Best Tankless Water Heater Canada Reviews 2023

Shower is at the top on your routine list. But how many times do you skip it? Well! It may be due to someone else knocking at the door or may be due to the calls from office to submit your work. Or may be you have an urgent work to attend in time. Or may be you need to appear for a exam or interview within no time. Reasons are excuses to skip some routine of your life. And we do the best escape when it comes to bathing. But the thing is, a good shower is antidote for the stressful and hectic day. It is after this realization you wish to have a relaxed bath.

Why am I even concentrating on the bath? Here is what certainly lies behind my explanation. The appliance used for heating water is equally important to a relaxed shower. Many heaters, boilers and geysers provide hot water continuously. But how does the device do that? Did it ever strike you about how are you even getting hot water? Before entering to the hot water used.

Top Tankless Water Heater Canada Reviews

1. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tank less Water heater

Water with 16.667°C or above can be heated with this Eco smart tank less water heater.  Almost 2.5 gallons of water can be heated per minute and produces a output water with 40.556°C. Increment in the temperature can be controlled with the digital temperature so that within a desired time 1°C can be increased in the water. And this setting purely depends on the temperature and flow rate.

So according to the cold and hot temperature in the surroundings water is also heated as desired. Only the required energy to heat water to desired temperature is used. So get constant hot water supply at desired temperature with touch of a switch.

Pro’s in using Eco smart tank less water heater:

  • It doesn’t require more space to store since it is tank less and provides room for you.
  • Device works better in providing the warmth of hot water.
  • Saves time, space, money and reduces energy and water use effectively.
  • It is safe and reliable product with advanced technology.
  • Eco smart devices are extremely helpful with a proof holding great standards for their performance.

Features include:

Endless Hot water

With the flowing of cold water continuously through the pipe, the device provides hot water endlessly without any disruptions. Only thing to be taken care of is that the heater should be sized correctly in order to heat the desired water.

Save space in your room

Normal heaters or geysers take up much space making it congested for you. But the eco smart device is featured with sleek and wall mounted design. So ensure that there is not much space required to place it. It can be hung on the wall just like a tank.

Self Modulating Technology

With the proper size and set up, energy is consumed to heat up only the needed water to deired temperature. 

Saves Money

Being turned on only when hot water is needed the device turns off during heat loss. So this not only ensures energy Saving but also helps in lower heating costs.

 Be it for apartments or condominiums or townhomes this eco smart tank less water heater supplies hot water Continuously at desired temperature for your needs. And now you feel the warmth all over!

2. Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tank less Water heater

Guess What! Enjoy hot water not only at home but also outdoors with the Camplux Outdoor Tank less Water heater. It requires lowest water pressure in order to heat the water. From a minimum temperature of 8°C to maximum temperature of 46°C the water can be heated as desired. The compact size and design helps you to fold it easily and carry wherever you want. Almost 1.32 gallons of water can be produced as output per minute.

Being a flame failure device with anti freezing protection and oxygen depletion safety you need not worry to carry it or use it outdoors. Ultimately, you only get hot water wherever you are whenever you need.

Pro’s in using Camplux Outdoor Tank less Water heater:

  • It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ignition can be turned on to heat the water when there is no electricity.
  • It requires low water pressure for operating.
  • For  12 volt water pump systems, the heater can be effectively used without any disruptions.
  • Energy saving Technology is in built so that there are no worries of break down or high electric bills.

Features include:

Enjoy Outdoor Life

With three key elements portability, energy saving and innovation the Camplux has always strives to produce products that make us feel utmost comfort.  The device is compact leaving you space in your room and can be conveniently carried out in case needed. Almost 50% of the heating costs can be reduced and saved as well with the energy saving Technology.

Safe and Secured Design

Since the device is featured to use in both indoors and outdoors lots of precautions and sensors protection have been in built in the device. Over heat protection, flame failure device, anti freezing protection and oxygen depletion safety protection are all taken care of so that you can use it anywhere at anytime safely.

High Efficiency Combustion

Stainless steel is used as burner in order to heat the water and running copper is the material used as heat exchanger. With these powerful and effective materials used you can obtain hot water for bathing and cleaning as you desire.

Enjoy Outdoor showers, camping trips, bathing horses and dogs and to clean your vehicles if needed. The Camplux Outdoor Tank less Water heater is always at service for you. 

3. Vevor Propane Tank less Water heater

Providing you hot water easily and very efficient , the device from Vevor stays portable and energy saving. Also supplies constant hot water whenever required and so get a relaxed shower and enjoy it. The water heater also saves you money by reducing the heating costs by 50%. Be it money or time or energy everything is valuable and saved by the Vevor tank less water heater.

