Best Winter Coats Canada Reviews 2023

As a large set of warm footwear, it is necessary to have a winter coat as temperatures drop below freezing point to look after you in the hardest climate of the year. We have coated yourself with stylish choices to keep you warm in a range of Canadian climates, from a park with a responsible source to a puffer made from recycled plastic bottles.

Due to the large range available, it is not easy to choose the right winter coat in Canada. Get your search start with the top suggestions for a winter coat. This article tries to cover both designs and budgets, and you can find the dream fit for your winter. Keep reading to know more about the best winter coats in Canada and save your time to select a winter coat according to your needs and preferences.

Top Winter Coats Canada

1. Orolay Women’s Thickened Winter Jacket

Orolay’s Women’s Thickened Winter Jacket is cheaper and packed with 90% down jackets and 10% down coats. It also features a stylish interior and a lined hood, to maintain convenience and extra comfort. The exterior’s high density, water, and wind resistance is lightweight and provides a decent degree of protection from the elements. 

You will be able to space all your important products with its six major pockets and some easy-to-open ribbon pulls. The shoulder straps are knitted to ensure you stay warm and relaxed, while the side zippers are fitted with extendable side parts that close with press bolts to make your movement more free. This winter female jacket is available in several eye-catching colors. Although you need to be careful that the zippers are not of the best quality.


  • Six large pockets
  • Ease of movement
  • Water-resistant


  • Zippers are not of the best quality.

2. Carhartt Men’s Quitted Big Active Jacket

Carhartt Men’s Quitted Big Active Jacket is inexpensive and is one of the heaviest in the test at 3 pounds and 6.4 ounces. However, this weight is a reasonable compromise for a lasting warm fabric that will not remain in hard labor for a day. The 12-unit cotton duck outside on the Active is made of ring-spun fibers which make a hard tights fabric that can withstand violence at buildings and workplaces and, incidental dog bite.

Meanwhile, the gloves give comfort and warmth to the cutting of flannel in the body and hood and quilted Nylon. It looks like a super fluffy sheet rather than an able piece of fabric. It looked more like a super-soft fabric than professional workwear. Indoor and outdoor pockets allow you to fit tools or wallets that were big enough not to look too bulky. However, if you need not fit a helmet beneath, the hood is a major touch for informal use.


  • Affordable
  • Comfort
  • Rugged and Durable


  • None

3. Columbia Women’s Lite Hooded Jacket

Are you looking for a coat to keep you warm and dry without giving you a heavy look?? Columbia is widely recognized to overcome this problem with its Mighty Lite Women’s hooded jacket.

This mid-length women’s winter jacket with its drop tail is immediately flattering due to its geometric confusion and the flattering seam features in a smart way. The lightweight structure and sophisticated technical separation and coating ensure that you can remain warm without hydrating during winter.

This model can keep you both warm and dry with advanced water repellence with Omni-shield and a thermal reflecting insulation of 80g Omni-Heat. The comfort handcuffs, complete with the thumb holes, and maintain the optimum heat on your body, while the abrasive barley shield guarantees that you stay relaxed while it’s harder.

The hood is not reversible for this extraordinary model and the cap cannot be changed, so it will have to be retained if you are battling extreme winds. Also, make sure that the product size guide doubles the dimensions as this coat appears to be thin.

This coat has plenty of space for your precious things with its warm fleece-lined, zip-closed hand pockets and inner security pockets. The two-way front zipper improves versatility and is of exceptional consistency. This coat is worth a try if you’re looking for a winter coat without adding a few sizes.


  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Comfortable cuffs
  • Thermal reflective lining


  • The hood cannot be adjusted.

4. MOERDENG Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

The MOERDENG Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket is a good choice if you are looking for windproof, durable, and multi-purpose ski wear that can be duplicated by rainy weather or snow. It has a fluffy flap to hold the sun, a storm shell, and a softshell to keep the wind out, and quick, dry material with a relaxed fit.

This is a decent women’s ski jacket with an excellent build. It has a durable stitching jacket for long term use. The jacket is very easy to use and comes with a zipper lock. Also, this waterproof jacket is water-resistant. It will shield you from extreme outdoor conditions. The jacket also features stretchable gloves and flexible cuffs. An additional flexible cap is required to shield the head from wind and rain. Overall, this is a professional ski jacket that repels water. It can also be used for various winter outdoor activities.


