Best Video Doorbell Canada Reviews 2022

No matter wherever you are, you always worry about your house and your belongings. It is safe for one to know who comes and passes by their house to safeguard their place. But it is not always possible for one to stay home. People had to go out for work or for doing their daily activities abandoning their house temporarily. Who can look after your house 24*7 when you’re not home?? A security guard?? You can depend on the guard completely as he may fall asleep or take leave whenever necessary. Taking down all these points in mind, we’ve come up with the best solution. Why don’t you have a video doorbell at your doorstep?? 

Yes, a video doorbell! Make your moves smart. You need not get up and open the door every time. Once you install a video doorbell, your device automatically notifies you when someone presses the doorbell or when it traces motion. A few of the devices are also compatible with Alexa, making your work simple. You can remotely control all the operations with the smart App conveniently. Watch, save, or share the videos any time anywhere and instantly get updates about your house’s whereabouts. 

Top Video Doorbell Canada

Have a look at the top ten video doorbells available in the market that might suit your home-

1. Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The eufy security video doorbell has a video capture resolution of 2k and a 2560 x 1920 high resolution that delivers a crystal image ensuring clear two-way audibility that works with a Wi-Fi connection. It safeguards your house without allowing strangers or thieves to invade your place. You can talk to the other clearly and also leave voice messages when you’re not around. The device is built with AI technology that only sends alerts on detecting a human and not for the street dogs or cats that pass by. You can adjust the volume levels and are also included with the holiday-themed ringtones that sound loud and keeps you alert. It is easy to set up, weather-resistant and works great comparatively. 

The Eufy Security Wi-Fi video doorbell requires existing doorbell wires compatible with 16-24 VAC, 30 VA, or above. It captures the pictures and records them safely keeping your data private. It does not need any monthly subscription for storing the data. The video camera provides a clear view that shows the visitor clearly in the day and night. Its wide-angle view shows the person from top to bottom, unlike the other outdated video cameras. You can also receive notifications only from the selected areas by setting the activity zones. It is compatible with Alexa that makes your operation smart and simple. You are allowed to download the videos and watch them from different devices. 

2. GEREE Video Doorbell

The GEREE video doorbell is designed with a 1080 full HD resolution that ensures a clear view day and night. You can speak and watch the other person clearly with the 166 degrees wide-angle view. Watch the live video from anywhere at any time on your iOS and other devices. You can store the data safely with the cloud storage subscription, cloud offers the user a 7-day free trial. It is given a free 32GB memory card for extra storage. You watch, store, save or share the video at any time from anywhere. It is built with a smart PIR motion detection function that notifies your device instantly on tracing movements. You can switch the lighting modes to low, high, or medium as per your needs. The IR automatically switches its modes to ensure a clear view. 

The inbuilt sensors keep your home safe from robberies or dangers. It is only compatible with 2.4GHz and it doesn’t need wires or cable for the setup. You can also leave voice messages to the visitor without moving from your comfort zone. The device is very easy to install and operate. Download the smart App and connect it to your android or iOS for smart operation. We would recommend you fully charge the device for effective functioning. Once fully charged it can last upto 8-10 hours. It has four inbuilt chimes and you can also adjust the volume levels according to your preference. You can also allow your family members or friends to access the data or live videos from their respective devices.

3. MYPIN Video Doorbell Camera

The MYPIN wireless video doorbell comes in a shiny silver color and is waterproof that ensures clear vision in any climate and has cloud storage to save the data. Cloud offers you a seven-day free trial and requires a subscription after the expiry of the trial. You can also store the data in the memory card by inserting it in the given slot that provides storage up to 32GB. The video doorbell has inbuilt chimes that keep you alert wherever you are in the house. It is easy to install and the loud chime sound penetrates through all kinds of doors. You can respond to the visitor’s face to face with your phone without opening the door. The night vision function shows the person clearly even in the dark.

Its 166 degrees wide-angle view portrays things clearly from top to bottom and ensures clear two-way audibility between person to person. The device only supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and the smart PIR motion detection function instantly sends notifications to your device on detecting movements. The night vision mode allows you to see things clearly in the dark without missing a moment and the device automatically nullifies the oldest data, creating space for storing the fresh data. 

4. BYLover Video Doorbell Camera

The BYLover video doorbell is wireless built with a high-quality video that delivers clear pictures and also two-way audibility. It is waterproof and allows you to see things clearly even in light rains or fog. The device only supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and sends real-time notifications to your phone instantly with the press of the doorbell. Its 166-degree wide-angle view allows you to see things clearly from the top to the bottom. You can also communicate with the other person through your smartphone without opening the door at any time or any place. The microphone eliminates all the external disturbances ensuring a clear voice from both sides.

 It has inbuilt chimes and is provided with batteries along with a USB cable for charging the device. Not only from your phone but you can also hear things from the indoor chime. You need not worry if your phone is not around. The device is easy to set up, and you can share the live videos with your friends and neighbors for extra safety allowed up to five people. It is waterproof, offers free cloud storage for saving data, and consumes less power ensuring its life. The night vision mode shows things clearly in the dark or low light. 

5. Arlo Video Doorbell

One needs to notice who passes by your house to be alert about the happenings around you. You can’t always have an eye on the doorstep. To do the work smartly, video doorbells are introduced. The Arlo Video Doorbell is compact and you can conveniently fix it on the doors for extra safety. It is weather-resistant, which means it can combat all climatic conditions be it cool, sun, heat, or rain. You can observe every detail clearly without any interruptions. Unlike the traditional video doorbells that only show the reduced view of the visitor, the Arlo video doorbell presents the entire view right from the head to the toe of the guest. It ensures HD video and clear two-way audibility between person to person. The night vision mode allows the user to see things distinctly, even in the dark. 