Water temperature is displayed on the LED. Combustion Technology and advanced protection systems enhance the safety in using the device.

Pro’s in using Vevor tank less water heater:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas is used as the main source of energy to transfer and tube the cold water to be hot.
  •  Temperature as desired can be adjusted in the display so that the water doesn’t become way too hot for you.
  • It is compact and can be wall mounted without taking up much of your space.
  • Can be installed easily to use without difficulties.

Features include:

High Quality Materials

Outer case is provided with stainless steel and the inner parts are provided with copper. This ensures that the device stays resistant to temperature, water leaks, anti rusting and ultimately stands durable.

Multi Protections

To ensure your safety and avoid accidents the heater is secured with six protection ways.

  • Over heating protection
  • Low water flow protection
  • Anti frozen protection
  • Over water pressure protection
  • No flame protection
  • 20 minute timer

Monitored Control

Temperature of water can be adjusted accordingly by rotating the gas and water knobs on the panel. Summer or Winter mode can be switched to change the fire row amount leading to 40% reduction in the heating costs.

Compact Design

This device is light in weight and portable. It can be mounted on the wall so that it doesn’t require to take up much of your room. Hose connectors for the flow of water, filtration mesh to filter impurities from water, gas emission tube and copper water tank are in built to enhance the performance of water heater.

High gas burning efficiency

LPG used provides uniform fire in order to heat the water all over. This also saves gas and energy with high control. In case there is a flame , the devices shuts off automatically to ensure safety.

Overall, the Vevor tank less water heater is well suited to provide hot water continuously especially in cold places. Enjoy hot shower and feel relaxed amidst your hectic schedule and works.

4. Ecotemp Systems EL22i Liquid Propane Tank less Water heater

This is the largest model provided from the company in order to ensure continuous hot water supply. Featured to heat almost 6.8 gallons of water per minute, the heater is designed with a sleek, modern and  tempered glass casing. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled as it is displayed in the touch screen of digital panel. Whether it is for larger quantities or small commercial use the Ecotemp meets your demands and provides hot water constantly.

 Features include:

  • Touch Screen Display to control temperature
  • It is quite suitable to use in any sized home
  • Liquid Propane is ensured as the main source of energy for heating water 
  • The device is completely safe to use with the glass casing.

5. GASLAND BS158CA Tank less Water heater

Providing you compact and light weight designed Tank less Water heater to get hot water constantly either in outdoor or indoor. It’s light in weight so that you can carry it easily around without any burden. The GASLAND water heater enables you have hot water whenever needed at maximum temperature at anytime required. Be It indoors or outdoors , here is the tank less water heater to enjoy hot shower everywhere at anytime.

Pro’s in using GASLAND water heater:

  • Cold water can be stopped from getting freeze when it is left for long time without use by the anti  freezing drain plug.
  • It is light in weight to carry and install it anywhere as required.
  • The water flow and it’s heat can be totally controlled and adjusted accordingly.
  • With advanced technology less gas is consumed for heating the water in turn saving your money and energy.
  • Being a flame failure device with anti freezing protection and oxygen depletion safety you need not worry to carry it or use it outdoors. Ultimately, you only get hot water wherever you are whenever you need.

Features include:

Ensured Protection

While using the water heater utmost safety is given first priority. And so to ensure that the people using it find it safe and comfortable to use some precautions have been taken.

  • Flame failure Device- the heater automatically shuts off if there is an unexpected flame.
  • Over heating Protection- water will never get more heated than desired.
  • Anti freezing Protection- in cases where water is left un used for more time they may turn out to freeze. But the drain plug provides warmth to ensure water doesn’t get iced.
  • High water heater Protection.

Enjoy hot shower and outdoor life

Turn on the tap and get hot water continuously without any disruptions. There is no need to preheat or provide warm water. The device operates at low pressure and turns the water to be hot at desired temperature. It is completely in your hands to adjust and control the heat flow.

Impressive Design

Go on camping or trips with the GASLAND water heater. It is light in weight and compact to carry anywhere with you. Install it easily once you find a space to fit the heater. Using the mounting bracket it can be hanged up somewhere. There are instructions provided to install with few steps.

Energy Efficient

Propane water heater exchanger and main burner are featured with advanced combustion Technology. Here the gas used to burn and heat the water consumes less energy and burning noise. So it saves money, time and energy ensuring effective performance.

Be it your not shower or a good bath for dogs and horses or a shower in sun the water heater works perfect to provide you with hot water continuously.