  • Easy to use
  • Windproof
  • Durable


  • None

5. Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka

Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka is one of the favorite winter jacket choices for men which can be used for different purposes. Firstly, it is very cozy and perfect for your Canadian winter because of its quilted heavy taffeta covering. This parka has a removable shoulder to tie down the snow or storm. Moreover, the whole exterior is handled with a rugged waterproof finish that keeps you safe irrespective of the outside conditions.

You will be satisfied with the double flaps of storm driving rain or snow, which provide a more secure layer for the two-way front zipper and the flexible cuffs and belt, to keep the body warm. The reflective webbing on both the back and front jackets would make you visible for added protection even in the absence of some kind of illumination.

This excellent men’s winter jacket also has many pockets which are useful for the secure transport of small goods without the products being exposed to them. The two top pockets with snap flap closures and a vertical zip pocket are easy to open. The lower outside pockets are fitted with hand-warm side entrances and top entry pockets with snap flap shutters. Maintain your precious items safe with separate mobile phone protection in your double internal zip pockets.

This jacket also suites well and is warm, windproof, waterproof, and is easy to wear in winter. This style is hard to beat if you need a new winter coat. It also offers excellent value for money, which usually only features luxury and efficiency at the peak of the price scale.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Insulated lining
  • Windproof and Water-resistant


  • Large size

6. Wantdo Leather Jacket with Removable Hood

The Wantdo Leather Jacket with Removable Hood is extremely packable and compresses and can be stored carefully in a packed bag. It is ideal to drive you to cooler destinations. This handy, lightweight jacket is also a double-liner for extra-cold nights.

This winter coat will not weigh you down or reduce your movements with its highly compressible, lightweight 80 percent down and 20 percent duck feather isolation. You can be safe from the wind due to its high density, robust nylon exterior. It also has a water repellent covering to guarantee you keep high and dry in the event of any moderate snow, even though it is not a fabric that is intended for wet use.

You will have plenty of space to carry your valuables and little items out with two zipped external handbags and two internal handbags. The removable hood is connected with an elastic band to maintain a tight fit even in windy weather. This jacket may be washed by hand or just wiped dry on the downside. However, when you want a light, highly packed winter cover as a backup or a supplement on a trip, this budget model is a good choice for money and can be used to stay warm. This model is very affordable.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Useful for lower temperatures


  • Suitable for hand wash or dry clean only.

7. VOGRYE Women’s Fashion Pea Coat Jacket

The VOGRYE Women’s Fashion Pea Coat Jacket in a new age has a cap, a necklace, and a fluffy, fleece inside to keep you warm in the winter. The buttons of this coat are snap buttons of horn type and the coat comes in many colors. The coat is made of cotton and wool and has two front pockets. It has a modern and handy design.

This fashion jacket has a smooth and wet, cozy pea style. It is outstanding for casual wear, outerwear, offices, shopping, dating, leisure, band, clubs, and all other occasions. It is perfect to use in spring, winter, and autumn. This pea coat jacket can be washed with a hand or a machine and is suitable to iron at a low ironing temperature.


  • Smooth
  • Multiple colors
  • Handy design


  • None

8. Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket

The Mountain Warehouse Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket is an excellent option if you are in search of an inexpensive winter coat. This jacket is easily wearable and comes in many light and pastel colors, considering its very low price point. 

The jacket is made of hard-wear nylon, meaning you may not have to think about getting soaked while light showers are being handled. The lightweight microfiber insulation ensures that the heat of the body is maintained and you don’t feel chill even for extra cold days.

Elasticated cuffs and hoods provide additional warmth and comfort to keep them cozy and secure. You can use the well placed front pockets to hold small things or to keep your hands wet. The front zipper may be of higher quality, but it is difficult to find a fault with the incredibly low price of the product.

Although it is not recommended to be used as a winter coat, it can be used as a lining, or on dry winter days alone. It is easy to pack and makes a perfect extra when commuting or stashing into your car for those unforeseen early cold spells as it is lightweight and trendy. Simply, this jacket is a good value for money.


  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors


  • Not suitable for heavy rains.

9. GEMYSE Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

The GEMYSE Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket is essential for outdoor sports, such as hiking, cycling, etc. The hood is quickly removed to suit the helmet properly. It is long-standing and at the same time respiratory, which allows you more service time. It dries up easily. 

Because of the fluffy line, the jacket is very warfare. It is waterproof and consists of so many pockets that it is safe and stable with all valuables you want to carry with you. The pockets are zip-mounted inside and outside. It has cotton padding around it which is important to keep you wet.


