Fair or pale skin, after applying the cream it completely turns into natural glow. Without leaving blotches or streaks or spots the color spreads evenly. Without standing in sun you ultimately get sun kissed Skin.

Organic Product

No chemicals, artificial colorants, fragrances or toxic ingredients are used while manufacturing. Totally organic and natural ingredients are used to make the lotion.

Men, women and teens everyone can use this Tanner. Apply it once for 4-5 days or when you feel you need a darker layer. For beachy vacation spot or a cruise by applying the Earth store self Tanner and stay as the center of attraction. No more worries of early aging, wrinkles, sun spots or chemicals when you have the Earth Store Self Tanner with you. Hit the beach with golden glowing skin.

2. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Get tanned skin within 60 seconds. And this lasts for 4-8 hours. It is a natural and streak free tan that provides sun kissed tan evenly all over your skin. Apply it once for 10 days and observe you skin shine. Since it is natural and vegan formulated spray it is better if you consult the doctor before using to avoid allergic reactions. The fragrance gives you pleasant feeling filled with freshness. Moreover, it’s non sticky and dries quickly as you apply it.

Pro’s in using St. Tropez Self Tanner:

  • As soon as you apply the spray you can get instant bronze glow within a minute.
  • Vegan friendly formula used ensures that there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing process.
  • It’s natural and completely plant based that doesn’t affect skin in any way.
  • The Tanner is easy to apply and so light in weight.
  • Your skin stays hydrating for up to 24 hours when you use this Tanner.

Features include:

Long lasting Tan

The spray can be used on your skin. It’s very smooth and instantly gets dried as soon as you apply it. The Tanner spreads evenly on your skin lasting for longer time.

Innovative Aroma guard Fragrance Technology

 The self tan smell is eliminated providing pleasant and fresh fragrance by the Tanner. So this Tanner turns your mood on all day long.

For all skin tones this Tanner is suitable for getting natural skin glow. No stains or spots enjoy the evenly  glowing skin everyday. Make sure to consult the doctor if you suffer from allergies. Stay beautiful and tanned with the St. Tropez Self Tanner.

3. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sunless tanning Mousse

For any skin tone the Tanner suits and produces Natural glowing skin without exposing yourself to the sun. It is airy and Moisturizing mousse that dries instantly within 60 seconds once applied. According to the color you wish the tan to be it is available in three shades: light bronze, deep bronze and ultra deep bronze. Pump the lotion into your hands and apply it on your skin all over. Later with your palms ensure circular motions and spread the Tanner evenly. Wash you hands immediately after applying. And after it dries you get natural color glowing skin.

The color gradually deepens as the time passes by. If you want it to be darker then you can apply it even on the next day. No streaks or orange or spots. You only get darker skin with perfect tan. Hit your body with Natural looking and glowing tan wherever you go and whatever the occasion may be.

4. Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self

Safe and extending tan is ensured by the Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) formula equipped with the Fake Bake Tanner. Enhancing natural color with the patented self tanning formula it suits for any skin type or skin tone. No worries of spots or streaks the color spreads evenly all over the skin when you spray it. And don’t worry about the orange color or bad odor and stains, since it is manufactured with natural products bronze glow is enabled. 

Pro’s in using Fake Bake Tanner:

  • The Tanner helps you to have smooth moisturizing and gives perfect finish.
  • Ingredients used are featured with increased tanning percentage thereby enhances the natural glowing skin color when applied.
  • Darker color produced lasts for longer time with perfect glow.
  • Included with the tanning mint it is very easy to apply on skin.
  • It doesn’t stick on to the skin instead dries quickly once applied.
  • Fresh fragrance and lasting Tan helps you develop the glowing skin in 4-6 hours.

Lasting for a longer time this tan doesn’t rub off easily even when you change clothes. As it dries instantly you don’t need to worry about the spots and stains. Enjoy perfect darker natural glowing skin with the Fake Bake Tanner.

5. Loreal Paris Self Tanning Sublime Bronze Water Moises with Coconut Water

Enrich natural looking tan and sun kissed glowing skin with the Loreal Self Tanner. It gives even finish and hydrated skin for you. Using this Tanner gradually helps you to look healthy and it lasts for longer time. Apply it and instantly observe it dry on your skin. It is very light in weight and gives even, soft finish for your body. Once applied you get golden glowing tan within 4-8 hours.