6. Rheem 240 volts Tank less Water heater

Looks may seem deceived sometimes. And this water heater from Rheem proves it. Mini sized small grey water heater is the device that can be used for single or multiple applications for providing Continuous hot water. LED display ensures you to control the temperature and heat flow as you desire. It’s designed with two heat elements so that even if one burns out the other can be replaced in it’s place. 

The important thing to ensure is that before installing this heater you need to make sure proper amount of amperage flows through the wires. The digital display has button to control and adjust the temperature accordingly. As time passes on the water flows at fast rate with increase in temperature of water. Once the maximum desired temperature is reached there is no dropping in the temperature visible. Continuous hot water flow is ensured and observed.

7. FVSTR 12 liters Tank less LPG Propane Gas Hot Water Heater

Get instant hot water constantly without waiting with the FVSTR Hot Water Heater. Install it effortlessly and see how well it works. This heater must not be fitted inside a washroom to ensure safety. It can be installed anywhere else and connected inside. Under proper ventilation, the device works the best enhancing it’s normal condition.

Pro’s in using FVSTR Tank less Water Heater:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas is used to burn and heat the water so that since no chemicals are used there is no need to worry about deposits or other lime scale.
  •  Almost 12 liters of water can be extracted as output for continuous hot water.
  • It’s compact size takes up less storage and provides you with more room.
  • Easy to install and is even more easy to maintain without any unnecessary costs.

Features include:

Hot Water at Anytime

Enjoy hot water for your shower or dish washing and other uses with the Sio Green best premium Water Heater. Designed with insta infrared heating water can be heated up easily and continuously. So there is not much work needed. Just switch on the water heater and get instant hot water whenever required.

Patented Technology

Since LPG and user friendly materials are used , the process doesn’t involve interaction with the chemicals or metals. So this is the best way to resist corrosion, lime scale deposits and calcium build up. With this there is no extra maintenance required or no extra costs included.

 Compact Storage

With less than 20 inch length, this device can be easily stored anywhere else incase of small spaces. Comprising of innovative construction the device is designed to be simple in ergonomic size. Just install it against the wall somewhere and connect it to the washroom. Hot water and room space for you is always maintained no matter what.

Monitored Protection

In the electric appliances we may not know what problem arises all of a sudden. Even though we ensure that everything is alright inside the device the electric wires or electric flow may fluctuate resulting in flame ups. To avoid this precautions are taken.

  • Digital display with shower head
  • Manifold Auto Protection
  • Automatic Ignition System
  • Flame failure Protection Device
  • Anti freezing Protection Function
  • Over heat Protection
  • Over water heat Protection
  • Low water pressure start up
  • Stable water flowing under high pressure

Buy the water heater and enjoy instant hot water whenever required. With ensured Protection and impressive features designed ultimately you only receive best hot water for your uses and needs.

8. Rinnai V53DeN Tank less Water Heater

Suitable for small to medium sized house holds, compact to store, easy to install, perfect for high efficiency and the most comfortable product to rely on for using hot water this is one of the top most device designed from Rinnai. Get access to endless Hot water whenever you need. Control temperature and set timer as you wish with the Control- R 2.0 features.

Endless Hot Water

Therma Circ 360 Technology continuously circulates hot water without any delay. So, even when the device is left used the hot water never go wasted. It is ensured they remain hot and are recirculated without keeping you waiting. 

Saves space

Being about in just 16 square foot of size, the water heater doesn’t require much space to store. It can be placed in a attic, crawl or even a closet. So with the compact size and design ensure you have water heater and enough room for you as well.


The natural gas is used in the heater to heat water. It consumes less energy for Combustion and almost saves 40% more when compared to normal heaters. And a reliable feature is that the heater heats the water only when required and conserves the water without wasting it. So once the water is heated it is recirculated saving energy , time and money.

Sustainable Reliability

The company assures you an average life expectancy of 20 years. However, each part of the device is replicable and can be swapped when defects are observed. 

If you want to invest on a long run heater this the best choice to select. This water heater from Rinnai works effective for continuous supply of hot water saving money, time and energy. What else do you ask for?

9. Happy buy 18L Natural Gas Outdoor Portable Tank less Water Heater

 Using Natural gas as the main source of energy this water heater is of high quality that provides hot water continuously. The temperature can be controlled and adjusted accordingly on the display of outlet knob. Being designed to be compact, it can be mounted on wall and gives classy and decent look. On seeing this everyone wishes to have it in your home and enjoy hot shower.

Pro’s in using Happy buy Tank less Water Heater:

  • The device stands for long time and durable enough to stand resistant to tough environment conditions.
  • Temperature, gas supply and water output can be controlled and adjusted by observing at the LED display.
  • Several protection methods are adopted in order to ensure safety of the device to use.
  • It is light in weight and highly portable device.
  • The device is featured and designed to avoid leakage or any other accidents.

