Best Toaster Canada Reviews 2022

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day, and it should never be skipped, but we do not take this seriously, sometimes because we genuinely have to catch up at that time for the office and other times out of laziness. Toasts and eggs are the easiest and healthiest breakfast options but making a perfect toast is salient. To help fix this problem, toasters come in handy. Every toaster is not the same, a perfect toast can make your mornings brighter otherwise, you’ll be in a bad mood, so the right choice of a toaster is significant. Depending on the requirement and how often you use, there are two types of toasters:

The Pop-Up Toaster is a basic one that can make perfect toasts in less than five minutes and is also inexpensive, while the Toaster Oven gives you that professional feeling. It can make toasts, fry eggs, cook pizzas, cookies, and a lot more, and is expensive owing to its incredible features. The main things to keep in mind while choosing a toaster, the size, and shape of the toaster so that it can perfectly fit in your kitchen space, easy button controls for a hassle-free experience, and should not cost you a bomb. It should be easy to maintain, and for that, choose a toaster with a removable crumb tray to facilitate easy cleaning. Toasters are energy-saving and space-saving equipment and are capable of doing their job in a flash, so your job is done quickly, and you also go the environment-friendly route. There are a variety of toasters available with over-the-top features such as 2-slot or 4-slot toasters, temperature controls, defrost settings, toasting a selective part of the bread in different shapes to make your food look better, and additional safety components to make things simpler.

Top Toaster Canada

Here is a list of some of the best toasters available in the market so you can choose one from here without having to do any additional research

1. AmazonBasics 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

The AmazonBasics 2 Slice Toaster sports a silver and black exterior and works at a voltage of 110 Volts with a power wattage of 900 Watts. It has a 22-inch long power cord to enable flexible movements, which can otherwise be wounded when not in use, with a removable crumb tray to facilitate easy cleaning and timely maintenance. It has three button controls- bagel, frozen cancel buttons. The Bagel feature is to toast only the cut side of the bread, the frozen feature to defrost the bread, and cancel to stop the current function from execution. It can toast two slices of bread at once.  Its extra-large slot space of the dimensions- 5.25 x 1.25 inches enables toasting a lot of other food items like bagels, muffins as well. 

Its extra lift feature uses a lever system to lift the toast by a considerable height to prevent the burning of fingers with six shade settings with light indicators to adjust the crispness of the toast, according to the user’s choice. It is light in weight, weighs approximately 984.3 grams with the following product dimensions- 27.18 x 16.31 x 19.2 centimeters. It is compact, saving up on a lot of kitchen space, and makes perfect toasts in less than 15 minutes. It is portable, cooks even toasts, and is silent in operation. The premium quality products used in the manufacture of the toaster withstands the pressures of daily wear and tear, thereby increasing the life of the toaster. AmazonBasics also offers a 1-year warranty on the product so the user can live in peace.

2. CUISINART CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-180 4-Slice Toaster comes in a classy brushed steel color to add a modern look to your kitchen area. It delivers an overall power wattage of 1800 Watts to give those even toasts in minutes. It has four wide slots of 1.5-inch each to toast other items like fries, pastries, muffins, and a lever system to raise the toasts so that you can easily remove them out of the toaster. It is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that can perform four different tasks by simply pressing the button controls on its sides. The bagel feature toasts only the cut side of the bread, the defrost feature cools down the bread before toasting it to prevent soggy toasts, the reheat option to heat the toast at low power, and the cancel button to stop the current task.

It also has a shade-setting option to adjust the level of the toast with its six ranges-1 for lighter toast and 6 for the crispiest toast. It has a removable crumb tray and a long power cord that goes underneath the appliance when not used to facilitate ease of use and good maintenance. It has bright LED indicators to denote the operation taking place, weighs 2.77 Kilograms with the following dimensions- 28.32 x 27.05 x 19.05 centimeters. Cuisinart designs its appliances with utmost precautions in compliance with the North American Electrical Standards and is known widely for its affordable pricing, robust performance, stylish innovations, and extended durability. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty but, if you will not need it, credits for its excellent performance.  

3. 2-Slice Stainless Steel Retro Toaster

The Keenstone 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster comes in two color variants- vintage blue and white shades to take you back to those golden days when you have a look at it. It works best at a voltage of 120 Volts rated at a frequency of 60 Hertz to deliver a power wattage of 825 Watts making perfect toasts in a comparatively lesser time. It has three simple button control for the user to utilize its exclusive features- the bagel function to heat only the cut side of the bread-making one side crispy and the other one soft and tender, the defrost button to cool down the bread for at least half a minute before continuing to do its desired task and the cancel button to stop the operation.

