Best Snow Shovel Reviews 2023

Winter comes along with many problems for us. Right footwear, warm clothes, proper food and skin care everything should be taken care of. It’s during this climate we need to be careful about our body, food and surroundings. In the extreme temperatures we should stay warm enough in our day to day life. Do you live somewhere that snows continuously in that area? Removing the snow along drive ways and walking paths at your home is of high priority. And this must be done properly. From the olden days its been done through the hands either by pushing or lifting. When you use your hands and body strength there are chances that you become tired. And the cold weather passes through your muscles making you weak and cold. It’s very dangerous at some times. To avoid such situations a Snow Shovel can be used for removing the snow.

What is a Snow Shovel?

A snow shovel consists of a broad plate that is designed to remove snow. These shovels are also known as snow scoops and sleigh shovels. Fitted with a wide handle and deep hopper you can make the shovel penetrate deeper in the snow and scoop up loads. You can either slide it to a heap or lift and throw it somewhere. There are two main considerations for choosing a snow shovel: Shape of blade and the material used. A flat blade shovel and round blade shovel are provided in various models helping you to remove snow easily.

Mostly snow shovels are made up of wood and plastic. Some other materials such as aluminum, steel etc., are also used while manufacturing. Removing snow might be fun but it also involves heavy work to do. In places where it snows more frequently it is better to have a snow shovel at home. Having snow spread all over makes it difficult for you to even walk or stand. And this even increases cold weather around your home. So the winter messes must be cleared up as soon as possible. Various snow shovels are available in the market today. Advanced Technologies, unique designs and various models are featured and for all the Snow shovels.

Proper grip, shape, size, length of handle and the blade must be checked properly for your needs. Question to yourself Is it too heavy or light for catching in hands? Is the shovel easy to Maneuver? Is the handle too long or short? Is the shovel correct fit for the depth of snow ? Can u catch the shovel comfortably with your hands for either pushing or lifting the snow?

Top Snow Shovel

And the shovel you select must give correct answers. So that will be your best choice. Among the various models and designs available it is highly difficult to select one. But while buying a product you must ensure that it’s worth the money you pay. For a in depth let’s look at some of the shovels available in Canada. By the end of this hunt let’s find out the best and ideal snow shovel.

1. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

It’s time for you to start removing snow in a smart way reducing the hard way.  Being light in weight it helps you to push or lift the snow without effort. You don’t need to use your body for strength and tire your muscles. Totally the body strain is reduced by up to 30. Ergonomic grip with spring loaded helps you lift and throw the snow. Return the shovel to snow for removing the next load of snow.

Pro’s in using Snow Joe Snow Shovel:

  • It is highly comfortable to hold on for enhanced grip.
  • Designed to be a fulcrum this shovel reduces strain so that you can remove snow effortlessly.
  • The lifting leverage can be shifted to the lower hand for lifting heavy loads.
  • The wide handle helps you to have a good and proper posture without bending for removing the snow.
  • Made up of aluminum wear strip the blade stands durable enough lasting for longer time.

Features include:

Impressive Design

The ergonomic design helps you to hold the handle with grip. And the wide blade with long length helps you to stand and remove snow without straining or bending much. So ultimately hold it tight, remove the snow with ease effortlessly.

18” Polypropylene Blade

The blade is made up of polypropylene that helps it to stand shatter resistant. Lasts for longer time and durable enough for uncountable winter’s.

Spring Loaded Handle

As the handle is provided with spring no matter how much weight the load of snow is . It doesn’t take up much of your energy. Throw the snow and return back for the next load.

The length of handle can be adjusted. It is very light in weight that you can easily lift and throw the snow with over exerting yourself. Metal edge provided protects the body of shovel from deterioration. The springing action reduces strain on your body and enhances effortless snow removal.

2. True Temper Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Be if shoveling or pushing the snow this true temper shovel can be used for both purposes. Blade made up of nylon wear strip with 18 inch improves and enhances the life of blade preventing the gouging of decks and other surfaces. Also this wear helps to resist the wear and tear of shovel. While shoveling the edge stays smoother and cleaner. The  handle is featured with Ergonomic design for having a good grip for using the shovel. An oversized D grip helps you catch it easily with hands more comfortably.

High Quality Materials and impressive design helps the shovel last for many winter’s. Deal with the snow in a smart way effortlessly. This combo shovel helps you for moving a lot of snow quickly  during the bigger jobs. Tackle the snow with gloved hand grip easily and comfortably.

3. Snow Caster 48 UPH Snow Shovel Pusher with 48 inch Heavy Duty Plastic Blade

Designed and featured to clear loads of snow easily this Snow caster shovel does the work of removing snow easily and effortlessly. No shoveling, lifting or heaving aside just push the snow away and clear it. The shovel is extremely strong and highly Durable enough lasting for longer time. All the materials are manufactured in USA with high quality to enhance and ensure the removal of snow.

Features include:

Easy to use

At the point of attachment to the fiber glass tube , the bracket and handle are re enforced to the shovel. It’s Ergonomic design helps you hold it comfortably.