Features include: 

High Quality Materials

Stainless steel and Copper parts are used in order to resist high temperatures and avoid corrosion or rust. So without any complications the device stands durable enough for longer time. With the stainless steel case the device even stands out to be water proof. And these materials also increase thermal efficiency and thermal conductivity.

Various Protections

In order to avoid flame up or any other accidents while using water heater various methods are adopted to ensure safety and reliability.

  • Over heat Protection
  • Low Water flow Protection
  • Low water pressure
  • Anti frozen Protection
  • No flame Protection

LED Screen and Control Knob

Water Control Knob helps to increase the supply of hot water.

Gas Control Knob helps to increase the supply of gas to heat water.

Summer and Winter Knob helps to save more energy according to the environment conditions.

Higher Burning efficiency

Natural gas is used as the main source of energy. Uniform fire is provided to heat the water in all over areas. This combustion structure is totally enclosed so that no energy is wasted and safety is also ensured.

Wall mount design, effortlessly control , good quality and different protection methods make the device stand as a ideal and perfect water heater. Use it in bathrooms or kitchen, but make sure it is wall mounted in good ventilated places.

10. Marey Power Propane Gas Tank less Water Heater

What’s so special about this? This water heater runs with the batteries and there is no need of electricity. Using only gas as the main source of energy the device works very effective providing hot water within no time whenever required. With compact Design the water heater won’t take up much of your room. 

Without the need of electricity this water heater promises to save 60% of energy than normal water heaters and stands as cost effective and user friendly appliance.

Pro’s in using Marry Power Tank less Water Heater:

  • It is easy to use and saves maximum energy.
  • With compact design it saves enough space for storage.
  • Get instant hot water without the need of electricity.
  • Easy to install and use if for multiple uses anywhere at anytime.

Unlimited amount of water can be heated over the time so that you get desired amount of water and gas flow. And it is best suitable for areas where there is often power cut since this device doesn’t need electricity to run. 

And coming to the end of our hunt, we must find out the best one of the products. Every product is unique and stands suitable according to various needs. But reviews are the best which speak about how a product is or in what way is it effective. Based on the Quality, features, design and reviews the best out of all the water heaters is Rinnai Tank Less Water Heater. Almost 81% of people have given five star ratings and 9% have given four star ratings. It is well received and appreciated by the customers. But as every product this also has some defects and so 5% of the people have given one star ratings.

It works very effective to balance the mixture of cold and hot water with suitable pressure for providing hot water at desired temperature ultimately. Half of less energy is used when compared to other water heaters. It is compact, reliable and trustworthy to use. Installation is so easy to fix the heater. Control the temperature, timer and flow rate of water and heat with the control panel.

Overall your need of getting hot water whenever required is made true with the Rinnai Tank less Water Heater. Enjoy showers and hot baths for relaxing. What’s next? Go, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy bath at the same time. Feels heaven right! What else do you need! Have a relaxed and comfortable shower.

What is heating?

A considerable amount of heat from the source is transferred to water so that it’s get heated. This helps you really good for health during domestic purposes.

Likewise, water is heated and used to have a shower. Cool water may not help you to feel relaxed and comfortable for your body temperature and environmental conditions. In such cases, hot water works well and best to help you relieve from pain and relaxed by adding freshness. Hot water relaxes the body and better prepared us to fall asleep. It also relaxes your muscles soothing you both physically and mentally. And so undoubtedly, you can say hot showers relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles.

Lots of appliances are available and have been manufactured to provide hot water. And out of these it is very difficult to know which suits well and which is safe to use. Get hot water at perfect temperature fast and efficiently. There are geysers, instant water heaters, water heaters and tank less water heaters. And there are even water heaters with tank storage. Let’s have a look now at the tank less water heaters which helps us heat up water.

What is a tank less water heater and How does it work?

These water heaters provide instant hot water only when needed. Water placed in the source in connection with the heater, flows through  the device and does not retain any water internally. Within no time all the water is turned out to be hot as desired. Without storing water in a tank when hot water tap is turned on , cold water travels through the pipe into a unit. Electric element in built inside heats up the water. As a result the tank less water heater supplies hot water constantly.

For a in depth, let’s look at some of the tank less water heaters available in the market today. Knowing about everything in detail let’s try to find out the best of all and perfect fit for our use. And here the hunt begins.

According to your needs and uses each product stands different. Know about the heaters in detail and find the best fit for your need. Sometimes all you need is just a good shower and hot water from a good heater.

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