  • Removable hood
  • Warm
  • Multiple pockets


  • Poor quality zippers

10.  MAGCOMSEN Waterproof Fleece Lined Winter Coats

The MAGCOMSEN Waterproof jacket is very warm in cold climates. It has a lightweight breathable shell. It’s waterproof and wind-resistant that offers the courage to appreciate both. It is effective in temperature preservation with the internal fleece padding. You should never forget your size when it comes to meet everybody’s needs in five different sizes and styles.

The pockets are safe and standard in number. The chest pocket is wide enough to match your valuables, such as passports or wallets. The cotton padding in it promotes an incredibly high percentage of heat.


  • Water and Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Available in five different types


  • None

Buying Guide

Different Types of Winter Coats

  • Trench Coat

A Trench Coat is an important outfit for every woman. This simplistic style has become a modern classic for women worldwide considering its start as a raincoat. The light weatherproof look is ideal for winter transitions and can be worn with everything. Set it up for the day with denim and boots, or dress up for the night with heels.

  • Wrap and Belted Coat

The wrap and chain coats feature additional front material which can reinforce the closure for additional warmth. The waist is then added to a heavy fabric belt for form definition, making the appearance feminine and polished. This robe-like style can be worn warm and relaxed by anyone, however, if you don’t think you are very big to wear heels.

  • Raincoat

Raincoats aren’t what they’ve been before. Macs and raincoats today are both waterproof and enjoyable. Dream about trendy shades, cute designs, and sleek types. If you wear gumboots or high heels, there’s a raincoat for your look right now. Choose longer styles that are more suitable for events that require a dressed-up look and short lengths for casual day wear. Lay beneath your knitwear to keep it warm from the cold and damp air.

  • Parka and Anorak Coat

Parka and anoraks tend to be comfortably fitted with a drawstring waist on the thighs. Both types are made of thick, often waterproof plastic and have hoods and pad/pressure closures. Traditionally seen in khaki and the army’s green colors, this casual look provides a masculine touch. The style is suitable for relaxed, urban looking and is fantastic with black, fine denim, and boots. Select an anorak and a parka with extension or scaling for the winter season and warmer days.

  • Pea Coat

A pea coat is a traditional footwear design for men and women. Originally worn by sailors, this traditional woolen coat is designed to keep you comfortable and completely stylish in winter. The pea coat is made of a double-brown front and is usually completed just under the hip. Wear this kind of pants that counter the short length and add a contrasting sweater to your look.

  • Chesterfield Coat

You can pick your Chesterfield Coat if you have a long slimming coat in the market, which will also suit all of your subsequent layers. This coat is promising to keep you warm in the winter and blows warmth and beauty. Chesterfield coats are custom coats with a small, slightly blazer-like column-like design. Wear this style in the evening or the day, but keep it open and give the world a glimpse at your fabulous outfit.

  • Military Coat

The military coat is an exquisite reinterpretation of conventional men’s military coats. The style is feminine and heavy, all with a tailored breast and waist, a double-breasted closure, and conventional metal buttons. The structured hourglass design of the military coat makes it one of the most flattering designs while its spacious lining makes it one of the warmest. Simply pick a color and length to suit you and this timeless coat can be worn all year.

  • Cape Coat

Wearing a cape coat can be a little more trendy than wearing a cozy comfortable blanket. Their special, armless style goes back as far as medieval times and continues to be common today. The feminine look covers the shoulders entirely before draping down, frequently making a glove-shaped design. This appearance is ideal for the lady, who needs a polished look that goes beyond the regular pads. Remember to pair the look with a long warm sleeve and an embrace or top handle pocket, so it would not fit with over the hole bags.

  • Car Coats

Car coats are more popular today than in an automobile on the road, but they are still appreciated for their coverage and convenience. This retro style is back again this season and just waiting for you to try it. The most common variant of the car coat nowadays has a one-breast closing over the knee. Its boxy design is still its strongest attribute, but it’s completely important for someone who sees themselves as a stylish dresser.

  • Cocoon Coat

Although classic coat-styles make solid investment pieces that you carry for years in your wardrobe, more can be said for a modern look that divides the crowd. The coat that sticks out is the cocoon coat during the last seasons. This fashionable look is the one you need now in your closet, as a black pea coat would just not cut it these days. When you call fashion, pick a cocoon coat with a fallen shoulder and a ballooned belt. It might not be the normal style, but it looks cool.