Ingredients used are Coconut Water and Vitamin E in large quantities. These make the skin stay hydrating for longer time. To get best results apply the Tanner on your skin and scrub it well in circular motions so that the skin totally absorbs it. In this way you don’t even need to worry about stains on clothes while removing them. No smell, no stains or spots, no orange Get perfect golden dazzling glowing skin with the Tanner. Without giving you instant darker shades the color spreads and gives even finish gradually so that you can manage the intensity levels without getting the skin too dark. What are you waiting for? Get the Loreal Self Tanner and enjoy smooth, softer and glowing skin.

6. Coco & Eve Self Tanner Mousse

As the name suggests you get darker chocolate skin color on using this Tanner. Made up of the best ingredients free from sulfates, phthalates and parabens you get healthy glowing skin. It’s 100%  DHA natural self Tan body treatment without the need to exposing yourself to sun. No orange tones only natural glowing golden skin is ensured as the Tanner is developed with a green grey base.

Anti Cellulite and Anti Aging Fake Tanner with Zero Nasties

Unique Cellushape Technology is imparted while manufacturing the Tanner. Natural antioxidants such as fig, banana, papaya and Cocoa are used to avoid the signs of aging. Stretch marks and pigmentation are also reduced since the Tanner is enriched with raw coconut, botanicals and amino acids to hydrate. So ultimately you get golden glowing skin gradually within two hours of time. The Tanner is very light in weight and you don’t feel any difference on your skin.

Smells So good

No more stinky smells. With the tropical mango and guava fragrance you can always stay with bright mood on. Each bottle has 260 pumps roughly so even if you apply little amounts, the fragrance spreads all around.

Easy Application

Use a small pump and apply it through hands, feet, face and ears. It doesn’t stick to your hands and dries very quickly. And shower after two hours. The Tanner doesn’t rub off easily even if you bath or remove clothes. Deeper and long lasting Tan is ensured with this Tanner.

Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly

Made up of high quality materials without using animal or toxic ingredients the tan is completely natural and organic. 

Ingredients Used and Advantage

  • Virgin raw coconut used along with botanicals and amino acids this helps your skin hydrated and firm.
  • Bali Cocoa, banana and Papaya used blur skin imperfections and reduce uneven pigmentation.
  • Natural antioxidants with mango, fig and Cocoa improves signs of ageing.
  • Coconut and Mandarin oils help the skin stay hydrated and nourished.
  • Enriched with orange and lotus flower nutrients help to reduce cellulite.

Find your Perfect Shade

  • Medium- For medium and sun kissed glow.
  • Dark – For golden, rich and dark tan.
  • Ultra Dark – For deep ultra Dark bronze.

No streaks, spots or bad smells. No worries of ageing, stretch marks, pigmentation or cellulite. You get hydrated and firm skin by using the Tanner. Usually the self tanners do not help the skin problems reduce. But this Tanner is made up of such ingredients so that glowing skin with reduced skin problems can be ensured. Get this Tanner and enjoy your glowing skin.

7. Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray

Get the healthy alternative for sunless tanning with the Body Drench Tanner. It gives you instant and quick Tan all over the year. It has 360° nozzle so that you can easily apply the Tanner on any part of your body. The bronze tint enriches sun kissed instant glow and the tinted formulas used while manufacturing making it easy to apply. So natural and sunless tan is developed gradually with it’s use.

The main ingredient used is the Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) derived from sugar and natural products. It reacts with the outer and top most layer of the skin. As a result golden brown tan color is produced that enriches the glowing of skin. After applying it dries instantly and helps the tanning be streak or mess free. You can observe chocolate scent all around you on using the Tanner. No stains or odors or spots ultimately you only get quick, natural and golden brown glowing tan. You can apply it twice in a week so that the darker tan develops gradually within 3-5 hours.

Spray it all over the body and spread the tan evenly. It gives soft, smooth and fine finish with glowing skin. Be it for beach or cruise or some other occasions be the center of attraction with natural glowing skin. 

8. Bronze Tan Dark Moisturizing Self Tanning Mousse and Self Tanner

Be it men or women anyone can use it for natural glowing and sexy looking tan. Apply the Bronze Tan and enjoy golden color tan within minutes. Enriched with salon quality formula you don’t need to go out for tanning. Sit at home and obtain the natural glowing tan without exposing yourself to the sun. One of the main ingredients used is the aloe vera which ensures smooth finish Every time. And the vanilla scent enriched gives you fresh and pleasant smell on using.

Sun Kissed without sun

Mostly you don’t wish to expose yourself under the sun. It may lead to wrinkles or sun spots or even cancer. To avoid these and to save yourselves from such skin problems you can use the Tanner. Being at home apply it evenly all over your skin and get the exotic bronze glow.