It is affordable and is light in weight, weighs around 1.88 Kilograms with the following dimensions- 29.01 x 18.01 x 18.49 centimeters. It does not use plastic for the manufacture of any of its parts and is made using pure stainless steel to increase the durability of the toaster and also produce healthy toasts. The toasting slots are wide enough with a width of 1.5 inches to accommodate large and thick bread slices and uniformly distribute the heat for even toasts. It has a removable crumb tray behind the toaster to facilitate easy maintenance and the lift-up lever system raises the toasts to prevent accidental burning of fingers by any chance. It also has six adjustable toasting settings to suit the user according to their requirement. It is compact, occupies very little kitchen space, and adds charm to your kitchen counter with its retro design. It is perfectly suitable for small families or single people living in hostels.


The BLACK+DECKER toaster comes in black color and is made of plastic and stainless steel. It is easy to use, clean, worthy and durable. There are four slots to prepare bread toasts that are wholesome for a family also designed with wide slots for bagels and artisan bread. The high lift lever pops the food up, making it easy to reach. Just tap the button for making bagels and, the frozen options allow you to control the range of toasting for a productive output. It is featured with a cancel option that lets you revoke toasting in between. The toast shade selector allows you to control both sides of the toaster for optimum results to match everyone’s taste. The crumb tray collects all the shredded while toasting. You can remove the crumb tray for easy cleaning. 

The BLACK+DECKER toaster consumes 1400 Watts for four slices and 850 Watts for two toasts. Its cord is situated in the front and has a storage capacity. The bagel setting option toasts on one side and heats on the other. It is light in weight and can be portable. The toaster looks eminent in your kitchen and performs its functions effectively. Make your mornings crunchy with the BLACK+DECKER toaster. It doesn’t over toast your breads, cooks evenly and, I am sure your kids are going to love the toasts. BLACK+DECKER offers you a two-year warranty on the purchase of this toaster. 

5. Breville Long Slot Toaster

The Breville long slot toaster is made of aluminum and comes in a charming die-cast metal color. With the Breville long slot toaster, you can toast any bread despite its size and shape. It weighs 3.74 kgs. The LED indicator shows the toasting sequence and the remaining time for better results. You can adjust the toast ready sound alarm to high, low, or even mute as per your convenience. Make sure you wipe off the shredded particles for durability. You can also remove the crumb treaty for easy cleanup. It is easy to use, gives your toast enough warmth, and durable. Gifting this toaster is also a great idea. Who doesn’t love toasts?? They are so cool for breakfast! 

The lift and look option automatically moves up and down to let you keep an eye on the slices of bread and their toasting progress without pausing the cycle. An innovative “A bit more” feature allows you to add more time for a customized toast. Your bread toast gets ready just with the innovative features that work with the push of a button. Unlike the other toasters that create a mess around while moving up and down, the Breville long toaster glides smoothly without dispersing. It toasts the bread evenly throughout and gives you the crisp from outside. Though the toaster is expensive, it satisfies all the needs of the user to the fullest. You would love to have this in your kitchen. Breville offers you a one-year limited warranty on the purchase of this long slot toaster. 

6. Chefman 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

The Chefman 2-slice pop-up toaster is stainless steel that assures its durability. It is designed with wide slots that allow the user to toast thick or thin bagels perfectly. The high lift lever pushes the toast upward, making it easy to pick after the browning cycle avoiding burns. It is featured with seven shade settings options that enable you to toast the bread as per your choice. The higher number you set, the crispier result you get. The push of the cancel button stops the toasting process immediately. The reheat option heats your bread or bagel without toasting. If you want to defrost the frozen bread, defrost it before you toast for optimum results. The bagel setting option toasts on both sides for an extended period. All the shredded pieces of toast are trapped in the crumb tray without sticking around. You can remove the crumb tray for easy cleanup. 

The modern exterior outlook adds beauty to your kitchen. You need not wait until the toasting is done as the toast pops up and shuts instantly. If your food gets cool before you could eat, the reheat option warms the toasts within no time. The Chefman 2-slice pop-up toaster is made of quality materials and lasts for years. It toasts really quick and even without burning. The design is very alluring and convenient to use. It is excellent for the price and functions effectively. Chefman offers you a one year warranty on the purchase of this product. Please refer to the manual for more information. 

7. KitchenAid 4-SliceToaster

The KitchenAid 4-slice toaster is made of alloys and comes in a shiny metallic color. The attractive design looks great on your counter space. It weighs 3.63 kgs making it portable and compact size fits easily, occupying less space in your kitchen. It is designed with four extra-wide slots that enable you to toast bread, buns, or bagels. The crumb can be detachable for easy cleaning. It has five shade settings that allow you to brown your toast as per your preference. The higher you set the number, the crispier you get the toast. It is featured with the cancel option that lets you revoke the toasting process to check the toast. The bagel setting option browns the slice on both sides, keeping it soft and moist at the center. 

The reheat option heats allow you to heat the cooked food again if it becomes cold. The defrost option thaws the frozen food and makes it feel fresh. Make sure you defrost the frozen food before you toast it. 