  • Toggle and Duffle Coat

Pack your toggle or duffle coat together if you are going to the mountains or region for a winter vacation. These stylish models are built for wintertime in nature. Duffle coats are typically made from dense, woolly cotton and cozy, warm and convenient. They have rope or leather loops to be fixed on and have large front pockets. They also feature wood toggles. Many models include a hood with a high-height finish. Choose a typical camel-brown variant with blue skinny jeans and boots.

  • Maxi Coat

The long coats with the elbows are returning from the 1980s. These maxi coats are now fit for your closet and can be seen on the streets of big fashion cities all over the world. By investing in this trendy and long style, it will be a brief period to stay trendy and warm this winter. Note, much of your appearance will conceal this garment. Then apply fascinating accessories and styling details to look from boring to boom, if you choose a simple color, like black.

Factors to consider before purchasing a winter coat

When you look for the best winter jacket in Canada, it might be too easy to get carried away in the specifications and just look for a sample, but it doesn’t fit your needs. Here is what you need to consider before purchasing a winter coat.

  1. Fit

Winter coats are available in various lengths, and although some are sleek, some are more suited in the form of a relaxed puffer. Pick a model that can make you feel physically as well as mentally relaxed. If you have body mounts, look for a winter coat with seams and features strategically positioned to enhance your confidence.

Drawcord waists, hems, joints, and bidirectional zippers are all able to help your winter cover suit easier. So if it’s the wrong size it won’t suit properly. So, make sure to review your specific model’s dimension guide and note that you may need to add certain models if you expect to layer.

  1. Outer Material

A good winter coat with a highly durable exterior fabric is necessary. The shell content of your jacket can affect your climate safety, breathability, mobility and rain protection, and wind chill levels. Nylon and Polyester are common choices because of their versatility, strength, and lightweight.

  1. Insulation

Nothing will beat a down-isolated jacket if you need the ultraright, compressible but super warm insulation. However, numerous good synthetic versions are now available which cost less than 100% down. As compared to down, and when it gets damp, silicone insulation will keep you warm. Furthermore, modern slimline isolation ensures that you don’t need a dense padding sheet to keep warm with the latest technical advancements.

  1. Lining

A comfortable lining will affect the comfort levels and help preserve additional heat for the body. Fleece-style linings make a good alternative and they are also good for making direct connections with your delicate skin around the collar line.

  1. Water-resistant

You will need a winter cover with a degree of water resistance if you don’t live in a highly-populated area and never leave home without your umbrella. A Durable Water Repellent is now standard for many coats. Note that you should pick a model that specifically says it is waterproof rather than water-resistant if you are looking for a winter coat to stay warm and dry in all the weather conditions.

  1. Windproof

When the wind gets going, you can sense the wind chill that can decrease the temperature you feel dramatically. This is all the more reason why you opt for a windproof jacket that allows you to escape the wind chill and keep you insulated enough. Look for finely woven shell textiles with high density.

  1. Good

Although some people like to wear a winter hat, others like comfort and integral hood protection. If you’re on a model that has a hood, make sure that it can be removed. Many hoods are made almost unusable by heavy winter winds even if there is an adaptable way, so look for pitfalls when the weather is wild in your living areas.

  1. Additional Features


External and indoor pockets should be tried out. Other hand warms can be used as external side waist pockets, while internal zippered pockets help to shield your precious items and your smartphones from the weather.


Adjustable or cut rib cuffs perform well to ensure optimum heat preservation for ease. Certain cuffs are designed with a convenient thumb hole to keep the wrists warm and sleeves down.

Drawcord hem / Waist

Often, a sweater on the hem or the waist with a drawcord helps keep the body warm. They also help improve fitness and maintain the elements.


You should change your coat to suit your market level and role with a decent double-sided zipper – perfect for going from standing to sitting. If you’re a little humid, you can still dump heat with your two-way compressor by lifting it a few inches, without overexposure and unexpectedly getting too hot.

Glove D-ring

Snap into your sleeves with your winter gloves and never again fear losing your gloves.


Although some very good versions are available, it isn’t as simple as it seems to pick the right winter coat in Canada. In our winter coats review, you can check our suggestions for a coat that keeps you comfortable and dry, regardless of temperature. You will make a big saving with so many outstanding offers, make sure that you review the price right now. So, we hope the above review of the best winter coats in Canada will help you to find the right coat for the season according to your needs and requirements.