Delicious Vanilla Scent

While Manufacturing the Tanner is infused with vanilla extract. This enhances warm and pleasant smell all around. So wherever you go it is filled with fresh fragrance and this also helps you keep your mood on all day long.

Natural Ingredients and Cruelty Free

High Quality and natural ingredients are only used for the Tanner. Imparted with the cutting edge formula this tan moisturizes your skin and helps it stay hydrated most of the time. Hit the stunning beach look with the natural glowing tan.

This Tanner can be used by everyone from small girl to teens and aged. For all types of skin tones is works perfect and stays suitable. Pump the lotion on your hands. Apply it evenly on the skin all over and rinse it for good finish with your palms. Initially the gray/ greenish color you get is not the color of tan. You can witness the natural tan on the next day. Afraid of the gray base? Don’t worry! This color fades away once you shower. No stains or spots or orange color. Enjoy the natural and sexy looking glowing skin with the Bronze Tan Self Tanner.

9. b.tan B Tan Forever+ Ever Self Tan Mousse

Stay sun kissed with darker tan lasting for longer time with the B Tan Forever self Tanner. You can call it too good tan as it lasts for a minimum of 11 days. Once applied it gradually develops darker tan giving you a even finish. It is streak free, paraben free, vegan friendly and 100% natural. Made up of the DHA ingredients this Tanner helps the skin glow and shine better. It doesn’t wash off when you shower and even doesn’t rub off on the clothes.

No stains or spots will be left behind when using the Tanner. Ultimately you only get darker tan for your skin. The tan doesn’t make you orange instead helps the color gradually grow darker and darker providing a good and even finish all over the skin. It doesn’t produce any stinky odors. Infact the Tanner gives fresh and pleasant smell. And so with this B Tan Forever Self Tanner enjoy your weekly tanning at home within less time.

10. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Guess what! This Tanner is being manufactured by the tan lovers to all the tan lovers out there. Get the natural and sexy looking tan for your body with this Loving Tan Self Tanner. No more visiting saloons for tanning. Within minutes of time you can get immediate color that gradually develops to deeper and darker color. This product works best for the medium skin tones. Save money and start tanning yourself with the Tanner staying at home itself. Made up of aloe vera and walnut extracts the Tanner is very safe to use.

Color Guide Technology imparted with the Tanner ensures streak free and ease while applying it on your body. As soon as applied the tan dries quickly and produces fresh and fragrant smell. Apply the lotion directly on to your body and spread it evenly all over the skin with circular motions using hands. Stay away from water for almost 6 hours. Later on shower and get glowing skin with natural look. Ensured darker tan, easy application, instant development of color and fresh color are all the features that makes the Tanner stand as ideal and perfect solution for sun less tanning.

Talking about the best of all these products it’s highly difficult to select one. Probably each Tanner is special and unique in it’s own way. For some skin tones and some people one product may suit perfectly. While other products may suit for others. So knowing about a product in detail and clear before you try to use it is of high priority. Since the tanners hit the market, with increasing Technology every day they have come a long way. Without exposing yourself to the sun you can get glowing natural tan subsequently. No odors, no spots, no streaks and no harm. Eventually you can observe your skin become darker with perfect tan.

Reviews speak the best about any product. While comparing we can easily see which product is mostly used and received by the customers. Based on the reviews the St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse is considered to be the best. Almost 76% of the customers have given five star ratings. 12% of the customers have given four star ratings. Due to some issues and disappointments 4% of the users have given one star ratings. Overall it is well received and recommended by all the customers and users. The special thing about this Tanner that attracts everyone to buy it is that it is 100% naturally derived product.

It is lightweight, healthy, natural looking, newly formulated and classic product to use. Once sprayed on your skin it instantly dries and within 4-8 hours you can observe the tan grow darker gradually. Gives you smooth and even finish once the tan develops completely. Fresh and pleasant fragrance is ensured so that all day long you can keep your mood on. Once applied the tan lasts for almost 10 days. So you don’t need to apply it too often. Ultimately enjoy the golden bronze natural glowing tan.

While choosing a Tanner observe what are the ingredients used and how much of DHA is used? Check if it is suitable for your skin. See how long it lasts and observe the progress. Beware of spots or stains or streaks and orange color. Know if it produces odors or pleasant smell. And above all if your skin is sensitive and if you are allergic then consult the doctor and use the Tanner. Without exposing yourself to the sun and getting tanned at home is one of the best things. And this doesn’t mean your skin is safe. Frequent and regular use of the Tanner may also cause skin problems. So stay wise and select a perfect Tanner which does not harm. A good tan is the best Accessory and No sun is required.