To ensure extra safety, the Arlo video doorbell sends a notification to your mobile on detecting motion and you watch the live video from your phone anywhere at any time. You can communicate to the visitor without opening the door and also leave voice messages when you’re busy or not home. You need not charge the video doorbell for its functioning. It is compatible with Alexa and you need a cloud subscription to access the recorded videos. Arlo offers the customer a three month free trial of Arlo smart that helps store the captured videos. Once the subscription expires, you cannot record the live videos. The press of the doorbell instantly records the video and keeps you alert when packages arrive home. 

6. TMEZON Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell

The TMEZON wireless WIFI video doorbell is built smart to safeguard your home and has an easy setup. It is designed with a 7 inch LCD monitor (touchscreen) and a mini doorbell with a 100 degrees wide view angle. The doorbell is dustproof and anti-vandal, ensuring its life. You can open or close the door cleverly using your phone and also do other operations likely. Without opening the door, you communicate with the visitor via the smart app. The extension wire is not provided with the purchase but is given a four-core connector to link the extension wires. RVV4/ Cat5/ Cat6/ RG59 wires can be used to expand the monitor to the doorbell or monitor itself as per your requirement. It can be extended up to 100M. 

You can watch, communicate and respond through your smartphone. With the press of the doorbell, you will receive a video call and the live video gets recorded automatically. You can store the captured videos and pictures on the SD card to watch them later. Please note that the SD is not given at the time of purchase. You need to purchase it separately.  On detecting motion, you instantly receive a notification and it also records the video. You can open the door using your phone for your close friends or relatives when you’re not at home via the “Ucarehome” App. The doorbell is water-resistant and can withstand snow, rain, or fog, ensuring clear visibility. It is featured with the night vision function enabling a clear view in the dark. You can customize the volume and ringing duration according to need and it has twelve inbuilt ringtones that sound effectively. It supports WIFI (only 2.45GHz) or RJ45 network cable. Please refer to the manual or contact the customer care for any issues. Services will be provided within 24 hours of intimation. 

7. Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is easy to install and can be fixed to the door conveniently. It delivers  1080p HD video that ensures clear visibility 155 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical. The two-way audibility allows clear communication from person to person. The night vision function allows you to watch things clearly, even in the dark. You will instantly receive a notification to your phone when the doorbell detects motion. You can also customize the motion settings according to your preference and receive alerts from selected areas. The battery is rechargeable and is compatible with Alexa. It immediately records the video with the press of the doorbell. You can respond to the visitor anywhere and any time conveniently. Install the Ring App to watch pictures, videos and to customize the settings. To store the data, you need to have a subscription.

The Ring video doorbell is water-resistant. It can withstand rain, snow, or fog and does not interrupt the video. You can install more than one camera for extra safety. It is worth the money you invest and performs all the functions effectively. Ring offers you a one year warranty on the purchase of this product. 

8. AMOCAM Wired Video Doorbell

The AMOCAM Video doorbell package comes with a monitor and a camera. The outdoor camera has 92 degrees view that ensures clear vision. It is designed with a panel that protects the camera from vandalism and is waterproof. It can withstand rain, snow, fog, etc. The special IR night version allows you to clearly watch the videos in the dark. The 7’Inch LCD monitor plays the video when someone presses the doorbell and you can communicate with the person from inside without opening the door. It is easy to install and is built with sixteen doorbell tones, you can customize the volume, brightness, and contrast as per your requirements. The electric lock function allows you to open or lock the door with your mobile phone. It has good sound quality, a unique design, and a crystal clear display. 

The AMOCAM wired video doorbell looks decorative in your house, office or restaurant allowing you to notice the outside happenings watching from inside conveniently.  

9. EZVIZ DB1 Smart Video Doorbell

The EZVIZ DB1 smart video doorbell can be connected to the Wi-Fi for its functioning. It supports a 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi connection for suitability. The sleek design fulfills all the requirements of a video doorbell and also looks great on your doors. It facilitates clear audio from both sides, the 180 degrees field of view portrays the visitor clearly from top to bottom. You are allowed to customize the settings as per your convenience and receive notifications only from the selected zones. It also enables you to adjust image settings, alerts, remote access, and other features. The night vision function allows you to watch the video transparently even in the dark without any difficulty.

The EZVIZ DB1 smart video doorbell comes in 25.4 x 20.32 x 7.62 cm dimensions and weighs only 861.83 grams. It is also compatible with Alexa. The setup is very easy and is built with the latest features that a user needs. Please contact the customer care for any help, services will be provided instantly. It works without a cloud subscription. You can insert an SD card to store the captured pictures and videos. The EZVIZ video doorbell is one of the best video doorbells available in the market and acts as good security to your house. 

10. BY Lover Video Doorbell Camera (Upgraded 2022)

The video doorbell camera is a multipurpose device that functions great as security. It is functioned with the PIR motion detection function identifies movements and instantly sends notifications to your personal device. It is water-resistant and ensures clear vision in dizzy rains and fog. The video doorbell is inbuilt with a chime, given a 32 GB SD card, provided with batteries, and a USB cord making it easy for you. The captured pictures and videos get automatically stored on the SD card. Before inserting the USB cable, please make sure you remove the insulating strips for charging the device. You can customize the settings as per needs through the Smart App. 

The 720P HD video delivers a picture and clear two-way audibility. It is functioned with the night mode that allows you to see things clearly even in the dark without creating any disturbance and switches automatically to the day and night modes. The video doorbell only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, its wide range network allows you to speak and watch the outsider clearly without any interruptions. You can log on to multiple devices and allow your family to watch the videos to keep an eye on your house when you’re busy. The instant notifications keep your house safe giving you a sigh of relief.