Heavy Duty

Made up of ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene material the shovel stands durable enough lasting for longer time. These high quality materials helps you scoop up loads of snow no matter what the depth of snow is.

Quick Assembly

For the residential use and maintenance this shovel helps you remove the snow effectively. It can be assembled up in less than 10 minutes. So whenever you are ready the shovel is also ready for the work. The snow caster shovel is user friendly for all the applications. 

Be it for snow removal or barn clean ups or other plowing projects the Snow caster shovel works Efficient and effective. It is light in weight and sturdy enough for use. You don’t need to strain yourself much for this work with the shovel.

4. Ergie Shovel ERG-SNSH18

Let it snow! Go easy on it. Without much strain, without bending your back and without getting tired remove and clear the snow with Ergie Snow Shovel. Along with the handle and extra handle is provided aside for greater leverage. The blade is 18” wide so you can scoop more snow at once. It helps you remove loads of snow easily without much effort required.

Features include:

Added Leverage

An extra handle is available along with the shovel to increase the leverage. Be it of any depth the snow can be scooped up deeper without bending. So there is no strain on your back. 

28 inch Steel Shaft

It’s light in weight design makes the shovel stand as the best product. And it also stands durable enough lasting for longer time.

18 inch blade

The shovel can be used for push+scoop. With this combo you can lift the snow easily or push it away to a heap. Through this the work of shoveling of snow becomes easier.

The shovel is entirely made up of strong and sturdy Metal. It’s very comfortable to use and hold on with strong grip. The Ergonomic design helps you to remove the snow no matter what the depth is. This smart shovel for snow removal works very efficient in small and large places.

5. Garant GUH36FKDU 36 inch Resistant UHMV Snow Pusher

Made up of high wearing, impact resistant and cold weather adaptable material this Garant Snow Shovel works effective for  snow removal. It consists of wide and non stick blade surface that helps you to remove snow effortlessly though it is too deep or too soft. Ice rinks, side walks and driveways can all be cleaned up by removing the snow with this perfect shovel. Tackle the snow with fiber glass handle and hold it tight with the D grip. Comfortable and light weight shovel helps you remove snow easily and effortlessly.

Features include:

UHMW Blade

To make the shovel stand durable while manufacturing high quality materials are used. This helps it act impact resistant, high wearing and cold weather adaptable material.

Sturdy Handle

It is provided with fiber glass handle ensuring a strong grip. So the shovel is perfect for cleaning and snow removal in ice rinks, side walks and driveways.

Pro Grade Tools

For residential or industrial use this shovel works the best and is the most suitable one for snow removal. It is very easy to assemble knock down system.

Having the right tool for scraping the snow is very important. And this Garant Pro Series Snow Shovel works effective for shoveling snow. Enhanced sturdiness and durability is ensured with this snow shovel. Be it for pushing or lifting the snow you have the right tool here.

6. Greenworks 2600802 8 Amp 12 inch Corded 

In a short period of time you can remove snow and clear up the driveways with the powerful 8 Amp motor. It has 12 inch width scooping up loads of snow at a time. With the wide blade it is easy to Maneuver. The handle can be Adjustable so that you can hold it comfortably with grip. Being light in weight and compact the shovel can be used for removing snow in tight, small and large spaces. Per minute 300lbs of snow can be cleared up.

 Running by the motor there is no strain for you. It is the ultimate battery powered equipment that can be used outdoors. The 8 Amp 12 inch Corded Snow Shovel helps you to clear the driveways or side walks or patios of heavy snow fall quickly and clearly. With 12 inch clearing width and 8 inch clearing depth you can move large amounts of snow conveniently. The instant electric start gets you going immediately without hassle and mess. Work with comfort and less maintenance. 

7. COFIT 47” Retractable Snow Shovel

Remove the snow or mud or sand on the car, in outdoor camping or gardening use with the COFIT Snow shovel. Snow under the vehicles can also be shoveled easily. And at times of your ski trip this tool works the best for snow removal. With 26 inch width and 47 inch depth the snow on the surfaces can be reached and removed out. The shovel is adjustable and so you can push or lift the snow without strain or bending.

Features include:

High Quality Materials

The shovel is made up of aluminum alloy making the tool thicker and the connections stand stable. According to the tests conducted this shovel can with stand 90lbs load of snow easily. So for snowy weather this strong shovel works the best.

Light in weight and labor Saving

It weighs only 800g and is about 1/3rd of weight of same size steel shovel. You can easily lift or push the snow away easily with this shovel. As a result you need not strain yourself too much.

Fits into Car

The maximum length of shovel is not more than 15 inch. And with it’s portable size you can take it into or underneath the car for cleaning and removing the snow.

Economic Use

The surface is smooth with the advanced coating technical methods equipped. It is environment friendly and stands durable enough without chance for scraping off. And this coating remains intact for using it continuously for many winter’s.

Ergonomic Design

The shovel can be hung up on the wall without taking much of your space. D shaped handle helps you hold with strong grip. 


Scoop up the snow from the surfaces clearly and quickly. So the removal of snow is very effective with the shovel.


The shovel can be disassembled easily into parts. And after that you can store it in back pack or car or motor cycle.


