Best Slow Cookers Canada Reviews 2023

Slow cooking is the ever-green trend that brings amazing taste to food, all the nutrients get locked in the food and delicacy is always admirable. It uses less electricity than an oven and keeps the moisture in the food. Most of the expensive dishes are prepared in this style.

Slow cooking is time saving because we place all the ingredients in a sealed pot and the dish is cooked by taking its sweet time and cutting down the clean-up.

Slow cooking brings out the flavour in the dishes and many of the amazing dishes like pot meals, soups, casseroles. 

Top Slow Cookers Canada Reviews

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

This is the best slow cooker I ever used. Trust me this has multiple uses for heating up the food, steaming. It is a 7 in 1 electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer. 

It is worth every penny. This crock ware has a stainless steel inner cooking body made from high quality steel and three ply bottom  for even heat distribution.Having a fully sealed environment   keeps all the nutrients locked with the automatic functioning saves  a ton of your time.This slow cooker has amazing settings for heating the food and many dishes can be easily made using this. This crock ware can be used for cooking rice or making dips . Instant pot is available in different colors and sizes and you can select as per your needs . many customers reviewed this cooker  as best all in one slow cooker and having one pot which can do you many dishes with amazing taste is always good.

2. TONZE DGD22-22EG FBA_COMINHKPR92575 Slow Cooker    

This is the best soup maker out in the market, I saw in one of my friends’ homes it is completely ceramic body. The taste is totally brought by slow cooking. This high quality ceramic ware brings the best taste to the soups and food we made in these pots. Keeps the temperature for long time 

This high-end slow cooker has an inbuilt control panel with instructions. The control panel has pre-set menus for different dishes like stewing, yogurt, steaming. ceramic pot with good quality, proper dosage. comes with a set of two small sauce pans, one large saucepan. you can also boil eggs.this slow cooker provides you many heat settings and automated settings which helps you save you a lot of time . you can just preset the settings and carry on with your work . This crock ware is  available in different colors and sizes . This brand offers warranty and all the parts will be easily available . This is the best high end cooker and luxury slow pot with an automated settings panel for your every use.

3. Proctor Silex 4 quart 33043 slow cooker

This is the best budget crock pot we found for you after a rigid test out. This is the proctor silex 4-quart slow cooker. Crock ware with perfect size dishes and cook up to a 4 lb chicken roast for special occasions and brunches.  This cooker has perfect heat settings from high to low and keeps the food warm for longer time periods, this slow cooker is very easy to clean and can be cleaned by using a washer. This pot also can be used for refrigerator storage. This is best at bet slow cooker one can buy    

Great price and does the job just as well as a more expensive brand. Very easy to clean the dishes due to removable parts.This is the best budget slow pot at four quart capacity . This pot has good heat settings which can help you to adjust the heat levels and prepare food deliciously.

4. Hamilton-Beach 33463 6 Quart Slow Cooker

Hamilton-Beach 33463 6 Quart Slow Cooker, Black & Stainless steel, 33463, 6-9 Quarts
  • 5 different cooking times
  • Programmable timer that automatically shuts off
  • 5 year warranty
  • Off/Hi/Low and keep warm heat settings
  • Removable dishwasher safe stoneware

Finally, a slow cooker with automated settings, with this automated setting you can just pre-set the time and carry on with your work Hamilton flex cooker has two different programmable heat settings for your convenience. It gives you flexibility with your different recipes. This crock ware offers two heat modes one for heating and one for cooking time. This has the automated off setting when the temperature is reached. Design of this crock pot prevents spilling food and leaks of any sort. Handles have full grip and make cooking easy.

This is the best option I suggest to you guys. go for it, works very well and brings amazing taste to the food. you can use this as a slow cooking pot or as a normal cooking pot because of the heat settings . This Hamilton pot has an amazing shape and design than other brands . You can easily find this brand on any hardware store near you in case it needs any repairs to be done.

5. Crockpot cooker Dipper stainless steel

This is the best large capacity slow cooker out there. This is multifunctional.This Crock-Pot Slow Cooker has the 8-quart capacity for a dinner party but its oval design saves space on your countertop. The removable oval stoneware is great for serving and cleaning in the dishwasher.  These pots can be used in other kitchens appliances’ also .Food can be kept warm for a long time. Many other dishes can be made warm by using this slow cooker. You can just put all the ingredients in the morning and it will be cooked and kept heated till you reach home after the job. Customers reviewed this as the best bet for the price and can be used as a gift option for parties. This large 8 quart pot helps you cook food for more than six people and even you can have leftovers for the next day.


6. DECKER Tealwave cooker SC207D

Who doesn’t want the crockery to be well designed and awesome? Presenting you this best designed and great crock pot of all time. Delicious food can be made in no time and heated till consumption.  Roasts can also be made, just place all the ingredients in the pot and leave it . easy and hassle free. this crock ware has three heat settings, you can find the suitable temperature and use accordingly. cleaning up is also very easy for this pot and dishwasher friendly. Lid fits well and keeps the heat for a longer time.  This is all in my option affordable, good design, worth every penny.

 Decker Croke ware has three heat Settings, Low, high, and warm settings for all your slow-cooking dishes.

7. MaxiMatic MST 250 xs Gourmet 2 quart cooker  


This slow cooker will be a great help to heat small amounts of food .It can be used to make small , usually put in soup or lasagne or something that I have made and froze. So, you can eat healthy and have your food warmed and dips made in this slow cooker always turn out awesome. This small slow cooker is very easy to carry and take to other places.

This crock ware body has Stainless steel exterior, tempered clear glass lid, Cool-touch handles and knob and totally handy, easily washable. This two quart pot will be good for the bachelors or single staying persons and very easy to carry around .All the spare parts are very easily available and warranty is also provided for this slow cooker . soups and many other dishes made can be easily heated in a mini slow pot and it is highly preferred two quart in the market and easily available for people in all places.

8. Hamilton beach 33861 Flex cook cooker 

Guys I got my friends this slow cooker as a gift,she loved it.After going through a ton of reviews I found this crock ware as best choice.firstly the size of the pot is  amazing it can feed crowds .best to use for dinners and brunches or house parties.this crock ware has large capacity and can cook a whole chicken .this gives us good number of temperature and cooking choices for the dishes. You can make food in the morning and leave it till evening and still remains hot. I am totally pleased by the model and settings. And I recommend it.

All the customers also reviewed it as a good slow cooker with best settings and heatings modes and the lifetime of this slow cooker is also very great . Warranty is also provided and spare parts for this model are also very easily available in the market at all times . This is also the most purchased model of the Hamilton brand in the market.


This digital crock pot is so perfect for making a meal for four can cook a small size chicken . Temperature control options are also good and you can not miss the reputation of the brand. This is the best  four quart slow cooker in the market at the moment.

Very convenient to use and cooks meals to a point .It can keep the food warm for more than eight hours based on the temperature settings we opted for and automatically goes off after reaching the temperature set. You can have the best satisfying meal. Just go for it guys .Even the customer reviews were so good about this slow cooker . Warranty is also given along with the instruction books for this cooker .All the damages are covered in the warranty book for this cooker.It is available in different colours and different quart sizes for your convenience.

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