The high lift lever lifts up the toasts making it easy for you to serve without burning your fingers. This feature is especially beneficial when you’re toasting small bread. It is easy to use and is ideal for everyday use. You are allowed to toast four slices at a time and your breakfast is ready designed with the various innovation functions. Each member has his own taste, here comes the most useful option in the toaster- the dual independent controls allow you to toast a pair of bread in one setting and toast the other set likely. It produces a loud beep when the toast is ready to consume.  KitchenAid is known for manufacturing the best kitchen appliances suitable for the countertop and you cannot have a second thought. The price of the 4-slice toaster is cheap and works great. You can rely on this toaster completely for a crunchy and healthy breakfast every day. KitchenAid offers you a one year warranty on the purchase of this product. 

8. LOFTer 4 Slice long slot Toaster

The LOFTer 4 slice long slots toaster comes in an alluring silver color and is stainless steel that lasts long. The bright compact LCD clearly shows the left out time on the screen to keep an eye on the toast. It is featured with seven bread setting gears that allow you to brown the bread as per your taste. You can toast the bread from light to dark shades. The reheat option allows you to heat the food again, the defrost option enables you to thaw your chilled food making it ready for toast, the real bagel option toast the bagel from the outside keeping the center moist, and the press of the cancel button stops the browning process in between if you wanted to check the crispy bread.

The LOFTer toaster is also very to use; all you need to do is place the bread or donuts in the slots, press down the toaster lever, adjust the shade as per your choice, and the crispy slices of bread or bagels pop up immediately when the toasts are ready to consume. It is designed with a crumb tray that traps all the bread particles that fall while toasting, you can detach the crumb tray for easy cleaning. You are allowed to store the cord in the bottom groove safely. The anti-overheat protection function controls the heat instantly and prevents burning. You can toast any sized bread in the wide slots conveniently. The little toaster makes perfect breakfast and is worthy. Amazon offers you 30 days easy returns and is given a one year warranty on the purchase of this product. 

9. REDMOND 2 Slice Toaster

The REDMOND toaster is black and is built with an intuitive design that looks great on your counter space. It is specially designed to toast bread and doesn’t toast bagels. The 1.5’ inch wide slots perfectly toast the bread irrespective of its shape and size. It is designed with three regular features that are essential for everyday use. The reheat function enables you to reheat the food if required. The cancel button stops the toasting process right away and the defrost option allows you to thaw the frozen food making it ready to toast. Make sure you defrost the food before you toast for optimum results. The REDMOND 2 Slice toaster has six baking modes that toast your bread in six different browns from light to dark, according to the mode you set.

It has a detachable crumb tray that collects all the shredded bread particles on it. You can remove the crumb tray for easy cleaning. The toaster is designed with a wire wrap storage that allows the user to store the cord below. The operation is very easy, it works with the push of a button. REDMOND toaster browns the bread evenly without burning. The automatic pop up function lifts the bread when the toast gets ready, making it easy to grab. It is lightweight, compact, and can easily fit in your kitchen without occupying a lot of space. Please refer to the manual for more information.

10. IKICH 4-Slice Toaster

The IKICH 4-Slice Toaster comes in two monochrome colors- Classical Silver and Sesame Black and works efficiently at a power wattage of 1300 Watts to deliver incredible results and make cooking a walk in the park. It has two 10-inch extra-long slots of a width of 1.5 inches to toast the two long slices or four slices of bread quickly and evenly to make your mornings crunchier and a lot better. Its extra-large slots enable the toasting of a wide variety of other food items as well, so you can enjoy professional food right from the comfort of your home. It has a lever set up to lift the toasts when ready to prevent the burning of fingers while keeping the exterior cool for additional safety. 

It has three buttons for its three exclusive features- the reheat button to gently heat the bread without burning, the defrost button to cool down the bread before toasting, and the cancel button to serve its desired purpose. It also has a customizable option to choose the level of crunchiness of the toast with its six modes ranging from levels-1 to 6, which can be selected with the knob provided and corresponding LEDs to indicate the choice. The toaster is rated at a voltage of 120 Volts at a 60 Hertz frequency to do its best job. It has a long power cord that can wound beneath the toaster to keep your kitchen counter clean and a removable crumb tray for easy maintenance. It weighs approximately 2.25 Kilograms with the following product dimensions- 41.5 x 19.2 x 22.35 centimeters. The stainless steel material used in the manufacture of the toaster increases its lifetime and withstands the pressures of prolonged use without affecting its performance. It adds beauty to your kitchen top with its classy look while occupying very little space and makes your mornings brighter by making the toasts in a flash, so you never miss out on the most important meal of the day.

Considering all the innovative features and sleek designs, we have picked the ten best toasters available in the market that function effectively. Now, it’s your call. Make your mornings healthy and tasty with any one of the toasters listed above.