You never know when you need this shovel. A storage bag is provided along with the tool. So store it in your bag and take it easily anywhere.

It is compact, light weight and very effective. The length can be adjusted and used for multiple purposes. Handle is provided with strong and ensured grip. What else do you need for a shovel? Clean and remove the snow easily and comfortably.

8. Aurora Tools 24 inch Poly Snow Pusher

Made up of polypropylene material this shovel stands durable and lasts for longer time. With 24.5 inch width and 10.75 inch depth the snow can be shoveled off from all surfaces if it is too soft or hard. The handle is made up of steel and provided with 42 inch length. You can ensure strong grip with the D grip featured. You can  hold the shovel comfortably in your hands. It is light in weight so that you can remove the snow effortlessly.

Tackle the job of removing snow well and perfect with the Aurora Tools Poly Snow Pusher.

9. CARTMAN Sport Utility Scalable Camping Snow Shovel

What’s so unique about this? You can carry it easily in your automobile so whenever you need it you can use it for snow removal. Featured with advanced construction the shovel is light in weight and stands durable enough. From 25 inches to 32 inches the height of shovel can be adjusted accordingly for multiple uses. It’s total weight is 1.3 pounds and can be disassembled into three parts.

Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

With high quality aluminum utility sport the shovel can be used in extreme temperatures. Provided with three colors : blue, red and gold this shovel attracts you for doing the work of snow removal efficiently. Easy Storage is provided as the shovel can be disassembled into three pieces. Moreover, it’s portable size helps you store it in car or back pack. 

With it’s unique and latest construction the shovel is light in weight, durable and of high quality. It stands strong and sturdy enough so you can use it for many winter’s.

10. Overmont Snow Shovel 

Use if for removing snow or mud or rubbish from steps and sidewalks. For gardening or plowing or daily use this shovel can be used for effective removal of snow. It is designed to be compact so that you can fold it and store for taking anywhere. You can remove snow, frost and ice as well from the surfaces or underneath the vehicles.

Features include:

Aluminum Collapsible

The shovel is made up of aluminum alloy that makes it stand dryable and stable enough for using. Disassemble it into pieces, store it in backpacks or car and take it everywhere you go. 

Perfect Size and Weight

From 26” to 32” the shovel can be adjusted accordingly for your needs. When you have to clean surfaces let the length be maximum. And when you want to clean underneath it becomes easy if you decrease the length. Being just 1.3 pounds the shovel is very light in weight to carry and use it all along. For removing snow on any kinds of surfaces this shovel stands perfect.

Multi Purpose

For gardening or plowing or daily use the shovel is a must in your tools list. It’s compact and can be stored easily while traveling. Be it for shoveling mud or snow or dirt or sand this shovel does the work for you easily and effortlessly.

Extra Ice Scraper

You don’t know when it snows. When you are out and it suddenly starts snowing it is very difficult for you to dig out your car from the snowfall. At that times this ice scraper helps you to remove the snow and reach home easily. Keep it and ensure you can get through the winter snow storm.

Shiny Beautiful Colors

Anodizing process is provided with the shovels. The colors coated lasts for longer time standing durable enough. Use if for long but the color doesn’t fade away.

Aluminum Alloy

The surface of shovel is made up of 5 series aluminum alloy. It helps it to stay anti rust though used for daily purposes. And the handle is made up of 6 series aluminum alloy. It stands durable enough and heat Resistant.

PP Handle

Made up of PP material the handle can be held with good grip in your hands. It stands anti slip and stable.

Overall it’s high strength, light in weight, corrosion resistance , excellent metal texture, stain resistance and good thermal conductivity makes the shovel stand as perfect and ideal deal for snow removal. Make the task of snow shoveling simple and easy with this smart tool.

Coming to the best of all these shovels its highly difficult to pick one. Every product is unique and different on it’s own. And for particular uses one product stands perfect. Based on the reviews the True Temper Ergonomic Snow Shovel is the best and ideal snow shovel. Almost 77% of the customers have given five star ratings. And 15% of the customers have given four star ratings. It is well recommended and received by the users. Some of the issues in the product led to one star ratings by 3% of the customers.

Standing as a combo for pushing or lifting the snow this shovel helps you to remove snow ultimately. The metal used while manufacturing makes it sturdy and durable enough lasting for longer time. The D grip helps you hold on to the shovel with correct grasp. Firm frame, correct shape and size, ensured Durability and stability, enhanced cleaning performance and Ergonomic design are all the features equipped with the shovel to make it the best and perfect tool for snow removal.

Winter may come with many problems but it is the season of festival also. Snow fall is one of the beautiful things created by the weather. And at this times you enjoy to the maximum. Well! It is also important to stay careful at these times. Snow removal helps you walk around easily and decrease the extreme temperature around you. To free your sidewalks and driveways from snow you need a good shovel. The right tool helps you clear snow faster without much strain on your body. Choosing the right shovel for snow is one of the important stuff. According to the snowfall at your home ensure the removal of snow effectively. Quality, features, length and size and grip are the important considerations you need to take care of while choosing a perfect shovel. BETTER GO OUT AND SHOVEL THE SNOW.